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NORML Endorses California Adult Use Of Marijuana (AUMA) Act


norml scholarships drug policy reform conferenceToday, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), the nation’s oldest and largest marijuana law reform organization, announced that its Board of Directors has formally voted to endorse the California ballot measure known as the Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

Since its founding in 1970, NORML has been a leading national voice for responsible marijuana laws in states all across the country and has helped increase public awareness of the failures and costs of marijuana prohibition.

“With the largest population of both marijuana producers and consumers in the United States, along with the largest voting delegation in Congress, the importance of voters in America’s most populous and influential state, California, passing a binding marijuana legalization ballot initiative in 2016 can’t be overstated,” said Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director of NORML.  “On the matter of ending marijuana prohibition in America, as California goes, so too goes the rest of the nation.”

NORML joins Drug Policy Alliance, Marijuana Policy Project, California Cannabis Industry Association, California Medical Association and California NAACP, among others, in support of AUMA.

The official proponents of the measure are:

  • Dr. Donald O. Lyman, MD, award-winning physician, member of the California Medical Association and former Chief of the Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Control at the California Department of Public Health and
  • Michael Sutton, longtime conservationist and environmental attorney, former President of the California Fish and Game Commission and former Vice President of National Audubon Society

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act is a consensus measure based on recognized best practices and recommendations from engaged citizens and organizations representing local government, health and policy experts, environmental leaders, small farmers and business owners, worker representatives and social justice advocates.

It includes safeguards for children, workers, local governments and small businesses and strict anti-monopoly provisions and the toughest warning label and marketing-to-kids laws in the nation.

It provides hundreds of millions of dollars in annual funding — the highest level ever by any state in America — for youth drug prevention, education and treatment programs.  It also provides significant investment into local law enforcement and environmental and water protection programs.

It also closely adheres to the Lieutenant Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy and the new medical marijuana laws recently passed by a bipartisan majority of the Legislature and signed by Governor Brown (SB 643, AB 266 and AB 243).

Source: AUMA Campaign


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Johnny Green


  1. Superstorm250 on

    Maybe you fail to take into account the nationwide movement to end prohibition and how greatly a win in California would benefit the movement, wouldn’t surprise me since your a prohibitionist lite. California is the most populous state in the country in addition to having the world’s 8th largest economy. Having cannabis legal here even through AUMA woud send ripples across the country, especially because it would then be legal all along the west coast. You’re just impatient and pessimistic not to see that things would only stand to improve.

  2. Bob Cratchet on

    And the OR law that just passed is VASTLY superior to the AUMA, and should have been copied exactly here.

  3. Bob Cratchet on

    Jontomas’ only “argument” is to call anyone who disagrees with him a “greedy grower”, etc, and not respond to any of their actual concerns with any of the initiatives he spams the web about. Never mind that he’s actually talking to mostly MJ patients, or their caregivers, etc who never sell even a dime bag…

  4. Bob Cratchet on

    Uh-huh. So all we have to do is hold our hands out again for Parker to fill them with money to do that? Something tells me he wont be. There’s simply no logical reason not to have a simple legalization initiative without 60+ pages of self-serving “prohibition lite”.

  5. Bob Cratchet on

    You know what’s really crappy? If you post anything even mildly critical of the AUMA on the (national) NORML boards, they delete your post and send you snarky email. Gotta wonder what’s up with that.

  6. Superstorm250 on

    Yes they can, you obviously didn’t bother take into account that we will not stop fighting until marijuana policy reaches its optimal form, just like what we did with alcohol prohibition. There are also provisions in the law that allow for more adjustment, so nothing in this law is set in stone despite what you claim in your conspiracy theories or doomsday scenarios.

  7. Bob Cratchet on

    No, they CAN’T be “changed later”. This is a voter initiative; so can’t be changed except by another vote of the people. I highly doubt the storefornt guy will foot the bill once he gets what he wants with this one.

  8. Bob Cratchet on

    You have some valid points. Looking at the comments by one of the lawyers on the NORML page, I am amazed at the layer of BS he is slathering, and the misrepresentation of the “protection” this initiative will provide. It simply creates way too many new problems.

  9. Bob Cratchet on

    I am not a grower, and I oppose this poorly written, and over regulating initiative.

  10. Blake Beagelsmith on

    AUMA = trash

    TRUE legalization or nothing.
    **** their fascist capitalist regulations & lies.

  11. Bad idea. This law over regulates and over taxes cannabis. We need a law that just legalizes marijuana for all adults over 18 years of age with no limits on cultivation or possession. This is the only way to get the crime out of pot and let the people enjoy their god given and constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness We need no government to regulate this flower.

  12. The indictment states that Fiori outbid the town and purchased the property which he later sold for a profit of over $200,000. Since then, the town has begun construction on a new site that was more expensive than the Cole property.

    Since then, Fiori has built the Caribou Room, a state of the art concert hall that had a soft opening last weekend to rave reviews on the former Cole site.


    So did he sell it for a $200k profit, or does he still own the newly opened Caribou Room?

  13. Miles Monroe on

    “Screwing ALL cannabis users in CO …”; sure, like people with Crohn’s or veterans with PTSD or anybody else who couldn’t legally treat their illness with cannabis *before* A64 since their condition isn’t on the “approved” list; yeah, they all got royally screwed, because a *possible* impingement on your driving privileges is just *so* much worse than suffering a life threatening medical condition, right … ?!

    Oh, and you’re clearly obedient to *somebody* with something to lose from legalization, whether from profit or power, mainly because you’re not “dissenting”, at all, you’re attempting to disrupt and disinform in order to divide and weaken support, which is what brownshirts do.

  14. … and as long as you’re waiting—on *us*? Seriously?! W*O*W; how your life must *really* suck …—here’s a couple more points for you to mull over:

    As you say, “Cali has the most progressive compassionate medicinal language in the nation”, but would you be surprised to learn that during the effort to get it on the ballot and passed there were people, most notably Jack Herer, author of the “pure” legalization CCHI, who were making *exactly* the same kind of objections to it you are to A64 and AUMA? That it didn’t go far enough—aka a “baby step”—because *only* patients would benefit, not everyone; and that it *only* provided an “admissible defense” in the event of trial, not a bar to arrest and prosecution, the way “full” legalization would–and both A64 and AUMA do–and that such “compromises” were unacceptable, even if that meant people kept on suffering and dying.

    So the question is, was Jack—may he RIP, bless his soul—and the rest right? Was the “baby step” of the Compassionate Use Act the correct way to go? Are all those who’ve benefited—over a million for serious illnesses alone, by the states’ estimate; and that doesn’t even count the people who *weren’t* arrested and prosecuted—better off than without the CUA’s protections, or should the terminal cancer and AIDS victims and little kids with epilepsy have just gone on suffering and dying while waiting for your grassroots cannabis-like-tomatoes holy crusade to get its act together and so much as make the ballot, like the CCHI bunch *still* hasn’t managed to do *anywhere* in—by their own admission—over twenty years of “advocacy”? How about CO’s medical law; by your own judgement, less “progressive” and “compassionate”, hence an even *smaller* “baby step”—fetal step, perhaps?—than the CUA; should it have been foregone in favor of cannabis-like-tomatoes too, or are patients there better off than without it?

