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NJWeedman Files $420,000 Lawsuit Against San Bernadino Sheriff Department


njweedman lawsuit san bernadino sheriff departmentBy, Big Oscar N. Goodtree

Complaint: On Dec 17th, 2010 a unknown number of San Bernadino Sheriffs descended on Santa Fee Springs Grow operation of “NJWeedman” with a search warrant. They left with 422 fully mature Cannabis plants that were about to be harvested, a couple pounds of dried Cannabis and hundreds of valid Doctor Recommendations and various legal paperwork that signified to the sheriffs that this was definitely a legal grow operation in Los Angeles County. No charges were ever filed. No San Bernadino Sheriff spokesman could ever fully explain why San Bernadino Sheriffs were raiding a location in Santa Fee Springs which is clearly located well within Los Angeles County limits, no compensation or return of plants ever occurred.

Edward Forchion – aka- NJWeedman was the lease holder for the building raided, he was the director of the Liberty Bell Temple Inc., a legal Marijuana dispensary located in Hollywood, and this was his legal grow operation. Forchion says, “At the time the Liberty Bell Temple Inc., had just won a Court injunction ( Dec 10th, 2010) to stay open in a Los Angeles Court lawsuit ( Liberty Bell Temple Inc., Vs Los Angeles )”. Was the San Bernadino Sheriffs Office doing a favor for sore loser’s in the City of Los Angeles prosecution office, LA authorities clearly were forbidden from acting on NJWEEDMAN’s grow due to valid Court Injunction? Did Los Angeles authorities pull a fast one on the Courts by enlisting the services of the San Bernadino Sheriffs Office? NJweedman says “for a while I was expecting a indictment, a charge even a asset forfeiture hearing none every came. It just turned out to be a straight robbery by cop. A Coppery“. The SBC Sheriffs robbed me!

Today as the statute of limitations entered the final day ( two years) NJWeedman filed a State Civil Lawsuit BC497449 Forchion -Vs- San Bernadino Sheriff Department seeking $420,000.oo and punitive damages.

NJWeedman says, “I just rounded off the figure to approximately $1000 a plant asked for a jury trial and punitive damages. I hope in the future a jury will do the right thing and send a message to Law Enforcement to follow the law”. When asked by various media outlets for a comment “No comment” was issued by the San Bernadino Sheriff Rod Hoops when called by phone for a response. Forchion says, “Over $50,000 was invested into that operation and they just came a stole the plants valued at over $500,000 days before harvest resulting in a total loss”. There was no notice that it was destroyed or burned I never received another piece of paper from the Sheriffs as to why they did this to me! I’m curious if it was given to a more politically correct operation, or bagged up and distributed by the sheriffs themselves. What happened to the BUDz – HOOPS? Maybe with this lawsuit I’ll at least find out what happened to my indica!

SEARCH SEARCH WARRENT – ( http://www.njweedman.com/sbs_warrent.pdf )

NJWeedman CIVIL COMPLAINT – ( http://www.njweedman.com/sbcs_lawsuit.pdf )


INJUNCTION GRANTED – 12/10/12 ( http://www.njweedman.com/injunction_order_including_lbt.pdf )

IINJUNCTION AMENDED – 1/7/12 ( http://www.njweedman.com/injunction_order_including_lbt.pdf )


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  1. I met him in the Philadelphia jail system. Those people are a bunch of crooks, thieves, and criminals. The conditions are poor. I’m trying to find out what happened to him but no word yet..

  2. He was heading back out here and was arrested at the Philadelphia airport boarding gate. I’m glad that the papers made it into the court. Good luck, Ed. No one should go to jail for a plant!

  3. Brought to you by the people who voted “NO” On prop215
    Hope the jury doubles the 420k ! inflation

  4. Racketeer Investigator Matthew on

    As an option, you can also add the name the sheriffs who did the raid, and add Hopps to the lawsuit as well…… add them individually, and their assetts when you amend the case….. this is your right and duty.

  5. Sheriff Hoops hand picked John McMahon to succeed him as San Bernardino County Sheriff and it was unanimously approved by the board of supervisors as Hoops is retiring mid-term at the end of this month (Dec. 2012). McMahon already announced that he is planning on running as the incumbent in 2014. If you want to see change in the county please support Paul Schrader, http://www.sheriffpaul2014.com. We can’t stop the good ol’ boys without grassroots support. Read more at the website under “Bill of Rights.” The appointment was a joke. You can view it for yourself at the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisor meeting at agenda item #105 on video, December 18, 2012. Please don’t settle this lawsuit, but take it all the way! This has to be exposed such as the alleged molestation of the Explorers, the POST scandal and the Parkison betrayal. There’s a high percentage of law enforcement who need to be held accountable to the public they serve and not allow incidents such as these to be swept under the rug. Paul’s cell phone is listed on his website if you would like to speak to him personally about his campaign. The county sheriff is America’s last hope and our last line of defense in preserving the liberties of the people.

  6. Yes, that’s out and out right theft. They should be ashamed of themselves. Your lawsuit is for to little compensation. It is very traumatic to have armed goons come into your place of LEGAL business and rob you. $$ is all they understand so you have to sue them to wake them up.

  7. Brotherman, this is typical “business as usual”. I went through the same, got a judge to issue a Return of Property, and they still jacked me. Carry on.

  8. so what don’t you understand about “JACK BOOTED THUGS” This type of shit has been going on for years! Where is that “it’s a violation of the law” US Attorney Hagg?

  9. Scandle in th IE again!!!!! they are bankrupt, they uese the money from the sale of the budz for there own personal gains just like they allways have… Hoops and the rest of the county officals are thieves…. free Da weed

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