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Obama Does Not Support Changes To Medical Marijuana Laws


barack obama president medical marijuanaMany medical marijuana reform supporters have been hoping since the historic 2012 Election to see President Barack Obama change his stance against medical marijuana. Would Obama ever back off on medical marijuana raids and respect state medical marijuana laws?

I think a lot of us were optimistic that Obama’s second term combined with two legal marijuana states would lead to some change on the medical front, especially considering the new states that have enacted/grown their medical marijuana programs in 2012/2013. But I think deep down all of us expected him to continue to stick to his same failed policies.

Today the White House confirmed what we feared. According to the Huffington Post:

“White House spokesman Josh Earnest was asked for the second day in a row if CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta’s recent reversal on medical marijuana use and apology for misleading the public had had any bearing on Obama’s position on the issue.

Whereas Earnest declined to answer the question on Tuesday, he confirmed Wednesday that the president does not believe any changes should be made to medical marijuana laws ‘at this point.'”

It is ridiculous, harmful, and shameful for the Obama Administration to make those comments today. We can only assume that SWAT team style raids will continue against the sick. White House spokesman Josh Ernest tried to provide some rhetoric, but I think we have all heard this before…According to Politico.Com:

“”While the prosecution of drug traffickers remains an important priority, the president and the administration believe that targeting individual marijuana users — especially those with serious illnesses and their caregivers — is not the best allocation of federal law enforcement resources,” Earnest said. ”

News flash Mr. Earnest – we have all heard this BS before, and we aren’t buying it. I can’t wait until Obama is out of office.


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Johnny Green


  1. After voting for every Democrat who ran for President since 1972 I couldn’t vote for Obama again because of his irrational stance on marijuana & voted for Gary Johnson instead. While a nice man & a fine orator Obama lacks the requisite strategy,fervor & backbone necessary to implement our progressive agenda. He’s been & continues to be a huge disappointment to many of those who elected him & the biggest reason he polls so badly is the dissatisfaction of those to his left ! Much like the tea-party morons threaten mainstream Republicans with more conservative challengers we must make it clear that as a minority group larger than gays & immigrants combined we will not support any candidate who doesn’t champion our cause in future elections ! It’s pretty simple – If you’re not with us 100% you’re our enemy 100% & we’ll contribute our time & money to defeat you no matter who you think you are or what party you represent. In the meantime let your money do your talking by refusing to visit or purchase anything from businesses in cities & states that refuse to concede to our demands. The days of smoke-ins & festivals as a method to bring about change are over & it’s time we took the fight to these bastards because we’ve got them on the run & there’s no better time than the present ! Organize your friends & neighbors & let’s take the battle to these smug & repugnant prohibitionists because scientific research & medical studies will prevail over specious propaganda & anecdotal horror stories. Yes my friends the truth once exposed & acknowledged will certainly set marijuana free at last,free at last.Lord Almighty free at last ! (Pretty dramatic,huh ?)

  2. all pot smokers should call or e-mail obama to let him know how disappointed in him for not helping the sick

  3. How do u go about getting the medical marijuana in illinois? Any locate please let us illinois resident no

  4. Aaron Sullivan on

    When will you people get it ALL these presidents are pupets”like the wizard of OZZ”!!

  5. I’m really disappointed in almost all the comments. I thought that people who smoke marijuana were more educated. Please do yourself a favor by finding the facts before you let loose and prove to everyone what “dumb” really means.

  6. Ganja Goddess on

    Anyone one offering weed for sale here is either a narc or a scam artist. Those that take a chance sending money to this moron are even more of a loser than he is. Cali weed is everywhere these days in great supply and selection. Go fuck yourself Gman!

  7. I Live in Southern Cali If you need some DANK “Jack Herer”, “Northern Lights”,”Blue Dream”, OG Kush”, Alien OG” Sour D etc.. email me Nfvv@ymail.com and maybe ill give you my number.

  8. Unqualified to hold anything but his own penis, Puppet of big pharma and monsanto and all the other money grubbing entities, lacks intelligence,compassion, credibility and empathy. With the cockiness of a cheesy lounge entertainer he swaggers to the podium to read yet another ghost writer written diatribe of socially conscience bullshit. In his wake he leaves a nation 75 trillion in debt and a legacy that is shameful, A plethora of lies and dishonesty, a empty suit with a truly black heart. I do not care what color your skin is, But their is no content in your character.

  9. And dont bet on this being his final term… it has been changed before. There is talk of doing it again.

  10. The worst place to put your hope is in a politician.

    When he was campaigning and his storyline was all about “sacrifice*,” I could see what change he was about. When he said in Round One that the governments job was to be in control, the writing was on the wall. With every economic indicator in decline, it now seems that writing was prophetic.

    * politispeak for taxes and redistribution

    As of today, there is no compelling benefit for HIM to legitimize reefer. So the stoners and medical users will be happy – big deal. There are some reasons that could make it a moderate gain on a Federal level, but nothing earth shaking that will turn deficits or make him a hero. The only thing it MIGHT do is keep people calm and uncaring about what happens to them. With only 10-15% of the population smoking the herb, there isn’t much there, either.

