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Obama Finally Speaks About Marijuana Legalization In Colorado And Washington


barack obama marijuana 20/20 barbara waltersPresident Obama’s First Interview About Marijuana Legalization In CO and WA Is Full Of Empty Rhetoric

President Obama recently gave an exclusive interview to Barbara Walters which will air tonight on 20/20. In the interview President Obama talks about marijuana legalization becoming a reality in Colorado and Washington State, and how his administration feels about it. As expected, the quotes from the interview that have been released so far are full of BS. Let’s break down the interview, which was originally released today in an article by ABC.

“President Obama says recreational users of marijuana in states that have legalized the substance should not be a “top priority” of federal law enforcement officials prosecuting the war on drugs. ”We’ve got bigger fish to fry,” Obama said…” Really Obama?

If President Obama truly felt that way, then marijuana reform at the federal level would be a reality. If marijuana enforcement was truly not a ‘top priority’ than President Obama would heed to call from former President Jimmy Carter that we need to take away federal penalties for simple possession of personal amounts of marijuana.

“It would not make sense for us to see a top priority as going after recreational users in states that have determined that it’s legal,” he said, invoking the same approach taken toward users of medicinal marijuana in 18 states where it’s legal.

If Obama takes ‘the same approach’ towards recreational marijuana as he has medical marijuana, than all marijuana consumers better be on notice that they could be raided at anytime, that their landlords could be harassed at anytime, and that their assets could be taken at anytime. If medical marijuana hasn’t been a ‘top priority’ then good people like Montana resident Chris Williams wouldn’t be looking at over 80 years in federal prison right now.

“This is a tough problem, because Congress has not yet changed the law,” Obama said. “I head up the executive branch; we’re supposed to be carrying out laws. And so what we’re going to need to have is a conversation about, How do you reconcile a federal law that still says marijuana is a federal offense and state laws that say that it’s legal?”

Yes Mr. President, you head up the Executive Branch…Thanks for that political science 101 breakdown. Here’s some more breakdown for you Mr. President – the Executive Branch does more than ‘carry out laws.’ The Executive Branch, if it really wanted to, could be a catalyst for change in Congress, as has been done in the past. When it comes to health care, did Obama sit back and say, ‘well, Congress hasn’t changed health care laws yet, and all I can do is carry out what they do…’? Of course he didn’t. He used the ‘bully pulpit’ to put constant pressure on Congress to make change. Marijuana policy reform is no different than any other political cause that Presidents have fought for from a procedural standpoint. When Obama says ‘we need to have a conversation about that’ I think the entire marijuana community wants to respond with ‘No sh%t Sherlock, that’s what we have been asking for for years!!!!!’

“It makes sense for us to look at how we can make sure that our kids are discouraged from using drugs and engaging in substance abuse generally,” he said. “There’s more work we can do on the public health side and the treatment side.”

Drug dealers don’t ask for ID. The licensed and regulated storefronts that will be selling legal marijuana will ask for ID. If Obama truly wanted to keep marijuana out of the hands of youth, he would be in full support of Colorado and Washington State’s recent reforms. I truly believe that with REAL drugs, there definitely needs to be more done on the ‘public health side and the treatment side.’ However, marijuana is not a REAL drug, and so ‘waiting for more to be done’ in the area of public health and treatment is nothing more than a delay tactic.

I think readers can already tell that even before I see the whole interview, I’m pretty fired up about this. President Obama has a chance to make history by being the first sitting United States President to fight for sensible marijuana laws. He has every incentive to do so, yet he’s clinging to the same rhetoric he has been throwing around for years now. I hope non-marijuana consumers will see through this BS, and demand some REAL conversations about this. It’s all fine and great that Obama had a discussion with Barbara Walters about marijuana reform, but I won’t really care until he has a REAL conversation with his staff, with Congress, and with state officials in Washington and Colorado. Obama needs to use the ‘bully pulpit’ for what’s right; not for flinging empty rhetoric that goes no where.


