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Not So Shocking News – Missouri Sheriffs Oppose Medical Marijuana


missouri marijuana decriminalization hb 512 testimonyFor some reason when it comes to marijuana reform, members of law enforcement almost always lead the charge for the opposition. Members of law enforcement will be quick to say that they ‘don’t make the laws, they just enforce them,’ yet law enforcement is constantly present at public hearings and events to voice their opposition to proposed marijuana law changes. I have seen it happen in almost every state that has had a reform effort that was gaining traction.

Members of law enforcement will say that they oppose marijuana because it’s a gateway drug, which is a theory that has been debunked so many times I’ve lost count. The cops will say that they want to prevent public safety nightmares like an epidemic of stoned drivers, and enormous spikes in youth marijuana consumption. Again, those theories have been debunked by states that have reformed marijuana laws and somehow kept the sky intact.

The latest state to see law enforcement opposition to marijuana reform is Missouri, where New Approach Missouri is in the process of gathering signatures to put medical marijuana legalization on the 2016 ballot. That effort, or anyone to legalize medical marijuana in Missouri, doesn’t sit well with Missouri sheriffs. Per the Houston Herald:

The Missouri Sheriffs Association has come out against the use of medical marijuana.

During a meeting last August in Branson, the association’s 115 sheriffs voted overwhelmingly to oppose any measure, legislation or initiative that would make medical – or recreational – marijuana legal in Missouri.

“The association respects individual sheriffs taking an opposing view on the issue,” said association president and Grundy County Sheriff Rodney Herring. “However, those views are in no manner to be construed as the views or opinions of the Missouri Sheriffs Association stance on the issue of the legalization of medical or recreational marijuana in Missouri.”

I haven’t heard of any Missouri sheriffs coming out in support of medical marijuana, although it is worth pointing out that St. Louis PD Sergeant Gary Wiegert has been very supportive of Missouri marijuana reform efforts. But Mr. Wiegert is very much the exception to the rule, and obviously isn’t a Missouri sheriff. I personally think that members of law enforcement oppose marijuana reform efforts because they know that it will result in lower budgets, less civil asset forfeiture opportunities, and would decrease cops’ ability to use the ‘smell of marijuana’ as an excuse to violate people’s rights. That of course is just my opinion, but I think most reasonable people would agree with me.


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  1. Reduce the manpower in the PD. Yea that’s going to happen. When pig’s (sorry) fly. Change the law then try and change their minds.

  2. Please do not throw every cop under the bus. I’m with you, “authority” corrupts, but not every cop can be corrupted. Most true but not all. Thank God for LEAP.

  3. Check the crime statistics in some of the more gang-infested cities around the country and you’ll get a different look into the reason they spend so much time dealing with drug-related crime. In border states these stats are substantial.

  4. Obama hasn’t been bashful about using his executive privilege on his pet peeve issues, so he has no excuse for making a promise that he apparently never intended to keep.

  5. Ron Youngblood on

    To many lobbyist telling the congress not to remove it from schedule 1 because the pharmaceutical industry wants it to stay as a narcotic, better for them to push all their opiates to people. Thus no competition from cannabis cutting into their profits.

  6. Ron Youngblood on

    Does it surprise anyone that these backwoods cavemen still do not approve of cannabis. Most of these corrupt cops are getting their share of it and continue a double standard from the judges to the deputy. The will of the people is stepped on by these very ones and its time the people made their voice heard!

  7. Too many sheriffs office’s here in Missouri are corrupt, don’t follow the sunshine laws and don’t disclose any info UNLESS it suites their needs. It’s time we go after them from now on. Report them and show this state what their really like. Plaster anything all over the media. This fight can work.

  8. saynotohypocrisy on

    One thing he promised was that his policies would be guided by science, and on the issue of medical marijuana, and rec use too for that matter, he has indeed turned his back on that promise. He’s made a very big mistake on medical marijuana, and it’s a mystery to me why, it certainly isn’t in deference to public opinion, public opinion is overwhelmingly pro-medical cannabis. Maybe Biden’s creepy fingers are involved.