    Unlike the CUA, under Amendment 20 patients can only get a rec if their condition happens to be on the “approved” list; so, for instance, someone with Crohn’s or a veteran with PTSD doesn’t qualify, and before the A64 “baby step” they had no recourse but the black market; are your local zoning issues really not worth those people’s health and lives, especially since a) your zoning authority hasn’t arrested or prosecuted anybody, criminally or otherwise; and b) nothing you’ve provided, in your ad nauseam account or elsewhere, suggests the same problems you described in torturous detail couldn’t just as easily occurred in Nederland prior to A64, official tolerance notwithstanding; “215” growers in CA, as you’re probably aware, are dealing with the same kind of abusive overreach *right now*, but AUMA will *prohibit* local authorities from banning personal indoor grows, medical or otherwise.

    Oh, and that “taxation at extortion levels” thing? You must have a different definition of “extortion” than the one we’re accustomed to, because even with a base tax rate of 25%—10% more than AUMA’s—the price of top shelf in CO storefronts is equal to or even less than what patients are paying in CA dispensaries—with *no* state tax!—right now, and weed in Washington state—the “zygote step” of legalization initiatives—with a tax rate of 37%, is even less, as much as 25% *lower* than in CA; yeah, that’s some heavy extortion, all right … !

    That’s the way, just keep on lobbing in those “cow pie”—to put it “moderator friendly”—assertions, we’ll keep batting them back out on to the dung pile where they belong, with the other prohibition fabrications like the gateway effect and stunted developing brains; but before you do, maybe you should check with the AUMA opposition in California, because honestly, you’re not doing their desperate little jihad any good, at all.

  15. NORML = the lobbying arm for greedy big $$ Marijuana McLawyers who profiteer from the Continued Criminalization of Marijuana under the guise of fake “legalization” measures.

    Anything less than COMPLETE LEGALIZATION is just a continuation of Criminal Prohibition of Marijuana.

  16. Kathleen Chippi on

    yes, freedom to self incriminate and have your data stored in state CRIMINAL databases….non toxic plants don’t need to be regulated let alone more than plutonium, one of those still ‘self regulated’ industries anyone can enter……

  17. Yes, we know all about the issues with medical in those states; can you actually cite anything in AUMA that will cause problems for patients in CA–because Americans for Safe Access hasn’t, or are they part of the conspiracy, too?!–or are you making another of your “guilt by association” inferences?

    We absolutely did not ignore the Chronicles of Nederland; as of yet our reply has not yet cleared moderation …

  18. Short answer: pragmatism; and if you *really* think the reforms passed in DC, WA, CO, OR, and AK are just “baby steps”, you maybe should live for awhile in Idaho, or Kansas, or Mississippi, etc, etc, and experience for yourself *real* prohibition; folks who want the benefits of “the sacred herb” in those places have a *lot* more to worry about than the local zoning authority … !

    See if you can wrap your head around this concept: AUMA, A64, I-502, M-91, and the rest aren’t the end of prohibition, any more than the Compassionate Use Act was the end; they’re only the *beginning* of the end. Does the phrase “a work in progress” mean anything to you?

    Thirty years ago *nobody* could use cannabis legally *anywhere*, and growing and sharing were felonies; twenty years ago people in California could use it with a doctor’s rec, now patients on the entire West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, and, to varying degrees, much of the rest of the nation can use it with a rec; starting four years ago people in WA and CO didn’t even need the rec anymore–and in fact, despite whatever “new penalties” have been enacted, *ALL* weed-related arrests are a fraction what they were before–there *are* records for that; and two years ago–well, you get the idea, perhaps …

    You want to dis on those accomplishments, and especially malign the folks who devoted their lives, maybe even went to jail–and just what have *you* done that’s so great you’re entitled to sit in judgement of others?–that’s fine; your karma; some folks just can’t see the glass as anything but half empty …

    By your reasoning, the CCHI/Herer initiative is just a “baby step”, too: What, *only* 99 mature plants and 12 pounds dried flower per person?! That’s bogus, man; you can grow and possess as much tobacco or coffee as you want, and they’re not even as safe as cannabis, let alone healing! And you’ve got to pay $10 and submit a request to have your criminal records expunged?! Great, so not only do you *not* get an apology and maybe restitution for being the victim of one of the greatest crimes against humanity, you also get to fork over *more* money and hassle with a dehumanizing bureaucracy if you want to reenter “respectable” society, too; no way, man, full amnesty should be automatic! (See how easy that is?)

    So instead of trying to screw it up for other people–especially because whatever they do won’t affect you there “in CO”, since you “have no vested interest”, remember?–why don’t you do something *positive* instead, like maybe working to make CO’s “baby step” into something better? If things there are really as bad as you claim, then there ought to be lots and lots of people who feel the same way you do; you could all get organized, maybe lobby the state legislature or get something on the ballot; you know, the “adult” way things get changed in this country …

    Or is it just easier for you to snipe, insult, and bag on anything and anybody who doesn’t measure up to your lofty standards and divine vision? Sorry, but that position has already been filled, and quite ably too, we would add, by Mr. Donkey Hotay. (Nice to hear from you again, DH; we’ve missed you since Westword and the other weeklies switched to FB commenting …)

  19. Kathleen Chippi on

    Miles they promised that to patients in CO, WA and OR and we are all presently fighting them from getting MMJ literally thrown out so the state can make more money off of supposed non-medical users via taxation at extortion levels….I posted the unwarranted searches they are trying to impose and have imposed in my little town. I see you ignored all that also….

  20. Sure does, we like it that way, too; and AUMA won’t change that, despite what *some* people are saying …

  21. J.C., please come and throw the money-changers out of the temple again. – Now they’re trying to fool California marijuana consumers into voting against their own freedom!

    AUMA for Freedom!

  22. The term is, “you’re” — a contraction for, “you are” .
    Anyway, where the hell ya been ???

  23. Kathleen Chippi on

    so why are you agreeing with jontomas that we need to baby-step out of this war based on adult lies, prejudice and greed?

  24. (Well, we *did* ask for an example … !)

    Yes, Ms. Chippi, it certainly does seem as though we got trouble my friends, right there in Nederland city; a small town government and its employees operating outside both state and local laws and violating the rights of its citizens, with the help of a large yet incompetent corporate bureaucracy, to boot—yes, we read the *whole* thing, thank you. No way that should ever happen anywhere in this country, for sure.

    Only thing is, what has *any* of it to do with Amendment 64, let alone NORML?!

