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Tuesday In New York: Press Conference To Support Emergency Access To Medical Marijuana

new york medical marijuana

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Nearly a year since the medical marijuana law passed in New York in June 2014, patients and families will gather in Albany to urge lawmakers to pass a bill that would create an emergency access program so that critically ill patients could access medical marijuana. Since the law passed, not one patient has been able to access medical marijuana and at least four children from across New York State have tragically died while waiting to obtain this much-needed medicine. In the final days of the legislative session, patients and advocates will gather in Albany to call on the New York Assembly and Senate to pass legislation that would create an emergency access program for patients with the most urgent need – including children suffering from severe epilepsy. The bill – A.7060 (Gottfried) / S. 5086 (Griffo) – has bi-partisan support including, co-sponsor Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb. The bill is expected to pass the Assembly, and advocates are calling on the Senate to move swiftly to pass the bill before the end of the legislative session next week.

Compassionate Care NY will hold a press conference urging passage of the bill, which is likely to be voted on by the full Assembly early this week.

What: Press conference on legislation to create emergency access to medical marijuana


  • Representatives of the Drug Policy Alliance
  • Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard N. Gottfried
  • Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb
  • Senator Joseph Griffo
  • Rebecca Campos, Registered Nurse and patient with epilepsy
  • Amy Piperato, Physician, Mother of a child with a severe epileptic disorder
  • Mackenzie Kulaway, patient with a severe epileptic disorder

When: Tuesday, June 9, 11:30 AM

Where: LCA Hallway (Senate side), NYS Capitol

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  1. I know. I was pointing out that they are up against a very hard case in Cuomo. You can’t reason with him, all you can do is apply political pressure on that cannabis hating murderer.

  2. Andrew Cuomo has already shown us what he is made of. Like his father he thinks marijuana is dangerous dope, but alcohol isn’t even a drug, and he had to be forced to allow even the limited, delayed MMJ program New York has. He’s the kind of ‘liberal’ who usually opposes discrimination, but thinks discrimination against cannabis users is a moral imperative. And adamantly refuses to have an honest discussion on the subject.

  3. Come on NY! Show us what you’re made of and do what you KNOW is the right thing.

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