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New York Legislature Expected To Legalize Medical Marijuana – Governor Has ‘Open Mind’


New York Marijuana medicalFor years advocates have been fighting to allow those who can benefit from it to use marijuana legally for medical purposes in the State of New York – those efforts may finally be paying off. Recently New York’s Assembly Health Committee approved a measure to legalize medical marijuana, establishing state licensed dispensaries, and authorizing qualified patients, who become licensed through the state, to legally possess, consume and purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana. The measure is expected to pass the full House.

Once it passes the House, it will head to the Senate – the farthest a medical marijuana bill has ever made it in New York. In a recent press conference the prime sponsor of the bill, Senator Diane Savino, stated that there are 38 senators planning to vote for the measure. It needs 31 to advance.

If all goes as planned, this would put it directly in the hands of Governor Cuomo for final approval. Cuomo supports, and has been working consistently towards decriminalizing the public display of marijuana in the state (marijuana possession is decrimed, but public display is not, leading to problems like the stop and frisk policy in New York City), but has stated on numerous occasions that he opposes medical marijuana legalization. However, in an interview from this week, Govenror Cuomo stated that his opinion is evolving, and that he has an “open mind” on the issue.

This is a promising sign that at the very least, he won’t veto the measure. However, it’s become urgent and more vital than ever that residents of New York contact the governor, asking him to support medical marijuana.

Senator Savino stated today in a radio interview that Cuomo supporting the measure is a political win, regardless, as “Medical marijuana polls off the charts … in every demographic, every age group”.

Constituents in New York can contact Govenror Cuomo by filling out this contact form, calling his office at (518)-474-8390, and emailing him at gov.cuomo@chamber.state.ny.us.

It’s far past time that New York join the rapidly growing number of states which have taken the compassionate path of allowing the use of marijuana as a medicine.

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  1. Who the HELL are you to be questioning whether another has a medical need?

    You aren’t very bright. When patients have to be on a registry, another government agency can always GET THEIR HANDS ON that information one way or another, and go after the patient.

    No patient should have to sign a government registry of those who are sick, so that law enforcement can snoop through it.

    Now shut the f*** up and apologize.

  2. I see that the double standard still exists in NY.
    Anyone else would be doing 30 days.
    It’s the speeding ticket reduced to a parking ticket that got me.

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) – Marijuana possession charges
    against a New York state assemblyman will be dropped if he completes 20 hours of
    community service.

    The lawyer for Stephen Katz, a Republican from
    Mohegan Lake in the Hudson Valley, says there were difficulties in proving he
    had marijuana when he was stopped March 12 on the state Thruway. Police say
    they pulled him over for driving 80 mph in a 65 mph zone, smelled marijuana and
    found a small bag of the drug.

    Susan Chana (HAH’-nuh) Lask says the marijuana
    charge, a violation, was adjourned in contemplation of dismissal. The
    speeding ticket was reduced to a parking violation. Besides the community
    service, Katz was fined $75.

    A spokesman for Katz says the assemblyman would
    not comment.

    Read more: http://www.myfoxny.com/story/22077337/ny-gop-lawmaker-has-pot-charge-dropped-fined-75#ixzz2RZ9OOt5m

  3. im sorry this isnt for recreational usage so um let me ask you are you sick?? doesn’t sound it… i just had my 29th surgery today in upstate ny where i currently can’t go to a store and buy it… heck i got pulled over the other night and the k9 unit threatened to be called for no reason at all except it was a late sunday night and the cop wanted to harass me cause he’s heard rumour i smoke… so ummm un less your sick shut up ok? not being rude just laying it straight… this is ny medicinal use this is for and those of us who are sick take it serious (not that we don’t just wish everyone could get abong..) and if they know i smoke anyways why can’t it at lease be legal…. (capeesh??)

  4. Jacob Maloney on

    yeah, whatever, that’s just asinine, go for it New York. You will have bumps and bruises but we’d like to see you in the mix as well. I can legally get cannabis delivered to my home in under an hour, 7 days a week, 10 am to 10 pm. No harm, no hassle, no problems. Very professional.

  5. In states where the patients have to be registered with the state, the feds can go after the patient information. Michigan, Oregon, Washington…the list goes on.

    Freedom or nothing at all! Don’t set yourselves up for political shenanigans with your health New York!

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