    – From what you’re telling us, the city and SAFEbuilt are ignoring the provisions of A64 as well as proscribed zoning procedures—and assumably breaking the law in the process—but how is A64 responsible for that, any more than it’s responsible for your problems with “Help Towing”?! Is the DUI law at fault if a drunk gets behind the wheel and kills somebody? Seems like your gripe is with whoever’s supposed to be providing oversight on city and SAFEbuilt affairs, and—though we’re no lawyer—it sure sounds as though these actions would be grounds for civil action, at least; if it was us, we’d talk to a lawyer—the land use and zoning kind; not, lucky for you, the *criminal defense* kind—or maybe even the ACLU … ?

    – While things in N’land may have been mellow in the past, the kind of abuses you’re describing, and in particular related to zoning issues and private contracted city services—you know, like Help Towing—are anything but uncommon in any city, large or small, anywhere in this country, just ask any small business owner. Again, how is A64 or NORML to blame for Nederland’s lousy government? Maybe you think the initiative should have included a provision stipulating that public officials follow the law?!

    – Finally—and IOHO the salient point here—however bad life is for cannabis growers in Nederland now, under the *present* city government and police, how could it possibly be anything but worse without A64’s protections; would you *really* rather have a SWAT team kicking down your door at 5am than a zoning officer—however incompetent—and her cop backup knocking on it during regular business hours, especially since, unlike before A64, you can actually open the door smoking a phat cone, and as long as you don’t do anything stupid like blow smoke in their faces, there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it?! Do you think your current dick marshall and the NPD would have sent out “Courtesy Enforcement Notice” letters, in the mail no less, if criminal charges, not zoning violations, were involved? Please correct us if we missed it, but we didn’t see anywhere in your epic saga where anyone was arrested or went to jail … ?

    Sorry, but we just don’t see how NORML is to blame for your town’s troubles; seems like the local electorate that voted for the current city government and keeps them in office is rather more the guilty party.

    Also, if “NORML is made up of criminal defense attorneys”, meaning its “members”—those are your words—doesn’t it seem just a little counterintuitive that their governing board—the body that sets their policies and goals—would contain a supermajority of people who aren’t even lawyers, criminal or otherwise? Can you name any other professional organization governed by people not in that profession, and how many accountants, architects, or lawyers do you think sit on the board of the American Medical Association? Just how is it that NORML granted you access to their membership roster, or is your claim they’re “made up of criminal defense attorneys” just based on the fact they’ve got a link to some on their web page? If they “support language that will keep their pockets filled”, why are you struggling with *land use and zoning* law abuses, and not, you know, the *criminal* kind … ?

    Yes, it’s true you “never talked about AUMA DUI language or NORML supplying it”, but comments like “does NOT ‘END PROHIBITION’ just like it didn’t in CO”, “baby steps”, and “compromise”, *all* in reference to AUMA, apparently just because NORML endorsed it, reflect the “perfect or nothing” legalization mindset, that anything less than “cannabis like tomatoes right now” is unacceptable, to the point that people should keep going to jail—like your cultivation acquaintances, with whose affairs you seem to be quite involved despite “no vested interest”, are not, *now*—until we attain that Hererian utopia, irregardless of the realities of a population indoctrinated from birth by 100 years of propaganda, corporate vested interests in the billions for pharma alone, and institutional slavery sustained by a police state bloated from the Drug War. Next time you talk to a black person, of which there’s probably not many in Nederland either, ask them if they’d be better off still under chattel slavery because society hasn’t yet managed to grant them full emancipation, equality, and justice under the law, because an attorney named Lincoln was just trying to keep his pockets filled.

    So to sum up, you’re here arguing against an initiative in another state that won’t even affect you—since you have “no vested interest”, right?—because NORML somehow fixed it so Amendment 64 in some way gave your local zoning authority—and maybe Help Towing?—free rein to disregard existing ordinances and established city policy, instead of just preventing those insignificant SWAT raids and felony prosecutions; is that about right? Can you grasp that for people in places like Idaho or Mississippi your sense of priorities might seem just a tad bit skewed, if not outright surreal? At least, so long as you “have no vested interest”, that is …

    Drilling into the arguments of “cannabis like tomatoes starting yesterday” zealots is akin to following Alice down the rabbit hole; it just keeps getting ever weirder and nonsensical the farther in you go, like with the AUMA critics who claim it “will make it much more difficult for patients to get a doctor’s rec”, only when pinned down admit that it’s *really* something in the MMRSA regs, not AUMA, *except* MMRSA doesn’t actually change the way anything’s done now, either, and finally that anything less than getting a rec via smartphone app for less than fifty bucks—like it is now, and will still be—is completely unacceptable, despite the fact *no one* will need a rec to use, possess, or buy weed; or even grow all they want … !?!

    How about this: In the future, what say you refrain from negative comments on efforts by others that, having “no vested interest”, won’t affect you anyway, direct all that energy and righteous outrage towards *solutions* to your problems in Nederland and Colorado, and let the people of California deal with theirs; after all, if you folks *did* let yourself get scammed by A64, why the hell would we want your advice?! Would you seek guidance on real estate investment from someone who went big on vacation time shares?

    (Told you we can do this all day—or two …)

  25. Kathleen Chippi on

    ” You want to sell marijuana with NO restrictions or regulations. – ” Please get it right once when you attempt to challenge me… I’m fighting for cannabis regulation like ALL OTHER vegetables and herbs because science, sanity and humanity require it…..

    ” That’s never going to happen”
    Only when losers ignore SCIENCE, sanity and humanity and bend over for a war that is based on lies, prejudice and greed……

    “Marijuana reform was never about the growers and sellers. It is about ending the war on marijuana consumers. – Colorado consumers are happy with their freedom.”

    is there consumer freedom in seed to sale (who takes what home from the pot shop) tracking of the safest therapeutic substance known to man that is STORED in state CRIMINAL databases, when people in CO, WA, OR, can still lose their: employment, child custody, guns, unemployment compensation, occupational licenses, housing, banking, ALL ASSETS, insurance, ALL government aid, student loans, freedom etc?

    consumers already have the ability to incriminate themselves…..they don’t need to pass anything.

  26. saynotohypocrisy on

    “Adults end it”
    Only when they have enough power to end it.
    What’s your strategy, what’s your plan, where are your foot soldiers, where is your financing,where’s your power?

    Adults end it.
    Exactly. But there still aren’t enough adults to go around, so most adults will take half loaves and keep fighting for full justice.

  27. saynotohypocrisy on

    “baby steps into his own loaded diaper”

    You don’t understand the difference between censorship and people controlling their own private property, which is what TWB is, to remove offensive trolls like you. I don’t care for Kathleen Chippi’s views, but she’s a far more serious poster than you, and I’d never ask or want her posts to be removed, that would lessen the debate going on. Not so with you, all you do is ad hominem attacks.

  28. True dat! Too bad *so* many others–mostly based on self interest–don’t agree with us, eh?

  29. Prohibitionists like you always try to project the fact THEY/YOU are clearly the prohibitionists, fighting against the only CA initiative that can make the ballot and win.

