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Northern Lights Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures


Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Review And Pics

Northern Lights is renowned for its ability to be grown very easily. The strain’s reputation also comes from the fact that it has won competitions such as the Cannabis Cup. The #5 strain was first entered into competition 1989 when several seeds were mailed from the U.S.A. to Amsterdam. The strain quickly dominated the Cannabis Cup, winning in 1989, 1998, and again in 2009. It is a cross of cannabis indica and cannabis sativa.

“Northern Lights was one of those strains I was always looking for in my younger years, it just happend to evade me. Once I stumbled upon this great herb my early memories came rushing back to me. This stuff is better than I expected, taste and smoke. It’s smooth with hints of pine needles. Almost spicy. Quite the head smasher.” – Watershots

Check out the Northern Lights marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Northern Lights, and how Northern Lights affects various ailments.

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northern lights marijuana strain


northern lights marijuana strain


northern lights marijuana strain


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  1. Edvion Hammond on

    Just high or something else? Cause affect can effect you in different way body or mind high. Just don’t smoke to get high you feel anything and depends how much you smoke high quality weed your brain only let you get so high before the toxicity take effect. i know it sounds stupid but its true. Northern Light isn’t a mind high its body.

  2. I only tried this once. It did get me high but it was nothing special. But judging by all the awards it has won, as well as its popularity, I can only assume I ran into a batch that wasn’t very potent. Hopefully I can get the real stuff soon. Love those Indica-doms.

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