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New York Lieutenant Governor Candidate – “I’ve Smoked Pot”

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(via nypost.com)

It wasn’t that long ago that admitting marijuana use was the deathblow to a politician. Bill Clinton was so embarrassed when it became known that he consumed marijuana in his past that he made up the now infamous line, ‘I didn’t inhale.’ My how times have changed. Numerous politicians confess to having consumed marijuana, and in some cases, they’ve admitted recent use. And rather than their support plummeting after such confessions, they actually get a lot of positive attention from voters and the press. The latest is Tim Wu, who is running for Lieutenant Governor of New York. Per the New York Post:

Zephyr Teachout’s running mate wants to turn on New York voters — by legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

Columbia University law professor and techie Tim Wu said he’s gotten high on weed himself.

“I prefer martinis, but I’ve smoked pot and I think it should certainly be legal,” the lieutenant-governor candidate told The Post.

Teachout, too, supports full-fledged legalization of weed.

New York is a state that I am watching closely between now and 2016. New York’s Legislature passed a restrictive medical marijuana bill this year, and demands for full legalization are growing. If/when New York legalizes recreational marijuana, I expect their model to be restrictive like the medical marijuana bill, but even a restrictive recreational legalization measure is better than prohibition. If you live in New York, consider voting for Mr. Wu, and contact your legislators to let them know it’s time for a new approach to marijuana laws.


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  1. It’s time for Cuomo to go…he has his head up his butt about mj…I am a reg Democrat who is NOT voting for Cuomo…and I welcome Teachout an Wu to really bring New York into the 21st Century…

  2. Tim Wu since you admitted to smoking marijuana. Have you ever acted out in violence while high?
    Have you ever felt like raping someone?
    Have you ever hallucinated?
    Have you ever robbed someone?
    While intoxicated by marijauna have you ever done any of the things that the anti marijuana campaign says happens when you smoke pot?
    Thank you for being truthful and always tell the truth to the people.

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