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Visit The NORML Table At The Joint WI And MN Libertarian State Convention


normlNorthern Wisconsin And Minnesota NORML To Appear At Libertarian State Convention

Northern Wisconsin NORML and Minnesota NORML are working together to bring NORML to the Minnesota/Wisconsin State Libertarian Convention to be held on April 14th in Eau Claire. The two organizations will be conducting “joint tabling efforts” during the WI/MN joint state convention, how appropriate.

This will be an “open media day”. All who attend will be free to record the proceedings and speakers, and post them online as they wish. (An exception will be the morning business sessions, which will be at the presiding state Chair’s discretion.)

It’s an unprecedented opportunity for Minnesotans and Wisconsinites to meet a knockout lineup of Libertarian speakers. They will include Wisconsinites Keven Van Doren (Ron Paul Campaign) , Max Kane (Farm Activist) and Jay Selthofner (NORML) are also listed as a issue based speakers.

Governor Gary Johnson, a front-runner for the Libertarian presidential nomination, and keynote speakers Walter Block and Sharon Harris.

This Joint State Convention with the Wisconsin Libertarians will be held on Saturday April 14. The public is welcome to come see for themselves why the libertarian movement is the alternative we need today!

Event info: https://www.lpmn.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=9


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