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NFL May Ban Best Wide Receiver Next Season Over Marijuana

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Remember all those public service ads and D.A.R.E. classes that warned about how smoking pot was going to make you lethargic, apathetic, and unable to achieve your dreams?  Yeah, sure, this artist, that musician, they may have smoked pot, but smoking pot would destroy any hope of a career in the public or private sector.  Well, OK, you have the past few presidents or a handful of tech start-up billionaires, but it’s not like they are openly, actively, currently pulling massive bong rips… (sigh) OK, Michael Phelps, but…

At some point, as two legalized states become four this November and become eight in 2016, society is going to have to accept that people from everyday working class stiffs to multi-millionaire professional athletes can function at a high level even though they occasionally unwind by getting high.  Nowhere is that more clear than the controversy over the National Football League’s top wide receiver, Cleveland Browns Pro-Bowler Josh Gordon, who may be banned from playing next season over a positive drug test for marijuana.

Josh Gordon, playing for a Browns team that had 4 wins against 12 losses, had 1,646 yards receiving, the most ever in team history, which was better than the second-best receiver, Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown, by almost 150 yards.  Gordon’s average yards-per-catch was a full yard better than the third-best receiver, Detroit Lions’ superstar Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, whom he topped by over 150 yards, and was the top yards-per-catch among receivers with over 1,000 yards.  Gordon became the first receiver in over eight decades of NFL history with two consecutive 200 yard games.  All that was with Gordon only playing 14 of the 16 games that season because he was sitting out two games for a previous failed drug test he claims was the result of using a cough syrup containing codeine.

But according to ESPN, he failed another drug test, this time for marijuana, so he faces the possibility of a season-long suspension.  Just in time to not be there as a prime target for the Cleveland Browns star quarterback pickup in the NFL Draft, Texas A&M’s Heisman Trophy winner, “Johnny Football” Manziel.  Just in time to learn the other good wide receiver, Nate Burleson, has re-broken the arm he broke last season.  Hey, Cleveland… are you ready for some… football?

Critics will point out that this isn’t Gordon’s first or even second run-in with the piss police.  Gordon was cut at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, after being suspended twice for marijuana use.  Gordon then failed a drug test when he transferred to Utah.  Despite every indication that Gordon was an unrepentant marijuana consumer, the Cleveland Browns signed him the 2012 Supplemental Draft and signed him on to a four-year $5.3 million contract.

While making $1,325,000 a year sounds like riches to most of us, in NFL-leading-wide-receiver-dollars, it’s chump change, a bargain basement price the Browns got for Gordon’s talent because his marijuana use dropped his stock in the draft.  To add insult to injury, the Browns got to keep four of Gordon’s game paychecks for last year’s two-game suspension.  That’s right; he had to play for free for two games and made only 75 percent of that year’s pay, or just shy of a million dollars.  Of course, the Browns won’t have to pay out the full $1.325 million for this year’s games if he’s suspended.  Sure, you don’t get paid if you don’t work, but the problem is Gordon has nowhere else he can work; he’s still under contract.  Sure, he made close to a million bucks last year, but he might make zero bucks this year, and quality weed in Cleveland ain’t cheap.

For comparison’s sake, the same year Gordon signed his contract, Calvin Johnson inked an eight-year $132 million contract extension with the Lions, or $16,500,000 a year.  But Johnson’s been in the league longer and hasn’t been caught with marijuana metabolites in his piss.

Meanwhile, the sports writers are heaping scorn on Gordon.  Gordon made a “boneheaded move” that was “reckless” and “cost his team”, Gordon is a “drug addict” who “threw away his talent” and turned Cleveland’s draft day into “a nightmare”.  A common recurring theme is that “he knew it was banned” and he knew that his status in the NFL’s substance abuse program meant a 12-month suspension for his next drug test failure.

However, in the comments sections there are more and more people pointing out the hypocrisy of an NFL that survives on beer advertising continuing to ban marijuana that’s legal where the last two Super Bowl teams play.  “It’s not a performance enhancer!” exclaims one comment; another points out the hypocrisy of pot suspensions “while the NFL continues to lack a comprehensive HGH [human growth hormone]testing policy”.  Unfortunately, there are still too many replies in the comments toeing the authoritarian “rules are rules” justification.

In the long run, it really doesn’t matter whether Gordon’s use of marijuana is due to addiction, stupidity, willful rebellion, or accident.  What matters is whether it is in the players’, fans’, and league’s best interests to be testing for it in the first place.  Obviously, having a substance abuse program that monitors and punishes professional adult athletes who smoke pot by threatening them with loss of work and pay isn’t stopping even the ones with arguably the most to lose.  But it succeeds in punishing the fans in Cleveland from enjoying the best team they could field, the players on the Browns who might not achieve the success (and extra pay) of the playoffs, and the league that loses a marketable star because he chooses marijuana instead of alcohol to unwind.

Eventually, the NFL will be unable to continue pretending that they test for marijuana use because athletes are some sort of role models for kids as marijuana becomes more legal and expands to more states where its teams reside.  The NFL will be unable to withstand the growing evidence of marijuana’s vital role in protecting and even reversing players’ brain damage from concussion, marijuana as a far safer, far lower dependence painkiller than the pharmaceuticals routinely dispensed to players, and marijuana as a more responsible, sensible choice for relaxation for players than drinking alcohol.  And as the case of Josh Gordon illustrates, the NFL can’t argue marijuana is detrimental to the quality of its product.

