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Obama Administration Has ‘Nothing’ Planned On Marijuana Policy


obama medical marijuana enforcementI remember when Barack Obama was elected in 2008, I had so much hope that he would be the first President to end marijuana prohibition at the federal level. I thought that he would lead the way on rescheduling marijuana. After over six years in office, that has not happened. The President chuckled when asked if he would support marijuana legalization, and has dodged the rescheduling question as many times as he could, acting like only Congress has the power to reschedule marijuana.

To be fair, the President has taken a few steps in the right direction when it comes to marijuana policy, especially compared to his predecessors. However, it’s not enough. He could do so much more. According to an article posted by my friend Tom Angell on Marijuana.Com, the President has nothing planned for the future in this area of public policy:

“He’s done two things on this,” said Pfeiffer. “One, the attorney general has dealt with sentencing disparities with focus, and we have given, within the constraints we have, appropriate deference to the states of Washington and Colorado. And we don’t have anything additional planned on that… Nothing.”

Mike Liszewski, director of government affairs at Americans for Safe Access, called the comments “disappointing” and said there’s more the president can do to “continue the current federal trend toward ending the crackdown on state marijuana laws.” He praised a 2013 Obama Justice Department memo listing guidelines that states with medical marijuana or legalization laws can follow to avoid federal interference, but said “more action needs to be taken by the administration.”

As Tom alludes to in his article, it is possible that the member of the White House doing the interview didn’t want to show his cards, and that there could be something coming down the public policy pipeline during Obama’s last two years in office. I guess only time will tell, but if nothing more happens on marijuana policy via the White House in 2015 and 2016, that would be very disappointing.


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  1. he’s the kind of guy that would bogart the joint ha ha, I guess the weed he smoked back in college was laced with PCP ha ha

  2. Meanwhile the revenues continue to flow, children continue to suffer, and gHandi would ask me to continue my crusade for them. Thank you.

  3. Charles you are absolutely right regarding your medical access to marijuana. Cannibus oil is so good for nerve damage and Crohns. As I noted above, I am for the Feds reclassifying and only WE citizens can push that agenda. I was so disappointed to see that 75 percent of the voting population did NOT vote this last November election.

  4. I was hoping that while he was in office, he could manage the reclassification of marijuana. That is what is prohibiting use and study. We cancer patients and numerous other diseases patients have that it can help “naturally” patients across the United States are suffering needlessly because of this ONE issue: reclassification. Please let’s communicate across the board the necessity for this action while he is in office.

  5. I recently researched marijuana. It’s been here and in use for 7,000 years. There are mountains of evidence that it is non addictive, although it’s still very dependence forming, does not cause cancer, and as a career military and civilian nurse I have seen the positive effect in treatments for auto immune diseases, neo plastic diseases, anorexia, and more. It has been illegal in this country for less than 1% of its time in use.
    I have written my senators and congressmen since 1990. I think they should legalize and tax the h-e double tooth picks out of it.
    I once heard it was the largest American cash crop and is not taxed because it is illegal. It will never be stopped from being grown, so if you can’t beat em, join em.
    Besides, God made weed, man makes xanax and vicodin.. I think God is a better chemist.

  6. okay, I replied a pretty extensive comment and it didn’t take. Doing it again. No the Federal Government is not exempt from being sued for medical access, because medical access is anywhere in the Americans With Disabilities Act, title 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (which is now considered “CRPD”, which hasn’t been adopted yet regarding fair treatment towards travel). Each of these titles deals with a specific area that has to do with physical or mental access, NOT health. It deals with everything from: right to fair employment, to building access, information on how access is to be modified for stores, businesses, voting rights, equal access for information (print, audio, braille, etc) curb cuts, schools, banks, sidewalks, traffic lights (the beeper for the sight impaired), et al. However, no where in ADA has anything to do with doctors, medical pharmaceutical needs, or rights of patients. It’s just not part of ADA. If you are in doubt please contact DREDF the original writers of ADA, along with Senator Dole who drafted ADA. Under Medicaid covers the aspects of client rights for treatment in medical facilities such as compassion act for Hospitals to take indigenous care, et al. Communication in all offices are covered by ADA, because of the right for deaf and hard of hearing to receive equal and right access to understanding treatment, legal ramification of services rendered, etc.

    You can still sue the government if they are impinging on your right to receive medical care that is being Blocked because they have a schedule that will disallow care. There is already a lawsuit case in NY of a 12 year old girl who died, because of her seizures, and the NY governor, etc had drawn out the rights for medical cannabis to the point where she died.

  7. I’m pretty satisfied w/ Obama’s response to recreational legalization by the states, but thoroughly pissed at his recalcitrance on medicinal marijuana where he has the power to reschedule, subject to Congressional veto, but he won’t lift a finger.

  8. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    what would gHandi say to you india? Hempshare? It disturbs me to hear you call western doctor quacks….. and yes they are limited in what sciences they practice and yes they are closed minded, but not quacks just not informed. ignorant is the more kosher term… and yes hippo is an old science so is blood letting and they did not have the organic chemistry right either.
    if you don’t continue to ask it will not be done.

  9. I’ve never thought it OK to cage anyone except in instances of Rape, Murder or arson resulting in death.

  10. Let’s start with the Neanderthals AKA as Republican party first. There’s still a slight glimmer of hope for Democrats if they can grow a pair by 2016

  11. The American with Disabilities Until i read the Federal government is exempt from having lawsuits filed against it through this law.

  12. FACT: You’re wrong. Lots of Democrats are for ending the drug war. And a few Republicans are. Combined, they can pass the laws we need.

    Problem right now is that the GOP leadership won’t allow the votes.

    > 91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    > 94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

  13. has anyone possibly considered a class-action lawsuit against the government for simply suppressing medical care for those who CANNOT use any other form of medicine for their condition? It’s not that I think it’s the best way to get it out of schedule one, but I am furious that the government wants to take this approach when cannabis has helped so many (with dravet’s syndrome: seizures) as well as others. Just a thought.

  14. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    1949 and today are not much different. the gov will have to be forced to make some restitution towards all the people they have injured…….and I believe a good start is to restore the intellectual property of the oldest publicly commercially recognized family of cannabis extraction practitioners the kickapoo indian medicine company doctors

  15. I too have declared loudly that I am joining the lifelong battle making my will face my reason. I am in the late middle stage of one stage in a number which will determine my victory or ruin.
    I will research how to find a suitable “sweat lodge” accommodation near me and explore it’s safety. I would love to talk to your father about the sweat lodge if I can handle it. Couldn’t interpret your intent on that statement other than the obvious.

  16. The plant cannot genetically-produce THC. At some point my message is going to resonate. With geo-engineered nano-particulates in the water system the masses being Zombifried with tap water can’t comprehend this because 1) They lack the Science education, 2) They lack the Math to add it up, and 3) The message gets stuck in their brain and just bounces around like it is in aluminum and barium box. It really is quite fascinating how the American public has been pacified.

  17. Hippocrates founded Unani System of Medicine. The Western Quack Doctors are taught the last two resorts: Medicine and Surgery. The BUSINESS of MEDICINE system is designed where Edestin protein is removed from the diet through Hemp prohibition, THC is removed from Cannabis prohibition as well as THCA (smoking only converts about 50%). These three compounds are the Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, and Octahedron. Add to this H2O in the plant, and you have Icosahedron. Human wave-form DNA is Dodecahedron. When the Human intakes Edestin, THC, THCA and H2O into their “Cavity” or Dodecahedron, these are the 5 Platonic Solids. Wheat Gliadin Stunts, and Corn Zein Kills human growth. Basically they create a sick human who requires an additional 400 lbs. of food consumption a year, until it exhausts itself, and goes to visit the doctor. The Doctor hooks them on the instant “relief” and starts prescribing drugs. Cannabis & Hemp combined with Structured Water can successfully resonate healing frequencies through the human body. I am living efficacy of the process. One must respect how they arrived at where they did, and divide this by 25. Eat five (5) lbs of Hemp seed a month for your age divided by 25, and it will neuro-modulate your body back to adequacy. Combined with the other Platonics and Water, and Biological Life can be Re-Created within the Human Cavity or Dodecahedron.

  18. I’ve read your replies after I posted about my battle. This is one of the most concise set of replies I’ve ever gotten. There is defiance and yet an offering for ways to combat the invasion of my body because of use of prescribed AMA drugs. It will take me time to plan how I would integrate your holistic approach into my current self devised treatment plan. Quit AMA drugs now almost 14 months ago. Multi-faceted approach – I’m using Physical Therapy, mini-inasive Pain Management, carefully planned and researched use of a variety of vitamin/herbal supplements, meditation breathing and Spirit communication, music. In NY still can’t access marijuana. Rollout of restrictive medical marijuana law is rediculous. Considering moving to MMJ state to legally add the power of the weed. I miss it’s company.
    I like to say thank you for taking time to give me some alternative recipes to add to my own, when I get away from restrictive intervention of unfair and crushing dominance of NY State law with Federal backup.
    In a peripheral way I can have similar frustration you have regarding your first comments to me. My respect to you from my heart.

  19. Or fight like it is a drug WAR. Then sit down at a table in a neutral country and negotiate a TREATY. Once Cannabis has a TREATY with an International Governing Body it can become a PERMANENT OBSERVER at the United Nations. It is CRIMINAL to prohibit the GARDENING of Hemp, and the Prosecutions are going to begin soon enough. American Medical Association and their Membership will all be charged with Class-Action Manslaughter. Times they are a changing.

  20. The plant cannot genetically-produce THC. You’re only just sensitizing yourself to the fact your WHOLE existence is a figment of your imagination. A Seventy-Five (75) year charade and brain-washing about THC has led you to think it is kind of okay to cage people for using a plant rather than pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile each medicine cabinet in your house is FULL of pills, and UNLOCKED. Otherwise you wouldn’t be tempering THIS truth like you did in your post. Cannabis, nor Hemp can genetically-produce THC. Period. In the absence of THC, the public are the Emperor wearing No Clothes…

  21. Why would they act? It is a Drug War. Wars end with Treaty. You want an end to the Drug War? You must bring such violence upon your opponent that a Treaty is their only option. While they cage and slaughter the people, the people sing “Kumbaya” and embrace them as occupier. Why would they do anything?

  22. The foothills of the Cascade Range (French for Waterfall) lie only about 40 miles East of Seattle. It’s a wonderland of waterfalls, springs and creeks. There are also the very large fresh water lakes” Washington, Sammamish etc full of salmon of all varieties. Native American tribal names are related to their proximity to fresh or salt water ecosystems, where there villages once were. Anyway, I’ve heard Pennsylvania is a beautiful state. Thanks.

  23. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    you will need your communities support…. this is not easy….. and causes waves of emotional trauma to surface which you will need your close family support for…….. remember to drink plenty of water and eat….. when panic attacks you, have a snack black pepper corn chewed or just enough to make you sneeze and go to sleep…..you will notice increased mobility and your blood sugars will normalize without really changing your diet……check your blood sugars to see what increases your blood sugar and limit those foods….. I stopped all AMA white drugs…. I will not suggest to you to do that…..it is a life death decision…… in Oregon we have a right to terminate life. make note take body pictures take control of your digestion and fight the yeast infections by starving them of white sugar…. again limit all sugars but eliminate all white sugar products including sauces and condiments like ketchup or miricle whip once I recognized that the medicine was reducing and controlling my blood sugars I developed the confidence to begin working on using the medicine is sweat lodge …… because sweat lodge is not available to most folks I went in search of ways to use available facilities like the YMCA sauna bath……typically a tile room with 2 or 3 levels of bench seating the floor has a radiator which you may spray cold water onto and increase the steam moving upwards on the benches increase heat a small hand towel twirling in the air will bring the steams movement. drinking extract tea and rubbing the extract salves into your feet as well as legs to help with the nerve pain……intense activity loud singing fill your lungs with steam actively reach for what you believe ….I did this whit the emotion of anger and bent on being healed or die.

  24. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    constant ingestion of cannabis 7 _2.5 gram cigars 2 in the am before breaking your night fast…….(breakfast) with coffee…..
    grapefruit ,cranberry, orange or lime (lemonade) real fruit sugar. stop all white sugar use limit grain intake
    maximize vegetable and meat, nuts and beans……..
    2 before/with your mid day meal
    2 before retiring to sleep
    1 available for early morning ( trip to the toilet) i use this one on a stone fluted roach holder , just a fewq tokes before returning to bed and every time you get up to urinate have a toke unless its now morning in which case a cigar is in order.
    when te ash and smell become to much for your family and friends begin your out door activities of preparing your garden for planting you cannot afford to purchase enough medicine from a dispensary I grow 10 pound plant and I smoke all 60 pounds of it what I don’t put into smokin compound goes into extracts for edible medicinals and topical salves I use the tea in sweat lodge……… and practice hydro-therapy (colonic enema wash before and after sweat)

  25. Thanks for mentioning the Pacific gyre. There are gyres of plastic and garbage in all the oceans. I’m glad I can fish the fresh water streams of PA. If you can’t live without fish maybe you could try and find some unspoiled waters out there to fish. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll spend a wonderful day in nature and have a helluva good time!

  26. I have polyneuropathy nerve disease from botched back surgery and bad western meds but my sacrament and medicine is not legal for me to use. Illegitimate restrictions from fed and state gov. prohibit me. Big Pharma has nearly killed me twice. On a different healing path now. Would love to know how you beat your diabetes and weight probs.

  27. Just tell your self that you can and that you will over and over. The brain can be retrained and create new neural pathways. Make you brain behave like you want it to.

