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NYPD Commissioner’s Statement Linking Marijuana And Increased Shootings Is Reefer Madness


new york policy department nypd marijuanaNYPD Commissioner Bratton gave a press conference about the rising number of shootings in NYC. Bratton went on to blame marijuana for the increase in violence.

Statement from gabriel sayegh, Managing Director of Policy & Campaigns for the Drug Policy Alliance:

“Commissioner Bratton’s claims today about marijuana are straight out of the tired old drug war handbook and frankly, are ridiculous. What evidence is Bratton relying on in making these statements? Hasn’t he heard that correlation does not equal causation? Marijuana is the most widely used illicit substance in the U.S. and in New York and, therefore, is far more likely to be found on New Yorkers than any other drug. It appears that finding marijuana on the scene of a violent crime is enough for Bratton to assert a causal link. Using that rationale, we can make other causal links to violence – for instance, if police find a cell phone at the scene of a violent crime, then certainly the cell phone must cause that crime.

If, indeed, there is violence in the illicit marijuana marketplace between those who are selling marijuana, there is one very basic and smart way to solve that problem: end marijuana prohibition. Prohibition is the absence of control, and by legalizing and regulating marijuana, we can regulate the marijuana marketplace. If Bratton wants to end the violence in the illicit marijuana marketplace, he should support the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act introduced by Senator Liz Krueger and Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes. We know more policing won’t fix these problems. If Commissioner Bratton is serious about the health and safety of New Yorkers he needs to let go of the outdated and dangerous reefer madness propaganda. It’s time for a new approach.”

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Johnny Green


  1. They’re just upset about the recent acceptance of marijuana, so now their going to blame Marijuana for everything.

  2. And here I agree with you, had I played in the street I might not have had the chance. Lol

  3. No! the reason for increased shootings happen to be that the mayor ended stop question and frisk now anyone can have any weapon on there person with no fear of being stopped, questioned and possibly frisk ed for that weapon. New York doesn’t want marijuana legal.. there is way to much money gained on fines and arrest.

  4. Corrupt cops losing valuable untraceable cash revenue sources are making absurd claims? Say it ain’t so! Why else would a law enforcement department pose such BS?
    I wonder what tactic opponents are going to default to after they realize folks are no longer falling for fear mongering.

  5. Marty Hackler on

    Perhaps you missed the part where he was actually quoting something ridiculous to maybe shed some light on where the police chief got his shitty information at

  6. Marty Hackler on

    This is nothing more than an assumption at best. Without any data to fall back on you have very little to stand on here.

  7. Johnny oneye on

    This is why heroin and cocaine are available 24^7 in N.Y.
    CHASE pot heads all day
    wall st crimes unpunished
    cannon meat
    lazy white suburban cops patrolling
    “Alice’s restaurant “

  8. Slap you in the face if I could… You need to better understand how to pass your message along. You have misguided information, and if anything is demonic, it is your religious institutions that is. People become overly negative and scared and egotistical, narcissistic gain a bad attitude towards other aspects of life, such as communication, education, etc. And, all because you believe “God is with me!”? That’s funny.
    Or society may be allowed to improve, but if you can’t pull your disgustingly fat head out of your own ass and see this, I’m sorry sir, but you need to be jailed for impeding the growth of the United States. Progress allows for more progress. Stunted growth allows for minimal results.
    Stop being a scared stubborn little bitch and get your facts straight!!! Hahaha, the part about your genitalia getting smaller and falling off made me giggle, but only a little. I feel sorry for you man. Pathetic excuse for a life form. If that were the case,I probably wouldn’t be here!! You’re completely stupid. I’m a slacker and I can already tell I have acquired more knowledge than you…. Maybe I should try to get you to OD?? LMFAO!!!!!! I guess you should get back to your church assembly huh? Praise Allah!!! Lol, I’m not religious, I’d you didn’t get that already….
    Peace ✌

  9. I would not doubt that most people that are against Comm. Bratton on here are avid Marijuana users and that is your choice. But Marijuana even though still illegal in Nyc is very accessible to be purchased in large quantities and then sold for huge profits. With most of the Marijuana “dealers” being of young age in their late teens and early 20’s this is their business (income) ! more often than not when the investigation of a shooting or a violent crime is conducted a usual conclusion from that investigation is that there was a dispute over the sale of Marijuana either by location or a group. Also most people who do deal marijuana knowing that it is a minor penalty will try to run and fight with police causing their chargers to increase to a Felony.

    This is the reason why there is a direct correlation between crime and marijuana. It might not been on your block or your neighborhood. … but it is on someone’s.

  10. Alot of idiots happen to be cops, so if we remove cops from the police force there will be less idiots. Isn’t that the logic?

  11. Just because a criminal smokes pot is not the reason why they are a Criminal. It’s a good bet that every person in the world who has no violent tendency and smoke Marijuana will not start a violent history.