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  1. Dear Brian,

    Many people have overdosed and died from poppy tea. This is made from dried poppy pods and water. But I guess Nat Geo is right if you consider water to be a chemical.

  2. I did for me! I have accomplished more in 1 year advocating medical marijuana, than chasing opiates, vicodin, hydrocodone in 10! Write that down….

  3. I live in florida and last time I checked, I didnt have a narrow mind. I accept all religons, races, cultures, and sexual orientations. Dnt judge a whole group based off a few people. So eat ur own words.

  4. Poppies and Coca are mild stimulants that have mild effects on the body/brain…from what I’ve seen on Nat Geo they only have about as much of an effect as coffee does. They don’t “really” get you “high” until you add the chemicals to them.

  5. William Conde on

    “The legal doctrine of “fruit of the poisonous tree” is fairly basic in its premise: if the information being used in a case was obtained through illegal means, then any other information gathered via that illegal action is also tainted by the poison from the initial illegal action.”
    Case In Point—The Laws Against Cannabis
    The very first item in making cannabis
    illegal is in the scheduling of cannabis as a schedule one substance. As a
    schedule one substance by definition it has no medical use and a high potential
    for abuse. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH, and most everybody, including most every politician knows it.
    I enter into evidence page 17 of the May 20, 2012 Amandala, head line “Marijuana relieves muscles tightness, pain of multiple sclerosis: Study” This is just one of hundreds maybe even thousands of recent studies showing some of cannabis therapeutic uses. Cannabis has and still is planet earths most widely used bush medicine for over 10,000 years in most every culture. When the truth is sought even one of the USA’s DEA’s top administrative law judge, Francis Young declared in a 1989 case in his finding of facts, ”that marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man”
    Maybe the laws remain because large pharmaceutical manufactures donate
    millions of dollars into the USA’s body politic. Why would they do that?
    Because cannabis has been so widely used for so many different ailments that it
    could safely replace such a wide variety of their products that they would lose
    billions of dollars annually, because you can grow it for free in your garden
    and they cannot patent it.
    You want to reduce crime and the cost and manpower of the legal system. Get rid of the illegal draconian cannabis laws and you will have twenty-five to fifty million less criminals in the U.S.A. alone. Also, cannabis laws violate just about every guaranteed civil rights of the constitution, which declares that it is the highest law of the land and that any law witch violates it is invalid.
    What if all violent criminals were to turn themselves in to the authorities tomorrow? It would be a great day. What if all cannabis users were to turn themselves in to authorities tomorrow?
    Use your imagination.
    Even though it is illegal, almost everywhere in the world today, it is still the
    NUMBER ONE OR TWO CA$H CROP, in most countries, as this is being written.
    Something you must understand, even though marijuana is this incredible cash crop that the INDUSTRIAL HEMP crop dwarfs marijuana when it comes to world market demand and total market ca$h value. It was a RAW MATERIAL for over 25,000 products in 1935, before it was made against the law, and can be used today for countless more.
    Not only has this unjust, unholy declared war cost us trillions of dollars
    worldwide and ruined millions of lives and negatively impacted billions more,
    but it has stopped us from using one of nature’s most incredible resources. It
    has not only cost us money out of our pockets and love from our spirit but it
    has stopped us from being able to create untold wealth for ourselves. If you
    see it as unclean, then for you it is unclean, but as for me, it is a holy
    plant and a blessing to mankind. Only those unenlightened condemning souls
    absent of Gods’ Love could wish to continue, this war on their own people.
    We do live in a democracy, Thank God, and the government is to represent, we the people. As the people, all things of the government are to put into reality our
    good condition and are to guard our freedoms. That is what I have been told. We
    are not brain-dead idiots and do not wish to be treated as such anymore. All
    those who would wish to continue this unjust, unholy war against the people,
    understand, what you are doing is wrong and Christ will forgive you, but
    mankind might not.
    PEACE and LOVE
    William Conde

  6. I agree with you 100 percent :) People who willingly decide to take that road seem to be close minded because they believe that there opinions about the plant is the only one true fact about the plant. So any evidence/proff of the contrary is automatically rejected and yelled at with out any resurch/further resurch.