  28. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    kickapoo indian medicine company , whitebear medicine society , pot head universe ,and twitter ,micreeni quashmah on Google plus ,and as well as ,queue quashmah on face book it is not legal to sell or otherwise distribute cannabis I have a flute medicine business and yes I sell flutes and flute prayers some artifacts only to tribal members due to federal restriction of animal parts and minerals I hold feather permits which date back to well none of your damn business I am a sovereign citizen of the kickapoo nation in Kansas and a first nations elder and a kickapoo indian medicine practitioner from old tribal traditional flute prayers cannabis extracts and medicinal compounds including sweat lodge herbal bath and colonic you want me to teach you how to get really high? you want to speak with my father directly learn to sweat in the old medicine lodge fashion

  29. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    thank you my brother we are children of the same seed Kickapoo hemp rope before the vikings so a mixed race at best blonds blue eyes fair skin vermilion WerCat Kickapoo from the head waters of the Missouri to the gulf of mexico from the Tetons to the Appalachia Kickapoo cree trade language algonquin dialects in french and spanish and we are the last of the kickapoo indian medicine men but we have survived we are very poor but we have survived we have failing cassinos rummbling tribal meetings but we have survived diabetes kill more native american people than any other medical issue known and I cured myself of type 2 diabetes compounded by morbid obesity

  30. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    I have created a petition to the president to restore the birthright and spiritual confidence of an innocent people by awarding the patent for the method of cold press reduction extracts of CBD and THC derived from cannabis extracts and medicinal compounds back to the people of the Kickapoo nation in Kansas the historically oldest documented family of cannabis practicioners in american the kickapoo indian medicine company…… my father carried on the tradition of the kickapoo indian medicine show as well…. and I was taught the flute medicine which included the horticulture and agricultural phrenology of my families private gardens. and sweat lodges and smoke houses and out houses and graveyards I worked these places with my uncle Thomas Goslin. I used M80’s to prime and cap oak stumps with explosives before I was 10 years old I could cut the head of a squirrel off with a hand ax at 20 feet. and farther with a straight blade or rock including a sling bows arrows my father Lester goslin senior was challenged by the world champion 1954 archer in Seattle Washington and my father won……..it is public document as well as the death of my younger brother peter at the long acre slough in Tukwilla Washington. none of this is important except that it verifies the source of the traditional kickapoo indian medicine the I was given a prescription to return to from the INDIAN HEALTH SERVICE in chemawa Oregon when all else had failed after over 10 years of uncontrolled diabetic morbid obesity with a very short prognosis of eminent death I came home to die and found a cure instead.

  31. I am ashamed of and have great disdain for Federal gov. for many reasons.
    I once asked a Native American friend what could I do to give him back the self-esteem and honor he and his people deserved.
    Once my eyes were opened many things changed. The Spirit came to me. Revealed to me that God knew me even if I didn’t know him. But I did and always knew it.
    You are an Elder. I am humbled to address you.
    In my visions one theme always is present. After all time has changed the land will return to those who have had it stolen from them.
    I too was abused as a child. I’m not trying to compare our experiences but the scars are similar. In my isolation and anger I somehow developed a propensity for having visions.

    I give my heart to you.

    My friend’s answer to my question was not in words. He sang a soft and hypnotic chant. Them he smiled and called me brother. Best feeling and answer I could have asked for.

    So much to say. So much pain.
    Perhaps the wind will push our paths together someday.

    We are the ones who know we are being lied to. There are many of us and we are everywhere hidden among the sleeping people.

    I will sing a prayer for you tonight to ask that your enslavement and abuse will not bend your heart or faith FirstElder Micreeni Quashmah.

  32. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    I watched my first cousin 5 years older twice my size drink himself to death in a single night because he was being anal raped by the foot ball coach…..there is another cousin that can varify this story if he is still alive and willing ……but I wont out you I.L. I don’t believe you could have survived the guilt.57-67 riverside indian school coach matlock Anadarko Oklahoma.

  33. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    as a child of 9 I walked from anadarko Oklahoma to a farm located at 140th and coyotee road just north of Ks hwy 20 the official Kickapoo veterans memorial hwy north of Netawaka and south of Fairview on Ks interstate hwy 75. I had run away from the residential indian school because they beat me and tortured me and treated me like an animal because they were too stupid to learn my language? did they coral Mexican children or black children or Irish children no they did this to Indian children in order to rob them of their birthrights under GODS LAW quote it yourself you fucking atheist bastards!
    lofty words of the constitution of the united states of america
    notice the cadence of we the people and one people under god but thats not the way they wrote it is it .

  34. Wow. I knew I’d seen it. My Grandfather was born in the Kiowa-Comanche, Kiowa-Apache lands outside where the small town of Mountain view Oklahoma is today. We used to visit when I was a kid. I remember I could see the Wichita’s Mountains in the distance. Thank You!

  35. I watched a documentary film about the Pacific “Gyre” last week. Incredible film footage. I commend your seafood restraint. Living on the Pacific Coast, I don’t think I could give up freshly caught seafood.

  36. Cool pictures. I think maybe I’ve seen that old that building before. it looks familiar. Where is it located ?

  37. A comment about your family ? I have absolutely no idea what you’re referring to. Please provide what I supposedly said that offended you so. I would never purposefully insult someone’s family unless it was done inadvertently. Then I’d apologize.

  38. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    sure one for war one against still united under flag when you stand inside a nation how many flags do you see?

  39. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    Not as simple as you think: because prohibition of the 1930’s caused a ripple effect in government which created some very nasty practices that when prohibition is repealed will come to light and reparation will be at hand when you base fundamental treatment of an entire people on a principle of truth and then bend the truth to enforce your control……. when the truth is exposed you will be expected to repair all the damage you have done and more you will be expected to pay retribution as well. This is what every president of the united states of america is guilty of since 1930 when prohibition was first enacted and every office since then which did not attempt to reschedule this vegetable Cannabis and it’s compounds known as marijuana Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company Eugene oregon. I am not sure but I believe there are some mandates within treaties which have land value attached with agreements to not grow specific crops due to hemp related qualities………..at loss of revenue, is what I believe the attorneys will call it when the suits begin.please legalize it so the trial can begin finding the government guilty of child abuse the dollar bill say in god we trust….. and if cannabis is not the gateway to hell the US Government owe allot of First Nations Children a very very very very large apology and even though ya’all had your brown servant make some reparation toward this with the IACB it;s a long way from recovery. why do you think he is talking about indian reservations and cannabis?

  40. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    YOU finally got this almost correct, we have had worst presidents than Bush but not in anyone alive’s life time. I think rosevelt was fairly evil form a tribal native point of view but then we invented democracy on this continent with the original peace maker and the union of 7 nations 7 tone of the medicine flute, 7 catagories of understanding. 7 sister’s indian methodist we hide in plain site vermillion WerCat Kickapoo understanding the words of these great treaties of mind and soul WE CAN DO IT AGAIN remember this as our government collapses around us prohibition repeal is a deal breaker among most NATIONS it was in the past it could be a practice to look back at what forms corruption took like what the dupont and johnson&johnson corporations did to everyone by forcing the commodities market to favor them and destroy the hemp market with propaganda and lies…..what is to stop this ……. we are by writing about what we see around us the truth they tied my left arm behind my back and a wooden block inside my mouth and beat me with a rubber hose: simply because i practiced the wildcraft of my families and spoke our native language……. “ROSEVELT’s” legacy of the only good indian is a dead indian school of reform. and I was not born until 1950………long term liars and thieves i’d say

  41. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    TRUE: ONLY AS LONG AS YOU OBSERVE THE TRUTH; we are one people united under GOD with truth and justice for all. when you include the old words “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” as the original Jefferson document was written you begin to see what these atheists were fighting and understand what tools they were using in the silent battle to exploit this land and control it’s people. I am a First Nation’s Elder hence FirstElder Micreeni Quashmah. I only preach what my family has taught me and what I have learned by experience. I am a victim of extreme child abuse at the hands of the united states government through the delegation of authority of the residential indian schools not named due to respect of forgiven trespasses by not without retribution and just compensation which have never occurred to date.

  42. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    EXACTLY: David most folks don’t have a relative that is old enough to remember what the political climate was like just before the BOMB when prohibition came out people went INSANE: all the fear and guilt of the propaganda machine came into full tilt bozo……..caused riots and vandalism, even murder that never got prosecuted, RAPE and enmass violence you only read about what the newspapers reported what happened on the farm went unspoken of by everyone “white” in a 5 county area.KANSAS 1888-1930 very bad political and institutional predjudice a very ugly era of NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY YOUR”S AND MINE ARE THE SAME when we tell the truth.

  43. It was because town folk living in Texas and Oklahoma didn’t like it when Mexican migrant workers came to town for harvest and work in the fields The migrants preferred smoking marijuana over the alcohol local nitwit’s liked. Residents bitched about it so much,and lets just say combined with a big dose of bigotry we have the mess we’re still dealing with today. My Grandfather was born in the Indian Territory. He told about it many years ago

  44. No I don’t get offended easy. I take offense to making comments about my family. Secondly I believe in freedoms that a person has a choice as long as this choice does no harm to another. 3rd you must not understand the difference between the parties. What I do take offense on is that from reading your comments to people, you like to create drama. I seen many of your comments where you gave someone crap. To me you sound republican because you like to push your views and opinion on to people and when you don’t like what they say you get obnoxious. This is typical of a Republican minded person. Just so you understand the difference between you and I I state my views with out trying to cause drama. I am anti prohibition absolutely, people should not be locked up because of drugs people should not be arrested for Marijuana use. People should be arrested for causing harm to another. I also believe that if someone breaks into my home I have the right to protect my family at all costs as do my 3 Sheppards.

  45. I said that you sound like a Republican.Your postings are Obama hater magnets. From where I live, you do sound Republican.. You’re also very easily offended without cause..

  46. Each party’s political platform describes it’s core beliefs. Their are major differences between the two major political party’s

  47. I only respond to your often repeated Buchanan remark. I mentioned no one’s wife Why would I do that ?Maybe you should buy some fucking reading glasses or take your med”s before hurling abuse for no reason.

  48. I agree with your sentiment and like you hope he can do even more before his term ends. Hate is a pretty strong word. The president has been more ally than foe with regard to Cannabis.

  49. We as people of this country need to stand together to try and change federal view on such a medicinal plant. I live in an illegal state and am on probation for selling an eighth of weed to an informant. I’m not saying that I don’t deserve to be on probation b/c well honestly I was being watched for other reasons. But I now I have to live in pain b/c I obide by the law, but with nerve damage in my right arm and crohns disease, almost any other state I would allow me to recieve the best medicine for my issues… Marijuana

  50. I no longer eat any seafood after the fukushima meltdown And a recently released study done on sea water around the globe. They found at over 1170 sites that a tablespoon of sea water contains over 100,000 particles of different plastics. The fish are breathing and eating this so it is in the food chain in the oceans. Many people have their heads in the sand and will eat it anyway but not me as I know better. I am greatly concerned over the toxic soup that Big Business has provided for us to “Swim” in. The toxic soup has penetrated our food,,streams,rivers,and sky.

  51. Of course, he had to protect his timber holdings so that inferior paper could made and he would not miss out on any money. I have seen the hearst castle not far from San Luis Obispo. That guy must have been insane. The money in that house could run a small country for 10 years.

  52. Obama said when his grandmother was dying and in a lot of pain he was all forward to allow medical marijuana because he was compassionate about his grandma dying
    But she has been dead for a while and that compassion he was feeling must have turned to hate….do one good thing before you leave your office and legalise marijuana you’ll go out with a bang

  53. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    THANK YOU CYNDY::::: this what I have been preaching about :::::
    the residential Indian school/prisons jumped in with this KILL THE WILD_CRAFTERS
    all over the north eastern sea board……. folks were experimenting with medicinal practices water therapy and mineral baths massive buildings and swimming pools and then the idea of PART PER BILLION hazardous chemical ingestion. which caused PANIC nation wide and that is when the riots started in small towns all over the midwest. 1930’s

  54. Is retard the only insult you have?

    You made an assertion. You’ve done nothing to back it up. At least Wowfad at least tried to show that Republicans are getting better on this issue by providing anecdotal evidence.

    I, on the other hand, actually did some reasearch while sitting on my ass. And what I found shows the exact opposite of what both you and Wowfad stated.

    The. Exact. Opposite.

    So, if you’re just going to say things, without providing any evidence to back them up, then you’re not making your case. You’re not even doing your own learning, something you’re quick to accuse others of.

    So, one last time: while I sincerely wish you were right, the evidence I found (and linked to) supports the assertion that Republicans are NOT getting more friendly to legalization.

    In fact, they are getting more hostile to it.

    This fits with the general pattern of GOP politicians becoming more extreme.


  55. Do you own research you lazy retard. I’m not in this world to do your learning for you, get off your ass and do it yourself.

  56. It would be helpful if you could provide a link to this poll so I could check and see if they had conducted the same poll some time before. That way I could see if conservative support for smoking in your own home had gone down or up, which is the question at hand here.

    Here’s PEW from October:

    > Democrats continue to support legalization by about two-to-one (64%-34%). But just 31% of Republicans say marijuana should be legal, down 8 points from February.


    So, Republican support for legalization dropped 8% to 31% between April and October of this year.

    That doesn’t sound like “republicans are getting friendly with the weed issue.” In fact, it sounds like the opposite.

  57. A poll recently released by the Huffington Post showed that one detail gets a lot of support from voters. Support for legalizing marijuana in the privacy of one’s home received huge support:

    Americans are even more likely to support making it legal for a person to use marijuana in their own home. Sixty-six percent of Americans said that it should be legal to smoke pot in a private residence, including 72 percent of Democrats and 70 percent of independents. Even Republicans tended to say that smoking marijuana in a private residence should be legal, by a margin of 50 percent to 39 percent.

  58. Nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers known generically as aliphatic polyamides, first produced on February 28, 1935, by Wallace Carothers at DuPont’s research facility at the DuPont Experimental Station. Nylon is one of the most commonly used polymers. DuPont wanted to make hemp illegal so that it could not compete with his new plastic.

    During Hoover’s presidency, Andrew Mellon became Hoover’s Secretary of the Treasury and Dupont’s primary investor. He appointed his future nephew-in-law, Harry J. Anslinger, to head the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

    Secret meetings were held by these financial tycoons. Hemp was declared dangerous and a threat to their billion dollar enterprises. For their dynasties to remain intact, hemp had to go. This then led these men to take an obscure Mexican slang word: ‘marihuana’ and push it into the consciousness of America. The reason why they changed the name was because everyone knew of hemp and how amazing it was for the world. They would never be able to get away with banning hemp, so they used a name they knew no one would care about.

    On April 14, 1937, the Prohibitive Marihuana Tax Law or the bill that outlawed hemp was directly brought to the House Ways and Means Committee. Simply put, this committee is the only one that could introduce a bill to the House floor without it being debated by other committees. At the time, the Chairman of the Ways and Means was Robert Doughton who was a Dupont supporter. With vested interest, he insured that the bill would pass Congress.