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Executive Director: Russ Belville has been active in Oregon marijuana reform since 2005, when he was elected second-in-command of the state affiliate, Oregon NORML. After four years with Oregon NORML, Russ was hired by National NORML in 2009, working as Outreach Coordinator and hosting the NORML Daily Audio Stash podcast until 2012. Since then, Russ launched the 420RADIO marijuana legalization network and is the host of The Russ Belville Show, a live daily marijuana news talk radio program. Russ is also a prolific writer, with over 300 articles posted online and in print in HIGH TIMES, Huffington Post, Alternet, The Weed Blog, Marijuana Politics, and more.


  1. Well what do you know, looks like I found a job after all, dont know how hard it is to live in a city like denver with no means of purchasing the nifty green
    i can’t go around toking up everyone else’s, wouldn’t be right, would be just mean
    got to go, tomorrow is going to be a busy day
    then it is off to purchase some nifty greenery, i sure hope everything works out, that is i pray

  2. out of money, and herb
    not sure what to derb lol
    will scrap metal to get by
    but over crowding makes finding an affordable home here seem like a dream
    and the rent they want is ridicules
    i really need to budy up with some gold prospectors and learn the trade
    let them keep their over rental priced unfair market valued section 8
    got to find something to eat, and some bud, my mind tells me i am late

  3. well, it is pretty here with the cannabis flowers
    i though need to find a place to do laundry and take a shower
    with the ban on tents in the city
    i heard that sleeping in the open can leave a person robbed, not pretty
    and a shelter is out of the question cause a rumor i heard is that for some reason, possibly fights, you will end up in jail
    so i ride my bike miles out of the city just to sleep, and not be robbed, and not be put in a jail, can’t wait til section 8 place is found
    all this biking, and just so that my body and mind will feel the enjoyment from God which is all around
    on top of all that, the city streets are in a diagonal
    so it takes getting used to, but with the nifty herb, the city still looks sensational!
    Love out to the good folk

  4. Ted Mishler on

    i no longer feel like i missing out on life
    what with all the different kinds of cannabis with different strengths and aroma’s of much appreciated delight
    glad to be here, where true leaders lead the way
    the states could be, only if they would behave
    much appreciating for the opportunity to enjoy good company, and meet lots of fun people and
    a taking part in history in the making concerning the openness that denver has exhibited
    got to find a place to stay
    better go to seek out some way to make the days last but anyway
    a ma zing!

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1JUPjL2lwA
    well, i am out of time, so will finish the wheel after the move
    cant wait to get there, so the healing effect of cannabis can be felt, and i will once again feel in my own world in my own head at least, in the groove
    once i made a three foot diameter subwoofer, and made the frame by making a bender made from particle board cut in a circle and it made the conduit pipe nice and truly round
    so i thought doing the same for my bike wheel would be the thing to do, as it would apply only a small footprint to the road, but a true bend to the conduit could not be found
    it kept kinking up, so i had to give up
    guess i will have to make another conduit bender after the move to denver, yup!

  6. http://www.pilotfriend.com/training/flight_training/tech/images/2.jpg
    i have been apparently successful in my attempt to make a solid tire using valve springs –
    looks kind of sort of like a aircraft rotary engine, the wheel does now, going to the hardware to purchase washers to keep the springs centered on the bolts, then i will mount the tire, i have a better gas tank, one that does not have rust caked inside it, so it looks like i will ride the bike to denver! then i can toke and SING!
    what enthusiastical feelings of love cannabis brings, an under appreciated thing i believe cannabis is, better go, need to get the wheel on, and get rid of a few more pieces of furniture

  7. Ted Mishler on

    you know, of course, shame on me for letting the mean people get to me like that, in fact, in my opinion if any one of us gets angry at them, we all are missing out on why we are here, i heard a minister recently and i dont know how he personally feels on cannabis use as a way of life to eleviate this or that and to gain spiritual state of mind in a way, well if we are looking in that direction, but really, we all can always argue on what was said hundreds, thousands or millions of years ago, but the wisdom seems is something gainfull for all, and that is found in the bible and other books they say
    that which is is what should always be our focus though too, other wise we will take a blind eye to our surroundings and that is no way to be, but the minister said
    something like heaven is where all our dreams and hopes come true, and as my hopes and dreams are simple ones, they have always seemed thank you God wherever you are, i suppose you are everywhere, and i thank you and there you are lol
    and one thing is true, and that is not to hate on one another and say mean discouraging things to one another too, well,
    the world is going to do what it is going to do, what we need to do is take part in it in a positive way, and that is not with insultfull banter as i exibited a while ago, where is the delete lol–
    that kind of thing will take away any credibility we know that we do have
    so that said
    i am happy in my head
    and now the state does not look so bad
    but lets face it, if there were only a dispensary to go too when needed, it sure would be a lot more handy, still no sativa, but a cross
    so today is not a total loss
    love to the good folk
    and apparently there are many
    but good or bad, sometimes in this city, there just is no weed to be had
    so i still am moving
    and i do not feel sad
    i feel glad cause i will once again enjoy
    what some call it when all your hopes and dreams come true, heaven, if they are doable things that are morally sound
    as we would not want God to ever look at us with a frown
    to do so would surly make us all unhappy
    hope my beliefs do not make people think i am being sappy
    anyway sorry for the MOMENT OF UNHAPPINESS
    i do know there is more to life than arguing to folks on whether true happiness exists WITH CANNABIS if one prefers
    they get to always spout of messages of division and hate, what kind of messages is that telling the children? to hate others is some how clean and Godly? i think not, it is the original sin that prevents them from the garden, just as adam and eve perhaps i dont know, need to talk to prophessionals in the clergy, maybe they can sort the world out for me on how i should look at it so that it does not get me down, when i hear other bully us and enjoy prohibityion of the cannbauis community, it is just terrible the thoughts that they have, it is a hate crime that they are really doing, but i am not into this thinking so i am through with this subject, where attention goes, energy flows, and yet to sit back and say nothing seems some how to submit some sort of approval of teaching people to be bullies to others is approved, and i do not think that is proper behavior in any society,

