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North Carolina: Most Voters Support Making Marijuana Law Enforcement A ‘Low Priority’


north carolina medical marijuana norml billboard campaignRaleigh, NC: Six out of ten North Carolina voters say that police and prosecutors should deprioritize marijuana offenses, and only about one out of three believe that possessing the plant should remain a criminal offense, according to a just-released Public Policy Polling survey of 611 adults.

Sixty percent of respondents said that police and prosecutors should make the enforcement of marijuana possession offenses a “low priority.” Only 30 percent of those polled believed that cannabis enforcement should be a “high priority.”

Further, only 35 percent of state voters said that possessing “small amounts of marijuana … should remain a criminal offense.” By contrast, a majority of respondents – 56 percent – said that the penalty for cannabis possession ought to be a fine only. Among those respondents under the age of 65, over 60 percent supported treating marijuana possession as a non-criminal offense.

The poll also surveyed voters regarding their views on how cannabis should be distributed to adults if it were legalized. Fifty-eight percent of respondents said that it should be “sold in state-owned stores the way liquor is.” Only 19 percent of voters endorsed the retail sale of cannabis in private establishments.

Under present law, minor marijuana possession is classified as a Class 3 criminal misdemeanor, punishable by a suspended sentence and a $200 fine.

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  1. Too bad NC assembly member Paul skip Stam squashed the bill to legalize it. He said it was harrassement when voters attempted to contact him in support of the bill. Thats right…. participating in democracy is harrassment folks… he doesnt think it is his job to listen to voters that put him in office. Vote him out in the next election.

  2. Prohibition is wrong. Pattonfeind67 should not associate cannabis with tobacco. Cannabis doesn’t contain the chemicals put into cigarettes. The cannabis movement around the world is strong and with reason, medicinal, nutritious, and industrial. No other plant on earth can offer to society benefits across the board.

  3. Pattonfiend67 on

    Thanks for the article! Unfortunately, NC kills hundreds of thousands a year with their tobacco and do not want the safer, non-deadly alternative of cannabis here…

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