  59. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    ‘”Why don’t advocates get together and draft a letter asking (demanding) end of prohibition and put it on various online websites. Also an online petition. If enough people send letters and/or sign a petition the President as well as the incoming and current Republicans will be forced to move towards legalization or risk losing their seats in 2016.”

    I suggest a look at the public record of Disturbances caused by Cannabis or marijuana during the time period a few years before prohibition and a few years after………..WHY if the medicine was good then and it/s good now what causeD the uproar against cannabis other than the ever popular reefer madness MOVIE ……..no one has been pointing out the SOBERing effect of continual caNNABIS INGESTION. ONLY THE INITIATES RECREATIONAL ABUSE OF THE THEIR OWN BODY. pain CAUSES CONFUSION fact, not fiction.
    cannabis relieves pain Fact not fiction…..cannabis is not physically addictive. extended use provides memory reconstruction and increased ability to form habitual patterns of behavior. as opposed to sporadic pain and conflicted struggle with the use of opiates as well as physical deterioration and physical dependency.
    The political debate will only continue as long as folks are ignorant concerning the extended continual use of cannabis as a vegetable it’s syrups or extractions are simply a form of preparation. however just as any vegetable it can be rendered into a poison just like alcohol or white sugar…….

  60. “Your word is worth shit.”

    I said I would admit I was wrong, and I did.

    ” I’m sorely disappointed”

    Maybe you should look at my comment again. I did exactly what I said I did. But if you keep having this disappointment problem, maybe you have a bad habit of raising your hopes too high.

    You know, the whole point of this thread that you said I was changing the subject to get away from.

    “some puppet,”

    Spent years thinking for myself and voting for those who most agree with me.

    “sad little man”

    Quite happy these days. Life is good. Marriage is good. Starting a new business. Democratic President rescued the economy despite GOP insistence on ruining it. Millions more people with better health care. Unemployment dropping. Got out of two wars, one of which we were lied into. Drug war not being expanded. States legalizing. Demographics eating the GOP alive.

    What’s not to love?


    “door matt”

    “disappoint your family”

    “what a shit you are”

    “dying alone”

    And this is what you call constructive dialogue?

    This is trolling 101, Wowsie. Avoided all the facts and went to personal attacks. They’re so hollow without the gay sex references, though.


    “…bullshitters seek to convey a certain impression of themselves without being concerned about whether anything at all is true. They quietly change the rules governing their end of the conversation so that claims about truth and falsity are irrelevant. Frankfurt concludes that although bullshit can take many innocent forms, excessive indulgence in it can eventually undermine the practitioner’s capacity to tell the truth in a way that lying does not. Liars at least acknowledge that it matters what is true. By virtue of this, Frankfurt writes, bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are.”

  61. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    I believe the long battle will be fought within these political parties ……so mutual re-education is necessary…… and the first order of education is to understand the past and truthfully look at why Cannabis was established as a schedule one narcotic? exactly what lies were being told and by whom and for what profit? look at the public newspapers from the larger cities of the country what was public opinion before and after and what changed it.

  62. “figure out what actions work.”

    Way ahead of you.


    > 91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    > 94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

    Kinda obvious, eh?

    If you live in a Red district, it’s important to put anti-prohibitionists in the primaries. That would be the best way to raise the number of Republicans who vote the right way in congress.

  63. Yep! Thought so. Your word is worth shit. I was entertaining the possibility you were better than this, but no, you just had to prove me right AGAIN. I’m sorely disappointed, Scott. You really are just some puppet, aren’t you? A sad little man who fundamentally lacks the courage of your convictions, constantly letting your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash.

    When I’ve called you pathetic before, I was just getting under your skin. Now, I know it’s true. You ARE pathetic. You make me sad for you. No wonder you have to go online looking for validation. Someone like yourself is likely a door matt in real life. I’d be willing to bet you disappoint your family like this, all the time. That’s probably why you stalk the internet — they want nothing to do with you because of what a shit you are. Maybe when you’re on the brink of dying alone you’ll realize your incapability to honor your promises is the reason why nobody will care when you die.

  64. “And I voted for Sarah Palin”

    Well, that’s all I needed to know about you.

    Sarah Palin is the most unqualified person to be on a Presidential ticket in the history of the nation.

  65. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    well he could be a dick or maybe even a David and republicans do have a similar view just like the democrats… that what makes it so difficult to vote supportively of any legislation everyone SOUNDS the same. SO……WHAT DOES HISTORY SAY????? what do the ground level newspapers say about cannabis when it was legal and sold publicly on the street…….when it was successfully accepted as a medicine ….. what happened to start the riots? it was not just BOOZE and I believe it was the catylist for the FOOD and DRUG administration .rules and regulations to begin. and on false reasoning……

  66. If there are things I didn’t address, you should tell me what they are. Since you won’t, then it looks like you’re bullshitting.

    I”m happy to hear that I was wrong about Demboski’s proposal becoming law, and I congratulate the Republicans who voted against it. Seems Anchorage is a much more liberal place than I thought, where even Republicans can do the liberal thing occasionally.

    And, as I said, Alaska tends to have a more libertarian bunch of voters on both the right and left. Good for them.

    “the candidates for office cannot deny their party registration, which means you owe your congratulations to Bill Evans, Jennifer Johnston, Patrick Flynn, Bill Starr, and Pete Peterson.”

    And you have proof of their party registration? I don’t see it here. But as you can see above, unless you choose to ignore it, I have congratulated ALL the people who voted against this bullshit. Again, I’m happy I was wrong. That’s what happens when you don’t get your hopes up too high.

    “because you cannot admit to yourself that conservatives are opening up to the “weed issue””

    More bullshit. I have admitted many times that SOME conservatives are on the right side of this issue. But the assertion was/is that conservatives as a whole are improving. And your anectdotal evidence doesn’t prove they are.

    On the other hand, I have provided links to the latest Gallup poll that shows that conservatives,as a group, have actually moved away from supporting legalization.


    As you can plainly see, support for legalization has dropped with all groups. Liberal support was at 77% in 2013, and it dropped 4 points to 73 this year.

    Moderate’s support dropped from 64 to 58.

    Conservatuve support dropped the most, 7 points from 38 to 31.

    And yet, in the face of this evidence, you continue to claim that support among conservatives is rising. Just as Cindy asserted, without proof.

    “cannabis advocates aren’t “easy pickens” to vote for Democrats who disappoint time and time again”

    The Democrats who have fought the drug war for years, like the Democrats in the Congressional Progressive Caucus, have not disappointed. They have been active in trying to end this idiotic war for decades. As I have shown time and time again, ALMOST ALL HOUSE DEMOCRATS voted to allow pot shops to bank like any other business, and ALMOST ALL HOUSE DEMOCRATS voted to keep the DEA out of medicinal programs. ONLY A SMALL FRACTION of Republicans did this.

    And for you, the Democrats are more disappointing than the Republicans. That’s some Heritage foundation level bullshit right there.

    “It’s such a pity that you’re too much of a brainless zombie to grow as a person”

    Your personal insults are tiresome, but at least you avoided the gay sex references you seem to enjoy so much, as if calling someone gay was an insult…

    Now, you initially argued in this thread that I was changing the subject. The subject Johnny wrote about was disappointment that the President hasn’t done more, despite the fact that he never said he would.

    I still maintain that it’s silly to expect something from someone who never promised it. I also maintain that of the choices we had for President, our best hope for progress on ending the drug war was with Obama, and not with Willard, or John “Sarah Palin Would Make A Great President” McCain.

    Considering that we’ve had more progress than I expected from Obama, I’m pleasantly surprised. I wish he would do more, but I certainly don’t expect it from a relatively moderate Democratic President who has avoided the issue.

    For some reason, not only do you expect it, but you’re angry that he’s not doing what he never said he would. So angry, in fact, that you lash out with gay sexual references that are not appropriate for this venue.

    So, next time you have the urge to describe gay sex, I suggest you get some gay porn and curl up in your closet where you can fantasize all you want in private.

  67. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    What we are experiencing NOW is what the political climate must have been like in the 1930’s .
    The Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company was extremely successful for 5 years before prohibition and then prohibition people burned and beat the folks making medicine in riots!
    I challenge all of you to find out what and why prohibition of cannabis REALLY got included as a schedule one narcotic. look in your cities 1928-1930 newspaper articles and re-post what you find
    I believe it was a SCAM to rob the kickapoo of intellectual property and the science of wild-crafting plants as well as Animal husbandry, and the aboriginal languages…… I site the evidence of government residential school designed to Kill the indian and save the child.

  68. You do know that the length of your comments directly corresponds to how upset you are, Scotty. As for the evidence you ignored, I spent the better part of a week telling you what it was. You can simply go back and look at everything you refused to cut and paste — that’s simple enough. You’re not clever, Scott.

    Fact is, you were wrong. Very very wrong. And it cracks me up because this is precisely how I knew you would react: butt-hurt. The sin of pride presents itself whenever you refuse to acknowledge your *mistakes*.

    In fact, here was my all-time favorite:

    “I say Assemblywoman Amy Demboski’s ordinance for Anchorage will become law. You say it won’t? If I’m wrong, I’ll admit I was wrong, and congratulate the Republicans who vote against her. What will you do if you’re wrong? Disappear until you feel like bullshitting again?”
    –Scott Supak

    It appears as though the vote was 9 to 2, with Amy Demboski and Paul Honeman voting yes. Despite the fact that the assembly is, by definition, non-partisan, the candidates for office cannot deny their party registration, which means you owe your congratulations to Bill Evans, Jennifer Johnston, Patrick Flynn, Bill Starr, and Pete Peterson.

    Or you can do what I expect you to do, which is to throw another verbal tantrum because you cannot admit to yourself that conservatives are opening up to the “weed issue” and cannabis advocates aren’t “easy pickens” to vote for Democrats who disappoint time and time again. It’s such a pity that you’re too much of a brainless zombie to grow as a person, however.

    But let’s see if you have the stones to keep your word.

  69. Ask yourself how many drug manufactures donate money to politicians for their election funds. Then ask yourself why herbal and homapethic remedies are not fda approved. T. hen figure how many stock investers buy drug companies stock.
    Marijuana is a new business and it scares many. Drug companies enjoy the revenue from oxycodone, fentanyl, dilauid, zannax, morphine and many other highly addictive drugs. All of these are just as bad as herion accept for pharmaceutical is what it is.
    People need to understand legal or not marijuana is the safest pain relief you can use. People do not die from overdose of marijuana.
    Please use marijuana before resorting to opoiate drugs. Screw the goverment. Stand up and smoke your pot. If that bothers you consume it. Thank you for reading

  70. Remember the answer to Frank Zappa’s musical question, “What’s the ugliest part of your body?”.
    The answer was “Your mind.”
    Loved the F. U. comment to me. My response is I don’t swing that way. Say bye bye now.

  71. I finally figured out your point. I agree. But I was going in a different direction. Your comment seemed off point. Very true, but it took time for me to separate your comment from my point.

  72. It was tongue in cheek. I started this rediculous bitter conversation. All this talk does nothing. Actions to push the agenda of ending prohibition was my intent in posting. Some people take themselves so seriously that they can’t put a hold on the accusations and are offended by anyone that would disagree with them. Let’s get stoned, laugh at ourselves and figure out what actions work. I’m sure this is a practical impossibility as I read this entire conversation. Back to the vitriol comrades. I’ll stay out of it.

  73. Yes. And I’ll pretend that I’m enjoying a peanut-butter & jelly/ banana sandwich with both sides of bread (white) slathered with at least a stick of butter before frying it all up in cast iron skillet of hot smoking peanut oil ( The King’s recipe). I just gained 5 pounds typing this.

  74. Individual right’s do not trump state and federal mandates (law). America is a nation of laws. Personal freedom and liberty? Yes! What you have described is closer to anarchism.

  75. I voted for Ron Paul strictly for his anti-Prohibition views. Republican primary.

    And I voted for Sarah Palin for the same reason. I thought she was the most anti-Prohibition candidate in the race “we have more important things to do.”

    If the Ds were to run a Byrd type guy and his position was – “end Prohibition totally” I’d vote for him if the Republican was not equally strong or stronger on the issue.

    Unfortunately the Ds ran no one with anti-Prohibition views against Kinzinger. I voted against him anyway.

    Feinstein resigning is an ill omen for Democrats in 2016. We shall see.

    In any case with Republicans controlling the House you might want to find some you can work with.

  76. A bill is set to be introduced this month onto the floor of the Washington legislature which will decriminalize the personal possession of ALL drugs within the state, (as just occurred in California). Action by individual States is how prohibition will finally crumble. Firing the head of the DEA would be a meaningless gesture.

  77. Who’s an ally ? Single issue Republican weed pimps? Climate change denier’s? Those wanting (creepily) to control women’s reproductive health decisions? Those who want to stop funding the EPA? Those wanting to bring back dirty coal fired power plants, to enrich their own and their buddies bank accounts while destroying the air we breath? Those wanting to throw disabled seniors into the street? Keystone? Perpetual war? No thanks!

  78. Do you bring anything of worth to the conversation, or are “nut Job” and vague religious screeds your entire repertoire?

  79. Back off with the unprovoked insults I don’t have a clue who you are and now don’t want to.

  80. Wow you just like to be a dick don’t you. I in my life have never voted republican. I just vote party so just get over your pathetic little fit. I just do not give a CRAP about any party. I only care for what the candidate stands for.so if you want to “keep calling my ass out” tell your husband to pull out and be my guest because you must be anti Marijuana and enjoy starting fights with people you do not know.

  81. Wow first your right on the wars and economics I lost $35000. In value on my house. Because of the Bushes. I gue5you just didn’t understand me when I said I voted for Obama I am glad I did. I just don’t vote for any party. Obama did do a lot most of it his first 4 years. What I am saying is out of all of these acomplishment that did wonders bringing unemployment down from 12% to its record lows is great I just feel that he could go out with a bang and pushed to reschedule Marijuana. Let’s go to the time of Nixon and Marijuana prohibition. Senator Dodds “marihuana” is miss spelled and out dated. The fact is changing this law does not require an act of Congress the U.S attorney general or secretary of health could each change the law. Obama could of said this really should be looked into this is all of I am saying. Since you just had to bring my wife into this and be a DICK about it you must be a pretentiousness pick and I feel sorry for your husband.

