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NORML’s Russ Belville Debates Former ONDCP’s Dr. Kevin Sabet on Marijuana Legalization


Russ BelvilleBy Russ Belville

My undying thanks go out to The James A. Baker Institute for Public Policy for the invitation to participate in this illustrious event. I learned so much from the incredible presentations of Rev. Edwin Sanders, Sen. Larry Campbell, Prof. Alex Stevens, Dr. Ethan Nadelmann, Prof. Michelle Alexander, and everyone who participated.

I also thank the crews from DFW NORML, Houston NORML, and NORML of Waco Inc. for showing up with the Truth Enforcement Vehicle, putting on a great fundraiser, and showing me a NORML (if a little traffic-laden) good time in H-town. (Once again, like last year, wherever I go, Portland-like rain follows me, leading Professor Bluntston to exclaim, “Russ ‘Break It Down’ Belville done brought the rain!”)

Debating Kevin Sabet was fun. Before we went up, he thanked me for devoting half of my show to him (it was only a quarter, but whatever) and suggested that maybe it isn’t a good idea for me to give up my whole debate strategy before the debate. I told him that when you have truth, facts, logic, and reason on your side, you don’t have to have much of a strategy.

Please take the time to watch the other videos from presenters at the Baker Institute. I’m flattered by all the hits my video is getting, but you’ll learn a whole lot more from the learned people on the other videos.





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  1. just another self absorbed douche bag using his educational credentials to proclaim that he by virtue of said credentials should be capable of telling other (not so educated) citizens how to live their lives. No doubt for their own good.  

  2. eating_sunshine on

    I have to rebut my comment.   There is no way the government would hire the “PHD” dude, he directly disagrees with several prohibitions in the schedule one statute.  What a moron!  

  3. eating_sunshine on

    I was actually pulling for the “PHD” dude to make a legitimate point, but I must admit, the off handed reefer madness comments made me a little biased against him.  Good job Russ, you schooled the college boy and made him literally sweat.

    I wonder why someone would put his PHD reputation on the line with such an illogical argument?  The only posable answer is he wants to work for the government. 

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