  7. i love how more and more people are speaking out and rising and being actually educated on the real facts of marijuana not the propaganda that our gov makes and brainwash people to thinking marijuana so harmful even more harmful then the usual things we eat and digest even though those things are way more harmful people dont even know that us humans are born ecs system which stand for endocannbinoid system which includes lungs kindey brain and other organs which makes us sleep eat relax and forget and marijuana has thc and cbds and other compounds but thier cannabinoids just like the ones were born with that is reason why also is healthy for us.

  8. I don’t even smoke marijuana and and i think it should be legal for any american to smoke it if there 21 ! They do it anyway, why not legalize it and take the tax revenue to help get this country out of debt.

  9. I am from the deep south and believe it are not but most people here are with you on this issue so watch it we have good people all over in way up in New England, Canada and all other places. The loudest get heard, like the old saying the squeaky wheel gets greased, so what we need to do is get loud in a peaceful way

  10. He claims that because it is a federal law that he just can not change it like we want him to even tho the vast minority want guns taken and he is all over that. It comes down to he acts on things that he wants to act on and leaves the rest alone. Hypocrite is what I call him. Instead of raising taxes he should regulate and tax MJ and so much of the money problems would be taken care of . not all but a lot.

    I am a former pot smoker I have been away from it for 30 years I do not have anything against it I just just choose not to use it anymore kind of like drinking and smoking tobacco



  13. prohibitionists and computers have 1 thing in common , They will repeat the same thing over and over till the input is modified!

    Computers only know 2 things a zero or a one! 01 -00-10-11

    “the government could make a lot more money”

    Judging the way they waste money now , why give them more?

  14. For the girl that lost her fiance i’m sorry. I’d say he had’nt used pot and did’nt know what to expect. Me I don’t drive not because of pot but because of my nerve medicine. I have done alot of stoned driving have class a cdl. Never had no accidents. So dude was doing something else beside driving.

  15. Thankfully people like “Lex723” don’t speak for the cannabis reform movement. It’s individuals like yourself who lack the maturity to have a civilized discussion without resorting to name calling to make their point because they dont have the social skills to form a valid and coherent thought. “your (you’re) stupid” is a retort not worthy of a 3rd grade playground dispute.

  16. You cringe because your stupid, you can smoke both the poppy and coca plant and they are no where near coke or heroin, those plants are where tabs and perks (the pills) come from. If you do to cannabis what they do to coca and poppy you no longer have weed. Just like turning cough syrup in to meth. I think stupid people like you do more harm than good cause you talk about things in witch you have little or no knowlage of.

  17. The most relevant aspect of the Cannabis tradgedy slips clear under the radar screen. Generations of culture around the world has been effectively bullied, bludgeoned and opressed by zenophobic, coercive, powerful American trade policies into a state of denial and self demonisation. Now that the social and recreational drugs of choice, namely Alcohol and tobacco have proved to be dramatically more harmful than this much demonised innocuous weed, Article two and three of the Universal declaration of human rights Asserts the right to use this weed exactly as we please without hinderance. And what government health warning can we put on Cannabis product packaging? Perhaps the most useful thing may be to rather change the message on the tobacco product packaging to say “hello this is your goverment warning you that we are a bunch of arseholses who know this stuff kills hundreds of thousands of people every year but we have not got the balls to be honest and ban tobacco outright because we don’t want to piss off the powerful people who have bought our vote in congress.”

  18. We heard Obama say the same thing before. Just before all those collectives and dispensaries filed their paperwork, brought in their supplies and set up shop. THEN the DOJ came in and had a good old time showing off the ability to terrorize and neighborhood, and the patients who need, what the came to take away. Holder is a loser and needs to step down, NOW.

  19. Just a correction in terms here, folks. Marijuana is the word taken from the Mexicans they wanted to control, at the time the law was created back in 1937. It is really named cannabis, (sativa, indica, americana, whatever), and the term just help to lock a lot of people into the government touted and spouted logic that continues to cost people their lives and their ability to earn a living and feed their families. The Blacks they wished to control called it ‘Reefer’, and it’s the same deal. Word association used to help cement the attitudes were discussing here, when it is against the govt vested interests.