  82. Maybe consider the candidate who wants to take serious action addressing climate change in the face of the denier’s first? Cannabis second? I like breathing air for some reason.

  83. Perfect explanation! Republicans get distressed when the “Blue Wall”, and 2016 are mentioned in the same sentence.

  84. He’s ended two war’s (winding one down now) has the strongest economy since the end of the last century. He’s allowed the states to experiment with legalized marijuana, accomplished Student loan reform. Prevented insurance companies from destroying middle-class family finances due to their having pre-existing conditions. Stopped the deportations of up to 5 million women and Children to Latin America where most have never lived. Opened Cuba and stopped that ridiculous 54 year old embargo. Kept us out of ground wars we’d already be involved in had Romney won. The Senate Democrats won 20 Million more votes than Senate Republicans. Only in America can you lose an election by winning. Now, compare this small portion of the President’s historical record to what occurred Tuesday. That’s when the new Republican Congress was sworn in. Their first bills? The Keystone Pipeline, blocking the EPA from enforcing coal fired power plant emissions.. Eliminated Social disability insurance benefits by 20% for disabled people, most of whom, have paid into the SS system almost all of their lives. Do you still prefer the right-wing KoOk agenda?

  85. I think while he is passing out pardons on his final days, he will take it off schedule 1 status. And pass this on to the next guy. I was hoping for the best with this guy, but, he doesnt possess the fortitude. I think hes afraid of the pot prez moniker.

  86. Show me where I said that. What I said was that Republicans, generally, are the problem, not the solution.

    “the Republicans in control of the assembly”

    You still haven’t shown me any proof that Republicans control the non-partisan assembly.

    “who commented damn-near four dozen times saying that was an impossibility.”

    I believe you’re full of shit. Find the quotes. Show them to me. I can show you quotes where I said I hoped this Republican jackass would get her ass handed to her on this vote, and she did. Was I surprised? Yes! Just as many activists and experts were. This is because we didn’t get our hopes up too high.

    You did. Glad you’re hopes and dreams didn’t get crushed this time.

    And that whole “hoping for that which you have no reason to hope” thing–the whole point of this post, that you’ve completely wandered away from and introduced other issues into…. You know, what you accused me of doing.

    “all the evidence you were vehemently ignoring”

    What evidence? Evidence that conservatives and republicans are getting better on the weed issue? I just provided Gallup evidence that proves you’re wrong. Conservative support for legalization has dropped in the last year.

    What’s your evidence that I’m ignoring? That ONE Republican introduced a rescheduling bill? Shit, man, Ron Paul and Barney Frank did that every legislative session for years. Nothing new there except the person doing it.

  87. OK, I went and studied some more and I still see no proof that Republicans, as a whole, have done anything other than get worse on this issue. Since you stated that they are getting better with such certainty, I figured you had some kind of data to back up your assertion.

    It’s not my responsibility to prove that your point is correct. It’s yours.

    I can, however, show you the same poll I showed Jetdoc when he insisted, wrongly, that a majority of Republicans support legalization.


    According to this, conservative support for legalization has actually fallen in the last year by 7%.

  88. I didn’t? I gave the link to both of you, Scotty-boy. I gave even more to you because Cyndy doesn’t really care about facts, as you’ve witnessed. She copped an attitude because Cyndy and I have disagreed about evidence in the past, as in I had some, and she did not. Her default “go study more” retort is pretty frequent.

  89. Yes, but Bruce wasn’t the person who adamantly insisted there was no way the Republicans in control of the assembly wouldn’t pass the ban. I believe there was one blowhard in particular — some jackass Obama-bot — who commented damn-near four dozen times saying that was an impossibility.

    So allow me to graciously say, “I told you so” and offer you some ketchup to help you swallow down all that crow. LOLOL Just be glad I’d rather start dinner than rub your nose in all the evidence you were vehemently ignoring.

  90. And here you are changing/avoiding the point. But at least you avoided the childish gay sex references.

    You replied just fine to Cindy, although you didn’t provide any proof of her assertion, just like she didn’t. But if it makes you happy, I’ll go reply to her now.

  91. Says the person who obstinately refuses to READ. LOLOL
    It must be tough being dumb as a rock. Just remember two exhales in a row is BAD.

  92. And yet, here you are, replying to me — still no reply for Cyndy. Boy, it’s tough being so popular.

  93. Didn’t save it. But one point was, how can the three branches of government be a violation of the constitution in which they’re established?

    Also, the founders didn’t intend to have a representative democracy. They set up a Republic that counted slaves as 3/5ths of a person so the southern states could get more representation than they deserved. And we didn’t let women vote until 1920. Hell, we didn’t even elect Senators directly until the 17th amendment.

  94. You didn’t give me a list (you’re lying again). You gave me ONE guy. And I know who I replied to. You give ONE Republican filing ONE bill as proof that Republicans on the whole are getting better?

    My life is tragically large. I’m trying to shrink it, but just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.

    And I wouldn’t be in your fan club if you paid me.

  95. Good for him, but you’re changing the subject and avoiding the point. Are elected Republicans, as a group, more anti-prohibition or less? One guy doesn’t do anything to answer that question.

    As for the Anchorage assembly–which I think is what they call their council–do you have proof that it’s conservative controlled? I’ve been having trouble finding the political affiliations of the members, so I’d appreciate any proof you could provide for your assertion.

    Yes, I’m aware that Rand Paul will file the same kind of rescheduling bill that Barney Frank and Ron Paul used used to file every year.

    And I’m also aware that the GOP leadership in the Senate and House will make sure that bill doesn’t go anywhere.

    But again, pointing out the actions of a few of your Republican buddies who are anti-prohibition doesn’t in any way prove that Republicans as a whole are getting more friendly to weed.

    “Section 539 of the spending bill, restricting the DEA from interfering with hemp research, was sponsored by Paul Broun and Dana Rohrabacher.”

    Good for them! A lot of Democrats voted for that CRomnibus POS. I don’t see you congratulating them. And again, two Republicans doing the right thing isn’t new. And it certainly doesn’t prove that as a group they’re getting better.

    “eating crow on the Anchorage article.”

    I was very happy to see the Anchorage assembly vote down that bill that one of the Republicans in that group introduced.

    Now, could you please provide proof that they are “conservative-controlled”? Because I looked it up… And all municipal positions in AK are non-partisan. So, kinda hard to tell the political leanings of the assembly members.

    Further, conservatives in AK are much more libertarian than most Republicans. But I’m sure you know that.

    Now… here’s some facts.


    > Anchorage-Eagle River sends 16 representatives (currently six Republicans and 10 Democrats) to the 40-member Alaska House of Representatives and eight senators (currently four Republicans and four Democrats) to the 20-member Senate.

    Looks like the area sends mostly Democrats to represent them in Anchorage. But I’ll await your data on the city assembly.

  96. LOL. I just gave you a more thorough list, Scotty.

    Do I need to point out that you replied to me, but not to Cyndy?

    Looks like you want your chair back in my fan club. Your life must be tragically small.

  97. LOL!!! Griffith was re-elected. Also, I’m sure you know this because you pay so much attention, but the conservative-controlled council rejected the proposed ban on cannabis sales in Anchorage. And I’m also sure you heard Rand Paul’s intention to file a rescheduling bill in the Senate. And I’m also sure — since you pay so much attention — that you’re aware Section 539 of the spending bill, restricting the DEA from interfering with hemp research, was sponsored by Paul Broun and Dana Rohrabacher. And wasn’t it nice of Mitch McConnel to get the DEA to release Kentucky’s hemp seeds?
    Since you pay so much attention, I’m sure you knew ALL of that. BTW, didn’t see you eating crow on the Anchorage article. I guess intellectual consistency would be asking too much. LOLOLOLOL

  98. So… this bill. Good thing. I’m always glad to see Republicans who are less authoritarian on this subject…

    I wonder, did he have any co-sponsors? Oh, yes… I see he did. Four of them.


    Moran, James “Jim” [D-VA8]
    Lowenthal, Alan [D-CA47]
    Blumenauer, Earl [D-OR3]
    Lee, Barbara [D-CA13]

    No Republican co-sponsors, huh? That’s odd… Oh, wait. No it’s not.

    And what happened to this bill? Oh, I see it’s stuck in committee. What a shame.

    Did you know that when Nancy had the gavel, HALF of all committees were chaired by members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

    Think maybe, just maybe, that bill would have done better with Democrats in charge?

  99. Just imagine how much better this recovery would be if we’d spent on infrastructure and hiring public workers…

    You know, if Obama had spent like Reagan did.

  100. No, I’ve been paying attention for years. And one Republican doing the right thing is not proof that the whole party is getting better. The latest bunch voters sent to the hill are even further to the right and up the authoritarian scale than the last bunch.

  101. This is evidence of ONE Republican doing something good on this issue. That’s not new. What I want to see is evidence that “Republicans are getting friendly with the weed issue.”

    If we’re talking about Republican voters, then yes, I can see some progress in the polls, mostly for medicinal, but also some small moves toward total legalization.

    However, when we look at elected Republicans, it seems that they are not getting better. If they are, I’d like to see the numbers of elected Republicans, specifically in Washington, but I’d settle for anywhere, that shows the elected Republicans who support ending prohibition have increased their percentage in the party.

  102. I agree with everything you have said. I do not have a good opinion on most politicians in general. A politicians first priority ( considering his job)(politician) should be what is best for his country that is the people, than his state. Why are a country with separate church and state. So there should be no involvement of religious views in any decisions or personal opinions. This is there job. These are the same requirements that a public employer would expect. Keep your personal thing out of the work place. If our politicians did this and did not use politics as a get rich scam. Our world would be better, cleaner, safer. I always ask peoplehow much money is enough money I need enough that I didn’thave to work 55 hours a week. Just to get by. Mine is 2 million.about $750.000 taxes . $250.000 charity the rest divided up with my family and pay of my house. I would have $1200 extra a month at that time. That is enough. I say this because of the corporate greed. That makes companies wait until they cannot wait to develop better technology. If it was not for environmental effort on government we would not have as fuel efficient cars now.

  103. “do you expect me to read this enormous bitch-fit of yours?”

    Of course not. I read yours. You don’t read mine. Goes to the point that you’re a bullshitter.

    “I was, once again, trying to talk to you like a human being, but obviously you’re intent on being an asshole.”

    More projection. Asshole.

    “You are the only person defending the President — at all. ”

    I defend him for what he deserves to be defended on, and I don’t for what he doesn’t. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

    Oh, I know. Because you don’t want to understand. You can’t stand liberals for some reason. I get it.

    “You’ve spun out into fanaticism, but unfortunately, it’s not for cannabis, it’s for Obama.”

    More bullshit. I’m a fanatic for civil liberties. Obama is an authoritarian. That’s why I think it’s so funny that you people are surprised he hasn’t done what he never said he would.

    “a huge bag of white guilt, huh scotty?”

    I love these little tells from you… You live in the south, you hate liberals, and you now have mentioned white guilt.

    Picture’s getting clearer… You have a confederate battle flag on your truck? You go beat up gay people when you get drunk?

    “How many dozens of comments did you spend defending a President you once spent days on end trying to convince me you did not support?”

    I never said I didn’t support him. AGAIN: I support him when I agree with him and I don’t when I don’t. Nobody gets 100% support from me. Some Republicans do get 0% support from me, though.

    “You spent almost a week attempting to restrict the definition of “Progressive” narrowly enough to avoid all the negative associations the words “Democrat” and “Obama” have attached to them.”

    And you’re a liar. I spent weeks trying to explain to you that Obama IS NOT a progressive.


    Go look! He and Willard are up in the upper right hand corner. Willard’s just a little further up and right than Obama.

    “but now that you’ve abandoned that position entirely”

    What position is that?

    “Obama couldn’t get an invitation to your birthday party, but now, you can’t seem to remove his dick from your mouth. ”

    Your obsession with gay sex is also telling. I’m thinking you don’t care for gay people much? Or maybe you do and just don’t want to admit it? Do those gay marriages down in FL piss you off?

    I would be happy to have Obama to my birthday party. It’d be great. I’d tell him what a piece of shit that Patriot Act is.

    “intent on flaming yourself right off the blog. ”

    How am I doing that? You been whining to Johnny about me? Go ahead. Ask them to kick me off the blog. Be sure to mention all your inappropriate sexual comments.

    “by attacking me and others, but going after Johnny”

    How did I attack you? By making you get a big ol sad that Glibertarians don’t get elected? By pointing out that Obama is better than the alternatives we had when it comes to weed issues?

    You poor thing.

    And how did I “go after” Johnny? All I said was that it’s silly to be mad at someone for not doing something they never said they would.

    You’re the one on the attack. Complete with sexual references.

    “All (both) of your “allies” are going to vanish faster than your principles have. ”

    My principles are fine. Right where I left them. I am for civil liberties, and I vote for the least horrific option. Less evil.

    And I don’t give a flying fuck about allies. I stand up for what I think is right. If anyone agrees, fine. If they don’t, fuck ’em.

    “when you selectively cut and paste what you want to talk about, it just obviates what you DON’T want to talk about. ”

    Why do you shy away from specifics? If I left something out, let me know what it is. Tell me, specifically, what it is you think I don’t want to talk about.

    “why won’t Obama reschedule?”

    Because he never said he would. Your “allies” in here (mostly Republicans) claim he said he would, but can’t provide a quote.

    Obama is an authoritarian. But he is less of one that our other choices. That’s the whole fucking point. We get a choice of horrible and not-so-horrible.

    But to expect a guy to do something that he never said he would is just as stupid as your childish sexual references.

  104. True. No one can link even one small article showing where he said he’d reschedule cannabis. It’s just Obama hater’s. This blog feel’s like I’ve turned on the Fox News Channel at times. So many Obama hater’s so little time.

  105. Tell that to Wall Street which is sparking at over 18 thousand. Plus America’s now on track to have the best economic performance since ’99. Conservatives have an Obama chicken bone stuck in their collective throats because his policies work

  106. “Of course republicans are getting friendly with the weed issue.”

