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New York Medical Marijuana Program – Reluctant Doctors And Low Patient Numbers


new york medical marijuana doctorCompassionate doctors play a very, very big role in a medical marijuana program. States can create all of the lists of qualifying conditions that they want, but if there aren’t doctors that are willing to sign patients’ forms, a state medical marijuana program will never go anywhere. That’s why states need to refrain from putting added barriers in the way of a doctor helping a sick patient. If states put in additional hoops for a doctor to jump through, they are going to be even less inclined to help medical marijuana patients.

A current example of what I’m talking about is in New York. Unlike Oregon, where I live, doctors are required to not only be licensed as a doctor, but they have to get additional certification to recommend medical marijuana to patients. Between the additional hoops and federal laws, a lot of doctors are reluctant to sign up for New York’s medical marijuana program. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

High prices and a dearth of certified doctors who can recommend medical marijuana continue to hurt the five companies licensed to sell MMJ in New York.

That was made painfully clear this week following a presentation about medical marijuana at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany that was attended by dozens of doctors – none of whom seemed willing to sign up to recommend cannabis, according to the Albany Times-Union.

A patient liaison at the hospital told doctors that they would also need to carry additional medical malpractice insurance if they decided to register to recommend MMJ.

As of March 8 there were only 1,565 patients in New York’s medical marijuana program, which is very low considering New York’s population size. New York’s medical marijuana program needs a lot of improvement. A limited amount of doctors is going to continue to hurt the program’s growth, as will high prices for meds, which are being reported out of New York right now.


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  1. i currently hold a nys medical marijuana card since 3/3. The price for a 250 ml cartridge for a vape pen at Viero in Elmhurst is $94. Three times the price it costs in California four times the amount it costs in Colorado. It’s convienent to do it legally. However not cost effective. If the prices were competitive I’d be off my pain medication dilaudid and oxycodonre in no time. At this price at least I can cut down the poison pain meds. Hopefully the NYS DOH will have these companies lower their prices. Also hopefully they will realize you can vape flower too. It’ s a start albiet an expensive and restrictive one.

  2. I’m selling my four houses after I have no family reasons to be here, after being raised here and raising my family here. This state sucks and its existence is based on tyrannical control of your freedoms and your earnings. New York State BLOWS —- and that’s from a guy who has lived all his 61 years here.

    Geographically, the State is just beautiful and the people are, for the most part, good (but we do experience the proliferation of sub-human-behaving creatures that leech the money out of our paychecks. THAT has to stop also.)

    Bottom line is that we have a governor that loves to control —- just ask ANY of his staff members. He is despised by individuals within his own Party —– and when THAT happens, you KNOW there’s merit.

  3. Their “lack of knowledge” is directly related to cannabis remaining a Schedule 1 drug – no fucking research allowed!!!

  4. The NY firm of MarijauanDoctors.com has a list comprised of NY patients seeking MMJ that dates back to 2006. We have thousands of patients waiting to be referred to a physician that’s state certified. The stale NYMMJ progress is due to doctors lack of knowledge about the value of MMJ, the law that keeps them safe, and the services available to them. They’re being shy. Neither the law nor the patients are to blame.

  5. New Yorkers are accustomed to RIP OFF prices implanted by their WILLFUL ignorance of the impact LA COSA NOSTRA has had on EVERYTHING in New York. Everything you want to buy comes into NYC on a truck. Truckers are controlled by unions who are controlled by LA COSA NOSTRA. So over time, it became “accepted” that if you want ANYTHING in New York, you have to pay a higher “tax” to offset the costs of the (shhhh, don’t tell anyone…) mafia imposed tax. Guiliani may have gotten rid of the mafia, but the taxa staysa the same -a.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree. We need a President that will lead the way. And even then, KIng Cuomo or whoever is the next Establishment pawn, will continue this sham in NYS.
    We in NYS better hope that Bernie gets in there because all of the other power-hungry knotheads have no intent whatsoever to address this issue if they get into office.
    Bernie is the ONLY candidate that wants to address this issue on a Federal level that MUST be done.
    GO BERNIE —– EVERYONE — and I don’t care what political persuasion one is —- needs to cast their vote for Sanders. It’s the ONLY way we’ll make federal progress —- and then states will follow…

  7. Sham, scam, and slam ————– there ya go —- New York State and King Cuomo in a rotten nutshell.
    New York State absolutely blows (or is it, “sucks”) Get rid of Cuomo and let’s get serious about this issue instead of falling prey to a cog in the Establishment.
    These slugs need to go. I’ll use Dickhead’s new credo : “GET ‘EM OUTTA HERE !”
    What a joke most of our government (officials) is.

  8. Thank you Weed Blog for continuing to report and expose the obscenity that is the NY State MMJ law. Back in the Nixon/Rockefeller era, next to Texas, NY State had the harshest anti-Marijuana laws in the country. Except for Southern NY State most of the state is harshly neo-conservative. Currently, doctors are afraid to get the MMJ credentials and patients are hesitant to apply for their MMJ status. There is a huge biopharmaceutical industry still growing in NY State and that means the Big Pharma, Medical, Insurance cartel will do everything to keep patients eligible for MMJ status fearful of consequences, and worse, the doctors are mostly part of the cartel so they are afraid of the additional stigma to signing on as credentialed MMJ benefactors.
    It seems moving to a truly compassionate state is our only option, one which I am considering. The shameful perpetuation of the suffering of eligible MMJ patients including our Veterans is wholly corrupt and inhumane.

  9. Lawrence Goodwin on

    In New York, an apathetic majority of more than 19 million citizens still emboldens state lawmakers, who then continue arrogantly refusing to relax prohibitive cannabis laws—all because there’s been ZERO change in the federal Schedule I “marihuana” tyranny. I can assure you it’s a daily living hell fighting for change here in New York. Aside from the aggressive anti-cannabis actions of the NY State Police, we basically have 124 Harry Anslingers holding powerful district attorney and sheriff positions in all 62 counties across the state. Plus, the sleazy process of lobbying in Albany, one of the most corrupt state capitals in the nation, has blocked any real progress on cannabis policy for nearly 40 years. Don’t expect any of it to change for the better without the feds making a move first.

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