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No Drugs In Home of Ex-Marine Killed By Arizona SWAT Team



by Phillip Smith

No drugs were found in the home of a Tucson man shot and killed May 5 by a Pima County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team, the Arizona Star reported Friday. Former Marine Jose Guerena, 26, was killed by SWAT team members after confronting them with a rifle in his hand as they broke into his home to serve a search warrant related to a complex drug investigation.

Guerena’s was one of four homes searched by SWAT teams in the investigation that day. Police said they found about $95,000 in cash, an unspecified amount of marijuana, and firearms during the raids, but nothing especially incriminating was found at Guerena’s house.

Police said items seized at Guerena’s house included a pistol, paperwork, tax returns, insurance papers, bank statements, and a bank card. They also found body armor in a hallway closet and US Border Patrol hat in the garage. Owning weapons, body armor, and Border Patrol hats is not illegal.

evil copNo arrests were made at any of the homes searched.

Guerena’s wife, Vanessa, and their four-year-old son were in the home when it was raided. Vanessa Guerena has said she saw armed men moving around her house and woke her husband, who was sleeping after working all night at his job in a mine. She and the child hid in a closet while Guerena went to confront the intruders.

Police originally said Guerena fired at officers before they returned fire. They had to revise that statement when it was revealed that the safety on Guerena’s gun had not been switched off.

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  1. In Utah, Army veteran Matthew Stewart fought the hell back when a SWAT team raided his home and small personal medical grow. This same SWAT team had already murdered an innocent man like this AZ SWAT team did. I don’t advocate violence, but at what point should’ve the Jews of NAZI Germany started to fight the hell back?

    State sanctioned murder, is still murder.

    I hope the government cannabis warriors realize there is no statutes of limitations on murder.

  2. that is messed up our law enforcement is fucked up.. especially when it comes to MARIJUANA prohibition.

  3. What they did was all levels of fucked up and disgrace to the government for not takein full responsibility in the death of an innocent US Marine…
    Legalize Freedom

  4. We need to enact a law in Arizona to provide for civilian oversight of the use of SWAT teams in our state. They should not be allowed at the discretion of law enforcement without some form of judicial oversight unless an officer’s life is clearly threatened.

  5. The madness continues as innocent people fall victim to the “War On Drugs”! Your home is your sanctuary, where you are “supposed” to be safe. This man was completely innocent, and killed in cold blood! An ex-marine who served his country should have his life ended by a bogus warrant, and a pack of blood thirsty SWAT officers? They clearly killed this man for no good reason! Anyone involved in this conspiracy to kill this young man, should serve a “life sentence” in the exact prisons, where innocent people are serving time and being sent away for years for marijuana possession!

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