    the prohibitionists should remember that children should also be not taught to hate groups of people of the united states, to do so only breeds distrust and hate

    ok, im over it, now on to something else
    oh but first, wanted to say that i am working on a wheel that will be suspended on valve springs lol
    that way a solid tire would last a while and it should make for a soft ride, should also hopefully have more efficiency cause if there is less road drag, there will be more coastage and less peddelage, i also aquired just today, a pulley for the weed eater motor that intend to mount on the bike, i just might ride the thing out there, might be a lot of fun, until rain comes lol

    if not, i will have scratched that itch of curiosity of the said tire scenario on do ability

    time for some doob ability

  8. well, bogart ruined my experience here
    so i am off to toke, get in the proper frame of mind, so i wont feel blue
    need to also shampoo my rug
    so that i will be prepared to leave thias sorry state of indiana, and seek heaven above,
    in denver

  9. bogart, you sorry sack of life what is wrong with you

    why do you feel that doing without makes you clean, all i see prohibition of the cannabis communty’s constitutional rights as doing is making the national deficit skyrocket, along with all the prisons you piece of crap

  10. Ted Mishler on

    forgot to mention the amps needed off the secondary above would need to be concidered before knowing how thick the secondary wire would need to be, but it would need to be a lot heavier than the primary, the would need to also be electrically sound so no arc would occur, a long rod might work as one side of rod could be used for the well, i dont know, testing would need to be done-

  11. Ted Mishler on

    before i go
    i wanted to tell what i know
    that for a transformer if one coil of the transformer is used as a primary with an input of 120 volts, and one wanted only 12 of those volts to be used for some reason, then 120 turns of wire on the primary would be used and 12 turns on the secondary would be used, now i do not know for sure, but it seems to me that that kind of thinking could be used for the idea i had of a motor behaving like a self generating motor of sorts, and the energy wasted from the tire flexing could power the whole thing, and i imagine that although i doubt it would take off on its own, but it seems it might, but more likely would just make bike riding more easy to peddle due to less road drag from the tire flex as the wasted energy would be transferred to electrically to propel the bike forward reducing or possibly eliminating the road drag? maybe that kind of thought could even be used on cars to make it so that gasoline costs would not be so high to get from here to there i really need to get some job in denver so i can purchase a motorcycle though, cause it takes so long by peddle power, even if a motor could be added to my bike, even a gas –

    i had a thought that the idea of the motor torque would need to be equal to the pounds of pressure a person usually exerts on the peddles in pounds each half revolution
    so why not keep adding in parallel the coils per inch of the rim in this imaginary what if scenarioed thought, each row of coils could have their matching set of magnets until they exert pressure equal to the peddles per pulse of the piezos which could be electrically, in series or parallel
    and like was mentioned before, with the step down transformer built into the motor coil to save on weight, the idea seems worth a try, it may be costly, though, but if one were to purchase the piezos in bulk or on ebay by the lot, it seems it wouldn’t be too costly, even if it would take hundreds of piezos per tire,
    oh i forgot to bring in the error code on my laptop, i have got to get it going
    oh out of rhyme, but after some supper and re-imibation which seems about due
    no, i relly have stuff to do
    love out to the good folk, no joke

  12. Ted Mishler on

    just thought of an idea for a motor of a bike, umm in a way, it would in effect, believe it or not, this thing would actually extract the lost energy from the tires as they flex, that wasted energy is mostly wasted as heat
    i think i thought of a motor with a built in step down high voltage generator and the inductance form the secondary of the windings would propel the motor forward, i think the idea is really neat
    the wires needed well, after some time on google, i realize that home work on the idea is needed
    but i remember hearing that efficiency of factories electricity consumption is why they use 3 phase
    less heat loss in the wires means more efficient electrical transfer of energy
    wait storm alert
    the idea is to use nearly hair thin wire to be wound around poles the same number of turns per volt generated from the piezos that are mounted in the tire, maybe one could mount 2 or three piezos per inch, the high voltages from each piezo mounted between the tire and the inner tube, could then be routed to the primary of the coil, if the piezo pulses at 3000 volts, then one would wind the hail like wire 3000 turns around the pole, the idea is efficiency, the pole then would have to be laminated to prevent other losses etc, and the secondary could be wound over the pimary coil, and there fore the idea is to make the generator operate as a motor as well as a generator and one could use the inductance from the generated pulse be used to furthur increase the motor efficiency, outside the coils would have to have strong rare earth magnets for a pull on each pulse of the piezoes, the how wide to make the piezo bank would be equal to the current generated when equal to the amount needed to pull the motor forward the desired amount, so if you need twenty accross for maximum pull then 20 it is, but i’d like to start out with three and see what happens, it should at least make it so the lost energy of the road drag caused from the bending of thire as it touches the road to bear its weight, that very energy it seems to me could be used for our benefit, instead of the cause of our sweat, well, thats the thought of a possible scenario, got to go, got to know, are these ideas worthy of investigation? or are they wishful thinking of a better more human friendly umm what i need is to feed myself supper, so later and toke
    love too

