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Not All Washington D.C. Residents Will Be Able To Consume Legal Marijuana


dc marijuanaWashington D.C. approved marijuana legalization by an overwhelming margin earlier this week. The initiative passed by a much larger margin compared to Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. It’s undeniable that marijuana legalization is what Washington D.C. residents wanted. There will no doubt be hurdles to face when it comes to implementation, but I’m confident that the will of the voters will eventually prevail, and most D.C. residents will be able to consume marijuana legally if they choose to do so. I say most because unfortunately, federal employees will still be banned from marijuana consumption, even during off hours. Per New Republic:

Many D.C. residents, though, still won’t be allowed to light up. Federal employees, who make up almost 30 percent of the city’s workforce, are banned from using the drug, said Department of Justice spokesperson Patrick Rodenbush.

But unlike private employees, federal employees in every state remain subject to Ronald Reagan’s 1986 “drug-free federal workplace” executive order, which banned employees from using illegal drugs on- or off-duty. In the wake of legalization out West, federal employers like the USDA and Colorado National Park Service issued staff-wide memos reminding workers that all pot use is considered unacceptable. Marijuana use also remains illegal on federal property, and in D.C., that means legalization won’t touch places like the National Mall and Rock Creek Park, a wooded recreational area that covers a large part of the city’s northwestern quadrant.

I get that residents who work for the federal government may not be able to consume marijuana on the clock. But to say that they can’t consume marijuana at all is ridiculous. These same people can consume as much alcohol and tobacco as they want in the privacy of their own homes and won’t face any repercussions. Marijuana should be no different, considering that it will also be legal, and is far safer than the two previously mentioned substances.


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  2. Just more proof that prohibition is all about control of the people. It has little to do with the substance..

  3. Our troops and the sick should be 1st in line for high qualiy, inexpensive cannabis. You can get your limbs blown off in war but you cant have joint to ease the pain. Why did they go to war if we are not free?

  4. Thank you. This “no big deal” attitude has got to change if we are going to get anywhere with this revitalized movement. on there side they don’t thingk anyone is suffering but 3/4 of a million people who were jailed would beg to differ and that was just from last year. If our side is singing that same old song then we are in for a long ride.

  5. I know US military has an enormous issue with DUI’s, spoucal abuse, sexual assault and problematic drinking in general. None of which are even on the radar of cannabis consumers. the boys and girls in uniform need a voice. they want cannabis too but by law they are not allowed to protest this prohibition. will someone speak up for them?

  6. but, then again, i can not forget about the secret folks out there
    just to be fair
    to not give love out to them
    would be a serious injustice of my own, ok, so that said then
    thanks to the pals

  7. if you can’t smoke weed because you are a federal employee.. that should go for alcohol too…alcohol is much more addictive and harmful….

  8. An absurd point of view. We should say that IN SPITE of illegality, people are willing to take the risk to buy cannabis. If you think legalization is just a detail, and afterthought, think about the $35 billion + spent annually to keep it illegal. Think of having your car impounded because you have “drug paraphernalia” (e.g. a pipe). Think about the police searching and arresting you because they “smelled pot.” Think about the 750,000 cannabis arrests every year. Big Deal.
    I really shouldn’t waste the “ink” on your comment, but it cannot go unanswered. Think it through and get out of your bubble.

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McbmpiAq5rk

    is that what awaits our fate?
    it seems cages are the gifts that traitors to our constitution love to give us under their seething hate
    how do we stop them?
    pray for an asteroid ? what?
    they are too stupid to know anything about love or doing right, compassion, all they know is war, they have been warring on us since 1937, and according to the bible, they have been warring on the cannabis community for a lot longer, starting with adam and eve, the no good idiots

  10. meanwhile, as they are operating on some turtle on tv to save its life, how many in the cannabis community will be refused organ replacement?
    the usa cares more for turtles, and all wildlife than it does its own constituiona and its own people that it is supposed to protect
    soldiers fought and died for the thugs in the states to ruin it!