    I don’t see any evidence of that. If anything, the GOP is moving very far to the right and becoming more authoritarian.

  107. Honestly, do you expect me to read this enormous bitch-fit of yours? I was, once again, trying to talk to you like a human being, but obviously you’re intent on being an asshole. You are the only person defending the President — at all.

    What I find entertaining about this article in particular is that your true colors shine so brightly when the wheels fly off your wagon. You’ve spun out into fanaticism, but unfortunately, it’s not for cannabis, it’s for Obama. You really must be toting around quite a huge bag of white guilt, huh scotty? LOL

    I’m just so sad that I couldn’t have been around to watch you debase yourself — again. How many dozens of comments did you spend defending a President you once spent days on end trying to convince me you did not support? Remember that? You spent almost a week attempting to restrict the definition of “Progressive” narrowly enough to avoid all the negative associations the words “Democrat” and “Obama” have attached to them. Watching you spin those wheels was funny, but now that you’ve abandoned that position entirely, well, let’s just say I find that the sweetest fact of all.

    First, Obama couldn’t get an invitation to your birthday party, but now, you can’t seem to stop yourself from defending him. That’s truly hilarious!

    But not as hilarious as how fast you’re intent on flaming yourself right off the blog. Like I said, nobody cares if you have a petty personal issues you’re trying to work through by attacking me and others, but going after Johnny… All (both) of your “allies” are going to vanish faster than your principles have.

    And also, like I have said on multiple occasions, when you selectively cut and paste what you want to talk about, it just obviates what you DON’T want to talk about.

    So I’ll ask again, and in no way referencing any “promises” — why won’t Obama reschedule? Can you type Ok with Obama’s junk in your mouth? LOLOL

  108. You have to be a bullshitter to say what you’ve said. If you say Obama sucks, say what he sucks on. Some things he’s done are good, some are bad. I don’t like the Patriot Act, which he supports. I don’t like the drone war, which he continues. I don’t like the way he didn’t prosecute war criminals like Cheney. I don’t like the way he didn’t go after bankers who broke the law.

    But we have choices. Obama was a better choice for me, based on the issue I care about (choice, the environment, regulating Wall Street, getting out of wars instead of getting into them) he was a better choice than Willard or McCain. And I’m absolutely certain that we’ve seen more action on stopping the drug war from Obama than we would have from either of those Republicans.

    I blame whoever deserves the blame. So, be specific. What is it that Obama is “missing” up? What hasn’t he fixed?

  109. Amen, they are terribly stupid on this one BAD. The dumb ass republicans are always talking about not wasting taxes and watch our spending and all this tax BS. But yet want to most tax wasting law (marijuana prohibition) and it is on something that is a real gold rush. One that would bring so many jobs and so much tax money to every state. They are morons and I can’t stand the GOP. Where is the since in anything I just said about them. The worst and most unsafe thing about marijuana is the costly, wasteful, pointless, FAILED prohibition against this amazing plant that should have never been illegal. Wake the hell up government and do the right thing for once. oh yea, and Obama sucks ;)

  110. Of course republicans are getting friendly with the weed issue. They aren’t brain dead yet because they see the tides shifting and they don’t like to lose. I hate bible thumping republican whores to big business. Our country needs to address global warming and walk a different path than the one we are on. We need to abandon oil,gas,coal,and necular power. We have off the shelf tech now that is cheaper that what we currently are using, we just need the will to do it. There are movements gaining steam every day in this country that are for a new way of doing things that will put us on a path toward sanity. What is popular in this country doesn’t trump a sane path to follow. Our founders made this country a republic on purpose so that the Marjory could not terrorize the minority’s rights. Might never makes right it just breeds hate.

  111. Give it up dude. You had to be dumb, blind and def to vote for this fool. And you have to be flat out crazy or stupid to take up for him now. You can not get though to an Obama zombie because they have no brain. And for some real dumb reason that you can’t explain. Every time some one says to them that Obama sucks. They want to start talking about how Bush sucked. I guess it’s that whole blame Bush for what Obama is missing up or can’t and will not fix.

  112. I agree with everything you are saying about Bush and the GOP. That don’t mean that Obama isn’t THE WORST EVER. Get over it. He sucks more then anyone. This country is in a whole that it will probably never get out of and he has helped it do that, with the help of the GOP, and with a smile on his lying a$$ face. Why do you Obama supporters suck up to this guy? Once again, I don’t like Bush either. There isn’t one good thing I can say for either of them. I’ll change my wording just for you. Bush wasn’t better then Obama because he wasn’t good at all, but he has don’t put this country in the position that Obama has. He would have but guess what. It’s Obama that did. It sucks. I don’t want to be saying these thing. But the truth is the truth. To hell with all of the government. LIBS and GOP.

  113. Not only have I run those numbers, but I post them all the time… They are what I’m referring to when I post this:

    > 91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    > 94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

    Those votes passed because of mostly Democrat support, as you showed. Yes, they would not have passed without Republicans, but again you miss my point.

    If Democrats were in charge of the House, then these things could have passed with a lot LESS Republican support.

    And, since now you’ve got even MORE Republicans running the House, and fewer Democrats in the minority, it’s going to be even HARDER to pass anti-prohibition bills. Especially considering that many, if not all, of the new GOP congress critters are authoritarian hippie punchers.

    So… you see the problem with making allies with Republicans? There are fewer and fewer of them who support an end to the drug war.

    So, the answer is simple. Stop electing Republicans.

    This is something you won’t do apparently. So, just like with the other Glibertarians here who vote for Republicans, you must have some other issues that make you not vote for Democrats. Whatever those issues are, they are apparently more important to you than weed.

    “Yo u should be nice to your allies. It is good politics. But you may be incapable of that in which case my condolences.”

    If my allies vote for people who won’t do what we want, then they’re not really my allies, are they?

    But, hey, I’m nice to Rorbacher (et al) on this issue. I just can’t stand the rest of what he stands for.

    And I don’t need your condolences for that.

  114. Then again, this year the House repeatedly voted against federal interference with marijuana reform. On May 30, 219 members, including 49 Republicans, voted for a Rohrabacher amendment telling the Justice Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration not to spend money on efforts to undermine medical marijuana laws. On July 16, 231 members, including 45 Republicans, approved an amendment barring the Treasury Department from punishing banks for serving state-licensed marijuana businesses. On the same day, 236 members, including 46 Republicans, rejected an amendment that would have barred the Justice and Treasury departments from implementing guidelines aimed at increasing cannabusinesses’ access to banking services. All of those votes dealt with D.C. as well as the states.


    If you can run the numbers you will find that none of those bills pass without Republican support.

    You should be nice to your allies. It is good politics. But you may be incapable of that in which case my condolences.

  115. Not once in my 50 years have I ever had a chance to vote for an anti-Prohibition Republican. I have voted for anti-prohibition Democrats plenty of times, though.

  116. AGAIN: show me the quote of Obama saying he supports rescheduling. If the masses heard those words multiple times, why are you unable to provide an example?

  117. Hey, you lied about me and you won’t back it up. Why am I not surprised? Oh, right, because I didn’t have high hopes for you in the first place.

    Now why don’t you try to surprise me and tell me, specifically, what I was wrong about. Because I can validate everything I said in that comment. It IS NOT conjecture.

  118. I asked you a question and you ignored it.. I wonder why… Maybe you have no idea how Obama “damaged the country and undermined our credibility.”

  119. So according to you, Bush was slightly “better” than Obama. Whatever that means. You don’t seem to know.

    “Bush was a piece of crap that had an agenda that had nothing to do with his task at hand.”

    They came into office wanting regime change in Iraq. They got it. Boy, did they get it. Millions dead or injured. Millions more displaced. An entire country blown up and then partially rebuilt by US money (2 trillion borrowed dollars and COUNTING) and blood. Massive tax cuts for the rich and letting Wall Street run wild, creating the largest recession since the great Depression, a recession worse than the previous four recessions combined. Bush was a freaking disaster. Left office with GDP at NEGATIVE 9% and job losses at 800,000 a month. Wall Street Journal said he had the worst job record of any modern President.

    Now, despite stimulus that was too small, a huge drop in infrastructure spending (right when the markets are screaming at us to invest in infrastructure), and a net loss of public sector workers (the first time that ever happened in a recovery) things are much better. We’re out of both wars Bush got us into. We haven’t been attacked like we were when Bush and Cheney were asleep at the wheel and mocking warnings about Al Qaeda, Bin Laden is dead, we’re negotiating with Iran instead of invading (which is what Willard’s Neocons wanted), and we’ve seen SMALL steps take towards easing the stupid drug war.

    And here’s a bunch more stuff O said he’d do and he did:


    So, yeah, explain to me again how Bush was better than Obama? Hell, explain how Bush wasn’t the worst piece of shit to ever sit in the Oval Office?

  120. You don’t read my comments, do you? You’re like some randomizer….


    I posted that link above when you said O didn’t keep promises. It’s a big long list of promises he made that he kept. You might not like them, since you’re a right winger, but there they are… Pages and pages of kept promises.

    So, if you have some specific thing you’d like to point out, by all means, please do… Otherwise, you’re just another GOP bullshitter.

  121. ” I generally don’t keep the numbers at my fingertips. ”

    That’s pretty obvious.

    “we need ALL the help we can get”

    Yeah, during elections. Once these people are in there, they’re going to vote the way they vote. You’re not going to change some right wing hippie punchers mind on weed while he’s in office if he got in office by being a right wing hippie puncher. The time to get help is when we’re voting. And since so many liberals didn’t vote, and so many Libertarians vote for Authoritarian Republicans, we’re kinda screwed now.

    There is the hope that just enough Republicans will continue to vote the right way with the Democrats and cobble together enough votes do pass some things, but it’s doubtful the GOP Senate will ever let anything pro-weed get through.

    “Even if the Ds were 100% it is not enough”

    If the Dems were in the majority in both houses (with a supermajority in the Senate) and held the Presidency, and 100% of them voted to legalize weed, then we wouldn’t need any Republicans.

    You do know how this works, right? If there’s a group of people who, on the whole, don’t want legal weed, then don’t vote for them.

    But if you think my actions are going to stop Rorbacher or any of the other handful of pro-weed GOPers from voting the right way on weed issues, which he’s done his whole career, then you’re giving me way to much credit. I’m sick of trying to make allies with right wing nut jobs. I just want to elect more of the party that votes overwhelmingly for personal liberty, be it weed, the Patriot Act, torture, or any of the other Fascist BS the GOP and their conservative Democrat allies keep trying to pull.

  122. “I never said he did, I said he could of done more.”

    Well, DUH. But that’s the whole point. To be disappointed that someone hasn’t done something they never said they would is kind of silly.

    Hell, I’m actually surprised at how much he’s done! There’s the real trick. If you don’t get your expectations too high, then you’ll be more pleasantly surprised.

    That doesn’t mean don’t be an activist. Frederick Douglas pushed and pushed on Lincoln, who really would have agreed to a compromise to keep slavery if it would end the war, to eventually realize that slavery was the root of the problem and needed to be done away with.

    “Obama did have to push Obama care my insurance cost went up.”

    Insurance costs were going up anyway. To suggest that Obamacare is the reason for rates going up is just silly. And, actually, the rate of increase in health care costs has slowed. This is good news for the future.

    ” I don’t think anyone wants 16 years of the same party in office again since the Bushes screwed things up.”

    Wanna bet? You can! At PredictIt.org. I’m currently betting that a Democrat will win, and that that will be Hillary Clinton. I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders if he runs against her. The GOP will probably nominate someone like Mike Pence or Kasich. In which case, you’d have a choice between a moderate Democrat war hawk who said we should look into rescheduling, vs a pretty orthodox conservative who is likely to increase the drug war. We’ll see.

  123. Cyndysub,this is true but we will still have popular vote. Yes the popular vote does not always win but the odds are that is the way things go. Just so you understand my thoughts I never ever vote by party. I always vote for who I think would do the better job for our country as a whole and not for just the things I care about. Secondly I have always voted for a Democrat. I was just stating a fact and hoping that readers of this blog would get proactive and start telling our elected employees what is important to them. Third a lot of surprising republicans have shown some support for legalization and as I said I don’t vote for any particular party, and I will vote for who I feel is the best for our country.

  124. Good luck with that, the democratic “Blue Wall” has 255 electoral college votes locked up and 270 are needed for the presidency.

    “The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves”

  125. It is a very slim better dude. Bush was a piece of crap that had an agenda that had nothing to do with his task at hand. The scary thing is that you have to feel the same way about Obama but I have no clue what that agenda is. Bush was a Arab racist and made that clear.

  126. You know what would help all those issues? A great new tax revenue out there coming from this amazing thing called marijuana.

  127. You obviously believe in the two party system and I salute you for that. I, however, feel the entire Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Presidency are in breach of our fundamental contract, the Dec. Of Ind., the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.
    The federal government is leaning towards an agenda of creeping fascism in my opinion of course. Individual rights trump both state and federal mandates as long as the individual is not harming anyone and what an individual citizen does in the privacy of his or her abode should never be subject to the intervention of the fat cats that parade their arrogance before their constituents. I’m sick of the Federal government sitting in my doctor’s office, protecting corrupt cartel like monopolies, telling me what I can and cannot consume, etc.. If they reschedule marijuana and legalize a free marijuana market then I’ll be stoned enough to forgive them. As it is I await the delivery of my personal rights as an individual citizen I abide by their corrupt laws and pout.
    I respect your opinion and facts but do not have the faith that you have in the success of the dream and ideal of the representative democracy which the Founders intended.

  128. If you think just because you wore a uniform that it entitles you to be smarter than citizens then you are truly delusional. I don’t have a clue about wearing a costume and could care less.

  129. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I’m well aware of that possibility, Denny, having sent letters in favor of cannabis to dozens of public officials in the last 4 years. I’ve received nearly a dozen responses. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand made specific references to my comments, so someone on her staff was gracious enough to read my rant and explain her views on the subject. This letter from Mr. Obama may be different, though. The letterhead itself is 7 x 9 with a small, fancy White House stamp. When I hold it up to a light, the signature does not look digitally enhanced. I can see spots of extra ink. I like to imagine that it crossed his desk. And please remember, just a couple of months later he made those now-famous comments to David Remnick at The New Yorker. The man is TRYING, is my point. He’s basically up against a tyranny–as are we all–that rivals the fictional Death Star, or even the ferocious J.R.R. Tolkien dragon Smaug. It’s gonna take some very brave people, precise in their aim (probably not No Drama Obama!) to take down this monstrosity of a public policy–that is, “marihuana” prohibiton.