  13. Ted Mishler on

    embarasment on me
    when i got out side yesterday, the tire i had high hopes for, must have gotten up into the air side, started leaking as i was here typing, and went flat
    but a good friend apperently came through

    and gave me some new rims, and new tires, what can i say to that really are great people in the world, hope some day i can do the same for another, what a nice thing to do, tires are so big, and comfy, not bumpy anymore, now that the tires feet are not sore lol
    why must changing the subject people bring race into a subject sometimes if they get grumpy?

    it seems kind of mean to throw that in the conversation just thought id mention, that that is why denver is all the more better of oh, better post

    love to the good folks, you really are the most

  14. Next season? Don’t you mean this season? Unfortunately, Gordon will be suspended this season and possibly suspended the entire 2014/15 season.

    I have been a Cleveland Browns Fan since i was 5 yrs. old and now soon to be 50. I am sure that most people, nationwide as a whole, don’t have an issue of Marijuana usage or deem it to be more harmful than alcohol or cigarettes.

    I have never thought that Marijuana was harmfull. since i first started using weed at the age of 13. I can only speak about myself and marijuana has never led me to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, or meth. So for me, I am not addicted to weed because I don’t have to have it nor am I depended upon it.

    So yes Gordon should have been more careful about his usage since this is his livelihood and also he has let me, a fan, down, not to mention others, missing out on the chance to watch him play football. So if Gordon can’t keep his “Nose clean,” then he should be traded or let go. Because he is of no good use to the team if he can’t monitor his weed intake to keep his job.

    However, I strongly agree, that the NFL should remove this drug from their banned substance list and if Gordon is addicted, then he should get or ask for help.

  15. Ted Mishler on

    non newtonian fluid, after it is mixed up, i learned
    does not allow its self to enter an inner tube using my manual pump leaving me extra concerned
    as my last idea was a flop
    the idea was to line my rims with steel strapping steel strips, which when i did, the spokes kept breaking due to too much stress, what with no springiness as with a tire, it acted more like a wagon wheel, and it sure was loud, so after too many spokes broke on my back rim, it actually broke in half, leaving me bicycle less, wait, had to take a drink of pop
    when the steel banding strips broke off a little of a time
    finally, it was a little embarrassing to ride around on my bike rims, cant think of a rhyme lol
    so i prayed for an answer to my tire issue
    i just can not afford to pay for tubes sometimes twice in one week any more, so i thought about how non Newtonian fluid has a variable viscosity, that is its thickness varies, if you put into the strange stuff a for instance a ice pick reall slowly, it is as if the ice pick is penetrating a liquid, but if you poke at it quickly with the ice pick, it turns borrowing a phrase from coast to coast am “all of a sudden” to a brick like substance, so why couldnt the stuff i thought be used for smooth riding at slow speeds, but high efficient riding at fast speeds, as there would be little tire drag if at high speeds the stuff bricks up, so i thought i would try cutting the inner tubing in three equal parts, not realizing that that would make the solution pool up at one side, and leave the other side deflated, i went into town today, with a very annoying thump thump thump, and so i knew i had to try something else, and knew that if i were to some how get the powder into the inner tube that i could always inject water in the tube with the air pump, so the tests continued
    i tried also to use a grease gun
    but with water’s viscosity so low, it did not want to pump water, or the strange fluid, but i knew i had to try other tests, as i knew it might pay off in the long run
    so i tried putting a little bit of corn starch powder in the hand air pump, unscrewing it so i could pour the corn starch in to the pump, and a little at a time i was able to get about 3 inches of powder in the innertube
    in the process, i got in a hurry, and poured too much corn starch in the pump, and it got stopped up in the hose, i felt like such a boob

    i tried poking the hose with a ice pick
    while running fresh water in the hose after i removed it, but that did not do the trick

    after half hour or so, trying to unstop the air pump hose
    i gave up, and cut off the air hose to the length of the ice pick, and what do you know

    the stuff in the hose ejected out in large amounts, and with great force
    making a mess that was not too fortunate, still, i could then go on to the next step, and repeat what i read last night on the web, to where a guy, didn’t know if he was serious or not, but a web page was talking about how corn starch will break down in time, so i knew i must eventually find something else that would not rot, so as i read, one poster said that in ww2, that inner tubes had holes like screen, i am sure he exaggerated little, but on that page, people talked of how corn starch will degrade in time, but talc will not due to it being a mineral, but after injecting water at approximately 1.5 parts corn starch with 1 part water, and i used a method in one of the recipes in that blog, i used a dash of laundry soap to substitute for borax, and as i aired the bike tire up to 70 lbs, i naturally was not surprised of course
    when i saw air bubbles leaking out
    i knew the tube had a small leak, i just wanted to see if i mixed the solution all around the tire by riding on the thing if it would stop leaking, and IT DID! so have no more reason to doubt