  11. it would be nothing to me if not so much was at stake, that those responsible for Constitutionally illegal cannabis prohibition do not see any distinction
    of doing unto others, the ten commandments, and not one clergy member on the radio was calling for the recall of all bibles so that its true interpretation of kaneh-bosm be written in it the way it was in the beginning
    this countries low moralistically murderous non caring ways is telling of the low morals that adam and eve had, they too, just like present day society winces at the use of cannabis, and even called the thought of using it as some sort of demonic act, so God told those idiots to work and toil and suffer then, and we have as a species done just that, we have all been cursed, from those who altered the bible from the very first
    they predicted their would be wars
    well why did they set up the conditions for war to take place in the first place?
    were the writers some how stupid? and not the saintly types we have always been told?
    put cannabis back in the bible
    stop with your libel usa
    you are surly better than that
    dont let anyone tell you you can not do good

  12. the enemy of our freedom is ignorance
    ignoring the constitutional rights of the cannabis community not only degrades society economically, but morally as well
    how can we inform the public? google wont even let me have an account without being hassled

  13. there is an annoying picture on the right of this screen saying life without parole for cannabis
    no wonder people go off and snap, i am not that type, but i am not going to sit aroud in this cesspit known as indiana much longer
    pense refuses to allow cannabis dispensary stores
    he doesnt mind the profits indiana makes through ely lilly does he
    how many people are addicted to the pill producing city of indianapolis?
    how many homicides does indianapolis have ?
    it is telling of the low ,oral of any city that promotes pills, and demonizes Gods gift to ALL, may they enjoy their fall

  14. google just said it would not allow my commentary on google plus, so i deleted my account, more freedom not had, deleted my gmail account as well

  15. OBAMA DOES NOT SEEM TO THINK THAT HIS USE OF CANNABIS in the past deserved any kind of intervention, yet he believes that cannabis needs to be against the law? what a JERK

  16. until freedom of the cannabis community is had, people will continue to be miserable, and our country will continue to sink economically, which, if gerald celente is right, this country is about to see another depression worse than the 30’s, serves them right, but what of the good people? and really the ignorant stupid ones wouldnt be that way if they knew the truth of cannabis, mike pence deserve prison time, and so does obama just because he is ignoring the constitutional rights of the cannabis community, and not giving us representation, WE ARE EVEN UNABLE TO WORSHIP GOD IN A CHURCH in THIS COUNTRY

  17. I live in DC. I recently retired from the federal government after 42 years of service. I was Chief in my office and I smoke marijuana. While working, I relied on the “Black market” for my herbs but was scared as shit going out buying it off the streets. After I retired, I applied for and received my medical license for medical marijuana (I have arthritis)……I am pain free and happy as a clam!!

  18. Exactly. Anyone with an ounce of sense can tell if a person is under the influence at the moment they are being observed. How many federal employees come in hung over, bleary eyed and barely capable of standing much less being productive for several hours. Everyone laughs and says they must have had one hell of a night and moves on. To be fired after smoking once (or more) in the past 3 months is criminal. If the feds want to be sure that someone is not under the influence at work they need to invest into research to determine the point that cannabis in the system is affecting performance and motor control. They waste enough of our tax dollars on the mating patterns of the slug so I am sure some could be earmarked for this. The black market has no bearing on this topic what so ever!

  19. Those believing that America is the only nation where true freedom exists should one day book a rail trip through Holland and Switzerland.

  20. I can personally attest as resident of the State of Washington that being free to use cannabis without any fear of criminal/civil repercussion feels like nothing else I’ve felt over the 60+ years of my life……….. True Freedom! The Black Market IS the problem, NOT the solution

  21. Captain Obvious on

    I disagree. This is a big deal, and the heart of the matter. Nobody should have to live in fear and constant terrorism at the workplace over a factless based draconian policy. Many have families and careers they have invested love in and dont want to have to face termination/imprisionment/label because of needless hateful discrimination from a group think disaster.

  22. Big deal… everyone who has ever wanted to use cannabis still has ample opportunity. Thank you Black Market.

  23. so 30% of them won’t be able to light up even on their personal time, but they can get drunk off their ass. Are we a free nation?

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