  30. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Medical cannabis should’ve never been stolen from Americans in the first place. Harry Anslinger single-handedly brought down a very promising industry, as Jack Herer made clear with his exhaustive research. Today there should be perfectly normal cannabis commerce nationwide in manufacturing, medicine, nutrition and adult recreation—for the benefit of ladies in bikinis, “hipsters” and everyone else.

  31. As others have pointed out, medical cannabis would have probably advanced more than it has by now if the prohibitionists hadn’t been given the advantage of images like bikini girls on Venice Beach hawking doctors recs and hipsters dabbing at Cannabis Cups as evidence to support their claims that “medical is just a scam to legitimize drug abuse”.

  32. Kathleen Chippi on

    My Response: My current work on what is happening in Nederland CO can be found on my FB page and in my “Notes” section titled “Unwarranted searches in Nederland” as it is still not approved here. A town filled with a 40 plus year history of grade A cannabis cultivators, musicians and artists. A town Rolling Stone called “Pot
    Town USA”. A town that hadn’t had a cannabis cultivation bust where a person was found guilty in 40 plus years. And just like statewide–I cannot prove a negative. Nor will I try. How can I prove no one was busted and found guilty for cultivation in Nederland prior 2012–by providing no media coverage of busts that did not exist?

    What I can prove is current unwarranted property searches and I will show the work I have put into doing so. If you have the brain capacity to read it all (Miles Monroe, jontomas) and then you still continue to call me a prohibitionist, well you will only be outing yourself as a troll with stick-man arguments. I still don’t understand why people like yourself fight with activists like myself who are attempting to make the tree of life lawful for anyone, for any use, with no limits, but so be it. My comments found on my facebook page and in “Notes” and were read into public record last week after 11 people each gave me their 3 minutes of public comment time to fit it in.

  33. Kathleen Chippi on

    I have now twice posted my response that proves unwarranted searches so either it’s not approved yet or too truthful for it to be. If it’s not here tomorrow I will find a way to send you where to find it.

  34. I have no hate for cannabis growers. I appreciate their hard work and bravery. – Those I despise are the growers who work to perpetuate the war on consumers, just to keep their outrageous prices and quasi monopolies.

    Guess what? After marijuana is legal, it won’t matter who knows who consumes it.

  35. 20 years is not as long as it seems, compared to the 80 years of the fraudulent marijuana prohibition and propaganda/demonization campaign. And we have come far. It’s clear we are at the cusp of victory.

    There will be holdouts, just like some states stayed dry for decades after the end of alcohol prohibition. But the crumbling fraud of the federal prohibition will collapse with an AUMA victory. The few states who hang on to the bigotry will only isolate themselves into backwater economies.

  36. No. Just that the moderator sometimes sees malice where none exists. I have enough comments appearing here to show my competence. – You, OTOH, are clearly out of your depth.

  37. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thanks Johnny Green! Week after week, TWB rocks with so many important updates. I hope a majority of Californians vote in favor this time around. But this notion that as California goes, so goes the nation, does not apply to cannabis. A full 20 years have passed since CA voters approved Proposition 215. It took another 18 years for corrupt New York, where I live, to become state No. 23 to legalize “medical marijuana” (a ridiculous program that prohibits sales and smoking of dried cannabis flowers). So the country is not even half-way there yet on just medical cannabis. Now, most key lawmakers in the U.S. Congress, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee, Virginia, the Carolinas, Florida, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, etc. still strongly oppose cannabis “reform” of any kind. I say it in these pages a lot: advocates are up against a vicious Anti Marihuana Tyranny. Its foot soldiers are fighting back hard right now, and they’re not going to give up easy. Short of a miracle at the federal level, advocates in many states still have a very long way to go—even if CA’s 2016 AUMA passes.

  38. Kathleen Chippi on

    baby’s baby step out of 79 year old wars based on lies, prejudice and greed and responsible adults take adult steps and don’t continue with laws on lies, prejudice and greed–Adults end it. In 2016 we have 10,000 recorded years of human use, science, sanity and humanity that require cannabis be removed from any federal or state control that is more repressive than the regulation of other herbs or vegetables.

  39. Kathleen Chippi on

    lol, you must know by now that BEFORE and AFTER A64 passed ALL people in Colorado are STILL AT RISK of loss of: employment, gun rights, occupational licenses, child custody, student loans, ALL ASSETS, housing, banking, veterans benefits, ‘privilege’ of organ transplant, ALL government aid, freedom etc….?

  40. Kathleen Chippi on

    Continued part 4: Since there are no code complaints on record for any other cannabis related issues, I suspect Alisha is on a witch hunt through many of the houses in Old Town, with no code to enforce and believes this quote, “Confused with” comment that lists what could be up to 4 more addresses on someone else’s “Inspection Sheet” comments serves as a new Code Complaint over laws that do not exist, even though it would not be retrievable in a CORA on code complaints. I’m guessing my 2 friends’ houses received “Code Enforcement Courtesy Notices” delivered by NPD and Sherry Snyder based on Alisha’s failure to identify ANY code violations at the odd numbered address after a complete and unwarranted search of the property on Dec 8th, 2015.

    My CORA also revealed a third “Inspection Sheet” with no recorded Code Complaint coinciding it for a house in Big Springs that occurred on Jan 19th, 2016 and AFTER the BoT repealed the option for an SRU inspection for A64 grows in residential zoning. This document allowing a warrantless search was signed by Ryan Roberts as quote “agent for owner”. This unwarranted search quote, “checked all interior and exterior spaces” end quote and again revealed NO marijuana plants or violation of code.

    So to sum it all up-3 code complaint documents addressing 7 non-legitimate violations of the code were taken and recorded on public record. And 3 unwarranted “Inspection Notices” addressing 6 of the non-legitimate violations returned NO CODE VIOLATIONS and confused houses across the street and a block away, adding up to possibly 4 additional houses that are currently or were recently blindly included in this witch hunt for non-violators of code.

    At the 1-5-16 BoT meeting Alisha told Kevin Mueller she had had a about a 70% success rate in her
    enforcement of residential cannabis odor and cultivation, that I have established do not exist in the code. After reviewing the paperwork and lack there of from my CORA requests, I believe Alisha has at least a 75% success
    rate of violating people’s rights to search w/o a warrant based on codes that do not apply or exist and a ZERO % success rate of identifying violations of code.

    In further review of the “Code Enforcement Courtesy Notices”, that both have open case numbers with Safebuilt, I must point out what is inaccurate and/or missing in the recorded documents because I believe Alisha is taking advantage of the fact that she knows few residents are reading and comprehending the code.

    Missing from the “Code Enforcement Courtesy Notices”

    Chapter 7-8 Inspection of Properties: “The notice given to the owner or occupant or left on the premises shall state that the property owner has the right to refuse entry and that in the event such entry is refused, inspection may be made only upon issuance of a search warrant by a Municipal Judge of the Town, or by a judge of any other court having jurisdiction.”