    that the stuff works great, i really do think they may really have used the stuff long ago
    but i also know that talc is the needed thing, as it does not have the problem of rot, as it is a mineral, not a vegetable, nice to be riding again, and not on rims, i had to go so slow, i had to ride the side walks instead of any bike lane, in town a few days, i take the sidewalks anyway to avoid traffic, but out of town it was pretty inconvenient to have to go 2 mph, as any faster, and it seemed the slightest bump would break the spokes from such unsprung load
    what a delight to find
    that i no longer feel i will ever need to purchase another tube, as i can always use used ones that people throw away, it is not really a better tube, in that it is more efficient, but it is better in the since that it has a self sealing mixture in it, i have tried fix a flat before, with no luck, so i am inclined
    to believe that i am on the right track for self sufficiently as far as my bike goes
    To test out and to see though if non Newtonian fluid has the ability
    to be more efficient than an air tube though will require a way to inject with force, the fluid, and i believe for the tire to work, that it would have to not have multiple bladders, i had originally hoped i could line the tire with multiple balloons, the reason was so that if i ever had one balloon go flat due to glass or what not, then i could just replace the one small balloon, and all would be good, but my previous tests showed me that the balloons would most likely wonder about and bunch up in the tire like the inner tube tests showed, ending the riding experience by ending the smooth ride, making the idea not a good viability
    it must then if my hunch is right
    be that the innertube must not be cut in to sections, the whole thing must go in the tire, to prevent bunching up, which makes for a rough ride alright
    then so but if there is any benefit to pumping the fluid into the tire, inconclusive, i do not think it is possible
    hundreds of pounds would need be used, and i still do not think it would work, as it gets hard as a brick under pressure, making pumping the oobleck seemingly impossible
    so it has to be put in the tube prior to the mix
    sorry for the long winded wording, toked up, all seems to be going as planned, still going to Denver, and no conflicts
    other than through people who dislike a cannabis medicated life, and feel it is a waste
    but their unfamiliarity of thc happiness

    does not make me

    in the least bit feel any sappiness

    i feel that doing without is equal with frittering their life away
    they think ditto of me i am sure, but i refuse to stay

    there is more to life than looking for hours at a time for cannabis in this town
    when i feel so much more energetic on a good cross or straight sativa, as it lasts much longer and i can think more clearly, have little problems from my own usual unannounced, crohn and arthritis, stuff, to where i really enjoy reading and stuff, and even have caught myself dancing and singing, with the proper cannabis in my head, with indica dominant strains, it appears that i am truly lacking here, but i refuse to break down
    i know in my heart that given the proper cannabis strain
    that i will be happy no matter where i live, even if in the rain

    better post as i have lots of stuff to do
    wont be much longer, and i will feel freedom again as sativa will be in my brain and i will no longer feel blue

    as sativa has a MUCH longer effect for me
    a half of a pull would allow me to think of other stuff
    rather than be down that my brain feels half full, unlike the effects of sativa that lasts me for hours at a time, ok i guess i will look for another puff

  16. Ted Mishler on

    lots to ad, but less than 9 minutes to post
    but i believe in my heart their are good folks, and i think they are the most
    all the talk a political commentary was going on about
    about alleged racist remarks said by some one or other made me wonder if the word black magic was not racist in origin or not, seems we have to know the etymological origin of the words to know for sure, which is telling of my own apparent ignorance
    i did read it in a book, but what does that say
    i am very glad to play the part of ted, but lets face it, i am the sum total of what i have learned and what i know and what i add and subtract to that knowlege, are not we all?
    not looking for any fall, no harm was not meant
    if actions of peope do not harm others, then that is good magic, if it does it is bad, let us practice good lifestyles that do no harm to others, so that no one is sad
    less than 3 minutes so i had better post, wuill try to post on other things tomorrow, including my new tire design using non nutonion fluid – etc
    i really feel it will be far better than the old air bladder tires, as it should be more efficient
    thanks to the pals for the smoke
    no joke
    love to
    God and all too:-)

  17. Ted Mishler on

    I have always believed that the bible was written that way to also include everyone, so that no one feels left out
    i now believe that there is also another reason too that it was written that way that sometimes makes me want to shout
    there is wisdom to be found in the Bible to be sure, but lets face it, it is a book of riddle that causes all kinds of disagreements on the true meaning
    don’t you suppose it was written that way to tickle the ears of the unbelievers of kenah-bosm (CANNABIS), so that is why they removed it and replaced it with calumus? not to be demeaning
    but according to http://www.greatsite.com/timeline-english-bible-history/ which says in part that john hus believed that …”people should be permitted to read the Bible in their own language, and they should oppose the tyranny of the Roman church that threatened anyone possessing a non-Latin Bible with execution. Hus was burned at the stake”
    I am not for the killing of any one, but dont you suppose the reason was to prevent non believing people from infiltrating the churches and doing just what they are doing today? warring on poeople, the very ones who believe in kenah bosm – change needs to be made, AND it is not too late
    esoteric-icity of the churches is a clue
    that secrets are being kept from me and you
    time for the church leaders to come clean
    not to be mean
    but this and all nations need leaders they can look up to, along with folks in the churches is that not true?
    so what is the cannabis community supposed to do?
    I have asked people of the churches their thoughts on the matter
    one told me that he is against it, and he was in a high ranking position with indiana university
    another one told me they could care less either way if someone uses it or not, another called it bread, lots of them tell me that is a subject they do not like to discuss, why the esoteric-icity?
    if we as a nation feel too threatened to discuss the subject of cannabis without feeling afraid
    then what does that say about society as they blood thirstily plunder and raid?