  20. If it is so dangerous, why are there TONS of commercials, extolling the view that it’s accepted and FUN to drink alcohol? Gee. I wonder where the kids get the idea that it’s so cool to get drunk? You KNOW they don’t pay any attention to the little tiny phrase at the bottom of those ads that says ‘Please drink responsibly’. Like anyone else who tries to use the GOD given right to make their own choice, we are being told the powers that be, know what’s best for each and every one of us. Baloney. There are plenty of other things that came out in the past election, that they are ready to control us with, as well.

  21. That is the problem with people who have never tried it, or been under it’s influence, ever. They are usually the ones pushing the ideas, that they are ‘acting in the best interest’ of the people. The very same people they thumb their noses at, and then proceed to do what they want in our name, so the rest of the world hates us.

  22. THC is a compound like all the others, but it occurs naturally, not formulated by stupid people with a degree in some lab.

  23. I suspect there was more in that baggie than cannabis. So, you are stating that in the over 3,000 years it has been used and known about, your fiancees friend was the one to be graced/cursed with the first to die from this pant? Since drug dealers in the black market don’t card the people (or kids) they sell to, they have also been known to use PCP or something else to enhance the apparent potency of the stuff they’re pushing. I have seen it time and time again. They call it ‘dusting’. THIS is the reason we need to either drop it from the drug schedule (I don’t see sage, coriander or thyme on this list anywhere), or legalize it and put controls on it to help control the purity and quality. To fast track the implementation of this scenario, we need to use the laws we already have in place for the more dangerous substances the powers that be, allow companies to supply to the public at large.

  24. Seems to me that the word drug is a generic term. If big Pharma companies call their products drugs, then why aren’t THEY illegal? If all illegal drugs are bad, why do we still have drugs that are legal, and harm us more than they help? The proposition that you have to weigh the harm that a certain chemical does to the body should be outweighed by the good that it does, goes against the grain of Physician, do no harm. What a bunch of crap. Doctors are groomed by big Pharma, when they enter the fold, while in medical school, to push their garbage on us and ignore the fact that the chemicals they push are going to be marginally helpful, while killing other systems in the body. Cannabis has compounds in it that occur naturally, and does not require manipulation by humans (even growing it, since it is a weed and will grow in most places on the planet) to occur. What we do with the plants after they are harvested is what makes the difference. ‘Drugs’ are what the pharmaceutical companies push on us, while they thumb their noses at the ‘all natural’. You know, NO manipulation by humans. But hey, look at how much extra we pay in the supermarket for anything labeled ‘Natural’ or ‘Organic’, especially when it is proven that they are marginally, if not completely organic. All of this leads me to the conclusion, that when they (LIKE, for instance, big tobacco) think there is a penny more to be made in cannabis production, they will be making it with the tobacco production lines and distribution resources they have in place, to come in a make a killing.

  25. Mr. President Obama don’t you want more money in your hands to solve some real problems? Don’t you realize how much money it takes to jail someone over recreational drugs or medicinal purposes we are all aware of. The cost to “house and feed” someone who was “busted” for it. The pay for the law enforcement to mess with this is taking away their time to find murders or rapes or theft. Taxes collected from the sale of Marijuana could be used to plump up the governments pockets so as to reinstate school needs, health ins, teachers etc. So once again my question is Mr. President Obama don’t you want more money??? Then make it legal with State regulations…ie, age, obtained, where allowed to smoke, etc. How hard can that be? Let those who are in for the charge of having marijuana out. Save money. Stop putting people in jail for having paraphernalia…more money for you Mr. President. It is a win win situation and should be an equal priority law as any other one. A lot of people are counting on you to deregulate it. After 44 years I am alive and rocking in my chair holding a……… as you Mr. President know you could do it if you weren’t afraid to be bucked up on. Time to put the gloves on and stop all this Try a little harder please.