  130. ” Republicrats and Democans are the enemy of progressive positive representation of the will of the people.”

    I”m sure the Glibertarians who hate liberals even though they agree on much are sick of seeing these, but you’re new to me, so…

    > 70% of Democrats voted against renewing the Patriot Act, only 14% of Republicans did.

    > 91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    > 94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

    Seems like the Republicans are more the enemy of the progressive positive representation of the will of the people to me.

  131. Your more than welcome. I was born in 1965 and have seen more than my fair share of death including my 15 yr sons mother when he was 18 months old. Anyhow I ment it.

  132. Most everyone here seems to support the end of prohibition. I guess I should have added that we should keep up the pressure any way we can. I’ve enjoyed this civilized discussion of the topic. Republicrats and Democans are the enemy of progressive positive representation of the will of the people. The not so Supreme Court is biased and not living up to the ideals our floundering fathers intended.
    If the redcoats take the Presidency in 2016, well, so much for cheques and imbalances.
    Why don’t we start the Stoner Party. I love double entendre.
    Perhaps the patient and dedicated manager of this Weed Blog could be our candidate of choice.
    If you can’t join them, beat them.

  133. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thanks for the kind words, Sinclair. Every day, my heart goes out to all the individuals and families who suffer and could find some relief with medical cannabis. But we must keep in mind that an absolute TYRANNY was established in the 1930s (further empowered by Schedule I of the 1970 Controlled Substances Act, which was signed by tyrant President Richard Nixon just 20 days before I was born) to prevent Americans from growing these amazing plants. Today, No Drama Obama literally tries to play every situation as cool as he can. The rescheduling of cannabis issue is about to come front and center, due to the pending decision from a federal district judge in California. Let’s be patient and see.

  134. One other thing yes lots of people don’t want marijuana legalization about 48% including black market drug dealers, gangs, human traffickers, drug companies, oh and yes don’t forget the drug testing companies, shall I go on?

  135. Well that is nice. I generally don’t keep the numbers at my fingertips. None he less we need ALL the help we can get. Which was my point. Even if the Ds were 100% it is not enough. You need allies. Act like it.

  136. I’m going to need medical marijuana after reading these delightful and kindly comments. Let’s go get stoned…….

  137. Actually, I vote for the people who most agree with me on the issues I care about the most. Choice. The Environment. Less war. Fair markets. Better cops. My civil rights and liberties. Ending the drug war. Cutting the Pentagon budget. Investing in teachers and schools and children.

    That has NEVER been a Republican. And I’m 50.

  138. I never said he did, I said he could of done more. Alaska legalieed medical in 1998 when Clinton was in office. 12 states legalized medical befor Obama took office out of the 23 current. Obama did have to push Obama care my insurance cost went up. He did have to increase our deficit that the Bushes first screwed up by letting the corporate banks and there greed mess up our housing and our economy in the first place. Yes I said Bushes screwed up things first. So yes Obama has had a busy first 4 years and the economy is better the banks paid for there greed ( kind of ) Obama care has passed. So what has he done theses last 2 years? Well let’s see he can’t be reelected again and I don’t think anyone wants 16 years of the same party in office again since the Bushes screwed things up. So I doubt a Demacrate will be a president in 2016. Don’t get me wrong Obama was the best choice running for president when he was elected. But he is coasting now.

  139. Like what? What’s your problem with being specific?

    I can verify everything I said, which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for you.

  140. ” 3/4s of Democrats, And 1/4 of Republicans”

    Why do you lie?

    In the US House:

    91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

  141. Obviously you’re a bullshitter who walks away from conversations where he can’t provide facts to back up assertions.

    “Waving a white flag and perpetually offering free stuff doesn’t work when dealing with people who have zero regard for human life.”

    Yeah, and getting lied into a TWO TRILLION borrowed dollar war that maimed and killed millions worked so well.

  142. Well, if he’s said it so many times, surely you could provide a link to a quote?

    You know, like you’ve provided proof that I’m lying about the deficit being lower?

  143. What has “O” done for it…oh that’s right, nothing but making promises that have never intends to keep.
    You have my sympathy for being so deeply duped…

  144. Once again, you totally misconstrued the comments.
    You seem to have that “baby chick” mentality going whereby you wake up mindless in a new world every morning.

  145. It’s obvious from your uninformed, misspoken comments that you’ve never heard him utter the words in support of rescheduling, but the masses have heard them multiple times, along with comments made during magazine interviews, etc. At this point he no longer gets to have a free pass for pandering for dollars and never coming through on most of his promises.

  146. Which people? Lots of people in this country still don’t want weed to be legal. And this president never said he would legalize, or even reschedule.

  147. AGAIN: he never said he would reschedule. He’s done more than any President ever on this issue, but he never said he would reschedule. If he does, that’d be great, but I’m sure not foolish enough to get all hopeful for something he never said he’d do.

  148. Yo, Bullshitter, how’s these numbers for you?


    > The US budget deficit fell to about $483 billion in fiscal year 2014, almost a $200 billion drop from the previous year and the lowest level of President Barack Obama’s six years in office.

    > The US Treasury Department released the official figures on Wednesday, generally confirming figures released by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office last week. It’s the smallest deficit recorded since 2008.

    > FY2014 was the fifth consecutive year the deficit declined as a percentage of GDP. It is now an estimated 2.8% of GDP, a percentage that puts it below the average of the past 40 years.

  149. Yes he said that but the he doesn’t push to have Marijuana rescheduled. Saying is one thing. True balls only come from doing.

  150. Even Johnny’s story you’re commenting on admits he’s done some things.

    And you call me clueless…

    “You’re a perfect example of why he was re-elected.”

    Again, I take it you would prefer President Romney be sending his storm troopers to Iran AND Colorado?

  151. Wrong again. The Obama DOJ has said they will not interfere with the states that have legalized.

    I wonder what President Romney would be doing to those states?

  152. I am sorry for your loss. It’s a great Gesture of President Obama to take to to correspond to your letter. I offer no offense to you. But his ” Please know I work hard every day to do right by people like you” Does not really say anything about legalization in any form especially since he just had the chance to support the move to have Marijuana reclassified. This reclassification is what will stop people like your father suffering needlessly. As I said before I am truly sorry for your family’s loss no patient or family members should have to suffer the affects of cancer when there was a chance for a possible cure and or at least a chance for some comfert.

  153. I agree, but since our current president lacks some testosterone and fails to listen to the people. He’s to busy blaming republicans and there to busy blaming democrats. Both parties fail to remember that they work for Americans, and not their parties. It’s time for new blood in our government. Our votes can change things.

  154. It’s not a long con game he’s just ineffective and will only stick his neck out just enough but never far enough. Since history likes to repeated itself 2016 maybe the first time I vote republican ever. It depends on who runs and what they stand for.I say 2016 because I have faith that more than 3/4 the state will have some sort if legalization by then. I will support the candidate that I believe will support legalization.

  155. Obama could of been the greatest President since Lincoln, I had this hope when I voted for him. But he going to end his Presidency as bad as President James Buchanan who was ineffective in his job. Obama makes you wonder if he is a poker player like Warren G Harding.

  156. tl;dr

    Just kidding. That’s what you say when you can’t argue.

    “dozens of tangents you’d like to talk about instead of cannabis? ”

    I want to talk about the subject of this post, which is disappointment that Obama didn’t do something he never said he would.

    You’re the one with paragraphs of tangents that have nothing to do with that subject.

    “I wish I could say I was surprised”

    You mean like I’m not surprised Obama didn’t do what he never said he would?

    “The economy, now the patriot act”

    You said: “”his supporters will defend any/everything””

    In order to prove you’re a liar, all this “supporter” has to do is show one thing he disagrees with the president on. So, I proved you’re a liar because I don’t support the President on the Patriot Act.

    And I didn’t mention the economy.

    So, both of those things are you “moving the goal posts” away from what I said, which was a direct proof that you’re a liar.

    “you do, indeed, rabidly rush to the defense of the President. ”

    More lies. My only point on this thread is that it’s silly for people to be disappointed that the president never did what he never said he would.

    Is that so hard for your glibertarian sensibilities?

    “you talk about anything *besides* the issue”

    Really? What’s the issue? That Obama hasn’t done what we all wished he would do but he never said he would?

    “constantly deflecting to other subjects and other people.”

    Looks like you’re the one doing that, so… projection on your part. My point in regards to this post by Johnny Green is that it’s silly to expect the guy to do something he never said he would. And it’s silly to think we could have done any better, since your hero, presumably, got 1% of the vote.

    “You’ve made well over a dozen comments on this article already, specifically targeting anyone who doesn’t share the prayer rug at Obama’s altar. ”

    Total bullshit, but I understand you’re pissed that you don’t get to rule this roost with your bullshit anymore.

    I don’t pray to anything, especially not politicians from whom I’ve learned not to expect to much. That’s the whole point. DON’T WORSHIP them… don’t put too much faith in them… they’re only people and people aren’t perfect and certainly won’t live up to the hopes of the people who put too much hope into them.

    “It’s funny because you haven’t actually defended the President on the subject of cannabis a single time, and yet here you are, busy busy busy, talking about any/everything but cannabis. ”

    Boy, once the bullshit starts shooting out your ass/mouth, it’s really hard to stop.

    I am talking about the subject of this post, which is disappointment in the President for not doing enough on cannabis. If you want to change the subject, fine. But the point of this post is that Johnny is disappointed. My argument is that he wouldn’t be disappointed if he didn’t have so much blind hope that the president would keep a promise he never made.

    “Or maybe I do need to tell you. If you use subject-changes like punctuation, monkey-barring from one issue to another, then how/when does anything ever get solved? ”

    Says the guy who has completely avoided the subject of this post: disappointment that the President wasn’t a whole lot more liberal on this issue than the other choice.

    “I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to see you play the Romney card for the hundredth time. ”

    Why? If one is disappointed in what Obama hasn’t done, then one need only look at the alternative to cheer up! But if you’re disappointed in me, maybe you had too much hope? See how that works?

    “this must be the 5th instance I’ve told you that “Republicans would’ve been worse” is not a catch-all excuse for whatever issue (cannabis) happens to be the subject of discussion.”

    Your ego is astounding. You think just because you tell me something, that means it’s true?

    When the subject of discussion is that something we want done, that this President never promised to do, hasn’t been done, then we only need to look to our alternative. Since our alternative would have been much worse, as you admit, then I’m not sure what you’re point is? We should have secretly brainwashed this president to be a better stoner? We should have all voted for the Glibertarian candidate?

    Spell it out for me, wise guy.

    “Just being a little better than shitty isn’t good enough.”

    And yet, they’re your only choices: shitty or not so shitty. know, that really sucks, and really pisses you glibs off, but that’s American politics. If you were new to the game, I’d understand. But for someone who’s been doing this as long as you have, I wonder how you manage to keep up that level of disappointment in something that is so common in American politics.

    ” the power to reschedule cannabis is in the hands of the Whitehouse”

    The President has said many times that he thinks this is a thing congress should do. You might not like that position, but it is the President’s position. And it is true that congress could pass a bill to reschedule.

    So, if congress could pass a bill to reschedule, then the Republicans in congress should do that!

    But they won’t, HUH? So, should I be disappointed that the people who never said they would pass such a bill won’t?

    Judging by the whining going on in this post and in the comments, and especially by you, then I’d be totally justified in being disappointed that the Republican congress isn’t doing something that they could, but never promised to. In fact, I’m downright pissed at the Republicans for not doing this thing that no one really ever expected them to do.

    “Public support is there, and the political benefits would be huge. But the Whitehouse refuses to do it.”

    And congress refuses to do it.

    But I’m curious… what are political benefits to someone who’s a lame duck? His approval rating would go up and Republicans would suddenly want to cooperate with him?

    “what the Obama administration DOES is appalling.”

    And yet, not unexpected, and certainly not as appalling as the alternative.

    ” It’s reflected in the number of up-votes your comments have received compared to others.”

    The only thing that might reflect is the right leaning readership that bothers to comment or rate comments. And I don’t give a shit about those things anyway.

    “but they’re not in your corner”

    Some are. Some aren’t. I really don’t care.

    ” It has nothing to do with your political bent and everything to do with your attitude.”

    Look, my projectionist buddy. You’re the one with the attitude. The idea that we should all be upset that this president hasn’t done something he never said he would is stupid. The idea that we could have elected Gary Johnson is stupid. Glibertarianism is stupid. We

    We should be disappointed in the system. We should be disappointed in the hippie punching majority of Americans who vote for an extension of the drug war every chance they get. We should be upset at the right wing warmongers who want to keep Rockefeller type drug laws, to lock up people for smoking a joint, for torturing people who need weed as medicine. That’s the really disappointing thing.

    And I’m disappointed in people who want to change all that, but, for some reason they don’t want to talk about, still vote for anti-weed Republicans, or glibertarian spoilers (you could have just voted for Crist, you know, since your Glibertarian candidate down there was a spoiler)…

    Now, I’m going to go have some fun with this sub zero weather here, and I’ll be happy that at least we’re moving forward on these issues instead of listening to President Willard tell us how we just need another 6 months to fight the counterinsurgency in Iran, while he denies medicinal marijuana to all the PTSD patients he created.

  157. If he was more liberal, he’d stop the drone war, stop the spying on Americans, stop the schedule one bullshit, and plenty of other things. But he’s a moderate. He ran as a moderate.

    So I think it’s really quite telling that people hoped he would do all kinds of liberal things that he never said he would.

    If you care about the facts, you can see that he is about the same moderate as LBJ or Truman, with JFK, Carter, and Clinton ALL to Obama’s left.


    With an update here:


  158. Yo, math wizard, better take another look at the “real” numbers, not the ones you seem to be pulling out of the air…

  159. Polls can be, and often are, designed to gain a predetermined outcome in order to attack support/supporters.

  160. He’s done nothing, but you continue trying to cover for his lack of action on this issue.
    You’re a perfect example of why he was re-elected…you don’t want to be confused with the “real” facts, merely the ones you concoct.

