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NORML Endorses John Hanger For Governor Of Pennsylvania

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NORML officially endorsed John Hanger for Governor of Pennsylvania yesterday. It’s not everyday that a potential governor gets an endorsement from the marijuana reform community, especially in Pennsylvania. I can’t think of any candidate for Governor in my home state of Oregon that has received an endorsement from the marijuana community. However, it’s an important endorsement, just ask Dwight Holton. Dwight Holton was winning the Oregon Attorney General’s race handily until his opponent Ellen Rosenblum received support from the marijuana reform community. Ellen ended up winning in a landslide.

It’s refreshing to see a candidate for Governor embraced by the marijuana reform community. I think it’s going to be something we see happen more often going forward. Right now an endorsement by the marijuana community is largely symbolic in a candidate race, with maybe a small financial contribution. But eventually, it will mean sizable donations to the supported candidate. Once politicians see that money is coming from our community, they will flock to us and beg for our endorsements.

“Hanger is the only candidate who isn’t afraid to openly discuss and campaign on a platform that calls for widespread reform of Pennsylvania’s marijuana laws,” said NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, according to Keystone Politics. “Since the start of his campaign, John Hanger has been a passionate and outspoken advocate of ending Pennsylvania’s war on marijuana and moving the state towards a smarter approach.”

Under current law in Pennsylvania, possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana is a misdemeanor, punishable by 30 days in jail and a $500 fine. Wouldn’t it be nice if possession of 30 grams or less were legal, and the jail beds that were formerly dedicated to marijuana users were now reserved for real criminals? Also, wouldn’t it be great if suffering patients in Pennsylvania could get the safe access they needed to alleviate their ailments? If you agree, vote for John Hanger! To learn more about his campaign, check out his website.


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  1. his motto he ran on in 2010, “No New Taxes”…yeah, bullshit….huge transportation bill raising gas taxes 28 cents a gallon and doubling license fees, and 100.00 surcharge on ANY moving violation, he supports it

  2. I am voting for John Hanger, because he is clearly someone who doesn’t have his head in his you know where. Marijuana is virtually harmless. It is a solution to many many many ailments. I myself suffer from severe pain from musculoskeletal fibrosis and anxiety. Unfortunately, marijuana helps both those ailments but I can’t use it out of fear of being jailed. Similarly, my brother has spent the last couple years on probation and has been in jail for almost a year because of marijuana possession in york. If it was any other state this stuff would have been behind him already, but since its pennsylvania they came down on him hard and it has ruined his life. A life has been severely reduced for ridiculous and frankly hypocritical reasons. I say that because alcohol is insanely more dangerous and has a higher potential for abuse, yet I can buy that at 7 11. There is a difference from having an opinion and having in informed opinion. People who are against marijuana clearly aren’t informed properly.

  3. I registered to vote again after over 10 years just to vote for John Hanger. I plan to encourage family and friends to vote for him when the election gets closer.

  4. Planting and processing industrial hemp, and getting Pennsylvania over reefer madness.
    John Hanger for governor.
    Get registered to vote, and go out and make yourself heard in PA next November
    and don’t forget the primary election, so we can bring the commonwealth into the 21st century and
    get away from Corbett’s middle ages leadership.

  5. Thank you NORML & John Hanger! The current Pa Gov Corbett has stated that he wouldnt sign any medical or legal marijuana bills that reached his desk (currently both bills are in committee with no vote scheduled). He also continues to spout the erroneous “Gateway Drug Theory”. Hopefully he will be replaced in 2014 by Mr. hanger.

  6. Fantastic. Now, if he can keep an eye on voter suppression in PA and do something about it, that will be even better.

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