  26. Heroin is actually still a prescribed medicine in the UK. Dilaudid is prescribed in the USA, they hooked me up to an IV when I go surgery. Helped a lot at the time, but made me feel like shit when it was gone. Dilaudid is much stronger than Heroin and it is legal as prescribed. Sooo, why the fuck is THC still illegal????????

  27. Right, we need to ban alcohol and legalize weed. I’m sure many would agree. Gotta give to receive! I know I’ve been way more fucked up than I should have been toking on top of drinking.

  28. This is so true. I have a legal script for 90 OxyC 40mg a month. I take 3 a day so I can function. I’ve tried smoking opium to see what it’s like and it won’t do shit to me because my tolerance is all fucked up from using pharma’s substance. Fuckin assholes will sure as shit keep their customers to themselves with their “over-powered” drugs they push.

  29. I don’t know which is more ignorant, speaking your mind and being “loud,” or not saying anything at all. Don’t confuse “loudness” with ignorance. The voice of many will speak the “loudest” and it will be the people who will win the vote.

  30. Pro-marijuana individuals should embrace the gateway drug argument and research ways to prove why it is better to legalize that outlaw because of it.

    I currently have to agree with marijuana being a “gateway drug” for two reasons:

    1) It brings you in contact with drug dealers that try to push you towards other drugs.

    2) It becomes clear, after using marijuana, that it is not as as addictive or dangerous as said to be and makes the consumer believe that similar claims to other drugs must be unfounded as well. With that in mind, the consumer feels it is safe to try other drugs.

    Therefore, I claim that it is the faults of the states and the federal government that marijuana is a gateway drug. By making it illegal and categorizing marijuana as dangerous as heroine and more dangerous than: methamphetamine; cocaine; mophine; oxycodone; opium; etc., it makes the consumer feel that those drugs must be just as safe or safer use. Since he’s already going to visit the drug dealer and be in possession of an illegal drug, why not try something new.

  31. I agree. There needs to be a movement that intends to educate the public rather than just go out there and stand with signs against the government. Our first step of action is not with the government itself… but with the people. There needs to be a rally!

  32. Are you naïve? Cocaine and heroin are not natural… Coca plants and poppy plants…we decided to F with the plant to make the villian it is..You are a fool!

  33. one other thing , I would realy like to see more action in VA , Are there any teams in or working for VA . I cant woek due to a degenerative cartlage disease, lots of my joints are bone on bone ,hurt to move to much , though I used to smoke a while back , and it really helped , helped you to ignore the pain, get out of the house, helped depression, and anxiety, But Law states that If I am in a pain management program and they shovel methadone and morphine into me,as much as I want that they are to drug screen me regularly (drug screen when they shovel the garbage into you with many awful side effects) and if canibis was to be detected then they would close there doors to me and no longer help , So If I used canibis in VA to help with depression anxiety , which works so well , then the state would tell me sorry, you will have to live your life in bed or non mobile the rest of your days, You will no longer recieve help with your daily pain from us. Just wanted to get that out, Havnt seen any other posts stating this. Again Good Luck everyone

  34. Sad, you people that get on here , cursing and carrying on , think that really helps, Helps them , Sure they would say , See, look at the filthy mouth degenerates , they are the ones that want this legal, Again you arent helping, And the Harborside show when the owners brother said at one point while giggling, (opened the safe full of seeds) If aliens ever came down to earth and found these seeds, they would plant them and find out so much about us…..WHAT!…..Again while giggling , .This kind of publicity doesent help , Televising Adults to the nay sayers acting like childeren , Lets Keep it professional , Just saying, I support the move, , but so many of you and the comments given are onlu fueling the opposing side here . Also I do believe what an earlier quote stated, less alchahol in this world would be a blessing , regulate like the alchahol and help all in the world, economy, industry, …But Im sure the alchahol and ciggerette industry will be fighting us also, there bottom dollar will surely be effected . Good luck

  35. …or the north, or Canada, or Mexico, or the UK, Russia… Good things come from all of those places, but somehow the most ignorant are often the loudest.