  161. Most of the promises he’s kept are ones that have damaged the country and undermined our credibility around the world.

  162. People initially listened to him until it became apparent that he used rhetoric at every opportunity with the full understanding that he’d never have to act on most of it.
    It seems you’re still being suckered in…good luck with that.

  163. You aren’t a math major, are you?!?!
    A more liberal Democrat?!?!?!?!
    If he was any more liberal he’d fall off the left side of his chair.

  164. Obviously, you have never served in uniform and don’t have a clue about what it means to do so.
    Waving a white flag and perpetually offering free stuff doesn’t work when dealing with people who have zero regard for human life.

  165. He always talks a good game because he knows there won’t be any action taken on it, but it makes him look good in the print media, on TV, and keeps people suckered in to support him.
    And you do understand that the odds of him actually writing/reading/signing the letter your received are astronomically unlikely.
    I worked in legislative liaison in the Pentagon years ago and quickly learned that politicians, all of them from the top down, rarely see any correspondence from a voter unless is has some potential “positive political impact” for them. Their staffers handle these mundane chores the majority of the time and the documents are digitally signed.

  166. Here is the real deal. Washington D.C. is a circus ran by clowns who are all probably really in bed with each other. You are right that a dem vote is better for this issue. But a vote either way is a vote to be screwed. They all will always suck from here on out because they are all in it for themselves. Washington is the riches city in America and it doesn’t even produces anything but bogus laws and real corruption. And marijuana law are some of the most corrupt and bogus of them all.

  167. Lets all hope he is playing the “Long Con” game for a surprising finnish. I just saw on the news Obama said that he wants to help mexico to fight the cartels with more of the same insane policies of the past. To end the cartels violent rein just legalize all drugs. The mexican situation has similarities to the prohibition of alcohol and the crime that it spawned. The government can’t even keep drugs out of the prisons here so WTF makes them think that they can control them in the streets? The percentage of people that use illegal drugs is around 10% there is no accurate number on drug addiction because its always lumped in with alcohol. The Drug deaths from illegal drugs is a minuscule number that has never been reported because many agencies don’t track it or keep records on it. This number is grossly inflated by the anti crowd. The reason for drug deaths from illegal drugs is because of inconsistent potency of the supply which would be eliminated by legalizing ALL drugs. What the world needs now is a million Russell Brand’s

  168. I did not vote for him either time. I would never vote for such an unknown factor as him. But i did try to have hope because what else am I to do . FYI I’m not a republican either. I hate the two party system. That’s how I am a real American. With our two party you have morons voting for a party just because that’s their party. But in any election for many of them now, you have a choice between piece of crap and a dumb a$$.

  169. Only partisan ship. Because one party alone will not get this done. By making this a one party deal you make failure much more likely.

    We NEED those 3/4s of Democrats, And 1/4 of Republicans and 60% independents and even the 99% of Libertarians. Yes libertarians are more anti Prohibition than any other faction. But at 1% of the vote they are not enough. But they help – because they spend a LOT of time communicating. And they know the issue very well. They punch WAY above their weight.

  170. Never let them forget that Republicans only rule the Senate today because of a Constitutional document,. NOT, the American people’s choice.nor will. Twenty- Million, (20 MILLION) more votes were cast for Senate Democrat’s running in last November’s election than the Republicans who actually lost, but won. It was a landslide too. Especially if you consider the low Democrat voter turnout that election

  171. Rohrabacker’s a military guy. He know’s that cannabis offer’s a good treatment for vet’s suffering from PTSD and other battlefield ailments. Good for him. He’s a Southern California exception to Bubba Republican legalization acceptance. They will all come eventually. However, it will as usual, take a few decades longer for them to catch up.

  172. How many Americans pay their credit cards off every month? Debt is a part of life, this applies to countries as well as it does to people. It’s how that debt is managed that makes the difference. The Romans paid for government through war, booty, conquests, and taxes. Nothing’s changed that much.

  173. Paul is still a Republican. Still agree’s with all their bat-shit crazy idea’s and fix’s, the kind that have four times now busted the American economy. I guess Americans just want Democrats around like when you need a good plumber sometimes. Someone has to clean their messes up. Senate Democrat’s running for election/re-election last November, received over 20 MILLION VOTES more votes than did Republican candidates. Guess who runs the Senate now? The party that lost the popular vote by 20 million. I didn’t read about this in any American newspaper, web-site, etc. Zero. I read it in a French newspaper! Isn’t constitutional democracy grand?

  174. How many Americans have Credit card debt every month? Credit makes.the world go aroundl. Do fossil fuel corporations buy and then pay for oil futures at the conclusion of a business transaction, or is there credit involved?

  175. “Obama by far is the worst, most lie telling, shifty, no good president we have ever or could ever have” ? What in your mind, defines a “Real American” ?

  176. ISIS wouldn’t exist if not for Bush and Cheney’s Lies. President Obama has ended one war, and is winding down another.Neither of which he started. His administration is also slated to record the highest economic growth since 1999. He ordered his own administration’s Justice Dept. to stand down, in order that two states, initially could legalize cannabis in 2012. This.is still happening now.

  177. Lawrence Goodwin on

    That’s precisely why I wrote to him, Yujin; to egg him on. The president does deserve credit for finally stating the obvious about cut-and-dried cannabis flowers to The New Yorker magazine, in an article that appeared at almost the same time I received his response (for which I am very grateful). He told interviewer David Remnick that smoking pot was no more dangerous than alcohol “in terms of its impact on the individual consumer.” That took a lot of balls, considering how presidents (excepting Jimmy Carter) have eagerly prolonged the anti-marijuana tyranny for 44 years. Feel free to write Mr. Obama a letter yourself, telling him exactly what you think should be done.

  178. LOL. You mean you’ve got dozens of tangents you’d like to talk about instead of cannabis? I wish I could say I was surprised, Scott. In fact, here’s my surprised face: (-_-)

    The economy, now the patriot act… When are you going to finally commit to memory that shifting goal posts does not work on me?

    Back to the subject at hand, yes, your presence on this thread on *this* article proves you do, indeed, rabidly rush to the defense of the President. You do so in your own special way, of course. In this case, you talk about anything *besides* the issue, constantly deflecting to other subjects and other people. You’ve made well over a dozen comments on this article already, specifically targeting anyone who doesn’t share the prayer rug at Obama’s altar. It’s funny because you haven’t actually defended the President on the subject of cannabis a single time, and yet here you are, busy busy busy, talking about any/everything but cannabis. That’s your defense of the President that the President employs 99% of the time, himself: avoiding the issue, entirely.

    I don’t think I need to tell you how counterproductive that strategy is to getting anything done. Or maybe I do need to tell you. If you use subject-changes like punctuation, monkey-barring from one issue to another, then how/when does anything ever get solved? The answer is never.

    I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to see you play the Romney card for the hundredth time. He lost two years ago. His potential presidency stopped being relevant the moment the election was decided. Not being facetious, this must be the 5th instance I’ve told you that “Republicans would’ve been worse” is not a catch-all excuse for whatever issue (cannabis) happens to be the subject of discussion. Just being a little better than shitty isn’t good enough. And in this case, as much as you want to find a way to blame it on Republicans, for the next two years, the power to reschedule cannabis is in the hands of the Whitehouse. They have every moral and intellectually consistent reason to do it and the authority to do it. Public support is there, and the political benefits would be huge. But the Whitehouse refuses to do it.

    The only reason I can fathom as to WHY they will not reschedule — why they actively oppose rescheduling — is that they have no motivation to play that card, yet. They know it’ll be worth a lot and can only be played once, which is why they’ve been subtly dancing around this issue since the 2008 campaign. At this point, given six years of vague hints and non-binding memos, I don’t blame Johnny for being disappointed. On the subject of cannabis, the inaction is inexcusable, but what the Obama administration DOES is appalling. You say you’re not defending the Whitehouse, but again, here you are, dancing the same steps to the *same* music.

    Just a friendly tip — you can be glib with me all day long and nobody will care (not even me — LOL), but don’t cop an attitude with Johnny. People will take issue with that. It’s reflected in the number of up-votes your comments have received compared to others. People are reading this article and the comments, below, but they’re not in your corner. It has nothing to do with your political bent and everything to do with your attitude.

  179. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Well said, Jeff. In 2010, I watched my father throw down his fork in frustration one weekend night, as lung and liver cancer ate him up inside. He was gone by Tuesday. I sooo much wanted to offer him some herb-laced edibles or tea. We should be flat-out intolerant of ALL f#*%&@n federal lawmakers, state and local officials who further obstruct us. They are very much like a cancer threatening our whole nation.
    As for President Barack Obama, please be patient with this man. He has more heart than we’ve seen in a president for DECADES. Just imagine facing the opponents he faces. One year ago today, on January 6, 2014 (I kid you not!), Mr. Obama actually signed a response to a letter that I sent to the White House. I had complained to him that there’s “little reason to hope and no real signs of change” in regards to our cannabis policies. Here’s what he wrote back to me (the ink of his signature still seems fresh): “Perspectives like yours are important to me–they give me a window into the real-life concerns of the American people, and they inform the decisions I make as President…. Please know I work hard every day to do right by people like you.”

  180. Once again you lie about the facts in order to make your Glibertarian blow-hard point. People like Johnny here complain that they had high hopes for a man to do what he never said he would. We had a choice between TWO people for this job, and we got the one slightly less worse than the other, which is EXACTLY what we should have expected.

    “his supporters will defend any/everything”

    You won’t find me supporting his position on the Patriot Act. So, right there, you’re a liar. I have many more. Each one of them proves you’re a liar.

  181. Its critical that Marijuana be removed from schedule 1 immediately. For more than 25 years, Oncologists have known of its amazing ability to dramatically reduce the side effects of Chemotherapy and to stimulate the appetite of Cancer patients. Now, more and more Cancer patients are seeing dramatic results using high dose Medical Marijuana oil to cure their Cancers, not just help with their pain and suffering. Cancer patients shouldn’t be used as political footballs. Its time to put politics aside, and the needs of patients first.

  182. I agree, although rescheduling doesn’t stop prohibition. Descheduling would be the ticket there.

    But, again, the point is that this guy never promised to reschedule. So, to be upset at him for not doing something he never said he would do is kind of silly.

    And the larger point is that in an authoritarian police state run by Republicans who get elected because not enough liberals show up to vote, we’re unlikely to see any movement at all on this issue.

  183. Dude, I agree that the war on drugs is a failed policy. And I didn’t say all Republicans are hippie punchers. The vast majority of elected Republicans are for the drug war, as are a majority of Republican voters. You are the exception.

    And I can prove it. But I get the feeling that a Fox News watcher doesn’t really care about facts.

  184. Dude you are a total moron gasbag .. I watch fox news and im not a hippie puncher .. the war on drugs is a failed policy .. and anyone with a quarter of a brain knows it …

  185. It’s mostly the Fed’s lock on cannabis through Schedule One’s No medicinal use’ status that’s the central problem. The Chicago toker lacks the stones to do a solid for the Good. Or does he – maybe it’s an Ace for when he needs it. Dude, play the ace now.

  186. SO, you say something–that Obama has never stood up and taken medicinal marijuana seriously–I prove you’re wrong, and your answer is that he can say what he wants but does he think it through?


    Well, let’s see. He has kept most of his promises. He has been more of a reformer on the drug war than any president in the modern era. He stated quite clearly that he thought pot wasn’t more harmful than alcohol, and, contrary to your first assertion, he has actually stood up for pot as medicine.

    The point here is that people are disappointed that he hasn’t done something he never said he would.

    And the other point is that if we had a Republican President, I’d be surprised if anyone in here would be bitching, since no one would ever expect Willard “What’s Hemp?” Romney to do a damn thing but expand the drug war.

  187. The handsome president can say all he wants. But does he think it through? He could drop cannabis from odious unwise Schedule One before his next tee-off.

  188. As much as I wish Tom’s allusion would come to pass, I have no confidence Obama will grow a spine/conscience. The problem is that the rabid supporters of the current administration are willing to defend the President tooth and nail, no matter the situation. The minutia of each issue changes, the arguments are adjusted to the context, but in the end, the excuse is always the same: “Well sure, ______ is bad, but the Republican would have been worse.”

    In this case, I can see Scott is busy telling people how bad Romney would have been. Everyone knows where Romney stood on cannabis — he was against it, fervently. Romney went as far as to snub a wheelchair-bound muscular dystrophy patient advocating for medical cannabis on camera. I spent the better part of 2012 making sure people understood that, myself.

    But Mitt Romney is not an excuse for Obama’s inaction. (he never is)

    The endless cycle of disappointment-apology-disappointment-apology continues, unabated. Obama understands that people will ignore everything wrong with today if you give them HOPE for tomorrow. Keep people hopeful and they’ll weather any amount of injustice. Even Tom Angell has some hope left. Hope got Obama elected (twice) and hope will keep Obama’s apologists busy until 11:59pm on December 31st, 2016. Meanwhile, Obama himself can kick back and do whatever he wants — he knows his supporters will defend any/everything.

    However, if we want to be realists, all we have to do is look at what has been done versus what could be done, and the current administration’s position is crystal-clear. What we’ve gotten from the Whitehouse over the last six years were a handful of off-the-cuff, vague statements meant to get our hopes up (there’s that word again — hope) without making any promises. When activists demanded the federal government consider rescheduling cannabis, the Obama administration has actively opposed the effort in no less than three federal court cases.

    Obama’s apologists would have us believe there’s nothing the President can do because Mitt Romney isn’t President…? However, Section 811 of the Controlled Substances Act grants control over the scheduling of substances to the executive branch. How else could Nixon put cannabis there in the first place? Specifically, either the Attorney General or the Secretary of Health and Human Services (both in Obama’s cabinet) can initiate cannabis rescheduling. Again, that’s Obama’s cabinet…. ….not Romney’s.

    No executive order necessary. The Whitehouse has the legal authority. It’s something Obama can do, in no uncertain terms. But he won’t. And the reason is simple: he knows he doesn’t have to. He knows there’s enough fuel to keep the apology train going for two more years, easily.

