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New York’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Set To Open In January


New York marijuanaThe fight for safe access to medical marijuana in New York has not been an easy one. Patients and advocates have been fighting for years to get medical marijuana legalized in New York. Medical marijuana was legalized in New York last year, but the program left a lot to be desired. Patients cannot grow their own medicine, and instead must purchase it from a licensed dispensary, which obtained the medicine from a licensed grower. The problem is that there are no dispensaries yet. But that will change in January. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

One of the five companies that received initial approval for a medical cannabis business license in New York is planning for a January opening near Union Square in Manhattan.

Columbia Care, which also has licenses in Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington, DC, will run the New York City dispensary.

Though that timeline may sound ambitious given that licenses were just awarded at the end of July, the five companies are legally bound to open within six months of receiving their permits. That means they only have until the start of February to start serving customers, otherwise they risk losing their licenses.

On one hand it’s going to be great to see patients in New York finally being able to legally obtain medical marijuana, but on the other hand it’s bittersweet because New York’s program still needs a lot of improving. I’m also worried about supply shortages and price gouging. That’s what seems to be the norm in states that only allow a handful of entities to grow and distribute medical cannabis. All the while patients suffer. That’s unacceptable. New York patients deserve a better program.


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  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    That last sentence describes reality on the ground here for the last 35 YEARS: “New York patients deserve a better program.” New York needs a miracle.

    I can assure you, as an upstate native, that many New Yorkers are sick of waiting for our state’s ‘leaders’ to ease up on cannabis plants. It’s not accurate to say NY has “medical marijuana,” due to the severe restrictions imposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and arrogant state lawmakers–no cut-and-dried flowers can be legally sold or consumed (the restrictions are so bad for patients that officials in New York City and Buffalo may even start independent programs). In 1980, New York literally did blaze a new path in regards to “marihuana” (federal and state laws still define seedless, female cannabis flowers that way). The NYS State Legislature passed, and Gov. Hugh Carey signed, a 1980 “therapeutic research” law for medical cannabis at the urging of a former state lawmaker, Antonio Olivieri. Mr. Olivieri died that same year after battling brain cancer, and Americans elected Ronald and wife Nancy “Just Say No” Reagan president and first lady. New York’s original medical cannabis program, in which prospective patients would have appealed to a “board” of medical professionals for treatment, was soon abandoned. Then the Anti Marihuana Tyranny rose to new heights of power–at massive taxpayer expense–from 1980 to the present day, especially in repressive New York and southern and midwestern states. Just ask the helicopter pilots who are flying all over New York’s rural areas this time of year, or police agents who receive that aerial “intelligence” and raid private property in the insane annual campaign to destroy cannabis plants. They are destroying America itself.

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