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Obama Announces 420 Gathering On Facebook


By Scott Morgan

If one thing ought to be undeniably clear by now, it’s that the President just loves being lobbied for marijuana legalization. That’s why he keeps hosting popularity contests for political issues on the internet, and inviting the decidedly predictable chorus of calls for ending the war on drugs. So, in order to ensure that his next such event is similarly well attended, the President is asking us to join him for a live 4/20 celebration on Facebook that you don’t want to miss!

The purpose of the event is to discuss ideas to “help our economy grow,” and you know exactly what that means. As usual, the President will be taking questions from the public, which you can email or post directly on this page. There’s no voting this time (I can’t imagine why), but the Facebook page is already heating up with discussion of drug policy reform, so let’s get in there and show the strength of our movement yet again.

Obviously, the President wouldn’t be holding this event on 4/20 if he didn’t want to discuss marijuana policy with us. Right?

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  1. this artical is so full of bs ……
    this is why Obama Administration Warns It May Prosecute State Employees if Gregoire Signs Medical Pot Bill
    posted by DOMINIC HOLDEN on THU, APR 14, 2011 at 6:53 PM
    The top federal prosecutors in Washington sent a stern warning to Washington State that a medical-marijuana law passed by the legislature this week, which would license dispensaries and growers, could result in a wave of criminal charges against cannabis providers and even state employees. At the same time, in a mixed message, they telegraphed that the Obama Administration’s policy of tacitly permitting states with medical marijuana laws would proceed.

    “The Washington legislative proposals will create a licensing scheme that permits large-scale marijuana cultivation and distributions,” wrote US Attorneys Jenny Durkan and Michael Ormsby, respectively representing the Western and Eastern districts of Washington State, in a letter sent today to Governor Chris Gregoire. “This would authorize conduct contrary to federal law and thus, would undermine the federal government’s efforts to regulate the possession, manufacturing, and trafficking of controlled substances. Accordingly, the Department could consider civil and criminal legal remedies regarding those who set up marijuana growing facilities and dispensaries as they will be doing so in violation of federal law. … In addition, state employees who conducted activities mandated by the Washington legislative proposals would not be immune from liability…” including “criminal prosecution.”

    The letter was sent in response to an inquiry from Governor Gregoire to Attorney General Eric Holder (The federal prosecutors’ letter is here and Gregoire’s letter is here).

    But this may not be as unequivocal as it first reads. AG Holder issued a memo in 2009 that indicates, in essence, the feds won’t intervene with medical-marijuana cases that are in compliance with state laws. Holder said, of course, that the feds reserved the right to prosecute those cases.

    In that vein, US Attorney Durkan also issued a statement today that “in every area we prosecute, our office works to focus our limited resources on impactful cases that implicate an important national or community interest. In the area of marijuana drug prosecutions, this means our targets include organized criminal groups, those who abuse public or tribal lands, people who commercialize the marijuana trade for profit or use it to finance other criminal activity, and doctors who abuse their positions and fraudulently certify individuals as medical marijuana patients. We have not prosecuted truly ill people or their doctors for using marijuana to lessen suffering, as permitted under state law.”

    So what to make of this? It’s breaking right now (and I’m not a lawyer), but here’s my take:

    Gregoire may have requested this letter as political cover so she can veto the bill (citing the federal conflict, the risk to state employees, etc). Of course, our medical marijuana law already conflicts with federal law, her employees have already been collecting taxes on medical marijuana against federal law, and her employees provided input on this bill. So they are already complicit. This is the best chance Washington has ever had to improve its medical marijuana law. Gregoire should sign it into law–standing by her legislature–and make Obama figure out what the hell he wants to do. Does he want to throw down with the states trying to do the right thing (uh, the states that have medical marijuana laws are also the ones that elected him)?

    Right now, the Obama Administration is needlessly being an asshole. Seriously sick people and their families need to know that they have safe access to medical marijuana, and families need to know they don’t have to go to alleys to get pot. Dispensaries and growers, obviously, are the way patients get the medicine they need. The feds need to stop playing nice nice with legalese and make it clear where the rules stand.

  2. What is gonna be interesting is if he actually answers a real question about marijuana policy. He has been for the most part dodging the issues at every opportunity giving wishy washy answeres. Hopefully with this platform he will be forced explain what exactly is the federal CURRENT federal stance on marijuana and med and non med. We shall see..

  3. If he were to openly advocate/endorse, or even hint at it, conservatives would absolutely SLAM him with a campaign depicting him as getting our children ‘gateway’d down the slippery slope of addiction. That’d be political suicide.

  4. My sense is that if Obama were Emperor he would legalize it, but since he has to play the political game very very carefully – since Republicans are right on his heels at any given moment, and re-election is not ‘in the bag’ – he needs to not come off as some kind of radical. Most of *voting* middle America is not really on board with legalized marijuana, and for a President to openly approve of it would be quite a radical thing. So I think he’s treading very lightly for now, and that’s a strategic behavior that’s his best choice in the big picture.

  5. I fought for my country as did my Dad, Uncles (2) of which gave their lives, and also many of my men, and friends, in Vietnam. We fought for a people, for a chance to be free, we didn’t lose that war over there, but here at home, because of a bunch of butthole pencil pushers, that never fought anything meaner than their secretary on a Friday night. Because of a country that was so far separated on 2 fronts, many men died never knowing either our victory, or our defeat. The government is not your friend, as many believe. It tries to control everything, from oil to the very aspirin you take. It dictates your life and how you are going to live it. It set the standard of how you spend money, it has put this country in debt further than ever before. If you really want something, then get off your A_ _ and go get it. Don’t count on others to do it, the fight belongs to everyone, There is no I in TEAM, it has to be a group force in the same frame of mind, on the same page, to win the battle. I take 90 Mg of Morphine a day, also 3 Mg of Xanax a day, just to control the pain in my neck and back. I am a VA Pt. and would ask every vet to join this cause, especially in AR. for once, lets come together as a Nation and win back the freedom which should have been ours anyway.

  6. Heidi Hameed on

    Wooo Hooo! Now, every marijuana user, activist, THINKER better show up & speak up!! I sure as heck will!!

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