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Northern Wreck Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Northern Wreck Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The Train Wreck marijuana strain has always been one of my favorites, along with the Northern Lights marijuana strain. Those two strains are easily two of the best, most well known marijuana strains on the planet. That’s why I was particularly excited when I got my hands on a cross between the two – Northern Wreck. Northern Wreck is an indica-dominant hybrid with an intense high. I used to grow Train Wreck a lot back in the day, and it was a stellar producer, flowering in as little as 6 weeks. This Northern Wreck strain has the same speedy flower time and heavy yield as Train Wreck, but with a more thorough high like Northern Lights. Definitely a strain I would recommend to people that suffer from just about any ailment. Just be advised, getting anything done during your day is not easy when you are in a Northern Wreck mind haze.

Check out the Northern Wreck marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Northern Wreck,  and how Northern Wreck affects various ailments.

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northern wreck marijuana strain


northern wreck marijuana strain


northern wreck marijuana strain


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  1. Interesting…and yet you buy it for the same price as other strains that yield half as much in a longer period of time.

    Heck, I sad some outs going for $15/g with ins at $12..thats pretty asinine.

  2. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    I had a close friend who grew Northern Lights, while I grew a Sativa dominant red bud strain. The Northern Lights put me well into the sofa and one of your bud photos (#2) reminds me of lights. If I could talk to you, man could I tell you some LMFAO stories about the breed. When I saw his grow room, his cloned 1/4 lb. minimum plants looked like a light snow had fallen on all of them which disappeared after curing, to what is pictured in photo #2. I am not familiar with Train Wreck, so far. When you provide quality growers, you give me access to deliver high quality, well cared for product to the growing number of dispensaries in Michigan and soon in Illinois. I can receive shipments there legally, to stock the growing number of dispensaries as all you cannot do is smoke it yet. You will be a magnificent help to my business as I will not manhandle the product, which all growers know knocks the hell out of quality.

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