    (3) Mailing a copy of the notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the last known address of the owner of the property…”

    (c) Contents of notice. Any notice issued pursuant to the provisions of this Section to the owner, agent or occupant of property in which a nuisance is discovered shall contain a statement that if the nuisance is not abated within seven (7) days, an action may be brought in the Municipal Court to abate the nuisance and that the costs of abatement, plus fifteen percent (15%) of such cost for inspection, and other additional administrative costs, may be assessed against the person found by the court to have caused, allowed to be
    caused or allowed to continue the public nuisance and may become a lien upon any property on which the abatement was performed. (Ord. 379 §3, 1994)


    7-1 cites definition of “Public Nuisances from marijuana establishments” found in 6-273 when there is no definition found there or anywhere in Chapter 6, Business Licensing.

    The Town Administrator does not have authority to enforce any nuisances in Chapter 7 without recorded documentation that either the Mayor or the Marshall gave her authority to do so.

    16-32-c, footnote # 9 was repealed on Jan 5, 2016. Sherry Snyder was first informed of this by myself last week prior her un-announced visit with law enforcement at my friends house.

    The zoning chart found preceding the aforementioned footnote #9 gives all residential zones use by right to “crop production” specifically.

    I appreciate Peter Fiori asking Alisha to investigate herself and Safebuilt with the town attorney at the Feb 9
    BoT meeting but neither I nor my friends and fellow residents believe it will thwart Alisha’s attacks of innocent residents or produce a just outcome.

    I want to close by again asking the BoT to PLEASE put an end to these baseless code complaints, any warrantless searches and ABUSE of (perceived) authority that isn’t even authorized on record, either through signed documentation to cease and desist or dismissal of Ms. Alisha Reis and possibly Safebuilt from
    further contract for Code Enforcement.

    Safebuilt clearly told my friend he was NOT breaking any laws and he was not in trouble yet Safebuilt said the same thing to Help Towing after initial contact and before, months later, shocking them with a court summons. In our cases, she is also after a warrant to search based on non-applicable and nonexistent code. I am asking the BoT to act immediately to prevent a warrant from being issued in these OPEN cases that should not exist.

    Again: The residents in this Town deserve to know which BoT members support or oppose Alisha and Safebuilt’s actions BEFORE the election. Without a paper trail of checks and balances that show an actual violation of code and proper enforcement thereof, the BoT has no control over what Alisha is saying or doing
    when she is warrantlessly searching homes that are not even in violation of a code and the BoT could be held accountable in the court of law. Let’s please try to prevent that from having to happen.

  41. Kathleen Chippi on

    Continued Part 3: In regard to code complaints generally: I was told by this Administration that neither the Town Zoning Administrator (Alisha Reis) nor law enforcement would respond or react to anonymous complaints. And that any enforcement of Code complaints required documentation that becomes part of the searchable public record so the complainant is accountable.

    This BoT and the BoT before it have assured residents that people with grudges would not be able to abuse complaints, especially when not based on violation of code and yet Help Towing was and, had to pay for an attorney and got drug into court. In the 2015 Nederland Code Enforcement FAQ posted on the town website it states, quote: “It is important to keep in mind that most violations brought to the attention of the Code Enforcement Officer must be in plain view from the public right‐of‐way. If a violation is occurring that can only be seen from private property the officer must have permission to enter the property in order to verify the complaint (these complaints cannot be done on an anonymous basis). Officers are not able to address issues inside private homes or on private property that are blocked from view.”

    I filed a CORA requesting all residential cannabis odor or cultivation code complaints over the last 6 months and all of Alisha’s “inspection forms”. Since these issues are not mentioned in the Code and therefore cannot be in violation of code, I should have received a response that said “no such documentation exists”. Instead, I received 3 code complaints. All 3 complaints have suspect implementation and are not filled out completely. I also received 3 residential cannabis grow “inspection forms”, 2 based on the code complaints I received via
    CORA and one based on no recorded code complaint.

    I must review all of the 3 code complaints:

    One was an anonymous complaint from 7-21-15 that was incompletely filled out by the Marshal Paul Carrill. It cites only, quote “residential MJ grow” end quote, at a specific address I will not share, since residential marijuana grows are NOT illegal. The town said, via my CORA, that it has no record of any addresses
    who have received “Code Enforcement Courtesy Notices” for residential cannabis. There was no “inspection form” associated with this address and I’m guessing the resident was either not contacted over this complaint or ignored the contact.

    The second came from Pat Everson on 10-8-15 (written in both Alisha and CynthaBakki’s handwriting) over
    residential cannabis odor from 1st street, which again is not a violation of code. This personal complaint was sent to Land Use and was acted upon by Alisha and Cynthia with a warrantless full home and property search that revealed 6 constitutionally protected cannabis plants in an outbuilding and NO VIOLATIONS OF CODE. There is a signed “inspection sheet” authorizing a home inspection without required notification from Chapter 7 stating, quote: ”The notice given to the owner or occupant or left on the premises shall state that the property
    owner has the right to refuse entry and that in the event such entry is refused, inspection may be made only upon issuance of a search warrant by a Municipal Judge of the Town, or by a judge of any other court having
    jurisdiction.” Cyntha Bakki incriminated the resident by checking a box identifying the resident as a “Private Use” cannabis grower and describing the size and location of the 6 constitutionally protected plants that were
    protected from view from public property.

    The third code complaint came from Alisha Reis herself on 11-16-15. I have found this to be the most concerning. Stacy Johnson personally told me he called Alisha to smell the cannabis odor he felt permeated his neighborhood before he planted his state licensed A64 cannabis plants so he could prove to her that the smell was not coming from his business, as he is one of the 4, A64 cannabis businesses in town that must comply with cannabis odor laws in 7-1 and 7-37.

    Alisha’s code complaint is not filled out completely and is directed to Code Enforcement and not Land Use. It states that while she was walking through the Old Town neighborhood on 11-14-15 she felt a specific address I will not identify other than it was an even numbered, was possibly vacant, had a possible, quote “unlicensed cultivation”, had “possible odor” and had unspecified, quote, “building safety” issues, NONE of which are unlawful in code or justify any action. And, conveniently for town, the complaint has empty spaces where it clarifies: “Date of Action Taken”, “Date Resident Contacted” and “Action Taken/Issue Resolution.”

    Yet on 12-8-15 Alisha and an employee from Safebuilt other than Sherry Snyder, searched this house without warrant and on the “Inspection Sheet” that does not state right of refusal of search, Alisha detected the house was not vacant, had no cultivation of any kind, had no odor and had no building safety issues. Hal, from Safebuilt signed off, quote “no findings” end quote and checked the box for no need to re-inspect. Clearly her four accusations were baseless and not in violation of code and could not be identified from public property as required by law.