  9. So, why hasn’t Obama used one of his pens for signing an executive order rescheduling it as he began promising 7+ years ago?
    Oh, that’s right, it sounded good at the time and probably garnered a lot of votes, but otherwise he couldn’t care less about it.

  10. I’m not a fan of the elected sheriff system. I believe it does more to perpetuate the corrupt good old boy network then any other single institution. In Floriduh we had 64 of 67 sheriffs against any form of legalization when approval of medical Cannabis was near 80%. Is there an elected sheriff in this country who belongs to L.E.A.P.?

  11. In fact, this press release was likely motivated by a recent article in which the Sheriff of Jackson County, Missouri, where most of Kansas City is located, very strongly endorsed medical marijuana. The Association apparently could not stand for that. Thus the words about “individual sheriffs” taking an opposing view”.

  12. Prohibitionists are fundamentally opposed to everything that can be subsumed under social progress. The struggle for life, liberty and justice often begins where rulers or governments abuse their power. If you are a prohibitionist then you no longer work for the good of the people. To suppress and torment individual citizens for their personal tastes, interests or affiliations is plain fascism.

  13. >>>”they know that it will result in lower budgets, less civil asset forfeiture opportunities, and would decrease cops’ ability to use the ‘smell of marijuana’ as an excuse to violate people’s rights.”

    Right! – Don’t forget easy overtime, easy arrests, easy convictions and easy promotions. – Marijuana prohibition has been a welfare program for police who don’t want to do their REAL jobs anymore. – They are the goons of the American Inquisition.

  14. The MSA is the state chapter of the National Sheriffs Association. It’s not union but a club made up of deputies, prison guards, and the industry representatives. Where police state corruption meets prison for profit. Same people who started prohibition without the white robes.

    Members of the same club in other states are suing the state of Colorado. Billions of dollars are at stake for these people and they are running as many distractions as they can. They want people talking about everything but following the money to see why they are so opposed to the will of the American people.

    It could be noted that every single state Sheriffs Association continues to oppose reform in all 50 states. This is the corruption that is a result of prohibition.

  15. Oh let’s see now. Cops think pot is a gateway drug? And they want to protect you from this dangerous gateway drug, right? They are so concerned with your safety, right? But these same cops are the cops that comprise the police state we now live in. These cops shoot and kill harmless, innocent people every day. I wonder if any of these “concerned” cops know about the shooting in Cleveland – 107 shots into a car. Or Chicago where if the cops don’t like the way you walk, they shoot you. Or NYC, where they think it’s a show of strength to have a steroid junkie choke a man to death on camera for selling loose cigarettes on camera. And you’re telling me cops are concerned for my welfare by protecting me from a harmless plant????

  16. People in local law enforcement have no right, and it is completely and totally improper and unprofessional for them, to try to influence any change local laws who’s change might affect them financially. They have a built-in conflict of interest — it is therefore illegal, as well as immoral — for them to try to influence this issue.

    This is a medical issue The people who’s opinions matter the most are Patients and their Physicians.

    82% of Oncologists want their Cancer Patients to be able to use Medical Marijuana. Its a Medical issue. Nobody has the right to get between Physicians and their Patients to deny their patients life-saving or quality of life preserving medicine — especially when the Physicians are Oncologists and their Patients are victims of CANCER.

  17. Some departments claim as much as 70% of their time is used to enforce drug laws and that 70-80% of that time deals with cannabis.

    So simple math says that about half of all time spent by law enforcement officers is on cannabis.

    Legalize cannabis, we don’t need half of them.

    HALF of the officers are looking at losing their jobs.

    Simple math.

  18. They are lairs, they don’t like it because of inner hate. Its a human right to use nature. I’d recommend anybody from that state to address god if they over bare with unfair control. So may say god, what god gonna do….knock em the f down!

  19. Meanwhile, Americans with Cancer, American Kids with Seizures, American Veterans with PTSD and Americans with Chronic Pain, are suffering and dying, needlessly.

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