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NORML Endorses The MILegalize 2016 Michigan Marijuana Legalization Initiative


michigan marijuana legalization milegalizeBy Danielle Keane, NORML Political Director

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is pleased to announce our endorsement of the MI Legalize 2016 initiative to regulate the adult use, production and retail sale of marijuana in Michigan.

MI Legalize, also known as the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Committee, has collected more than 270,000 signatures in its effort to legalize marijuana via the petitioning process. The grass-roots effort has been collecting signatures from registered voters since June, 2015, and represents the best opportunity to enact a regulatory system in Michigan, a state where it is highly unlikely the state legislature will take any similar action.

Recent polling in Michigan indicates growing public support for marijuana law reform, including the plant’s full legalization. An EPIC-MRA poll conducted in March found 53% support for legalization, up from 50% in 2015. That poll was commissioned by Michigan NORML.

Michigan NORML’s goal is to make Michigan the first Midwestern state to legalize the adult use of marijuana. If the initiative qualifies for the ballot and is approved by the voters in the November general election, the MI Legalize proposal will be the most liberal marijuana legalization law in the United States.

We invite marijuana law reform advocates across America to contribute to the MI Legalize campaign via the organization’s website, www.milegalize.com. A Michigan angel donor has made a matching funds pledge, and for a limited time all contributions received by the MI Legalize campaign up to $100,000 will be matched, and your contribution will have twice the impact.

Please support the MI Legalize marijuana legalization campaign in Michigan.

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  3. My “weapon” as it were is Truth. I spring from a foundation of Truth. And that foundation can only be established by God. God is not against treating an illness to get better. He is however against getting high and getting drunk. Why? because it perverts judgment [for one]….. and two– it is sin. I can show in the New Testament if you want….(?)

  4. I fully support partially neurotoxic amphetamines that will cause them to grow an average of 2″ shorter than everyone else due to hormonal changes being given to 6-year-olds who cannot make a rationally informed decision about their medications, but I am against recreational amphetamine usage among adults who understand what they do and find them useful. There is no sensible reason to be getting “high” when one is in a “normal” state. It only enhances right and moral judgment (I’m not talking about abusers here, I’m talking about the massive pill-swapping that goes on in every high school and college in the country but doesn’t amount to addiction). The 6 year old really needs them though, he spoke up in class the other day without raising his hand. Totally unacceptable. My morals said it, so that’s what the answer must be. I just wish they’d quit doing the Bane voice.

  5. Willy, I could write on this topic for days. However you need to educate yourself. If this is your only weapon in this battle, you may want to reconsider fighting. This legalization goes much, much, much, further than people getting high. Plus people make wrong and immoral discisions daily without the use of weed.

  6. James Biller on

    There’s definitely some truth in that, but you can be against using it and be for legalizing it. Being against legalization is saying that it is not a liberty (which is false) to choose to smoke cannabis. We have the rights to the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and if cannabis is illegal- whether you like it or not- those rights are contradicted.

  7. I fully support Medical Marijuana. But I am against recreational marijuana usage. There is no sensible reason to be getting “high” when one is in a “normal” state. It only perverts right and moral judgment.

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