  36. Don’t forget about the tobacco and pharmacutical industries. You cannot patent medicine that is made from all natural ingredients. Most of the worlds rope used to be made from hemp as well. Flags, Bibles. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independance are printed on Hemp.

  37. I have to disagree. I still believe most Americans are fair-minded. They have just been brainwashed by decades of propaganda, and can’t let themselves believe their government has been hijacked by evil thugs.

    Once they absorb the facts, they will do the right thing – as they did in Colorado and Washington state.

  38. It is NOT a war on drugs, despite the popular phrase…its a war on PEOPLE, US!! Glad 2 hear your titers are down. Stay healthy, grams, LOL

  39. John, I think that most Americans don’t give a rats ass either way. Untill or unless someone near or dear to them gets or becomes a PRISIONER of the war on drugs..and you can thank Richard Nixon, piece of shit president who thought pot was a Communist plot to make men NOT want to fight & die in Viet Nam. No shit!! and here we are 45_ years later and despite some marginal reform..still get caught with a few pounds & see where you end up. What is sadly not understood is for you to get possession of an ounce someone has to have a pound..and so on!

  40. true enough..but ‘their’ argument becomes: just because we have one harmfull drug (booz) doesn’t mean we need to add to the ‘problem’ with another dangerous drug!

  41. Discussion of harms is important, but there is a dynamic here that is being missed. As we have entered a time of great progress for marijuana reform, the biggest sources of resistance avoid the sunlight. The mainstream media have hugely fallen down on this, by making the false assumption that opposition to legalization comes from people who honestly believe they are acting in the best interest of Americans. I’m certain most comes from powerful, wealthy people who only care about the money they are raking in.

    These are the groups that profit hugely from the war on marijuana consumers – police, prosecutors, politicians, prisons, drug treatment/testing companies, alcohol and pharmaceutical companies, the drug gangs/cartels, and, of course, banks and other companies that launder drug money.

    It is logical to assume these wealthy, powerful groups have lobbyists working – and paying – our politicians. They have managed to keep most of this under cover. In a few instances, where disclosure was mandated, some sunlight has gotten in.

    In California’s campaign to legalize marijuana in 2010, it was disclosed that state alcohol distributors contributed $10,000 to the group opposing the voter initiative.

    More proof of this kind of support would significantly speed up marijuana reform, by letting the public know what’s really going on.

  42. Hey Cody, my heart bleeds 4 ya, no shit. Back in the day I got hit with 3800Lbs, a boat load and became a prisioner of war (War on drugs) sentenced to 15 years in Bell Glade prison..any how I live in Michigan which has medical shit.Florida being in what I call the “deep South’ had sooner give up guns than legalize weed. If you are in South Fla. their is a slight chance since most of the population is from the liberal North. It took me 10 years to secure a pardon & get on with life…..those dirty bastards!!

  43. “You Cry babies! If a person wants to do something it’s their perogative. I care less about this silly old argument; just keep your Laws off my body.”

  44. and yet alcohol kills thousands of kids every year!! Doesnt matter that it is against the law…they get it, they drink it, they drive, they die. Marijuana is a harmless plant that has wonderful medical benefits. Science has proven this over and over and over and over…It has also been proven over and over and over and over that it is NOT a dangerous drug right up their with heroin, meth, coke, crack, ecstasy. It is NOT addictive. It is NOT a gateway drug. I am 60 yrs old and have smoked pot for 45 years. Just had a treadmill stress test, blood tests, etc. Everything is fine!!! I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C about 15 years ago. My viral lode came back great…I don’t have it now…???? Wow! I’m just saying that pot has not hurt my health in the least little bit. I am a very regular smoker! I thought Obama was a smart man and could see the ridiculousness of the marijuana laws. The war on drug has not worked and never will this way. Keep smoking people!! We will get it legal!!!

  45. Kelly you said “when people HAD narrow minds” when did that change? Just look at the deep south!

  46. Ah yes the old argument that you can’t fix stupid, I agree..But stupid fixes itself. At the turn of the 1900 cocaine was still legal and their was an epidemic, in which all the stupid people self limited the problem by killing themselves with overdoses….problem solved.. Let the chips fall where they may!

