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North Carolina Senate Rules Committee Unanimously Passes CBD Bill


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North Carolina’s Senate Rules Committee has unanimously approved House Bill 1220, a measure which would legalize cannabis oil for medical purposes. The proposal has already passed the state’s House of Representatives with an 11 to 2 vote, and now heads to the full Senate, where its passage would send it to the governor for consideration.

Under House Bill 1220, those with seizure disorders who receive a recommendation from a neurologist would be authorized to possess cannabis extracts that are low in THC and high in CBD, as long as they receive a registration card from the state’s Department of Health. Neurologists would be authorized to dispense the medicine.

The bill also includes a provision that allows and encourage colleges in the state to produce cannabis extracts for the use in studying its potential in treating “intractable childhood epilepsy”.

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  1. Worthless discriminatory bills that help very few people. I know the christian politicians that pass this kind of worthless tripe sit proudly at their dinner tables boasting their achievements while warming us all from the self righteous sunshine that emanates from their assholes

  2. Oh man, Jetdoc…I feel your pain and share your anger! I’m trying to find a rose bed in this den of skunks, and the only thing I can come up with is that the more states that put these unworkable, unattainable CBD laws on their books, the closer we get to forcing the government to reschedule cannabis. That’s the ONLY pie in the sky.

    Sativex also, will help very few people, and not the kids with epilepsy, right? It has a fair amount of THC in it and is mostly used for MS, from what I’ve read. Fill me in.

  3. These CBD Bills that are passing are DANGEROUS! They’re SO restrictive that they don’t end up working. The people who NEED the medicine aren’t able to get it in these bills. These bills are designed to make politicians FEEL like they’ve done something good, yet know they’re safe because very FEW if ANY will ever be allowed to get the medicine.

    These bills are directly aimed at “Pediatric Epilepsy” which is FINE, but that means that 90% of the people who need it, won’t be able to get it. What about all the SICK people in America that could benefit from this medicine dealing with ALS, MS, MD, Spinal chord injuries, PTSD, Brain injuries, etc… ? These CBD ONLY bills basically tell THOSE people to go FUCK themselves!

    Put a STOP to these bills because they’re just PAVING THE WAY for GW Pharmaceutical to market their SATIVEX product to American lawmakers. Then you’ll be able to get this oral spray, but a years worth of treatment will cost the patient upwards of $80,000/year for Sativex when I can GROW the plant in my backyard for a little less than $200! All this is doing is opening the door for BIG PHARMA! I say thanks but NO THANKS!

  4. In Australia WE use the whole plant.
    THCa is non-phycoactive Cannabinoid.
    THC heals, repairs and proects your own D.N.A
    Colorado seems to be on the right path.
    G.M.O High cbd oil. ?
    Through selective genes, in OZ. There has been developed a perfect strain.
    A ‘ Cleverman ‘ sees results. O:-)

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