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North Dakota: Caucus For Marijuana Policy Reform

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Alert I received out of North Dakota:

The North Dakota Democratic Presidential caucus is around the corner, and regardless of which candidate you’re supporting, we encourage our friends to caucus for sensible marijuana policy reform!

You can start by reviewing the responses of both Democratic presidential candidates to the following question, which was asked and addressed as a result of our partnership with Change Politics:

“If elected, how would your administration address the current tension between state and federal marijuana laws?”

If you’d like more in-depth information on the presidential candidates, please see MPP’s website, which has information about all of the remaining candidates. MPP has assigned Sen. Bernie Sanders an A and former Secretary Hillary Clinton a B for their views on marijuana policy reform.

Please feel free to share this with your friends and family across the state, and remember to get out to caucus on Tuesday, June 7!


Robert J. Capecchi
Director of Federal Policies
Marijuana Policy Project


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  1. Richard McDonough on

    I hope there are enough of you who remember when Carter lied his way into office as president…He did nothing…4 years later he took the worst defeat in history. Please do not expect the republicrats to do your job for you. Go to initiativepetitionssouthdakota.com.. It is a coordinated effort to prevent dualing initiative petitions on the subject…Or ANY subject! I could go on and on but I have 50 other web sites to ram rod…Enjoy!

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