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NJ Medical Marijuana Program Failing as Predicted


The sponsor of New Jersey’s medical marijuana law is speaking out against the delay tactics of Governor Chris Christie. As the program sits right now, patients are not only out of luck when it comes to registering, they also have to break the law in order to medicate in the meantime. The law says that patients with certain conditions can use marijuana for medical purposes. However, since New Jersey doesn’t give the right to patients to ‘grow your own,’ the patients continue to suffer. They are only allowed to purchase medicine from dispensaries, yet no dispensaries exist due to the greed of the New Jersey Legislature. This is yet another byproduct of an implementation process gone awry.

“Certainly we can create this window where we allow them to obtain it on their own,” Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer) said. “It could help alleviate a lot of suffering.” I’m gonna ‘one up’ you Mr. Gusciora; I’m going to suggest that the State of New Jersey take an approach that would cost NOTHING and would alleviate the suffering of countless New Jersey residents INSTANTLY — give the medical marijuana program participants the right to grow their own medicine. By granting the patient the right to grow their own medicine, by default, it allows the patient to legally possess the medicine they are already obtaining.

Giving the patient the right to grow their own marijuana has other implementation benefits as well. Something that I have said since the beginning of the New Jersey program is ‘how in the f are you going to grow that many plants, for that many patients, at such a small amount of locations?’ Think about it, 30,000 patients and as few as six grow sites? I have seen gardens for four patients, and they take up an entire 2,000 square foot house. Do the math on that, and the only facility that is worthy of housing a New Jersey medical marijuana garden is a football stadium. How is that cost effective? And for that matter, how long is that going to take to become a reality?

If you give the patient the right to grow their own medicine, that garden space will be spread out to thousands of gardens. The cost of producing and maintaining the gardens would be the patient’s responsibility, and would result in the medicine being grown faster. Think about the amount of electricity it would require to grow a football stadium full of plants? Is the local power company aware of NJ’s plan? Is that even possible? I have seen grow ops that have a few hundred plants, and the electrical setup that it requires would scare Nicola Tesla.

At the rate things are going, not only will the law fail to be implemented by the October deadline (told you so Marianne Bays), but I would have doubts about a 2011 deadline as well. If anyone doesn’t think so, just think about how many things are figured out versus how many things are still up in the air…then think about the amount of problems no one is even considering (such as electricity, byproduct waste, balanced funding, etc) and the fact that people are still haggling over the rules. Government moves like molasses, and this New Jersey blend of syrup is looking thicker by the minute….


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  1. Please no hate, some people actually will benefit from this. Sorry for the bump, but I find this insusceptible, and ill-fated.

    Lets start:
    “medical scam pot card” -yes some disgusting people scam the system, but if we’re getting medicine to the people who need it, then good. We give oxycondone out, guess what many people abuse the prescriptions.

    ” you will be dead anyway” – well if they didn’t get their medicine, they might.

    “150,000 pounds in one season” 5 pounds per person, per quarter? No.. The limit for weed in NJ is 2 ounces a month. Let me tell you, that’s more than enough for medical uses.

    Please do not be so much of a bullhead.

    Thank you, hope I have opened your eyes.

  2. Dr Scott's Finest on

    I think your math is a bit off my friend… If you have 30,000 people that have a medical scam pot card, let’s do the math. Assume they are waking and baking and blowing hits all day long like a high school idiot, they will toss down an ounce a week. Now wait a minute, if you’re snickering at an ounce a week… I’m not talking street washed brown bud. Remember this can be grown out in the open with no problem so if you do more than one of my ounces a week per person you will be dead anyway. So at that rate you will need a quarter pound a month of Uncle Scott’s Finest. That translates into three pounds per year of natural sun light grown pot outdoors with a rain mesh covered field. With New Jersey being the Blueberry Capital of the world… trust me when I say you have a long enough growing season, farm land to do it on and you won’t need but one location to grow 150,000 pounds in one season. My math tells me I’m only 60,000 pounds more than what you need. Your four people grow station scattered over a 2000 square foot home is on weak inside light or 25% of what they need filtered through glass natural light at best. Give me one 20 acre farm, a FLIR heat seeking camera with 2 miles of fence and 4 pit bulls, dogs or human security gurads… and I will have New Jersey blazing year round in the best kind bud you have ever tasted.


    Uncle Scott

  3. good luck NJ ! I moved to CA years ago , could not wait

    By not allowing a person to grow their own legally the state will never make it affordable.

    here in CA we can and do. only because of a large group of people fighting for medical cannabis.

    as a result CA prices have dropped dramatically. ie “safe and affordable”
    look on sites like weedbay , vendormaps.com

    I have seen ounces for 100.00 and the quality is good.

    NJ patients need to unite and change the law

  4. Barb from Upstate NY, I want to hook up with you since we live close to each other and share the EXACT SAME THOUGHTS ABOUT PILLS and the SAFER alternative to ‘corporate drugs’.. cannabis. I am on facebook, maybe you can hook up with me there, or here.- Lynn Tulumello

  5. This is going to be the same problems NYS will face when….IF…(whats the hold up?)…because they don’t want us to grow either…am I right? Do you know when this is going to pass…its passed 2 houses, right? whats next)…and how long before pts can actually use it after its ok’d.

    I live in a small upstate town near PA border and it was always safe from the outside world, almost…now kids are dying and addicted to oxy’s…then heroin cuz cheaper….in my safe little town…in graduating class of 2006….four are already dead of OD’s….and you can’t believe how many are/were addicts….

    Lets get the pills out of the house….step one to saving this generation…..why isn’t it obvious to everyone? I have been maintained on opiates since 1993 injury….so lucky I have avoided addiction….lost my husband who became addicted to mixing pills with booze after an injury..he died of accidental OD. None of this would happen if pills weren’t the first treatment choice…too easy to write a script…and don’t think there are times I am so thankful…but I have been lucky (cuz I have a healthy fear after losing my husband ….before he died I lost him….that wasn’t him anymore….

    Anyhow…what is the status of NY and are we facing same probs…i tend to ramble…(think so?) Thanks…

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