  18. Ted Mishler on

    national security it seems to me
    would be best achieved if everyone were given the opportunity to experience prosperity
    we have private ran prisons, and the prisoners are seen as money makers
    it is the interests of the prison industry to imprison all they can, even if they have to become high treasonous traitors to our constitution and traitors to humanity and apply illegal policies, and become the mafia, constitutional law breakers
    on a lighter note
    there is hope
    and no, cannabis is not dope
    it is life, and I can not wait to get back to sativa
    indica is ok if you want to sleep, but indica and a very expensive indica sativa cross is all this bloomington town seems to do
    i miss the feeling of enthusiasm of a GOOD sativa that does not induce sleep
    haters of the nifty herb wants to make sure only sleep inducing indica is available with little or no thc, thank GOD I am not the prohibitionists’ sheep

  19. Ted Mishler on

    the kid’s guardian angel was his cat
    we in the cannabis community must never stop telling it like it is
    to sit on our hands and allow the dogs of humanity to attack us at will
    is not going to change things, the mean people seem to do as they will
    doing as thou will is the definition of black magic if you believe in all that superstition, and if you do not hurt others, then do as thou will, is white
    allowing traitors to our country to ruin it and send innocent people to prison is just not right
    why is it allowed
    why are certain police officers and the dea made to feel they should be proud?
    is the whole story not mentioned in the article above?
    what happened with treating others as you would want to be treated, and with respect protection and heart felt love?
    Washington! I used to know someone who lived in Spokane, other than my cousin, i was told Spokane is a very pretty place with lots of pine trees
    why must it allow such high treasonous actions to occur in this, a supposedly free society?
    all matter is composed they say of gas or solid
    why must the prohibitionistss of our constitution think that one medication is not medication unless they ingest their medicine in a solid stomach pill form
    why must the prohibitionists of the cannabis communities rights believe that medication in a gaseous form should always be outlawed so that it will never be the norm?
    i don’t believe i would care to ever associate my self with such a state
    filled with accosting innocent cannabis consumers just because gaseous forms of medication, the high treasonous louts hate?
    they are a menace to a free thinking society
    what can we do to prohibit the prohibitionists from EVER doing this type of thing again?
    all obama has to do is make it illegal to unconstitutionally discriminate, and through executive order, he can do it all with his pen

    on a lighter note, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQKEcVJYWgc it was touching to see neil young perform in that crazy song on that nifty looking 40’s era voice-o-graaph recording studio, would have been much more enjoyable with cannabis in my head, but that will happen soon
    it makes me think of my grandparents, cause they were alive back then too
    as a kid, i remember hearing patsy cline doing that song
    this used to be a respectable country, what went wrong?
    treating others like you do not wanted to be treated is not right
    cannabis prohibitionists always seem to be bullies and looking for some sort of fight


  20. Ted Mishler on

    to me, i value my health
    and therefore, i would not put a value on my happiness of life on money, but rather manna from heaven, cannabis, which i have happily found is my true wealth

  21. Ted Mishler on

    why do you feel that a proper role model for the earth
    is to go along with the war on the cannabis community, as it makes them feel they have no worth
    why do you feel
    that children, some of which could benefit from cannabis use should oh
    never mind
    i doubt you have the ability to understand
    coast to coast am last nite told of how they predict there will be world war three
    maybe some day people will value not warring on this planet as though they have no conscience or heart, including you and the powers that be
    maybe some day people will value life and look for ways
    to be happy, and see all their goals met with cannabis if they want in every way
    instead of wasting millions on a military that looks for people to kill
    in the future, surly people will evolve to understand that you can not kill another with out killing a part of your self still
    maybe if ww3 really does occur, we might not none of us really care
    as the talk is that it will be nuclear, so we all might be equally dead, so no one if true, will be alive to discuss the virtues of being right and moral and fair
    if it happens, it seems it will be deserved
    because to allow war on the cannabis community to go on so long, that people do not even consider it a war any more, just a policy that the deviant mutants of life want to preserve
    how they think that is any one’s guess
    i suppose it is that they are just ill informed uncaring sissified jerks that do not care if they and possibly everyone will die, what a mess

  22. Ted Mishler on

    $1 trillion through various departments including the military, state, energy, homeland security, central intelligence agency, etc –
    so no one can say that new types of high wind farm generation is too expensive to set up
    hoover dam didnt seem too big at one time, so
    oh, out of time
    really though,
    keeping cannabis out of the hands of those who want it really is a crime