    And most notably, in the section titled “Any other notes or comments” on the “Inspection Sheet” that town has no record of origination, Alisha wrote, “Confused with” and she identity’s an odd numbered address across the street and an address a block over, which I will not identify, and then writes, quote, “( + 2 doors east)” and quote “to follow up w/next door property”

  42. Kathleen Chippi on

    Continued part 2: Before any further steps are taken in these two open Safebuilt cases, such as a warrant or a summons for court like Help Towing received, I request the Town BoT produce a document stating they
    either agree with this unlawful action by Alisha Reis or permanently call off Alisha Reis, Safebuilt and law enforcement from any more invocation or intimidation on residential properties under 7-1, 6-273,
    16-32-cfootnote #9 or 7-37. It sure seems that the only way resident’s falsely accused of code violation, who have OPEN case files with Safebuilt can clear themselves is to either let Alisha search w/o a warrant or search involving the court, a warrant and court costs to the resident, to PROVE the code does not apply or exist for residential properties. Like with Help Towing, residents are being forced to prove a negative, except in these cases no applicable code even exists.

    If the BoT does not take action to stop this harassment, the town can be held criminally liable. I am making you aware on public record that Alisha Reis is warrantlessly searching residents home’s based on NO applicable code complaints or applicable code or VIOLATIONS thereof. Safebuilt is telling residents they are NOT breaking any laws but they have to call Alisha and let her search their houses. She is having residents sign an ‘inspection form’ that has unknown orientation according to my CORA request, does not apply and that lacks proper notification required in Chapter 7, under ‘Inspection of Properties’ that states, quote “The notice given to the owner or occupant or left on the premises shall state that the property owner has the right to refuse entry and that in the event such entry is refused ,inspection may
    be made only upon issuance of a search warrant by a Municipal Judge of
    the Town, or by a judge of any other court having jurisdiction.”

    You heard the audio. Safebuilt told my friend 3 times that cannabis was legal,even “obviously legal”. And more
    importantly, when he asked if he was breaking any laws the Safebuilt response was, ”You are NOT.” When asked where the complaint originated Sherry said, quote “All the complaints were anonymous” when the town website Code Enforcement FAQ clearly says, quote “these complaints cannot be done on an anonymous basis” end quote. Sherry assured him twice that he was not in trouble without clarifying there was an open case file, which means he is in trouble just like Help Towing was. Case files with Safebuilt should only exist when a code is being violated. So what are Safebuilt and NPD doing on private property harassing innocent residents, threatening them with open case files and encouraging warrantless searches based on no code?

    The residents in this Town deserve to know which BoT members support or oppose Alisha and Safebuilt’s actions BEFORE the election. Again, if the BoT had acted after I had revealed the intentional, unjustifiable enforcement of laws that do not exist and Alisha had been held accountable, my friends would not have been intimidated or harassed last Friday and I would not have had to waste another 5 days of my life spelling it out for you all again. Without a paper trail of checks and balances that show a violation of code and proper enforcement thereof the BoT has no control over what Alisha is saying or doing when she is warrantlessly searching homes that are not even in violation of a code.

    We need to start with the fact that constitutionally protected personal medicinal and A64 cannabis gardens and
    odors are NOT ADDRESSED ANYWHERE in the Ned Town Code. Therefore there is no reason whatsoever law enforcement and Safebuilt showed up at this address or any residential address in Ned regarding cannabis odor or gardens.

    NPD were the code enforcement officer’s prior Safebuilts contract signed in April 2013. Under previous Marshalls (which included long time locals Ken Robinson and Jake Adler), any and all complaints regarding cannabis odor or gardens were responded to with the general response that cannabis odor and gardens were LAWFUL and no code complaints were filed or acted upon because in order to file a Code Complaint, the complainant must show that the Town Code is being violated. Both Ken Robinson and Jake Adler had private recorded conversations with me before they were bullied to leave their positions where they admitted they were not comfortable with Town Administration insisting they enforce laws that were not in our code or did not
    apply. Perhaps this is why we have a new Marshall who was not properly vetted before hire by Alisha? In complaints where cannabis odor and gardens on residential properties are made, there is no code for residential properties to violate. Specifically in the case of home gardens, the zoning chart found in Chapter 16 section 32-c clarifies “crop production” as a use by right in all residential zoning.

  43. Kathleen Chippi on

    Part 1: This is my current work on what is happening in my town in Nederland CO. A town filled with a 40 plus year history of grade A cannabis cultivators, musicians and artists. A town Rolling Stone called “Pot Town USA”. A town that hadn’t had a cannabis cultivation bust where a person was found guilty in 40 plus years. And just like statewide–I cannot prove a negative. Nor will I try as you have also made some hefty statements you cannot prove. How can I prove no one was busted and found guilty for cultivation in Nederland prior 2012–by providing no media coverage of busts that did not exist? What I can prove is current unwarranted property searches and I will show the work I have put into doing so. If you have the brain capacity to read it all and then you still continue to call me a prohibitionist, well you will only be outing yourself as a troll with stick-man arguments. I still don’t understand why people like yourself fight with activists like myself who are attempting to make the tree of life lawful for anyone, for any use, with no limits, but so be it.

    My comments below were read into public record last week after 11 people each gave me their 3 minutes of public comment time to fit it in.

    The towns website states: “Implementing a municipal code and enforcing its policies is one of the foremost ways a community defines itself.” I would agree. A resident has an expectation that they are free from search, harassment and intimidation from town officials if they are not in violation of town codes. Nederland residents expect that a basic/elementary reading of the Town Code by the enforcement official’s takes place BEFORE enforcement begins and that enforcement officials keep updated on any changes to the Code. Our code, as
    written, insures adequate notice and procedure when and if someone is violating the code.

    Despite my best efforts at previous BoT’s meetings to interact and highlight the improper enforcement of A64 business rules that have been intentionally and inappropriately enforced on residential properties at the direction of Alisha Reis, the Town Administrator, on Friday Feb 12th, 2016 two additional residences received un-announced visits from uniformed NPD and Safebuilt employee Sherry Snyder.

    This interaction with law enforcement and Safebuilt occurred after the property owner received uncertified mail accusing the tenants of violating town code and after the property owner’s attorney responded to the letters by letting the town know the residents are not violating the town code and deserve to be left alone and live in peace. My CORA requests produced no official code compliant for either address. This incident could have been avoided if the BoT had held Alisha accountable based on my previous complaints. I want to play the audio
    now that lasts 2 minutes and you can follow the transcript.

    Sherry “So I work with the zoning administrator, um, as you know marijuana is legal. There is some zoning codes that talk about odor control and cultivation. We did get a complaint um, about odor at this specific address, so we wanted to reach out to you guys. Generally what happens if you, you know talk to Alisha, she’s really nice, she’s an awesome lady, she really knows what she’s doing. Basically she just does an inspection of the property. Like I said it is legal to have, we just want to make sure that you know you guys aren’t in any danger and there is not like you know a thousand plants on the property…does that make sense?”