  189. “Gridlock is the budget’s friend.”

    Republicans are apparently fine with letting our infrastructure crumble. Republicans are apparently fine with borrowing to fight wars we were lied into. Republicans are apparently fine with laying off teachers, cops, and other public workers (we added public workers in EVERY OTHER RECOVERY EXCEPT THIS ONE).

    “Say,. In case you didn’t notice – both major parties are full of authoritarians.”

    You just don’t listen, do you? The Congressional Progressive Caucus is the largest caucus on the hill. Bigger than the tea party. Before Nancy lost the gavel, CPC members held half the chairs in the House. While there are some differences among them, they are generally MUCH MORE libertarian than authoritarian, on issue after issue. Choice. Arming cops like the military. Ending the drug war. Cutting Pentagon spending. I could go on and on but you don’t care about facts.

  190. They who? Obamacare as a whole has never been popular because of the mandate, but one can easily google the polls where you can see that the components, like no lifetime caps, no preexisting conditions bans, keeping your kids on till they’re 26, making the insurance companies spend 80% of what they make on care…. all those things are very popular.

    And now more and more people have insurance so we’ll have fewer “free riders” in the ERs where they cost us a fortune.

    But you Glibertarians have an answer for that, HUH? Just repeal Reagan’s EMTALA and let those folks die if they can’t afford care.

    “You ever get in touch with reality?”

    You’re the one who apparently was unaware that the deficit has fallen under Obama. You’re the one who apparently doesn’t know or care that our infrastructure is old and crumbling. You’re the one who’s apparently fine with borrowing trillions to fight a war we were lied into and then repair all the infrastructure there we blew up.

    I actually think it will be Hillary vs. Mike Pence or some other orthodox, hippie punching Republican.

    “But he is the only one trying to turn 2016 into a Prohibition referendum.”

    Is he? Watch closely while he moves to the right to try to win the GOP nom. No anti-prohibitionist will win the GOP nomination any time soon.

    “I’m Registered Republican to try and turn them on the issue”

    And you say I have a problem with reality. Hillary has a very good chance of becoming President. She has said we should look into rescheduling pot. Show me ANYONE else with a good chance of becoming President who’s said anything even close to that.

  191. I don’t think McCain is running. The deficit falls with a Republican House and a Democrat President.

    Gridlock is the budget’s friend.

    Say,. In case you didn’t notice – both major parties are full of authoritarians. They just pick on different areas to focus on. Ever notice that neither party repeals the work of the other? Generally.

  192. Obama has borrowed less. Are you aware of this fact?

    ” Fewer laws get passed.”

    Well, with Republicans in control of congress, you won’t see any rescheduling bills pass, HUH?

    Spending should be going UP right now. Our infrastructure is literally crumbling. Investing in better infrastructure–especially a “fix it first” program like the ones Obama has proposed the Republicans have said no to–will literally pay for itself by making us safer, more productive, and more competitive.

    So, you keep cheering for gridlock while our infrastructure crumbles because GW Bush blew our infrastructure money in Iraq.

    And again, I asked you… Is borrowing money only OK when you’re using it to fight a war you lied into?

  193. Borrow more = more bank control.

    How about ending Prohibition and putting that money into public works?

    And you know why spending has gone down? Republican House – Democrat President. Gridlock. I LOVE gridlock. Fewer laws get passed. And that means we need fewer ENFORCERS. I dislike police states.

  194. Well it may be bull Scott, but they don’t like it. And they were big supporters of the law in the past.

    You ever get in touch with reality?

    Hillary vs Jeb? That is hilarious. In any case she looked like a lock in 2007.

    As to Paul winning the primary? I admit it is a long shot. But he is the only one trying to turn 2016 into a Prohibition referendum. That is going to be my only issue in 2016. I’m registered Republican to try and turn them on the issue.

  195. More bullshit. Those people still have excellent plans, and the trend toward making employees pay more isn’t something new under Obamacare. Further, when one breaks out the components of the law, they’re all very popular except the mandate. And even that is becoming less toxic as people realize it’s better than the way it was.

    “The only way a Democrat wins is to turn the 2016 election into an anti-Prohibition election.”

    DO you look at polls or anything else before you bullshit? Hillary has said we should “look into” rescheduling weed. That’s pretty tepid, and yet she’s crushing even Rand Paul in the polls.

    BTW: Paul doesn’t have a chance of winning the GOP primary.

  196. The question is: is Obama better on this issue (or any issue, for that matter) than Willard “What’s Hemp?” Romney or John “Bomb Bomb Bomb” McCain?

    Now, did you know that the deficit has fallen A LOT under Obama? Or do you just go around bullshitting out of habit?

    As for this article from Reason–the Glibertarian Paradise where poor people just die if they can’t afford health insurance…. I see some bullshit and some good logic. What I don’t see is any kind of acknowledgement that in US Presidential Politics, punching hippies is amply rewarded, while being a hippie is viciously punished.

    If we want Presidents who take steps to end the drug war, we need to stop voting for authoritarians. No libertarian will win the GOP primary, since Republicans are, by far, against ending the drug war. So, we’re left with trying to nominate, and then elect, a more liberal Democrat.

    In a country still overrun with war mongering torture fetishists who love it when cops beat up stoners and minorities, that’s a pretty big order to fill.

  197. It looks like a very small sliver of the country voted for Republicans, and the liberals that stayed home or the stoners that voted Republican will get the kind of authoritarian, cop arming, drug warriors they deserve as a result.

    “We will have to treat them the same way we treat Democrats”

    I doubt it. You love Republicans. And who’s we?

    You want to get into listing people from the various parties who support ending the drug war? Because your list of Republicans will be very short, and my list of Democrats will be very long.

    In the US House:

    91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

  198. He has not finished his stay yet but I suspect we were lied to when he was campaigning for president. He has turned into a War Hawk just as bad as Bush and Bush Lite were. Peace has never been accomplished by using bombs. After Isis has gone another crazy group will pop up over there just as it has for thousands of years. The only people that benefit in wars are the businesses that provide weapons,ammunition and supply support for food,water,fuel etc.

  199. Well it looks like the country voted for a LOT of Republicans. Did you miss the 2014 elections?

    We will have to treat them the same way we treat Democrats.

    Keep the Pressure On

    And support Dana Rohrabacher. A Republican from Orange County, Calif.

  200. “Spending more than you take in is pretty draconian”

    The deficit has fallen under Obama. Show me a Republican that has done that.

    Further, we should actually be borrowing more and investing in infrastructure right now. It would more than pay for itself.

    Or is borrowing trillions just OK when you’re fighting a war you were lied into?

    “So now you line is that a reschedule by Obama is hopeless.”

    Liar. I said we shouldn’t be disappointed if he doesn’t do what he never said he would.

  201. Very good point. And I think this President would actually listen to you when you say something like that. Think Willard “What’s Hemp?” Romney would? How about John “Bomb Bomb Bomb” McCain?

  202. Spending more than you take in is pretty draconian. It puts the bankers in charge. I thought you disliked bankers.

    So now you line is that a reschedule by Obama is hopeless. I have been telling you that all along.

    “The Latin American drug cartels have stretched their tentacles much deeper into our lives than most people believe. It’s possible they are calling the shots at all levels of government.” – William Colby, former CIA Director, 1995

  203. Advocates did just that many times. On Change.org, it got the most votes. The President has addressed this and done more to decriminalize than any Republican or Democrat ever.

    It’s just not enough, I agree. But we shouldn’t hope for things from a guy who never promised them. We shouldn’t hope for rescheduling from a guy who never said he would. How does it make sense to be disappointed that the guy hasn’t done what he never promised.

    At least Hillary has said we should look into rescheduling. Show me a Republican (with a chance of winning) that has said anything close to that.

    Read my other comments here for more information on the pair the President has grown compared to the right wing hippie punching authoritarian sons of bitches that love this drug war.

  204. Complete Bullshit. President Bush told us Iraq had an active WMD program and was about to get the bomb. He told us Saddam conspired on 911. He told us he didn’t torture. He told us the people in guantanamo were terrorists. He told us tax cuts for the rich would create millions of jobs, and he had the worst job creation record of any modern president. Millions were killed and maimed, millions more displaced, millions here lost their jobs, homes, cars, and health care.

    ” I had high hopes on this guy and every hope has been beat to the ground.”

    What hopes? Did you hope for things he didn’t say he’d do, like Johnny here? He promised all kinds of things that he’s delivered on, and the ones he hasn’t delivered on have been stopped by Republicans.


    There’s 12 pages of promises kept. Maybe you, like Johnny, should stop wishing for things he didn’t promise.

  205. Both of them are not progressives, but they can be progressive on some policies. This is more than I can say for any Republican. Choice, gay rights, minority rights, a strong social safety net, at least some restrictions on Wall Street… I would also support Warren, or Bernie Sanders, but neither of them have said much about ending the drug war, since they know they have to at least tap hippies on the chin to get elected in a country full of hippie punchers. Especially in swing states.

    As for money always winning elections, it’s just not true.


    > What Levitt’s study suggests is that money doesn’t necessarily cause a candidate to win — but, rather, that the kind of candidate who’s attractive to voters also ends up attracting a lot of money. So winning an election and raising money do go together, just as rain and umbrellas go together. But umbrellas don’t cause the rain. And it doesn’t seem as if money really causes electoral victories either, at least not nearly to the extent that the conventional wisdom says. For every well-funded candidate who seems to confirm that money buys elections (paging Michael Bloomberg), you can find counterexamples like Meg Whitman, Linda McMahon, Steve Forbes, and Tom Golisano.

    > And take a look at the Iowa caucuses last week. Rick Perry was the top spender, buying $4.3 million worth of ads — which got him only 10 percent of the vote. Santorum, meanwhile, spent only $30,000 on ads (the least of any candidate) and practically tied Romney — who spent $1.5 million this time around on Iowa ads, versus $10 million in 2008.

  206. 1% of the vote Gary got. You know why? Because despite the fact that he practices trickle down economics on steroids, he won’t punch hippies, so the GOPers won’t vote for him. And there’s no way I’m going to vote for Republican economics. Their economic policies are draconian to say the least.

  207. What he promised was that he would stop arresting patients. He has.

    But by all means, vote for Republicans. See what that gets ya.

    Oh, wait… lied into a $2 trillion (borrowed) war that killed and maimed millions, economic crash that led to the Little Bush Depression, larger than the last four recessions combined, and a vast expansion of the drug war.

  208. You didn’t read it, and yet you can claim I’m an apologist for “everything.” So, you openly admit you say things without knowing the facts.

    Liar. People shouldn’t expect something from a US President that he didn’t even promise.

    That short enough for your busy little brain?

  209. Obama by far is the worst, most lie telling, shifty, no good president we have ever or could ever have. I had high hopes on this guy and every hope has been beat to the ground. The least he can do is reschedule marijuana and he won’t even do that now. I’m not a republican or a dem. I’m a real American who gets what is right and wrong. And marijuana prohibition is wrong, life ruining and unjust. It has to stop asap.

  210. Obama’s snickering attitude toward marijuana is at base immature. He partied on it I suppose, but he has never stood up as an adult and taken

    it seriously as a medicine, and something of benefit for millions of humans.

  211. And remind Mr Obama of what he said in his speech justifying the normalization of relations with Cuba. He said that doing the same thing for over 50 years hadn’t worked so he felt it was time to try something different. Does he realize if he has that frame of mind regarding foreign relations but not marijuana prohibition he is being hypocritical?

  212. Our freedom is under such overwhelming attack, we need an overwhelming response – That’s Gary Johnson.

  213. Why don’t advocates get together and draft a letter asking (demanding) end of prohibition and put it on various online websites. Also an online petition. If enough people send letters and/or sign a petition the President as well as the incoming and current Republicans will be forced to move towards legalization or risk losing their seats in 2016.
    The fact that Obama has not fired the autocratic head the DEA then I have to assume he is as afraid of the forces surrounding him or just amother merry mouthed politician. I supported his elections but he needs to grow a pair.

  214. Obama and Hillary are democrats that’s funny! If one was to follow the money they would find out that it is the money from the republicants who support both of them! Republicants know that they can’t win and therefore pore money into a so called democrat that they control or should I say the banks control!
    Our only hope, and this is my opinion, is Elizibeth Warren but she won’t have the money from the banks behind her and ye with the most money wins…unfortunately!

  215. Obama declared he would end DEA raids on cannabis dispensaries. That alone qualifies as a major lie. He used this falsehood to become President.

  216. “I had so much hope that he would be the first President to end marijuana prohibition at the federal level. ”

    Now, why on earth would you think that? Did he say he would? Did he even hint at it? Or did you just make it up in your own mind and then get disappointed when the thing you made up based on no evidence didn’t happen?

    “I thought that he would lead the way on rescheduling marijuana. After over six years in office, that has not happened. ”

    Please show me where he said he would reschedule. Any quote to that effect before the election in 2008?

    “The President chuckled when asked if he would support marijuana legalization, and has dodged the rescheduling question as many times as he could, acting like only Congress has the power to reschedule marijuana.”

    In 2008, it is doubtful that anyone supporting rescheduling could have won the Presidency. John McCain and Sarah Palin (under whom we’d have an even bigger drug war) would have hippie punched him in every swing state for months if he’d said such a thing. Same with Willard Romney.

    “To be fair, the President has taken a few steps in the right direction when it comes to marijuana policy, especially compared to his predecessors.”

    And compared to those who ran against him, which is the real point.

    “However, it’s not enough.”

    Are you new to American politics?

    “He could do so much more. ”

    DUH! And he just might. After all, the things he has done weren’t things he talked about much… so who knows!

    Now, the real question is coming up in the next election. Think the GOP will nominate a reformer? Or think they’ll nominate a hippie puncher?

    Even if Hillary is the Dem nominee, we’d still have a better chance with her than we would with ANY Republican (note that I don’t think Rand Paul has a chance at the nomination, and I think he’s a bullshitter who would say things to get liberal votes in swing states, and then he’d screw them by doing the opposite).

    So, Johnny, American Presidential politics is a system of trade offs and compromises. We’re not going to get a real progressive President who would reschedule (or even a conservative who will) because too many people in this country still believe the authoritarian drug war is a good thing.

    This will only change when all the hippie punching Fox News viewers die off.

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