  47. Yo Robert Stop acting or sounding like a Parrot. It is a PLANT that has DRUG(S) in it Digoxin (look it up) is a plant that will stop your heart in a flash, so just being a ‘plant’ really doesn’t ammount to much of an argument…keep tryin’

  48. So true….but good luck.the sheep will follow the master.and in these terms its the “Reefer Madness’ crowd.sorry to say

  49. and keep in mind that cocaine is a prescrible legal drug, scheduel 2 along with oxycodine & Morphine and others

  50. when you chew cocaine leaves you need a certain stone in your mouth or the chemical wont react I frgot what its called, some stupid christian was aurguing with me about this and tried telling me caffine isent a drug but marijuana is, any thing that alters your sense of reality can be considerd a drug its just the word drug and marijuana have been so deminized by socitey. I live in fla and its fine to go to a doctor and get synthetic herion (oxy codone) aka blues, but i got poss of cannibus under 20 grams for a gram of resin the scraped outta my bowl. I lost a good job I had and my drivers licence and had too spend two months in jail. But people on pills get rehab and a slap on the rist. sorry ifthe spelling is a little off i got my kid trying two put his two cents in by pressing random bottons

  51. of course they should be legal
    it should be illegal to make any substance illegal
    see:plutonium ,aspertame, flouride, bath salts
    you cant fix stupid! they are stuck !

  52. Remember the ‘gateway drug’ argument….many who use ‘dangerous’ drugs started with pot….but ALL who do dangerous drugs started with water!

  53. too many factions of “the cannabis reform movement” to hurt anyone

    I hear you, but we have past the point of common sense when it comes to


    If the “truth” does not hurt the opposition than propaganda rules!

    after all its just a miracoulous fucking plant!

    alcohol is a toxic drug toxic period ,unlike cannabis

    cannabis is not a “dangerous narcotic” never was never will be

  54. when you chew cocaine leaves you need a certain stone in your mouth or the chemicle wont react I frgot what its called, some stupid christian was aurguing with me about this and tried telling me caffine isent a drug but marijuana is, any thing that alters your sense of reality can be considerd a drug its just the word drug and marijuana have been so deminized by socitey. I live in fla and its fine to go to a doctor and get synthetic herion (oxy codone) aka blues, but i got poss of cannibus under 20 grams for a gram of resin the scraped outta my bowl. I lost a good job I had and my drivers licence and had too spend two months in jail. But people on pills get rehab and a slap on the rist.

  55. OH how true!!! Spare me the ‘its just a plant’ A better approach is required. The truth be told the Federal, State & Local ‘enforcers’ need to take their puritan ideas and keep them to thenselves. Legalize all of it and let the chips fall where they may!!

  56. Here is a lie from the article that irks me, because I think people form opinions on poll numbers more than they will ever admit.

    “Fifty percent of American adults oppose legalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, while 48 percent would support such a measure, according to a November ABC News/Washington Post poll. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 points.”

    I don’t know, maybe Mr Green is the only one smart enough to see the subtle lie here, but I think fudging the numbers 2% in the wrong direction is huge deal here.

    When will the media be honest…..? Well, it’s mostly about politics Darker, what do you expect?

  57. i tweeted my senator, gov and Obama a story from here the other day. about a hour later tweet kicked me off with no reason. why?

  58. Caitlin Mcdaries on

    I agree 100% that the plant argument hurts the Cannabis reform. Should shrooms be legal? They are a plant, picked from the ground, not chemically treated. What about peyote? That’s a plant. There are way too many fallacies in that argument. The best argument out there is “MARIJUANA IS AMAZING AND DOESN’T HURT YOU AND IF EVERYONE SMOKED IT THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE.” :)

  59. The Federal demonizer’s are getting desperate!. They’re getting The United Nations International Narcotic Control Board (INCB) involved with the states initiatives.

