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New Survey Shows 51% Of Psychiatrists Would Prescribe Medical Cannabis


phsyciatrists medical marijuanaAccording to a new survey published in the journal Psychiatrists, 51% of psychiatrists in the U.S. would prescribe medical cannabis given the right circumstances; only 37% would never prescribe it.

The survey includes comments from the participants, and although numerous showed an inherent misunderstand of the medical properties of cannabis, many showed a clear understanding of how failed of a policy prohibiting cannabis has become, whether as a medicine or as a recreational, therapeutically substance; “Marijuana should be legal for all and should not require a prescription”, stated one psychiatrist.

Another took a broader view; “I would legalize all drugs of abuse as the war on drugs is a failure, wastes money, is a threat to civil liberties, and funds narco-terrorism.”

The study surveyed 1138 psychiatrists, 930 of whom practice in the US; also included were 109 psychologists, 163 nurse practitioners and 22 physician assistants. Roughly 30% of the respondents were 51 – 60 years old; 20% were 41 – 50; and 22% were 61 – 71. The minority (40%) live in a state where medical cannabis is legal.

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  1. Ive been a smoker for around 5 yrs now …. i have anxiety issues,
    eating disorders, and arthritis in my knees and ankles(that are not on a
    medical record.) i use to be addicted to pills but when my pill
    addiction escalated to a point where i could no longer control it i
    stopped taking them and started smoking marijuana. still to this day
    refuse to take any pills other than an antibiotic or an allergy
    prescription. marijuana helps me everyday, i cant focus on anything
    without it and if i go a day or 2 without it all my symptoms start to
    arise for example… i get flustered and upset and break down crying
    about everything and anything(most of the time i cry about nothing) and i
    cant barely eat anything or when i do try to eat i cant keep any food
    down and the pain in my legs come back sometimes it get so bad it hurts
    to even stand up….my problem is i need a good/new job … i now am
    working at a burger king and i get so fed up that i cant get a good job
    just because im a marijuana enthusiast … and i cant get a medical
    marijuana card cause u have to have a disease that you’re dying from to
    be able to get one. all i want is to be able to have a good job and
    smoke marijuana…. Ive tried so many other things and marijuana is the
    only thing i have found that actually helps me get through my days. i
    really don’t want to have to cheat my way around drug tests…. its not
    like im going to be smoking on the job. i just would like for people to
    understand my situation. marijuana is my medicine, not my drug

  2. I use medical marijauna for anxiety every day or i don’t function Period. My state only recognizes pain so it is a lengthy process. while in full blown panic attack in docs office i have to sit and discuss my pain. ridiculous! Anxiety and depression should each be treated differently by indicas or sativas but All weed should be LEGAL and antipsychotic medicines cause more psychosis than one originally has to have

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