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Nominate Someone For A 2014 Weed Blog Award


The Weed BlogLast year was the first year that The Weed Blog released the ‘Weed Blog Awards.’ We didn’t have a fancy event or make sweet trophies because quite honestly, we just didn’t have the resources for that. However, I still felt the need to give respect where respect was due, and acknowledge people that made a difference in the marijuana world in 2013. I’m making it an annual thing here at TWB, and I want readers to nominate people in the comments section that they feel should win an award for their work in 2014.

Below is a list of categories that we did last year. If there is someone that you think should win in a category, please comment on who they are, what category they should win, and why. People can e-mail me as well, or send me a tweet or message on Facebook if they would prefer. If there is a category not listed below, but you think is should be included, let me know about that too. 2014 was a BIG year for marijuana, so finding someone to nominate for an award shouldn’t be hard:

Online marijuana activist of the year

Marijuana Facebook fan page of the year

Marijuana Twitter feed of the year

Marijuana celebrity of the year

Marijuana event of the year

Marijuana victory of the year in America

Marijuana victory of the year international

Marijuana politician of the year

State Legislature of the year

Marijuana reform organization of the year

Marijuana Woman of the year

Marijuana philanthropist of the year

Marijuana citizen activist of the year

Reefer madness supporter of the year

Marijuana CEO of the year

Marijuana product of the year

Marijuana book of the year

Stoner of the year

Marijuana strain of the year

Glass Blower of the year

Marijuana grower of the year

Marijuana concentrate maker of the year

Most inspirational marijuana story of the year

Lifetime achievement award

Most under-appreciated person in the marijuana industry/movement


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  1. Marijuana Politician: In 2014, a US Senator running for re-election publicly endorsed Oregon’s marijuana legalization initiative: Jeff Merkley.

  2. Online marijuana activist of the year, Marijuana citizen activist of the year, Most under-appreciated person in the marijuana industry/movement, Marijuana victory of the year in America, Marijuana victory of the year international… is hands down The Weed Blog.

    And look at the results; Legal marijuana in the home state of The Weed blog, Oregon. A victory for Oregon, America, the World, and the Weed Blog…

    And a special thanks to their good friend Radical Russ.

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