  60. Yeah its a plant…then u mix a bunch of stuff to mske the drug. Where weed u pick, cure, and smoke….

  61. Yeah cocaine is frok plants but u also have to add all kinds of things to make it cocaine..idiot…

  62. It’s ridiculous that marijuana is illegal in the first place. An archaic law established when people had narrow minds and the timber industry and the cotton industry didn’t want the competition that hemp allows in those marketplaces. It is time to join the rest of the world in the cultivation of hemp and the legalization of a plant that does nothing but good.

  63. They are synthesized from plant materials requiring a chemical reaction. Marijuana is picked, dried, cured, and used. I’m sure the “just a plant” argument doesn’t help, but to compare it to cocaine or heroine in the sense that they’re just plants is nonsense and misinformed

  64. i’m not surprised by the answers given that’s the norm for this president. never give an absolute answer because you might have to back up your words. he mentions medical marijuana state laws but theres been no cease of involvement on the federal goernments behalf. nvermind it’s a complete violation of the tenth amendment. pharmacists in all states have been arrested for complying with their residential states medical cannabis laws yet they face serious amounts of time in incarceration for supplying a state legalized medicine. it’s not a drug it’s a plant. any other plant derived drugs are processed with manmade chemicals thus making them drugs. stop arguing over what’s okay and look at the facts people your goverment is pulling your leg and youre arguing over semantics. WAKE UP plant drug whatever marijuana grows naturally and for nearly 20 years we have irrefutable scientific proof that the health benefits far out weigh any cannabis use associated risks. why do we allow our government to tell us what we can and cant put into our own bodies. we are not wards of the state. we are individuals, people we have forgotten our own rights. and marijuana law reform is one medium sized step towards true liberty in this nation.

  65. I see by previous comments that some feel that alcohol is ok cause it is made with hops and barely a natural plant….never mind that the difference is that alcohol destroys the mind and body. Highly addictive and danger to others (ie, DWI, violence) and plain ole stupefied in the mind. and heroin and opium are getting from plants . Heroin is extremely addictive and is very dangerous to self and others. Ok the difference is that most all of the above had human intervention to create the products for consumption. With marijuana it is used in it’s virgin form. Have enjoyed this for 44 years now. And can say I haven’t suffered effects from it….as a matter of fact it helps medically. It is time to realize that the problem with marijuana is that those busted for it and put in jail…..How much is the cost to keep inmates in jail for it. I agree to bust those for man made drugs and or alcohol related problems. But over an herb that hasn’t hurt anyone….and that if man made drugs mixed in the bag of marijuana. People use can be dangerous. I had a conversation with a detective who said that there was a man who smoked a joint and flipped mentally and was basically gone in the head…..I responded with well there must have been something in the bag besides weed and he said how do you know there isn’t something in the bag and I said, “Well if you would let us grow our own that would solve that problem” He just huffed and left…..Please you out there that believe that marijuana isn’t right to consume due to “health” reasons. When Pasture saw the “bugs” in the water under a microscope and was sure that is what made people sick…well for quite a while NOBODY BATHED IN OR DRANK ANY WATER! Imagine…now water is known to be safe to drink and bath in. so??????

  66. cocaine from the plant is good for you, the cocaine that is process is BAD for you, two different things altogether from one plant, dumb ass

  67. I cringe when I hear the argument that its a plant not a drug. Heroin and Cocaine are derived from the Poppy & Coca “plants” as well as many other drugs. I think using the “its a just a plant argument” hurts the Cannabis refom movement..

  68. lets put a drunk in one car n a pot head in one car n see who makes it to end of raceway! because its only a good drunk n a fake church person who would be against pot or a flag!!

  69. no worst than acohol or cigs. it is your pesonality that wil get you addicted ,hey the goverment could make alot more money and would surley create alot of jobs , wow may even be the thing to boost our ecomony!!!!!!!!hummmmmmmmmmmmmm get with it , you bought the computer to us and created havcik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. It seems that legalization now is going to be a matter of law which is seen as being politically correct. It is a great shame to imprison anyone for this harmless Herb.

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