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New Video Game Includes A Medical Marijuana Dispensary


grant theft auto 5 medical marijuana pipe shopI have a guilty confession to make – I like the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video games. In fact, I would go beyond ‘like’ and say that I am full blown addicted to Grand Theft Auto video games. When San Andreas came out, somewhere around six months of my life was gone in the blink of an eye. I had completed the game 100% several times over, but I could have probably spent at least some of that time doing something more productive I’d imagine. That’s why when Grand Theft Auto 4 came out, I just had to avoid it at all costs for fear of it’s awesomeness.

Not playing Grant Theft Auto 4 was tough, but what will likely be an even tougher battle will be avoiding Grant Theft Auto 5. From what I’m hearing, the game includes a dispensary that seems to double as a head shop. East Bay Express stated:

“The major, new open-world video game “Grand Theft Auto V,” which will be released by Rockstar Games September 17, is a ‘sprawling, satirical re-imagining of modern Southern California’ according to gameplay footage released today online. And of course, no sprawling, satirical re-imagining of modern SoCal would be complete without a medical marijuana dispensary…”

As you can see in the picture below (taken from this YouTube video), it looks cool:

grant theft auto 5 medical marijuana pipe shop

I wonder how long it will take for marketing savvy dispensaries and infused product makers to realize that they should get in on the action. Could you imagine if you could specifically buy Cheeba Chews or Dixie Elixirs when you walked in? Food for thought. I wonder if there is a secret level to actually consume the marijuana…curiosity just might get the best of me. How do readers think about this? Is having marijuana in a video game a good idea? Keep in mind, it’s labeled for adults. Do you think it helps marijuana go mainstream, or do you think it will be something that opponents point to, considering that Grand Theft Auto is at the end of the day a video game. I look forward to your comments.


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  1. When was the last time you believed an advertisement? Well, sure, the one I’ve posted, but not the one from the ^scammer^.

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  3. That would be amazing! If you could actually hold a pipe and smoke then get a hippie colour effect on the screen, that would be awesome! And what if in a mission you have to get your ‘medical license’ to speak to a guy during the game…

    Nice touch to the game ;)

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