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New York Governor Cuomo Harming Medical Marijuana Bill’s Chances


new york governor andrew cuomo cannabisLast week it appeared that New York’s medical marijuana bill, the Compassionate Care Act, had a great chance of being passed this week. The bill had already passed the New York Assembly, and supporters stated that they felt they had enough support in the Senate to get a similar result in that chamber. It appears that the momentum took a hit this weekend, when New York Governor Cuomo leaked a list of demands that would be required in order to sign off on the bill. Among those demands are:

Banning smoking – only vaporization, pill form, and edibles will be allowed

No sharing of medical marijuana between patients

A reduced list of qualifying medical conditions to become a medical marijuana patient

Changes to the amount a patient can obtain/possess per month

Medical marijuana doctors would need to have special certification to approve patients

Out of state patients do not have protection while in New York

Limiting the number of dispensaries allowed, and the number of organizations that oversee them

Allow the Governor, at any time, to suspend the program

These demands resulted in a public response from the bill’s sponsor, New York Senator Diane Savino. Per Daily News:

“Where I come from, you don’t negotiate in the press,” she wrote. “Leaks from the governor’s office are an attempt to distract from the issue. The facts are many of his concerns are already addressed. We will not be dissuaded! Call the Governor, tell him to support the Compassionate Care Act!”

If New York Governor Andrew Cuomo felt so strongly about these demands, why did he wait until the last minute to spring them on lawmakers? And why did he do it via the media? I don’t think it takes a conspiracy theorist to determine this was part of a strategy to slow the process at a vital time. It’s nearing the end of New York’s legislative session, and setbacks like this one during the final rounds of negotiations is a pretty clear attempt to derail New York’s medical marijuana efforts. If you live in New York, stand up and be heard. Patients shouldn’t have to continue to suffer because New York’s Governor wants to play games.


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  1. stellarvoyager on

    Hillary Clinton just came out yesterday and said that she supports letting the CO and WA laws go forward. Just by doing this, at the same time that Cuomo is getting in the way, she has already positioned herself way more ahead of the curve than Cuomo in the presidential primary process.

  2. Doc Deadhead on

    Vote his ignorant butt out, who the hell does he think he is?

    Doesn’t he know that 70%+ of New Yorkers approve of medical marijuana?

    The 70%+ need to send this idiot a message.

    This item alone should make New Yorkers get rid of him.

    In sort of his words “there is no room for pot haters in New York!”

  3. I think if you put Cuomo and Christie on an Island with in 1 week you would find them blowing eachother

  4. You are the people who put him in office……you are the people who can take him out of office……..SO DO IT

  5. What the public wants and has voted for does not apparently matter to Cuomo. He is just another Criminal Politician doing not what his constituents want, only what he has been paid to do by the lobbyists. The Pharmaceutical & Beer lobbyists have deep pockets and purchase politicians like candy. Even the DEA lobby is fighting to save their cash-cow too. We the people, voted for these criminals, now it’s time to remove them. The Reco Act & Treason charges need to be filed to get there attention and turn the table, soon.

  6. Road Scholar on

    They make more money in simple cannabis arrests already, why do they want to f u a good thing. They lead the WORLD!

  7. Road Scholar on

    Cuomo’s latest rant is he doesn’t want anybody smoking it & the NYS police said it will hinder there efforts to go after recreational users. So Cuomo still wants to be the proud Governor of the police state that has the worlds record in marijuana arrest. I think I smell a infested nest of rats.

  8. Lawrence Goodwin on

    What a disgrace it is to keep living in New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in a condescending manner, is slamming a door on multitudes of New Yorkers who could derive a better quality of life with medical cannabis. Most are patients who desperately want to experience the healing powers of cannabis plants. Thousands more are those New Yorkers who could WORK in the cannabis industry to provide these vital medicines. Cuomo is paternalistically saying “No!” to all of them.
    A mass rejection of Cuomo in the November election is definitely in order. But it’s also impossible. His pitiful main opponent, Rob Astorino, is likely to be even more harsh in prolonging the 77-year tyranny of Marihuana Prohibition–thankfully, Astorino is barely known in public statewide so he doesn’t stand a chance at victory. Cuomo at least deserves some credit for publicly supporting medical cannabis starting in January, even as he now appears to be scuttling a strong piece of legislation that has been advanced and amended in the state Legislature over the last FIFTEEN YEARS. This is not surprising AT ALL in the state once run by Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, who was among the worst Marihuana deceivers and tyrants along with President Richard Nixon, first U.S. drug czar Harry Anslinger and President Ronald Reagan (and Nancy).

  9. Legalization is not occuring because of politicians like Cuomo. Its happenning despite them. The Governor should get on board and quit being a hindrance. This plant in any form is non toxic and should not need his good graces or the State Police’s approval. They are parasitic and uncaring about their own population of citizens and their health care.

    Association Between Marijuana Exposure and Pulmonary Function Over 20 Years

    Governor Cuomo probably did not read JAMA, just this garbage: http://tinyurl.com/93gamvu

  10. Then again, they(them) do want or prefer us(human populous) to be hooked on MSG, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and ASPARTAME. These crusty old religious fried desicion makers probably eats a lot of that shit plus loads of mayonaise, and according to them if you don’t eat that stuff then YOU ARE part of the problem.

  11. Making sick people go through miles of red tape is the antithesis of compassion. Politicians trying to meddle in pharmacological affairs is next to an asinine idiocracy. Not to mention the real fact that, Cannabis is conclusively now found to abate cancers and many other diseases. How appalling and inhumane is that?

  12. stellarvoyager on

    Looks like his presidential ambitions are getting the better of him. These politicians have got to learn — or be taught by the voters the hard way — that standing in the way of helping sick people get medicine, based on willful ignorance and bigotry, will not help advance their political career. But in this case, the governor probably knows better and is just posturing to please his big money donors in the pharmaceutical and alcoholic beverage lobbies.

  13. in time they will see the money that can be made. Nothing motivates policies like greed. Check out itoke.com and get on the waitlist. Thanks

  14. New York has a reputation as a very tough state on drugs. I suppose the liquor industry hates the competition.

  15. He is up for re-election in November, vote this hypocrite out of office. First he was going to put and end to stop and frisk and now they are arresting more people than under Bloomberg. He stated that it wasn’t important anymore as New Mayor had it under control. Cuomo talks out of both sides of his mouth and out his A_ _. I don’t trust him any further than I could throw him. I will not be voting for him.
    I thought he was suppose to support the will of his constitutes, guess we don’t live in democracy here in NYS.
    He thinks he is the Supreme leader and the rest of us should bow at his feet.
    Well, I hope he is unemployed come November.

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