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North Carolina Hemp Legalization Bill Heads To Governor For Signature


industrial hemp cultivationAs America becomes more environmentally conscience, more and more states are considering hemp reform. Hemp is an extremely versatile plant, and can do anything that petroleum products do, without the undesirable effects on the environment. The hemp industry in America is huge, and is getting bigger every year that goes by. Right now entrepreneurs have to import their hemp from other countries to turn it into the things that they sell. In a better scenario, they would be able to grow it on their own domestically.

North Carolina has become the latest state to be on the verge of legalizing industrial hemp. Per The Joint Blog:

North Carolina’s full Senate – with an 101 to 7 vote – has given approval to an amended version of Senate Bill 313, which allows industrial hemp to be cultivated in the state for the first time in decades. Having already passed the House of Representatives, it now heads to Governor Pat McCrory for consideration.

If signed into law by Governor McCrory, or allowed to become law without his signature, the measure would establish an Industrial Hemp Commission which would oversee a hemp pilot program. The commission would be tasked with granting licenses to farmers as well as the state’s A&T University to cultivate industrial hemp.

“I did run an industrial hemp bill several years ago and had opposition from the law enforcement community,” said the bill’s primary sponsor Senator Stan Bingham. According to Bingham, law enforcement no longer objects.

It’s very encouraging to hear that law enforcement has backed off of their opposition to hemp reform in North Carolina. I wish more members of law enforcement in other states would follow their lead. There is zero reason for law enforcement to fear hemp. I heard a federal official say that ‘hemp is just a cute name for marijuana.’ Is popcorn just a cute name for corn syrup? No, because while they are both corn based, they are completely different things. If you live in North Carolina, now is the time to contact your Governor and urge them to sign this bill!


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Johnny Green


  1. Not deriding you. I’m an advocate as well. Perhaps if you more clearly stated what it is you have to say?
    What I wrote in reply is 100% correct.

  2. Lawrence Goodwin on

    My comments are 100 percent correct, Ole Man. Again, I said nothing about THC content. Please stop deriding me, a passionate cannabis advocate, and start contacting the federal, state and local officials who keep arrogantly prohibiting Americans–especially in southern states and here in New York–from growing ALL types of cannabis. Cannabis hemp is “loaded with seeds” precisely because pollinating male and seed-bearing female flowers are grown together in fields by farmers.

  3. “The only difference is that hemp yields female cannabis flowers loaded with seeds.” Wrong.
    Unless the cannabis seed is feminized, or the male plants are weened out, cannabis with THC will produce plants with seeds. The art or act of seedless cannabis did not begin to appear until the early 70s with “sensimilla” (excuse the spelling), which translates to seedless.

  4. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Show me in the comment, Ole Man, where I said anything about THC content. I simply discussed the physical appearance of cannabis plants.

  5. You have a lot to learn. Stop posting misinformation. Cannabis with THC can also have seeds.

  6. Lawrence Goodwin on

    “There is zero reason for law enforcement to fear hemp.” Tell that to the helicopter pilots here in New York state who will be aiding law enforcement’s cannabis “eradication” efforts for most of October, covering tens of thousands of square miles in all rural areas. It’s part of New York’s annual anti-cannabis ritual tyranny that destroys many growers’ months of hard work (and medicinal flower). Officials here in NY DO “fear hemp”–and always have–because hemp looks exactly like cannabis plants properly grown to produce seedless, female flowers (what everybody calls “marijuana”). The only difference is that hemp yields female cannabis flowers loaded with seeds.
    p.s. Please do more precise editing at The Weed Blog. That first sentence should read, “As America becomes more environmentally conscious,…” The conscience requires me to say something about such blatant errors.

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