  23. Ted Mishler on

    i saw this today on a show called “right this minute”, and at 45 seconds in the video you can see
    that kloskates seem to smile too when tickled with glee
    national security is important so why
    is it that people believe coal or oil is the only way to produce energy for our electrical needs, why must wars be fought, why must people believe any should die?
    according to http://www.newscenter.com/antarctica.html “hurricane-force winds blow for days at a time” so then
    all one need do is design a wind farm that can take the gail force winds, the top of the mountains in the rockys would be another good place for a wind farm, why is not there a farm there yet again?
    is it that we must save a bird so that the carcinogens of gasoline consumption can kill off many more, and effect the health of all?
    i doubt any bird would be in Antarctica, or above the top of the mountains in the Rockies anyway, so why is coal and petroleum valued so precious ? not meaning to start a brawl
    i have been lied to all my life concerning cannabis by those who stand to benefit
    i believe it is past time the country be honest to everyone to gain the respect of the country and to pay off the ever increasing deficit
    look at how gas and food prices keep going up beyond the reach of those who would like to drive and eat
    so that people can not purchase meat on their own without having to depend on food stamps from the government cheats
    they know what they are doing to the cannabis community is not that unlike what happened to the jews
    only instead of gassing them, they sometimes send them to prisons, to do forced labor, which means this country is not free and that with war on us that all will lose
    for without cannbis on earth
    there is bound to be a lack of love
    and with no love on the planet, there would be no reason for our bodies to keep reproducing, and no reason to believe that God would reward us in heaven EVER above

  24. “but it’s not like they are openly, actively, currently pulling massive bong rips… (sigh) OK, Michael Phelps,”

    What are you talking about dude?? Michael Phelps made a public apology for being seen smoking cannabis just once, and has since stated that it was a big mistake and that he no longer smokes.

    Nice try though..

  25. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1299548/Whales-dubbed-devil-fish-appear-personality-change-play-tourists.html
    the grey whale once was called the devil fish as people did not understand the the whales as large as they are
    only wanted to be friendly, they like their tongues to be tickled, i know, it sounds pretty bizarre
    but to assume that cannabis is some how remotely affiliated with any evil
    is telling of the lack of understanding one has, and also may indicate ignorance, as the constitutional hating prison loving prohibitionists of the cannabis communities’ rights prefer war and upheaval

  26. seems to me that when people do not talk
    about that which is important in life, what allows some to walk
    that which allows some to live and be happy
    and allows others to smile just because they can, not necessarily because they feel crappy
    the same stuff can help to make experiences in their religious life feel wholesome and complete
    the stuff that they call cannabis, that I think is really neat –

    that the nation is not living honest is it
    hiding as though you are ashamed at which you yourself may do does not sound too legit
    as a child with crohns, i could have used cannabis and found a positive experience from it
    what gives people the notion that they have the constitutional authority to commit war on the cannabis community and vote out their rights to exist, people that are like that are the problem, as they are wrong, you must admit
    and like the bullies they are
    they will never stop playing the characters liken to that of biff on back to the future, a bully that always went too far
    19 more days in this terrible place on earth known as indiana, i will then move to where the dabs of goodness will be felt
    rather than stay, and at the very best be unhappy with the poor quality weed that i am dealt

    the politicians admit that they want only cannabis with low or no thc present, only cbd
    no how could any one prevent couch lock from such ill advised stupidity
    until the ones who commit war on the cannabis community are themselves corrected by law
    how will we in the cannabis community ever feel a sense of togetherness in the nation and the churches and all?
    people died in wars for the freedom of this nation
    not so that politicians can be presidents of pill companies to make pill addicts of people and terrorize the cannabis community and be for the cannabis communities’ incarceration

  27. Thanks for a thoughtful reply. It’s good to hear from a parent, as I have no kids and sometimes miss that angle. I think there’s validity in what you say as far as athletes openly promoting marijuana use, in the context of, say, an advertising campaign for it and how that might entice children. But if we want to make that point, we’ll have to enforce it for beer as well. If we’re going to penalize players who are stalked by paparazzi and photographed smoking a blunt in Seattle or Denver, then they need the same penalty if they’re seen drinking it up in nightclubs.

    I’d wager your 12-year-old can recite “There’s no slowin’ down with the Silver Bullet tonight” if I hum the theme song. Do you think not testing for marijuana, but fining players for paparazzi shots is not going to make NFL Network? You’re on the right track in understanding that punishing players for their use of marijuana actually raises the profile of player marijuana use for kids, just as those D.A.R.E. classes were often the first place any kid ever saw a drug. But you still want to punish the players for smoking pot?

    We can have a society where there are adult things and there are kid things. In that society, we should be able to teach children that adults have adult jobs and adult private lives; the former is some of our business and the latter is none of our business.

    A professional football player may be your kid’s role model; mine at age twelve was Dr. Carl Sagan Ph.D. – a regular pot smoker that I didn’t know was a pot smoker until 25 years later. As I watched “Cosmos” and read his books, my nerdy self saw a future in science, in an emerging field called “information technology”. If I’d known that as a kid my science hero preferred marijuana over alcohol, perhaps as a teenager I pick up a joint instead of drinking myself stupid on the wine coolers so deliberately marketed to teens in the 1980s. Perhaps today if kids know NFL players sometimes use marijuana medically to deal with brain trauma and pain rather than dependence-causing hepatotoxic opioid painkillers, some of them as adults won’t be hauled away by police in the future because they’ll vote to end this cruel prohibition.

    And please consider that he’s not dumb; your 12-year-old knows what you’re doing when you head out to the garage and come back Febreze-scented and freshly Visine’d. Don’t pass your own shame over marijuana smoking to your kid. You do know enough about marijuana and marijuana legalization to talk about it with your kid and he shouldn’t have to grow up with a dad afraid to tell him the truth.

  28. Abner Begley on

    Yep I’d much rather them promote alcohol which has killed much more than MJ. So just because they show alcohol commercials you letting your kids drink?

