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New York Bill To Create Emergency Access To Medical Marijuana

new york medical marijuana

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The 2014 limited medical marijuana law leaves many New Yorkers continuing to suffer from severe and debilitating conditions that could be made better by use of marijuana under medical supervision.  As the Compassionate Care Act (CCA) will not take effect until at least 2016, new legislation has been introduced to create an emergency access program for patients with the most urgent needs – including children suffering from severe epilepsy.  The new bill – A.7060 – is sponsored by Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard N. Gottfried and Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb.

The Drug Policy Alliance will hold a press conference announcing the bill, which is also scheduled for a vote in the Assembly Health Committee on Tuesday afternoon.

Press conference on the introduction of emergency medical marijuana legislation


  • Patients
  • Healthcare providers
  • Representatives of the Drug Policy Alliance
  • Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard N. Gottfried
  • Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb

When: Tuesday, April 28, 11 AM

Where: LCA Hallway (Assembly side), NYS Capital

Assembly Health Committee meeting including emergency medical marijuana legislation

When: Tuesday, April 28, at the call of the Speaker (Meeting will be held off the floor)

Where: Speaker’s conference room, 342 Capital

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  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    It’s completely false to say New York has a “medical marijuana” program. I just attended the press conference in Albany, NY mentioned above, after which I had the great honor of meeting Assemblyman Richard Gottfried–the man who’s pushed very hard since the late 1990s for such a program in NY. There’s a tremendous “hostility” toward cannabis plants from the office of NY Gov Andrew Cuomo, according to Mr Gottfried. So much hostility, in fact, that NO New Yorker can legally obtain cannabis flower for medical purposes–all because of Mr Cuomo’s deep hatred of smokers (personal liberty be damned). The Mexican Spanish slang word “marijuana” refers ONLY to cannabis flowers that are smoked, which means New York’s new program (Marihuana Prohibition Lite) needs its own new terminology.

  2. The NY State law is an abomination. My resarch indicates that among the many MMJ programs in the legal states this is possibly the most misguided and horrible MMJ law. It mandates vaping, which I agree with, but it also limits the clinics to dispense MMJ to a few centers for millions of people. In addition it prohibits the smoking of the dry weed, mandates vape oils and some edibles. Anyone who knows how to introduce new MMJ users knows that too strong an initial dose will scare them away from the absolutely medically researched and verified benefits of marijuana. Also the grow licenses are PROHIBITIVELY expensive and you’ve discussed the negative aspects of thid kind of mandate.
    I am disgusted with the Federal governments obstinace and very poorly researched and designed Federal MMJ and legal marijuana use. Vermont has the right idea and it should be spread among the advocacy groups. In Vermont, as you reported, the bipartisan state legislature has threatened to make alcohol illegal until legalization is passed on the Federal level. This will motivate the vast numbers of legal alcoholics and social drinkers and business owners to vote for the end of prohibition. Then we need aggressive advocacy to make the NY State law more safe and with fewer limits to what can be smoked and how.

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