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Northwest Oregon Labor Council: It’s Time For A New Approach To Marijuana


new approach oregon marijuana legalizationDelegates of a regional federation of unions in Northwest Oregon met a two thirds majority vote to recommend that statewide labor organizations support the New Approach measure to regulate, legalize and tax marijuana for adults 21 and older.

“The Northwest Oregon Labor Council is proud to recommend support for the New Approach measure,” said Jeff Anderson, First Vice President of the NW Oregon Labor Council and executive sec of UFCW 555. “The measure would create more family-wage jobs in Oregon, keep workers safe by retaining current workplace drug laws and generate tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue for crucial public services like education and police.”

The recommendation comes a week after the New Approach Measure qualified for the ballot. The Northwest Oregon Labor Council is the largest central labor committee in the state,  representing over 50,000 workers in 100 union locals.

“It’s rare to win support from Oregon workers so early in a campaign,” said Dan Mahr, New Approach Oregon campaign manager. “This reflects the fact that the New Approach measure will improve the lives of workers in all corners of the state.”


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  1. This is very exciting that cannabis could be legal in Oregon.But drug testing has nothing to do with “keeping workers safe. It is all about authoritarianism and dictating to people how to live there lives drug testing should be abolished!!

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