  29. Uncle Arthur on

    One more thing. You mentioned that you smoke a lot of weed, but you tell your son that you don’t know enough to support legalization? Did you know that there are people that don’t smoke weed and support legalization. Forgive me, but I am troubled by people who smoke weed and hedge on legalization. Are American stoners that brainwashed into accepting their own criminality? Maybe we can hire DEA officers from the marijuana community and eliminate the middle man since many people who do weed oppose legalization. Sorry for the extra post.

  30. The NFL is full of s**t ! These guys give up there bodies like gladiators in the coliseum… for our entertainment and blood lust. By the time they’re 40 they can barely walk. The league forces them to take (legal) opiate based pain medication on Monday mornings after the game, but take cannabis to relieve the pain non-toxically ??? YOU’RE SUSPENDED ! Complete BULLS**T !

  31. Uncle Arthur on

    Forgive me, but I find your post baffling. When NFL games are on, the public is being saturated with puerile alcohol commercial messages from their sponsors. Is it ok for your 12 year son to be exposed to that? Is ok for him to have role models that get drunk? I don’t understand society’s hypocritical attitude that alcohol is a good drug and cannabis some sort of evil drug. I also don’t understand why the NFL has no problem promoting alcoholism by insinuating that if you drink alcohol are good red blooded American role model and if you partake in cannabis, that you are a degenerate person who deserves to have the doors of opportunity slammed shut. Perhaps you can explain it to me, because I truly I don’t get it. Not attacking you, just giving you some food for thought.

  32. OK here’s my stance on this issue…as I’m extremly pro 420 I am not for allowing athletes to promote it as yes they are role models…read carefully I am saying they shouldn be able to promote it as I have a son who is addicted to football all he does is watch football he is 12 years old and all he ever watches is NFL network. I believe by testing for weed they themselves are actually promoting the use of marijuana because if a player tests positive for mj it is all over the news and kids end up seeing it. Now if they didn test for it and simply made a few rules like if there caught with mj by authorities or caught by papporazi blazing they get fined a weeks salary and the money has to go to a don’t do drugs charity in the town they got busted the fine doubles every time they get caught to a maximum of 8 weeks. This will allow players to relax and medicate as they wish while still keeping kids in mind. And as I myself smoke a lot of weed it is kept out of the house and away from my son. I do not ever say anything bad about weed as I never say anything good. When my son asks me what I think about weed legalization I just tell him I don’t enough about mj to take a stance on it but rather its mj beer or crack if a substance comes with negative affects than a person shouldn take as weed/alcohol and anything else effects people differently and some people cannot handle it.

  33. That’s a comment that got repeated many times on the various stories I researched for this article. It reminds me a bit of the opinion that people applying for welfare should have to take a drug test because, heck, I have to take one to get a job. It comes from a perspective of blaming the victim. Let’s call it stoner-shaming, to go along with the concepts of fat-shaming and slut-shaming that have become familiar.

    With stoner-shaming, we shift the perspective from where it ought to be – innocent victims who are being treated as second-class citizens over their marijuana use – to the perspective of the oppressor. When you think Josh Gordon should not have fucked up his million-dollar NFL deal over smoking pot, you’re accepting the premise that somebody’s employer ought to have the right to the seizure and inspection of an employee’s body, coerced as a condition of employment, and the right to coerce rehabilitation or terminate an employee whose performance itself isn’t suspect. Hell, in Josh Gordon’s case, his performance is literally the best in two key measurements among the best workers performing his job on the planet.

    But it was a million dollars! Yeah, I understand that sentiment – wouldn’t you give up pot for a million dollars? It reminds me of a discussion I had once with a drunken college buddy of mine. We thought up the most disgusting sexual act we could conjure (though this was pre-internet, so we had no idea how tame our imaginations actually were) and he asked “would you do it for a million dollars?”

    “For a million bucks, yeah, sure!” I responded. There were many drinks during this conversation, take that as a given.

    “OK, how about $500,000?”

    “Well, that’s still a whole lot of money, probably, yeah.”

    “What about $50,000?”

    And it continued on, the drinking and the twisted bargaining of disgusting imaginary amendments to our original scenario in exchange for a bump of $5,000 here or there in price. Eventually we had sort of a menu of the vilest things we could imagine and what you’d have to pay each of us to engage in them. Then we analyzed why we had differences in price on certain menu items. Like I said, it was pre-internet, we were drunk, and there wasn’t much to do in Idaho.

    The point? Oh, yeah. What’s your price? If you had a job like Josh Gordon, $1.325M a year, you’d give up pot. Would you give up pot for $132,500 a year? How about twice what you currently make? Or 50% more than you currently make? Many people are forced into that decision every day… but why should they be? And how much does meekly accepting the trade of liberty for security, multiplied times millions of working people, obscure the fact that we’re being paid off to perform a disgusting sexual act. We were drunk, but we never came up with something close to “stranger forces you to give him a cup of your piss to inspect and if he doesn’t like it, you’ll end up broke and homeless… would you do that for $40,000?”

  34. However, the NFL is fine with players getting drunk on their own personal time (killing brain cells, damaging livers and often making complete fools of themselves.) Another example of the lack of common sense about cannabis.

  35. pissedoffpothead on

    Love pot and believe in freedom but if I had a job Iike these guys I would not f**k it up with pot

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