    Until there is a major gain for the Feds in decriminalizing weed, there is no reason to suspect he, or they, will get with it. For now it makes news, but I will be surprised if it leaves the state arena for some time to come. That is where the changes might happen.

    Putting your faith in this guy remains a mistake.

  11. Would your political views be different if Obama had legalized pot on his first day in office? I’m guessing no.

  12. and keep in mind 75% of the people locked up are black. Do you black people really want to vote in this man just because he is black. This time around lets vote on some one that is in it for all of us as a whole. Please and not vote for the color of one’s skin…please

  13. hahahaha. Look, everyone… The guy who just called Obama a “lawnjockey” thinks I’m not educated, or wise… Okay, you win. Arguing with a racist.is like arguing with your dog.

  14. Who cares who the drug war started with? All that counts is that the lawnjockey for goldlman sachs (the man you call obama) is locking up more pot smokers than the moron bush, and he is the great deceiver. And………….if you want to be thought of as educated and wise, then please show views that reflect your wishes.

  15. Patrick Christian Mclaughlin on

    Don’t assume I’m not already educated. That would be a big mistake on your part. It started with Hearst, but Nixon’s “war on drugs”, continued well into both Reagan and Bush one’s administrations with abominable results in every way imaginable. I’m not letting Carter, Clinton or especially Obama off the hook at all. But when you look at Bush two’s ‘Medicare Prescription Modernization Act’, Vs any federal action taken under Obama, you cannot tell me Bush had less of an impact on the strangle hold big pharma has over this country. Now, they back everybody, D and R’s across the board. But Policy matters. And at this point, at least they’re starting to ratchet down the talk of a war on drugs. We’ll see what happens. But I’m just as disappointed with him as everyone else is about the raids, prosecutions and apathy/indifference towards legalization. And for what i can only imagine are for bullshit political reasons; reasons i can no longer fathom since he’s well into his second and final term.

  16. The rodeo clown president has locked up 4x the amount of pot smokers as did the Bush administration. He is a walking tragedy, and wants a police state. Hows that hope and change working out for you folks?

  17. I’ve been waiting almost 50 years for the country to catch up to the reality of cannabis, and it ain’t over yet. But there really is a change in the wind, albeit painfully slow and frustrating. When I read about another arrest for possession or one more MMJ shop being invaded by a team of black-clad SWAT officers, it makes me sick. The only answers I can come with are to keep talking about it with your family, friends and neighbors, to keep the pressure on every politician, both local and national, and to support NORML, the Marijuana Policy Project and similar groups with your time and money. The enemies are ignorance, arrogance and greed, and we have to be better than that.

  18. I’ve restrained myself from dumping on Obama, but when I keep reading this stuff I’m reminded of the old Stevie Wonder song that says, “You keep on singing that song, how you are going to change right from wrong, but if you really want to know our views you haven’t done nothing.”

  19. There is no excuse for this administration to deny rescheduling…except to continue to support the American Slave Trade with the private for-profit prison industry.. SHAME UPON YOU Mr. President…you are being a coward……..

  20. If they arent particularly bothered about the patient taking it or the carer getting it for them why would you want to force them to source it from criminals rather than an established dispensary

  21. Typical… All of the things I thought he’d do like invest in infrastructure and legalize weed he hasn’t done. He bailed out the banks/devil and has busted more medical pot shops/sitting ducks than Bush. I hope Pat is right about an evolutionary moment in 2014. I’m still floored by the statement the NIDA made yesterday about MJ being just as toxic as alcohol. Stupifying!!! Mean while people are suffering with illnesses that MJ could provide relief for or even cure. So frustrating to see the country overwhelmingly for legal med weed and a growing majority for full legalization, yet the dumbasses in Washington still fear the devil’s lettuce like its 1985. Nuts!!!!

  22. Patrick Christian Mclaughlin on

    I agree. But the problem with Obama out of office is, another Republican drug warrior in his place, which could potentially set back a lot of the progress that’s been made. Historically, these things are cyclical. And it wouldn’t surprise if this country lost it’s shit again and voted for someone like a faux libertarian who talks a good game about state’s rights, but in reality is too much in the pockets of big pharma and every other big God damn corporation that stands to lose billions if the majority of the states go green..

  23. I would guess that President Obama will have an “evolutionary moment” about this subject sometime near the 2014 election, either just before or just after the first Tuesday of November. His views on cannabis are much more about politics, polling and “optics” than any philosophical objection to legalization. He is, after all is said and done, a very competent politician. And, of course, a charter member of the Choom Gang.

  24. “We have all heard this BS before.”
    “… mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    I can’t wait til a few more politicians besides Obama can go along with him to their oblivion in the hall of infamy.

  25. Conservatives4Legalization on

    “I can’t wait until Obama is out of office”. I hear you brother. I’ve been saying that since 2008.

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