  12. This makes me so mad! The sheer ignorance of the people we have “protecting our city”!!! If he is going to lump all people that smoke marijuana the same then I will be forced to group all cops the same and by the actions of Sargent Alberto Randazzo all cops must be disgusting pedophiles! END THE WAR ON DRUGS!
    p.s. Google Alberto Randazzo, you will be ashamed to be from NYC

  13. Doc Deadhead on

    Incarceration cannot change a nation especially when it is for a harmless thing.

    The war on Pot is over. Cannabis is being leaglaized all around the world with advances every day.

    Let the war on meth, crack, heroin and prescription pills continue. This will give the “drug” haters something to continue hating plus I don’t want my children having safe access to these killers.

  14. Stephen Weber on

    Satire, or more cannabis craziness? Perhaps Commissioner Bratton got his information from the same source as the following?

    “10 reasons why the evil drug cannabis should never be legal”
    Sara Jane Middleton

    You know what? I’m sick and tired of all these potheads in Washington who think it’s edgy and cool to legalize dangerous drugs such as the demonic plant cannabis. The Lord Almighty created this abomination 10,000 years ago in order to test our ability to resist temptation. Thankfully, most of us Americans have enough common sense to figure that out. And because we know everything, absolutely, others have no excuse to not follow our rules as well. For all you out there considering changing to a path that doesn’t lead directly into a fiery inferno of infinite misery, listen up, you might actually learn something.

    1. It will get into the hands of children.
    If we allow “pot” to be sold in stores, in no time there will be hoards of fourth and fifth graders stoned out of their minds, parading through the streets waving torches to relight their “doobies.” Everyone knows that the best way to stop people from doing something is by telling them not to.

    2. People might ask you to try it.
    Thankfully, I’ve avoided all social interaction for the past decade in order to steer clear of the pressure to smoke. I know for a FACT, junkies will force their poison down your throat, or into your lungs, any way they can. Do not be fooled by the relaxed demeanor of these addicts. Once they get you hooked, they steal your identity and credit cards so they can buy even more marijuana!

    3. Who knows what else they might legalize.
    Allowing the public to freely consume these heinous substances will only cause people to question other laws, which any self-respecting patriot knows is the first step toward anarchy. Let’s crush this democracy-killing bug before it’s allowed to take root.

    4. Look at what it’s doing to Colorado.
    Since the Communist hippie state of Colorado legalized “weed,” they have seen nothing but violent revolution and chaos among the youth. Trust me, just look at the FACTS!

    5. Millions of people will die.
    Everyone knows the chance of an overdose while doping up on pot is extremely high (certainly no pun intended!). It’s a FACT that everyone who uses this dangerous drug eventually dies. Don’t become just another statistic.

    6. It smells kind of icky.
    From what I’ve heard, the noxious stench of a marijuana cigarette is strong enough to knock out a cow. Do you really want that sort of stench wafting through the streets all day and night? What if people start passing out while driving because the air is too dank?

    7. It shrinks your man business.
    Boys, if this doesn’t get your attention, nothing will! It’s been proven by FACTS that “toking up” will cause your genitals to shrink by up to 75 percent and harden—eventually falling off entirely. Try explaining that to your special lady on the honeymoon.

    8. It gives you rabies.
    Just in case you haven’t already heard enough FACTS to make up your mind about the status of this scheming green devil: Yes, it gives you rabies.

    9. Red eyes are a sign of possession (pun intended this time!).
    When you look into the eyes of a degenerate pot smoker, their stare is ablaze with the rage of an ancient specter, come back to life through the vessel of some loser. If you ever come across someone with bloodshot eyes eating handfuls of candy, run the other way. Otherwise you might be next!

    10. There won’t be nearly as many people in prison.
    If we stop arresting people for smoking marijuana, then there will be no legal basis for us to put these criminals behind bars before they inevitably commit an armed robbery or murder an innocent family. Keep pot illegal, so we can keep all the people trying to destroy our society right where they belong!

  15. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    We must ban all Bikini contests. Known rapists would watch these shows. Cops found countless photos of women in Bikinis at the rapists home. All women should wear burkas. In Islamic law burkas prevented men from raping women. :| That was the dumbest argument I made. This cop inspired me to be a derp!! Cops can bitch all they want, but in the end USA is voter rights!

  16. Everybody knows that SEX is the reason why shootings have increased in NYC. 99% of those involved in shooting were found to have been sexually active, therefore we must prohibit SEX. It’s not reefer madness, it’s really sexual madness. The NYC police department must therefore focus their energies on enforcing a new law of sexual prohibition to get to the real source of crime.

    And while we are at it, let me say that no dogs or cats pulled any triggers, they all had one thing in common – they were humans.

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