    “That does make sense. Am I breaking any laws?”

    Sherry ”You are not, you are not in trouble. Um, my friend here (NPD) comes with me just for my safety cause

    “Of course”

    Sherry “Cause you never know, you just never know who you talk to. So um, I am going to give you this is basically like the standard Courtesy Notice. It has the code sections. Like I said you’re not in trouble we just are kinda trying to make it, so obviously it’s legal, but we want everyone to be able to enjoy Ned and it’s mostly the odor. So

    “Right on. So do we know where the complaint came from?”

    Sherry “Um, ALL complaints are anonymous.So

    “Of course they are”

    Sherry “But that’s why you get to talk to me, (chuckle, chuckle) so I will give you this, that’s your copy. This is my card. I am contracted by the Town so that’s why, you know, mine doesn’t all say Nederland. But like I said, Alisha is super nice. Give her a call, touch base with her and….

    NPD-unknown officer in uniform “Are your familiar with Alisha?”

    “Oh course”

    NPD-unknown officer in uniform “Okay”

    Sherry “Yeah usually…”

    “I’ve been here my entire life. “

    Sherry “Oh you have!”


    Sherry “Awesome!”

    “Yeah, born and raised…”

    Sherry interrupts “Cool. So, yeah…..”

    “…..and my parents live down the street.”

    Sherry “generally like she comes in, does her thing and we close cases, and you know, if people call again we are like , nope we have already dealt with it, it’s totally fine, so

    “Right on”

    Sherry “So”

    “Well, as you know, no one comes in without a warrant.”

    Sherry “Right, no I’m…. not asking to come in, I’m not asking you to let him in, um, please contact Alisha and just work with her”

    “all right”

    Sherry “Okay”

    “Thank you so much”

    Sherry “Your welcome. Have a good day”

  44. Kathleen Chippi on

    It will be a great news article. Read below my reply to Miles Monroe and if you have further questions or comments I will respond.

  45. Kathleen Chippi on

    “It’s hard to respond to hateful people without getting ‘moderated’ out of here”

    so are you admitting that you can’t find an intelligent/legitimate way to phrase your points?

    “It’s a shame how much damage one person can do.”

    yes amazing, especially when my comments are not hateful (they just disagree with what you say/believe) and they are done “without getting ‘moderated’ out of here”, something you admit you cannot accomplish.

  46. Kathleen Chippi on

    since I don’t grow, I wouldn’t know. But with the hate you spew to the growers of cannabis, it’s no wonder you have no friends supplying you the tree of life and why you blindly support the all the different language proposed nationwide that offers the convenience shopping for poisoned pot in stores while paying the government extortion level taxation while incriminating yourself and having it stored in a criminal database.

  47. Yes, please provide some evidence to your claims. We want to be informed and educated with supported facts. What you’re posting would make a great news article.

  48. It’s hard to respond to hateful people without getting ‘moderated’ out of here. – It’s a shame how much damage one person can do.

  49. We get it. You want to sell marijuana with NO restrictions or regulations. – That’s never going to happen. – Marijuana reform was never about the growers and sellers. It is about ending the war on marijuana consumers. – Colorado consumers are happy with their freedom. – I’m not interested in the moaning and groaning from GGAL.

  50. Nobody is convinced by your nonsense. – We get it. You want to sell marijuana with no restrictions. That’s not going to happen, and frankly, I don’t care. – With your hateful nature, I hope you never make another penny from marijuana.

    Marijuana reform was never about the growers and sellers. It’s about ending the war on consumers. That’s done in the Free States and California passing AUMA will cause the collapse of the federal prohibition. – Go shed your crocodile tears to someone who will believe them.

  51. It’s funny how GGAL (greedy growers against legalization) work so hard to try and turn consumers against the reform organizations that work to end marijuana prohibition. – Tell me. How many people have you “converted” so far?

  52. As Miles points out, we’re talking about AUMA that doesn’t have a per se law. – So that must mean you support AUMA, right?

  53. Kathleen Chippi on

    FACT: I have never mentioned the NORML board or how many of them are attorneys. I talk about NORML “members”. Go to their webpage and hit the lawyers link. See “join as a NORML lawyer today!” ? All NORML does is refer people to criminal defense attorneys AFTER they have been busted. And non lawyer ‘members’ (who’s only ‘benefit’ of membership is buying a NORML bag/hat or t-shirt) don’t get a discount from NORML attortneys. When I and others asked the NORML “legal committee” wearing attorneys at the last Cup legal advice they literally said they couldn’t help and then got mad when we asked them why they were wearing the hats/shirts IF they had nothing to advise.

    FACT: I have never talked about AUMA DUI language or NORML supplying it so why you accuse me of it (with quotes as IF I said it) when I never have shows you can’t dig up even one up–I only speak of CO because NORML spent 3 years here pushing 5 nanogram THC DUI (grassroots activists killed it 5 OR 6 times before it was brought back and passed on the last day of the session with no public hearings as required by law) when we already had regular old impairment road-side sobriety’s that were were not THC specific–you know the kind that show actual impairment and not nonsense about how much THC is in ones blood which has little to nothing to do with impairment. Is screwing ALL cannabis users in CO acceptable to you, because it isn’t to me, especially when it comes from NORML.

    And Colorado only started collecting THC DUI charges in 2014–after the unscientific NORML DUI limits were passed in 2013. There is no way to compare an increase with prior years.

    “Did it take much practice to manage the trick of goose-stepping while still remaining obediently on your knees?” lol…I’m not the one on my knee’s–I’m the one fighting ignorance of the ‘get along gang’. And who am I obedient to because I’m clearly the one dissenting here?

  54. As with your DUID hysterics, how many more of those “unwarranted searches” are there now than there were before Amendment 64? Numbers? Examples? Citations? Go ahead, keep discrediting yourself with the unsupported claims, we can do this all day; had lots of practice skewering the likewise unsupported claims of your prohibitionist allies … !

  55. Quote any of your *dis*information? (Misinformation could be mere ignorance, not a conscious intent to deceive …) Why, sure little missy; anything to oblige a lady, or at least a facsimile thereof! Let’s start with the very first sentence: “NORML is made up of criminal defense attorneys …”

    Fact: Of the eighteen members of NORML’s governing board, only five are or have ever been practicing attorneys; although Allen St. Pierre’s BA is in legal studies, he has never practiced, but even if he’s included, that’s still only six, or just one third of the board; not even enough to dominate policy, let alone “made up” as in “consisting of”. (Granted, that was some advanced mathematical concepts, including fractions, for you to wade through there; if you get stuck, maybe get a piece of paper and one of your eyebrow pencils, and see if you can work it out on your own …)

    Regarding that DUID thing that’s got your pantyhose in such a bunch: Yes, “per se” sucks, which is why AUMA–the initiative we’re talking about here, not Amendment 64, remember?–doesn’t enact one; under California law, actual impairment must established, and nothing in AUMA changes that. BTW, since you’re apparently an expert on the subject there “in CO”, perhaps you can inform us: Just how many–as in a *number*, with source cited, of course–more DUIDs, blood draws, etc. are there now than there were before Amendment 64’s passage–besides *you*, that is … ? The way you’re carrying on about it, must be huge; like hundreds at least, or even thousands!

