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Obama To Nominate Pro-Marijuana Candidate To Lead DOJ Civil Rights Division


vanita gupta marijuanaThe Washington Post reports that Obama intends to nominate Vanita Gupta, the American Civil Liberties Union’s Deputy Legal Director, to lead the Justice Department’s civil rights division. This news comes not long after Attorney General Eric Holder announced his imminent resignation, and indicates a continued initiative of positive federal drug policy changes.

Gupta has been outspoken on a number of issues, including racial sentencing disparities, federal incentives to state police that prioritize the investigation of drug arrests over violent crime, mandatory minimum sentences and related disparities, as well as marijuana legalization. She currently leads the ACLU’s Campaign to End Mass Incarceration. Gupta has also garnered bipartisan support with conservatives Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform and David Keene, former president of the NRA, both speaking highly of her.

“Vanita Gupta has witnessed the damage caused by our erroneous policies throughout her career. She’s a brilliant choice for this position,” says executive director of LEAP, Major Neill Franklin (ret.). “This shows that the federal government is aiming to look at drug policy issues through a social-justice lens rather than a criminal justice one. ”

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a group of police, prosecutors, judges and other law enforcement officials opposed to the war on drugs.


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  1. I agree. After last Tuesday’s elections President Obama’s probably going to have to use his Power of Executive Order. The irony being this President has used fewer EO’s than the previous four President’s. Nevertheless, House Republicans are suing the Executive Branch for using too many EO’s. It’s crazy.

  2. If the results of the 2012 Presidential elections had ended with a different result, it’s my belief a Romney Presidential administration would not have allowed marijuana legalization to move forward in any American States / Territories. Thanks

  3. I agree 100% about Vanita Gupta. Although, I believe history will afford future generations a much different perspective regarding President Obama’s Presidential accomplishments. Thanks.

  4. If he did that, and chose well, that could be tantamount to legalizing MJ…
    Obama could get credit for ending the Drug War, certainly the Dark Side of American society. NOT a bad thing by any means, in fact, it could be the best thing he ever did. Now all he has to do is do it.

  5. The trend is to tolerance and legalization. I think the chances she’ll stick with the program are good. Basically, I suspect, she’ll do whatever Obama demands or permits. I do suspect that Vanita Gupta has both a head AND a heart, which can only serve the cause of the people.

  6. I disagree that Obama has been a good president. He has accomplished almost nothing. Even the ACA, what’s left of it, will probably go down in flames after 2016. If he has played any role at all in ending drug persecution, it has been quite passive. But that’s another matter. Appointing Vanita Gupta might be one of the best things he ever did.

  7. It would be an incredible relief to to finally have someone in Justice with a brain and a heart. Gawd knows we have had too little of either for much too long. Maybe, just maybe, after the dust settles, Mr. Obama might actually deserve some (a very small amount) of credit for ending the drug war and legalizing marijuana.

  8. Every politician talks a good game, but the proof is in their actions once in office. We’ll have to see how this one syncs her words with her actions…

  9. I hope Obama nominates a liberal and pro MJ AG that would be great. I certainly hope that Vanita Gupta gets the civil rights division position.

  10. This can only be good news. I’m glad the President is now in his last few years. Not because I think he’s hasn’t been a good President. Quite the contrary. It’s that lame-duck President’s actually get quite a bit done at the end of their term, i.e., action on new Federal land designation, climate change , and righting misguided out-dated drug policies. Positive news can happen despite the GOP Stooges being in charge of the US House of Representatives.

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