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O.penVAPE Makes A Good Move, Changes Employee Drug Testing Policy


open vape pen vaporizer marijuana cannabis openvapeA couple of weeks ago I posted an article discussing how the company  O.penVAPE drug tests it’s employees. O.penVAPE wasn’t testing for cannabis, but they were testing employees for other drugs, regardless of the employee’s work performance. Per O.penVAPE’s drug policy at the time, “No employee is permitted to consume, possess, sell, purchase, or be under the influence of dangerous drugs.” As a Libertarian minded individual, I don’t think it’s anyone’s business what employees do when they are away from work, as long as it doesn’t affect their work performance. I also have a big problem supporting drug testing companies, because after all, they have always helped lead the charge against marijuana reform. Every dollar that O.penVAPE was giving to drug testing companies was a potential dollar that could be spent to fight marijuana reform.

I understand the need to have a safe workplace, especially for a company like O.penVAPE that works with potentially hazardous chemicals and processes. However, that safety needed to be balanced with a an approach that was less invasive into the lives of their employees, minimized financial support to marijuana reform opponents, and was more effective than a ‘piss test for all’ policy. I’m extremely happy to report that O.penVAPE heard what activists and organizations had to say, and have changed their policy to a more impairment-based policy. National organizations like NORML helped O.penVAPE understand why their policy was flawed, and gave input on how to craft a better policy.

There was a constructive conversation that resulted in the activists and organizations learning more about O.penVAPE’s side of things, in addition to O.penVAPE learning how to best approach the issue of workplace safety as it relates to substance testing. I’m very happy that things worked out. As I said in my original article, prior to reading about the former drug testing policy, I always considered myself to be the biggest O.penVAPE fan. I got an O.penVAPE pen as a gift quite awhile ago, and have brought it with me on all of my travels to events, and would use it on breaks and lunches at work. In case people are wondering, my work has an impairment-based drug testing policy. So I can get as high as I want on breaks and lunches, as long as it doesn’t affect my work performance ;)

I am giving my full endorsement to O.penVAPE. I don’t do this because I’m paid to (I’ve never received even one penny from O.penVAPE), I do this because O.penVAPE has a superior product and sensible leadership. O.penVAPE truly values the activist community, and truly believes in reform, proven by how they have handled this matter. I will continue to use my O.penVAPE pen as much as CO2 marijuana concentrate availability in my area allows. Which isn’t much…When is O.penVAPE coming to Oregon!? (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Thank you O.penVAPE for listening to the activist community, and keep up the good work! Make sure to check out O.penVape, and show them some love!


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  1. It has now been over a month and I’m still waiting. Again, it took them a month just to process the order and now I’m waiting for the shipping. Do you by any chance work for or own stock in the company?

  2. Its worth the wait. Expect to recieve it in about a month but mine came in i think 3weeks. Its awesome. I bought it to hold me over until i could get my solo and now that i have both I actually prefer my mcig over my solo. Its not a true vape more like an electronic pipe but i love it and will buy more again for backup or whatever.

  3. Okay, I’m shifting focus, but I’d like to comment on the competition, mCig, another maker of vape pens. My criticism is their service, at least their delivery. I ordered a pen on April 21 and it has yet to come. It took a complete month just to process the order and now I’m waiting for the actual shipping. Apparently that’s the situation with all their customers, not just me. Not a good way to launch a business.

  4. Sorry but this company will never get my business. The only reason they changed it was because it affected their bottom line. Now that they change it we should magically buy from them? I don’t care how great their product is, they still attempted to deny complete liberty to their employees. And because they pulled their heads out of their asses should not be called “good work.” The only thing they are trying to do now is damage repair because they were complete fucktards with their previous testing policies.

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