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No On Washington I-502 Video


Video Urging People To Vote No On I-502

I-502 is not legalization. It simply creates a legal exception for possession of an ounce and a few other minor cannabis related crimes. Under this initiative it would still be illegal for individuals to grow any amount. In addition, hemp would still not be explicitly legal, passing a joint would still be felony distribution, and a new form of prohibition will be introduced that will cause cannabis consumers to be wrongfully convicted and imprisoned (the per se DUID mandate).

People under 21 have the potential to be convicted of a DUID, even if patients, for consuming cannabis weeks ago. Beyond this, the entire distribution system will be federally preempted (rendered invalid in court) due to the fact that it creates a positive conflict with our federal Controlled Substances Act (you can’t force a state to accept taxes from a federally illegal substance). Even if not preempted, the regulation system is absurd, going as far as allowing the Liquor Control Board to decide the amount of THC in the cannabis sold, as well as the number of cannabis retail outlets per county.





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  1. nothing changes for med patients. Just grow or go to the “collective garden” like you always have.

  2. so since this bill passed and i am a patient under 21 am i not able to but medicine anymore?

  3. Mr. Sarich, I feel sorry for you. I really, really do.

    You have so much conflict and anger. And, your conflict is projected onto almost every one who walks down the same side of the road with you. You don’t know much about NORML, the state affiliate of Washington NORML or the county chapters of NORML, but your contrary rant is par for your course of rationalization.

    To be clear, NORML does not consider you a constituent. You are, in fact, a pot selling profiteer of prohibition. And, I believe that the only reason you are not in jail is because you are most likely an informant who has cut deals. Sue me if I am wrong.

    If you honestly believe that NORML is so small, then why did you file a complaint with the Attorney General of Washington alleging massive flows of monies between New Approach Washington and NORML? Because, you sir, are a conflicted idiot.

    A card game with JUST our advisory board (www.wanorml.org) would be a great card game indeed, it being made up of some of the most recognized and respected names in marijuana reform, not just locally, but nationwide – from Vivian McPeak to Allison Holcomb! But, you would not be invited because, well – from suing Seattle Hempfest to rants against 502 – none of the members on the Washington NORML Advisory Board like you, at all.

    Our individual county directors are responsible, hardworking, tax paying, college educated adults. They have worked as volunteers on every campaign to legalize here in the state. And each of them have hundreds of loyal members. NORML doesn’t sell pot. NORML is about changing laws, not breaking them.

    The cream rises to the top, which is why you can’t see what NORML does, as you are a bottom feeder. NORML has never been stronger or larger in the State of Washington. It has never had the county outreach in the major population centers of King, Spokane, Pierce and Thurston that it does now. Our members are responsible adult users of cannabis, most are not patients.

    The constituency of Washington NORML includes members of the media, who have been interviewing you all along – and endorsing 502, the legislature, and average hard working citizens in the state of Washington. Washington NORML and it’s county chapters has never had the constituency base as it does now – numbering in the thousands! Lee Newberry was a party of one, and a friend of yours.

    That NORML didn’t promote your debate in support of profiting from prohibition, in Spokane or anywhere else, was by design. Intentionally, the sound of crickets. Most people have made up their minds already, and we are no going to promote profiteers of prohibition arguing for their own pocketbooks. Idiot.

    Our constituency base does not consider you a peer, or even consider you at all. Outside of the local marijuana movement in Seattle, no one knows or cares who you are! Further, if they have heard of you, it has been through notorious media reports of you shooting kids who are trying to rob your extra large grow, or reports of you taking pictures of girls breasts in MMJ recommendation interviews, or being the self – confessed largest pot dealer in the state. In other words, most of our constituents think you are a common criminal and wonder why you are not in jail.

    Most people have already made up their minds about pot in general and 502 specifically in this state, as reflected in the polling which has remained relatively consistent but for the upticks in the last few months leading up to the election.

    Part of the reason is because for the uptick in polling is because of your own inability to present a valid argument!

    For example:

    1) You claim that I- 502 discriminates against individuals who use the drug medicinally. That I-502 includes a provision to eradicate driving under the influence of THC, the active chemical in marijuana, which could keep patients from getting behind the wheel of a car.

    The fact is: The per se provision applies to all drivers equally. It’s
    indiscriminate. While NORML disagree with the provision intellectually, as a stand alone regulation, it is hardly discriminatory.

    By your own logic, the present medical marijuana law discriminates since it
    exempts certain qualified illnesses under a strict definition of Washington State Law and not others – and subjects healthy people to arrest for the same activities that qualified patients are eligible to engage in.

    Example 2) You claim in your lively debates that the other big problem with I-502 is it ignores federal laws. Under federal law marijuana is classified as being just as dangerous as heroin with no exceptions for medical use.

    The fact is: By this logic you and other prohibitionists would have also voted no to the existing state medical law since it also failed to reschedule cannabis on either the state or federal level.

    Ahhh…but you make money off of the sales of marijuana under existing state law now. Even though the exchange of money for marijuana is not allowed under RCW 69.51a.

    Of the handful of people who have heard you talk, it should be no surprise to you that they think you are a common criminal, and an idiot.

    In short, to the extent that NORML has a relationship with you, we will consider your opinion. In other words, we don’t care what you say.

    Kevin Oliver
    Executive Director
    Washington NORML
    (The Washington Affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.)

  4. We all voted for medical marijuana. Be happy you have that right,we all did that for you patiants. This is bigger than YOU. Stop thinking of yourself and how this might effect you,witch it most likely wont at all. Stop being nagetive Nancies,your killin our high!

  5. I thought that, but after working on I-1068 I realized that they simply did not have the skills or political savvy to pull off getting an initiative on the ballot, let alone, even more critical, having what it takes to run a viable campaign.

