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Nominate Someone For A 2013 Weed Blog Award


The Weed BlogFor the first time ever I’m doing Weed Blog awards. Unfortunately, we don’t have any money for trophies or other prizes due to chronic poorness at TWB, however, the bragging rights for the next year will hopefully be worth it! Someday I hope to have an actual award event, but for now, digital glory will have to do. Below are the current categories I am planning on doing awards for. I’m going to have a holiday smoke session with Ninjasmoker and decide the winners. If you have someone you want to nominate for the award category, or if there’s another award category you think should be included, e-mail me:

Online cannabis activist of the year

Marijuana celebrity of the year

Marijuana event of the year

Cannabis Woman of the year

State Legislature of the year

Cannabis Facebook fan page of the year

Reform organization of the year

Philanthropist of the year

Cannabis CEO of the year

Citizen activist of the year

Cannabis product of the year

Politician of the year

Reefer madness supporter of the year

Stoner of the year

Top marijuana strain of the year

Glass Blower of the year

Marijuana grower of the year

Marijuana book of the year

Most under-appreciated person in the marijuana industry/movement

Most inspirational

Top marijuana Twitter feed of the year

Marijuana victory of the year in America

Marijuana victory of the year international

Lifetime achievement award


If you have a category you want to see an award for, or want to nominate someone for an award, e-mail me!


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  1. Favorite word of the year: Budder
    Favorite term of the year: Terpenes
    Favorite Facebook page of the year: https://www.facebook.com/herbalediblesNM
    Least favorite police-profiling theory of the year: The now-infamous butt-cheek squeeze
    National cannabis WTF of the year: Cheryl Shuman
    Local cannabis WTF of the year: Despite shortages report, no action or progress for MMJ here
    Favorite website of the year: The Weed Blog (or the NIDA website, I can’t decide)

  2. I submit these nominations (drumroll please):
    Politician of the year: President Mujica of Uruguay.
    Marijuana Victory (International): Uruguay
    Citizen Activist of the Year/Online Activist of the Year: Mickey Martin (Parents For Pot/Weedactivist Blog)
    Reefer Madness Supporter of the Year (Piggy of the Year): Kevin Sabet.
    Philanthropist of the Year: Peter Davis (posthumously)
    Lifetime Achievement Award (trifecta): Willie Nelson/Snoop Dog/Cypress Hill
    Reform Organization of the Year: NORML
    Marijuana Victory (US): Getting an ultra red backwater state like Louisiana to admit that 53% of it’s people actually support adult use legalization. That’s no small victory.

  3. Online cannabis activist of the year: Russ Belville

    Cannabis Facebook fan page of the year:

    Reform organization of the year: Marijuana Policy Project

    Philanthropist of the year: Peter Lewis

    Cannabis CEO of the year: Steve Angelo

    Citizen activist of the year: Sharon Ravert

    Cannabis product of the year: Dixie Elixers

    Politician of the year: Dianne Russell

    Reefer madness supporter of the year: Kevin Sabet

    Stoner of the year: Coral Reefer

    Top marijuana strain of the year: Girl Scout Cookies

    Top marijuana Twitter feed of the year:

    Marijuana victory of the year in America: Oregon defelonizing possession and cultivation of marijuana. Its still illegal but the state legislature dramatically reduced the penalties. They also legalized medical marijuana dispensaries.

    Marijuana victory of the year international: Uruguay

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