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North Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill Killed — With Extreme Prejudice


north carolina marijuanaBy Phillip Smith

A bill that would legalize the use of medical marijuana in the Tarheel State is dead after a legislative committee killed it to avoid having to hear any more about it from constituents.

The North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act (House Bill 84) would have allowed patients suffering from debilitating diseases or conditions or their caregivers to possess up to 24 ounces of usable marijuana and have a garden of up to 250 square feet. It would also have provided for a system of medical marijuana dispensaries.

The House Rules Committee Wednesday heard public comments on the bill for about 20 minutes. Only one speaker, a representative of the social conservative North Carolina Family Policy Council, opposed the bill; a number of medical marijuana patients urged the committee to advance the bill, as did its sponsor Rep. Kelly Alexander (D-Mecklenburg).

Then, instead of merely letting the bill expire in committee, as is typically the case with bills that won’t pass, the committee voted to give it an unfavorable report, ensuring the topic could not be brought up again this session. According to House rules, when a bill is given an unfavorable report, “the contents of that bill or the principal provisions of its subject matter shall not be considered in any other measure originating in the Senate or originating thereafter in the House.”

“We did it to be done with it, so people could move on for the session,” Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam (R-Wake) told WRAL TV in Raleigh. He said lawmakers were being “harassed” with phone calls and emails about medical marijuana.

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  1. As a disabled vet, I imagine NOT ONE of the people who eviscerated this bill has any pain issue whatsoever. We need to get people who are suffering major pain in a position to decide these issues, not white collar country club marathon runners who were born without need for even a vitamin supplement. It is galling to be forgotten by the legislators.

  2. Yet another reason why I don’t want to live in North Carolina. First, they show their open contempt and bigotry towards the LGBT community, THEN they “kill” a bill so they don’t have to listen to their own constituents?! North Carolina: Use your voting ammo to get these rednecks out of office!!!

  3. Real harrasment is when 800,000 Americans every year are persecuted in some shape or form for interacting with herb. Real harrasment is when sick people who benefit from this healing herb are vicitms of state supported terrorism. Real harrasment is having your life turned upside down because of the government’s witch hunt against herb. I don’t know what angers me more, sociopaths like Rep. Stam who have a warped defination of harassment, or the idiots that vote him in office.

  4. The problem as I see it is that it’s just not enough that these people are free to have their personal opinions like everyone else. BUT not only are they against whatever it happens to be, like MMJ here, they don’t want you having the chance to do anything with it either. Oh, they say they’re all for freedom & liberty and they are….as long as it’s the kind of freedom & liberty THEY approve of. Otherwise they are AFRAID of real freedom & liberty because that means change. And this is the kind of behavior from right wing elected officials reacting to that change that has almost turned them into an endangered species. The truth will eventually win out and the truth about cannabis is on OUR side (and has been for about 5000 years)- NOT theirs. Soldier on….


  6. realy like the statement from rep.stam”we are being harassed with phone calls”.you wouldthink they would want to do what the harassing people wanted since we pay there salarys.but no they dont care what we want just like 80% of the rest of the government.supossed to be we the people not fuck the people.

  7. “Then isn’t it about time we tok a page from other countries?”

    Well. No. What happens if they decide that you are one of the ones to be shot? The 2nd Amendment will be your only recourse.

  8. “…in other countries they would be lined up and shot…”

    Then isn’t it about time we tok a page from other countries? These corporate copraphages decide which public issues are important enough to even hear, they enjoy all the health care we are denied, their pay is so far above the cost of living as to be ludicrous while seniors, veterans, and the disabled in their communities lives on $1,200 a month or less. I’m just saying that they are too slow and fat to make difficult targets, and surely NC has enough rope and trees to deal even if you can’t get ammo? And how many of you NC folk who DON’T own homes or cars or have a stock portfolio are going to leave all your money in the banks and just grin and pony up your tax check on April 15th? If you keep paying the state and fed to be tyrannies, they WILL!!!

  9. And there you have it, great evidence of the demise of our democracy. Oh you mean a wide majority supports this bill? Ok let’s kill it because I don’t like it and besides I don’t have to listen to anybody since my district is gerrymandered to hell and back. Now lets go get lunch.

    Seriously they are so lucky to be in America because in other countries they would be lined up and shot…

  10. “Harassed” AKA people actually care about this issue, and it should be your priority, not voting to give yourselves raises or naming post offices, etc.

  11. Unbelievable! This will come back to bite them. Hopefully they wont know what its like to have a loved one denied medication that would ease their suffering.

  12. This is ludicrous. What a devastating let down. I hope this event becomes our moment when the nation sees that enough is enough!

    You are representatives… Represent!! If your getting harassed… Figure it out. That’s never an excuse to fold!! SHAME!

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