  6. Thanks so much for your public distancing of yourself from me and NORML. As a representative for anything positive about marijuana and reform, you are poison. The effects of your group’s behavior on October 12 at the Capitol Rotunda is already being felt as it is discussed by legislative representatives and others.

    For those unaware of the incidents, please visit the Pierce County NORML page for some photos and details. Thought the photos were removed twice by facebook for copyright complaints, (I wonder who would do that?) facebook is now aware that these photos are owned by me and were taken at a public, political event.


    Anyone wishing credibility or respect would trade that “No on I-502” shirt in for one that says, “I’m not with Steve.”

  7. That you, and Arthur West, Worthington, and Serena Haskins claim to represent medical cannabis users in Washington State should be a serious concern to anyone in the medical cannabis industry or uses medical cannabis.

    The behavior of the I-502 group at the state capitol will be long felt as it echos through the halls of the state legislature.

    Check out the Pierce County NORML facebook page for some pictures and descriptions of the event at the State Capitol. The pictures were removed twice after copyright complaints were made to facebook. But, I own the pictures and they were taken at a public event. Facebook now knows that so they cannot be removed.

    Is this who you want representing you to the public, the media, and lawmakers?

  8. The GS Conspiracy on

    You clearly do.

    We don’t all grow and sell cannabis for living Steve. Some of us have real jobs, and face real consequences for our consumption of marijuana – which is part of the reason we find your nit-picky opposition to 502 so abhorrent.

  9. And you’re a nameless, faceless idiot who want to post insults and refuse to be “publicly identified”. “Spineless” is the first word that comes to mind. No one cares what spineless internet trolls think.

  10. The polls indicate you are a moron and on the wrong side. You are only worried about your dispensary. Currently less than 1% of us users choose to be publicly identified as cannabis users.

  11. Now you’re attacking Sensible Washington? You’ve already gotten fired by NORML for being a total horse’s ass, and now you want to make sure the ENTIRE medical cannabis community hates you? GOOD JOB!

  12. Wow….the I-502 attach dogs are out now that they know they’re losing. What will the Washington NORML clones have to do when they don’t have I-502 to support anymore? Continue to attack medical cannabis organizations and patients?

    There will be a patient uprising against both NORML and MPP this year. Good luck raising money or attracting more little assholes for NORML this year. St. Pierre will be gone very shortly…and so will you.

    NORML has a habit of “eating their own” when they don’t agree with them on state politics. This is why the board of NORML has never had a strong organization in Washington State. I remember when the head of NORML here in Washington, Lee Newberry, stood up for patients on really bad state legislation that Keith Stroup supported, and was summarily thrown out of the organization by St. Pierre and Stroup. After that, NORML became a skeleton organization here in Washington…and never got beyond that point.

    Since then NORML, outside just a couple of loudmouths at Pierce County NORML and Washington NORML, they are non-players here in Washington and have far fewer members than the average Seattle collective. You can’t even put together a decent card game with the number of members notSpicolli (Keith Henson) has in Pierce County NORML, or that Kevin Oliver has in Spokane. If Washington NORML actually has any more than one member, we certainly haven’t seen them and they certainly didn’t show up at the debates in Spokane.

    The only organization that is less effectual here in Washington is MPP. They have NO presence here whatsoever, and will never have any female members (for fear that Rob Kampia will try to “recruit” them). That didn’t stop them from taking a position on I-502 that will cost them any chance of raising money or recruiting members here in Washington.

    ASA is apparently be represented by Greta Carter. Now THERE is a joke. The organization she works for is supporting an initiative that criminalizes patients here in Washington with the per se DUID. They don’t care because it’s not a PATIENT organization, but an “industry organization” made up of dispensary owners and growers. They’re already filling out their applications for state licenses, that will never be issued, while screwing over the patients they should be protecting.

    The landscape will certainly change after I-502. There will be the people who protected patients’ rights and those who sold out the patients. We’ll make sure everyone knows who supported the patients and who didn’t. Patients are “consumers” and I suspect that they won’t take kindly to those who were willing to take money from patients and then sell them down the road on the per se DUIDs.

    We’ll do a poll this week on who is, and is not, supporting I-502, while making money off of patients here in Washington. We’ll publish that list so patients will at least know who supported them on this issue….and who was willing to sell them out for potential future gain. I think this will have more impact on these “vendors” than any advertising they may do in “DOPE Magazine”.

    Steve Sarich
    NO ON I-502 Committee

  13. How “sensible” is it to think that the public would reject the ultra-conservative marijuana legalization of I-502 in a presidential election year, but they would embrace an ultra-liberal marijuana legalization of Sensible Washington in an off-off-election year of 2013?

    How “sensible” is it to pass up the only marijuana legalization on the Washington ballot in history because you trust that Sensible Washington, having never raised any serious money, never gotten any serious supporters, and never gotten even half the signatures needed to make the ballot, will somehow be able to succeed at all that and pass the ultra-liberal legalization in 2013?

    How “sensible” is it to let the fear of DUID you would get now if you’re driving above 5ng stop you from ending the certainty of thousands getting marijuana misdemeanors every year?

    Full debunking of this propaganda available at http://youtu.be/BRcJv5F-yyI

  14. So if the DEA and drug czar wanted to sabotage legalization, how would they do so? Would it look like a group constantly using propaganda and scare tactics to divide the cannabis community? Sensible Washington purports to be a group for legalization and sponsoring their own initiative. Yet the majority of their efforts are aimed at sabotaging I-502. So, whether they are actually sabotaging stooges for the drug czar is really immaterial when one considers that the result is the same as if they were. Vote NO on Sensible Washington.

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