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No Super Bowl Ad For NORML

norml super bowl commercial


In a move that seems unfair to say the least, Intuit is not advancing NORML to the third round of it’s Super Bowl Ad Contest. NORML received a ton of media coverage after it won first place in round one of the contest. One would think that taking first place in the first round, and the media love that ensued, would ensure that NORML would at least make it to the top 20 overall contestants for round 3, but sadly, that wasn’t the case.

Marijuana is more popular than just about anything right now, and it would have been a great thing to see a marijuana Super Bowl ad. Below is NORML’s reaction to the news. I encourage all TWB readers to tweet and post Facebook messages directed at Intuit:

Today, Intuit announced the 20 finalists who moved on to Round 3 of their “Small Business, Big Game” contest. Despite finishing first in the initial round of public voting (Intuit removed the ability to sort by vote popularity during the second round) and generating hundreds of media hits through Round 2, Intuit, for reasons not communicated to NORML, decided not to advance our entry to the latest round in the contest.

(NOTE: Intuit had opened the contest up to non-profit organizations, which NORML is. We also met their requirements in both staff and budget for being a “small business”)

“It is unfortunate that Intuit seems to be relying more on outdated political values instead of overwhelming public opinion when it comes to selecting which entries advanced in their contest,” noted NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “As demonstrated by the outpouring of support and positive media coverage for our entry, the country was ready and eager to see an ad for sensible marijuana law reforms during the most watched TV program of the year. This could’ve been a win for all groups involved, but instead Intuit will likely have only generated ill will for itself amongst the 58% of Americans who now support ending our country’s war on marijuana.”

Though NORML has been excluded from Round 3 of the contest, our entry was covered by countless media outlets across the country. You can view a list of some of these media stories below:

Fox Business Network

Fox Business Network Part 2

East Bay Express


Digital Journal

NY Daily News

USA Today

Advertising Age


Huffington Post

Seattle Pi

Business Week


AOL (video also aired on local news stations)


Death and Taxes

The Weed Blog

Sports Illustrated

Brand Channel

The Daily Chronic

Think Progress

KTVB (Local Broadcast Idaho)

WHAS11 (Broadcast Channel Kentucky)


Democrat and Chronicle



The Tennessean

Courier Journal

Medical Daily


Opposing Views



Marshfield News Herald

Stevens Point Journal


Elite Daily



Celebrity Cafe


NORML would like to thank all of those who supported us in this effort. Thanks to your passion, Super Bowl Ad or not, we still took the message of legalization across the country and generated substantial conversation on this important issue. As PR expert Peter Madden stated on our entry to USA Today, even without an ultimate victory in the contest, NORML already won big. “This isn’t PR gold,” Madden stated, “It’s PR platinum.”

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  1. So, since no one answered my question, I looked it up and you are talking about a presidential candidate in 2012 that ran anti-abortion ads and wanted to run the ad during the super bowl. But that did not happen.

  2. Please do not use such discriminatory language. Otherwise, I’m right there with you, no concussion-provided superbowl for me!

  3. Heck, I know there are cannabis lovers who watch football. There are ALL kinds who love football. As a pain patient, I’m a little prejudiced — what I see on the field is probably a little different than what most people see. Go… um… Astros! :)

  4. stellarvoyager on

    Worldwide, yes I do think cannabis is more popular than the Superbowl. And personally I do enjoy watching football, both pro and college, but most who are in the upper echelons of the NFL (owners, commissioners) are corporatist jerks who obviously fear the healing power of cannabis. And believe me, there are PLENTY of cannabis consumers who love to imbibe and watch a football game. The NFL alienates these viewers at their own risk.

  5. With all the beer-fueled drunken rowdiness at NFL games these days, I won’t rest until LEGALIZED POT means I can go to a Raiders game, light up a fatty in the smoking section, and enjoy a good buzz during the game without having to get DRUNK ! It will mean less fights at the game, less drunken swearing in front of the kids, and less DRUNK DRIVERS on the way home. WAKE UP NFL & AMERICA !

  6. TakingTheHighRoad on

    They are on the losing side of history, for sure.
    Both the NFl as a sport, and the culture war about legalization.

  7. It’s safe to say beer producers are shaking in their cowboy boots and exerted some major pull on the NFl about this perceived threat.

  8. Do you think that’s the case? Or are you hoping that’s the case. I had hoped that football would have died out by now, denigrated for the violent, abusive sport that it is. But (most) men love their football, more than the financial industry loves debt. Why else would a superbowl commercial command such high rates? (I don’t think there’s any equal.)

    And why doesn’t Soros (or whoever) buy time during the superbowl to air the cannabis commercial? How are we supposed to compete against corporate interests if there are no billionaires ready to equal the playing field, even a little? (It’s chump change Soros, just chump change.) And the commercial would reach a huge market of millions (upon millions) of beer-guzzling fools who may still think that marijuana is evil. I picture a commercial that I don’t like but that all these football fans absolutely LOVE, Twitter lights up, Facebook too, and the rest is history…

  9. stellarvoyager on

    I remember countless commercials from Partnership for a Drug Free America airing during previous superbowls, right alongside copious advertisements for alcohol.

  10. stellarvoyager on

    Intuit is now in a bind. They alienated the prohibitionists with NORML doing so well in their contest, resulting in their brand name being affiliated with marijuana in copious news coverage. They have now also alienated the majority of Americans who favor legalization by disqualifying NORML when they apparently changed the rules of their contest just to exclude them. Congratulations Intuit, your brand is now a joke.

  11. Let’s all be good losers now and find other national marketing opportunities. (see Choom Gang’s post for the funny part)

  12. But yet in the past superbowl games it was ok to have despicable ads accusing marijuana users of blowing up the twin towers.

  13. Hey Intuit, heads we win, tails you lose. hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahh….its funny beyond measure.

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