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NORML Officially Endorses Washington State Marijuana Legalization Initiative I-502


NORMLby Allen St. Pierre

The NORML Board of Directors officially endorsed a cannabis legalization initiative at the recently concluded Annual Meeting that has qualified for the November ballot in the state of Washington.

For the next nine months national NORML and its dozen in-state chapters will provide logistical, strategic, communications and fundraising support for Initiative 502, whose co-petitioner is NORML Advisory Board member and best-selling author/TV host Rick Steves.

NORML’s staff envisages two more marijuana-related reform initiatives likely qualifying for this year’s fall ballot:

*Citizens in Colorado will likely have the opportunity to vote for a binding voter initiative that will legalize cannabis for responsible adult use, cultivation and sales.

*Citizens in Massachusetts too will likely get to send a strong reform message to the federal government this fall when they vote in a binding voter initiative that will legalize the use of cannabis for qualified patients for medical use and allow regulated retail sales.

Also, cannabis law reform advocates in numerous states are trying to join the states listed above in qualifying reform-minded initiatives on their state ballots too. Those states are:

*California (Multiple competing reform initiatives regarding legalization, i.e., ‘Regulate‘ and ‘Repeal‘; Another one for regulating medical cannabis)

*Michigan (Legalization initiative)

*Missouri (Legalization initiative)

*Montana (Legalization initiative)

*Nebraska (Legalization initiative)

It should be abundantly clear by now to federal legislators and the executive branch that while they unwisely continue to support a failed public policy like Cannabis Prohibition—when over 50% of the public now support long overdue cannabis law reforms—citizens (and an increasing number of elected policymakers) at the state level will continue to steadily increase political pressure on the federal government to capitulate on Cannabis Prohibition and embrace demonstrably more free market and Constitutional-friendly alternative public policies that actually benefit citizens and governments, and in turn, public health and safety too.

This upcoming election season will once again confirm that this political trend in cannabis law reform is long-standing, sustainable and poised for multiple political victories at the state level in the short years to come.

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  1. Oh joy to mary jane. Reality will impose itself upon the enforcers. This year 54%, next year 60%. There are many people who would simply like to see big alcohol have some competition. Alcohol has enjoyed a monopoly for many, many years and it has not been a good thing for America. Alcohol is manufactured poison, marijuana is a natural herb that is non toxic and very safe. If science tells us it is safer and medicine tells us it is safer then we need to get on the bandwagon and recind bad law. Everyday we hesitate, good people die. Last year 30 college kids died from alcohol toxicity (poisoning) from binge drinking. Not one of our college kids died from marijuana tocicity. Last year thousands of Americans died directly from the results of alcohol…none from marijuana use. We are responsible adults. In America, land of the free, a responsible adult should have very few things prohibited from them. We can make our own choices as to what we consume or what we use as medicine. We certainly do not need our government entering our homes to police what we eat, smoke or drink. Respect and trust for our government and elected officials are at an all time low for a reason. The People of this good country have had enough and over the next few years I believe that reality will impose itself in a grand way regardless of what Obama, the DEA, the FBI, the Police Unions, the courts and the rehibilitation creatures desire. Keep taking the polls, and keep watching. Today, a minority of our country imposes their will over the majority. How sustainable is this? Politicians would rather marijuana legality be enacted by voter referendum so they don’t have to get off the fence or expose themselves. We shall see many of them gone in the next few years. As well they should be.

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