    So if anybody’s presenting as trollish here, Ms. Chippi, it’s the li’l gal expressing the Frankenstein’s monster “Urrr-NORML-BAD-because-Colorado-so-AUMA-BAD-too” thought process (to use the term loosely); except that in doing so she’s aligned herself with the “real” prohibitionists, their corporate police state, and the institutional slavery sustained by them, so “brownshirt” would be the more appropriate label …

    Just one more question for you, fraulein: Did it take much practice to manage the trick of goose-stepping while still remaining obediently on your knees?

  56. Kathleen Chippi on

    under what law, jontomas? Sure looks like you also can’t quote ANY misinformation I supposedly spewed.

  57. Kathleen Chippi on

    geezus—yeah that’s why CO ADDED NEW CLASS ONE POT FELONIES (plural) to our books and the unscientific THC DUI laws SUPPLIED and SUPPORTED by NORML….nothing like adding 8 year mandatory mins and million dollar fines that you inaccurately call an “end to prohibition”.

    So you have friends in CO who apparently must like buying poisoned pot as the lab guy said 80% of what he tested was poisoned…

    Happening right now in CO–UNWARRANTED SEARCHES of houses based on no violation of laws and ‘legitimized’ (until we sue) over ‘possible’ home cannabis cultivation (supposedly lawful now) based on ‘possible’ cannabis odor–which is not even unlawful. Pull your head out of your behind. Scrape the crap off your eyes. I know you were one of the minority who supported the Ohio nonsense.

  58. Kathleen Chippi on

    jonomas–is there freedom in seed to sale (who takes what home from the pot shop) tracking of the safest therapeutic substance known to man that is STORED in state CRIMINAL databases, when people in CO, WA, OR, can still lose their: employment, child custody, guns, unemployment compensation, occupational licenses, housing, banking, ALL ASSETS, insurance, ALL government aid, student loans, freedom etc?

    “Why else would you try to convince consumers to vote against their own freedom?”

    You mean their freedom to supply and have incriminating evidence that can ruin their lives stored in state CRIMINAL databases, that can and will be used against them whenever the government feels like it for the “convenience” of buying pot at a store instead of from their friend? People currently have the freedom to incriminate themselves…they always have…

    So why would you try to convince consumers that self incrimination is pot freedom?

  59. 12% of every dui in Colorado last year was because of cannabis. She’s not saying not yo legalize, she’s saying norml is a bunch of greedy sell outs.

  60. How many people have been arrested under that law? I’m certain very few. – You really should change your handle to ‘Chicken Little.’

  61. Nonsense. I have friends in Colorado. Consumers are very happy with their new freedom. It certainly DID end prohibition. – Your denial continues to be pathetic.

  62. See if you can find any marijuana consumers in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and D.C. who aren’t thrilled with where their “baby steps” got them.

    Clearly, marijuana reform is a process, not an event.

  63. It’s in front of your nose for those who have eyes to see. The fraudulent federal prohibition is already crumbling. Every state that has re-legalized marijuana has dealt a mortal blow to the beast. It simply cannot endure the fall of the whole West Coast.

  64. Kathleen Chippi on

    Miles, you are nothing more than a troll who also is good with continuing a 79 year war WAR based on LIES, prejudice and greed. Quote any misinformation I have shared. Any. Please. The irony of your post is too perfect. I suppose you also agreed with NORML’s unscientific 5 nanogram limit that puts every cannabis user in Colorado at risk of DUI, blood draws, attorney fee’s, rehab classes and loss of drivers licenses.

  65. Kathleen Chippi on

    ” AUMA will break the back of the fraudulent federal prohibition.”

    Can you cite the language in the more than 30,000 words that “breaks the back of the fraudulent federal prohibition”? I didn’t remember reading any whatsoever. Enlighten us with where you get your facts.

  66. Kathleen Chippi on

    having no vested interest with the status quo….as I am not an attorney or a supposed drug reform group or ignorant.

  67. … instead of squatting in the same place with a diaper full of vested interest with the status quo …

  68. A fear-mongering disinformation parrot squawking about “science and facts”; the irony is just too perfect …

  69. Kathleen Chippi on

    So you believe compromise is appropriate over a WAR based on LIES, prejudice and greed? You clearly don’t believe in science and facts….

  70. Kathleen Chippi on

    NORML is made up of criminal defense attorneys who of course support language that will keep their pockets filled. The language does NOT “END PROHIBITION” just like it didn’t in CO, where enforcement of cannabis is now the top priority and over 1,000 pages of new pot prohibitions have been ADDED to our books. And in CO we will never forget it was the sell-outs at NORML who brought the unscientific 5 nanogram DUI limit to our state, that makes any user at risk of DUI THC blood draw, rehab, drug testing and loss of driving privileges….and keeps criminal defense attorneys in business…..

  71. NORML’s Board of Directors also endorsed
    several other promising state reform initiatives, including
    Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Initiative!

  72. Yes there is problems with AUMA, but it is the best at this time to get legal cannabis on the map in California. Good and bad or in other words a compromise. The United States was built on compromise and so far has mostly worked. So we all know that prohibition most definitely DOES NOT work. Lets try this, change it again if it doesn’t work. By the way Federal Government, get rid of the silly Schedule 1 for cannabis, your ratings will go up (they can’t get much lower) but if you do that your citizens will no longer think of you as morons only idiots.

  73. It’s better than the current situation, but only barely.

    11362.2(a)(1) of AUMA as currently amended provides local governments wide latitude in regulating personal cultivation. They cannot “completely prohibit” personal cultivation per se, but they can require onerous regulatory measures that include strict requirements, permits, and regular inspections that would greatly discourage the average person from cultivating.

    For those who choose to ignore local laws and cultivate anyway? More raids and confiscations.

  74. Nice. – If ever there was a time for unity, this is it. – AUMA will break the back of the fraudulent federal prohibition.

  75. Yeah the AUMA definitely isn’t perfect but like you said, the details that don’t work will be changed later. And yes, coffeeshop dispensaries where adults legally can consume cannabis in a social setting would be created under AUMA. There would also be no limits on possession in your house, and you could legally be in possession of up to 8 grams of concentrates in public (currently any amount of concentrates is a $500 fine and possibly includes jail time if you don’t have a card). So it definitely does do some good things for California cannabis consumers, but there are definitely parts of it that need to be changed.

  76. So many rules, details that may not work well, but they can be changed later. Coffeeshop dispensaries can be added too, like Alaska, Amsterdam or Spain?

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