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NORML PAC Candidates Sweep U.S. House Races


norml scholarships drug policy reform conferenceAll seven of NORML PAC’s publicly endorsed candidates for the US House of Representatives won decisively in yesterday’s midterm election.

These include:

Rep. Alan Grayson for Congress (FL-09)
Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman for Congress (NJ-12)
Rep. Earl Blumenauer for Congress (OR-03)
Rep. Steve Cohen for Congress (TN-9)
Rep. Beto O’Rourke for Congress (TX-16)
Rep. Denny Heck for Congress (WA-10)
Rep. Jared Polis for Congress (CO-02)

These candidates all endorsed the full legalization of marijuana and are dedicated to championing reform at the federal level in the 114th Congress. We fully expect these individuals to be instrumental in introducing and advancing important legislation when they begin their new session in January.

“What is really worth noting,” stated NORML PAC Manager Erik Altieri, “Is that all of our endorsements for the US House of Representatives happened to be Democrats and all won by large margins in a year where others in their party were getting handily defeated nationwide. Perhaps this, coupled with solid wins for legalization in Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia, will send a message to Democratic Party members across the country that it is not only good policy to support marijuana legalization, but good politics.”

Also winning their elections were NORML PAC endorsed New Jersey Senate candidate Cory Booker and Maine State Representative Diane Russell.

Want to help us continue to elect pro-reform candidates across the country? DONATE to NORML PAC today!

Source: NORML


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  1. The south is famous for voting for things that are against their own best interests. About the only media they get is conservative and the Kochs pour even more money into what they hear. In Florida, a state full of medicare recipients, they vote for a governor who was the biggest thief of their medicare money and who tried to drug test poor welfare recipients while giving hundreds of millions in welfare to corporations. In the south, the people voted to increase the minimum wage as a separate issue the vote for politicians who won’t give it to them. Their land is being decimated by coal mining and fracking and oil and they vote for politicians who will push for more of it. They vote against unions who gave them a living wage, vacations, overtime, healthcare, retirement plans, safety regulations, etc. and vote for politicians who, in the name of freedom, tell them their on their own. While receiving more needed government welfare than the other states, they vote for politicians who will take it away from them in the name of freedom and against the government which is giving it to them. Most residents there don’t even know that they’re getting it and without it, their state wouldn’t function without taking more and more from their personal lives and giving them less freedom.
    The news and media they listen to tells them not to listen to any other media that isn’t theirs so they never hear the other side of anything or get any other information.
    The media and real information not getting to the people is the basis for all our problems. We used to get honest and informative news with newscasters that were respected by everybody. Not anymore.

  2. I’m a conservative and have no problem with illegal pot. I actually believe that many lives could be saved if pot was legal.

  3. I hope the politicians around the country are watching this and getting an accurate idea of which way the wind is blowing in this nation.

  4. PinkElephantOnParade on

    Republicans should take note (but probably won’t), especially if they try to stymie legalization in DC itself. It will be interesting to see how these “small government conservatives” behave in the next couple years on this issue.

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