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Obama Expressed Support For Medical Marijuana, But Will He Do Something About It?


Yesterday while I was sitting in my cubicle at work looking at social media, a huge buzz was going around the interwebs talking about the upcoming episode of ‘Weed3’ with Sanjay Gupta on CNN. Apparently on the episode President Barack Obama is going to be interviewed and the interview will have him expressing strong support for medical marijuana, and alternative treatments for drug addiction. Below is a graphic that the Drug Policy Alliance put out:

obama medical marijuana

A bipartisan Senate bill that would do amazing things for medical marijuana at the federal level was discussed in the interview as well, with Obama saying that he would have to ‘look at the details.’ That line to me pretty much sums up what is really going on. President Obama is throwing around rhetoric, but at the end of the day, doesn’t plan on doing much. If he did, he would already be familiar with the CARERS Act. But instead, he has to ‘look into the details’ of it, which is a line I expect to hear over and over.

Barack Obama doesn’t really support medical marijuana. If he did, he would back up those words with actions. He would have done so a long time ago. But raids are still occurring, people are still being prosecuted by the feds in states where medical marijuana is legal, and President Obama has done nothing to try to reschedule marijuana and instead acts like only Congress can do it, despite the fact that he can actually do something about rescheduling. Below is a quote from Tom Angell from the Marijuana Majority, via the Daily Caller:

“If the president means what he says about following science, then there’s no question he should support legislation to move marijuana out of Schedule I, a category that’s supposed to be reserved for substances with no medical value,” Tom Angell, chairman of the Marijuana Majority, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“And, since it’s so hard to get anything through Congress these days, he should even do more than that. He should exercise his power under the Controlled Substances Act to administratively reschedule marijuana right away,” Angell added. “The only thing stopping him from doing that is his own reluctance to follow through on his stated principle of letting science dictate policy.”

When it comes to President Obama and his comments about medical marijuana, take it from Flavor Flav, “Don’t believe the hype!” Every time Obama or someone from his administration makes comments like this, a lot of people get excited and get their hopes up, just for the Obama Administration to go about ‘business as usual’ and nothing significant ever happens. If and when something actually does happen, that’s when it’s time to rejoice. Until then, hold off on any celebrations.


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  1. PatriotPuffer on

    Fuck Democrats! I know exactly whats going to happen. Obama says yes now, Hiliary Cuntion will approve it, it will be in the DNC platform and fucking kids and liberals will vote in stampedes. They will paint Republicans as racists for not wanting Obamaweed. No, fuck you, I want weed legal because the US Federal Government needs to step the fuck off my lawn. I don’t care about mi norities or social justice or any of that bullshit. People like Radical Russ and other liberal shits will not detract legalization into the true conservative value it is. Stop the liberalification of weed. Don’t vote Clinton in 2016.

  2. I didn’t know that about Bush, that would be an encouraging sign of the way things are moving.

  3. Yeah, I got one single reply from a letter a sent my Federal and State Congressfolk( * :my comments)

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts regarding the use of marijuana for medical purposes. I appreciate hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to respond.

    I believe this issue deserves serious consideration and debate, and I understand the policy positions on both sides of the argument. For me, it is crucial that we continue to research and understand the benefits and consequences of medical marijuana. I understand that, in some cases, there may be medicinal qualities to marijuana and cannabidiol (CDB) oils. As Speaker of the House of Representatives in North Carolina, I supported giving some of North Carolina’s teaching medical centers the ability to conduct research on CBD oils.( * it was killed in committee)

    As you may know, on March 10, 2015, Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) introduced the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act (S. 683). If enacted, S. 683 would extend the principle of federalism to state drug policy, provides access to medical marijuana, and enables research into the medicinal properties of marijuana. This bill was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, where it awaits further consideration. If S. 683 comes to the Senate floor, I will carefully consider everything you have said in making a decision on what is best for North Carolina and the rest of the country.( * 2014 state-wide voter referendum on mmj garnered 70% support…again killed in committee)
    Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. It is important to hear from citizens on issues that affect the state and the nation. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me again about other important issues.

    Thom Tillis
    U.S. Senator

  4. Hillary will be WAY to the left of any Republican on marijuana. That means should could still be a prohibitionist, but she could reschedule if Obama doesn’t, or she could push more decriminalization, or she could come out in support of medicinal only.

    Anyway you look at it, that’s way to left of your warmongering culture warriors.

  5. Design isn’t needed. A prediction market (like Predict It) is. But if $50 is too much, I’ll bet $20 that the scheduling of marijuana will be changed from schedule one before he leaves office (Jan 20, 2017). Loser pays winner’s charity.

  6. Most of the Republican field is moving to a States Rights position. Including Bush, Perry, and Paul. Some are holding on to “Prohibition forever” like Christie, and the Huckster.

  7. So Hillary is going to be running as a Prohibitionist? Or is she going to be an anti-Prohibitionist so she needs Prohibition in place? How does that work exactly?

  8. I think the drug cartels own him.

    “The Latin American drug cartels have stretched their tentacles much deeper into our lives than most people believe. It’s possible they are calling the shots at all levels of government.” – William Colby, former CIA Director, 1995

  9. Well I can’t match your 50 bucks. But I do electronic design – former aerospace engineer – so tell me what you would like designed. And If I like your request I’ll take your bet.

    This administration will not reschedule before the Nov 2016 election and probably not after. .

  10. Hey, I agree. That’s why I think this administration just might reschedule before it’s over. wowFAD is probably right on the timing, too. If they had a market for this question at Predict It, I’d put a few bucks in at even money.

    Thing is, no pro-pot Republican will win the GOP nomination. So, we best start hoping Hillary continues to evolve on this issue.

    I’ll probably be voting for Bernie Sanders in the primary.

  11. It’s on reruns now watched it last night on CNN also reruns of Weed 2 and High Profits

  12. I understand well that U.S. politicians lag behind the public on drug war related issues. But this far behind??? Support for medicinal cannabis is up to about 85%. If I’m naive for being surprised that’s not enough to get the job done, then I’m naive.

  13. Ok man. a VERY good response..The reality is religion has some good. BUT not on grass. Grass is God send…..

  14. Wild swings hitting nothing but air, leaving you off balance and off topic.

    Must be really hard for someone who’s used to having people follow the orders he barks at them to have someone stand up to you.

    ” intellectual honesty”

    You’re the one who refuses to admit that Democrats are much better on the weed issue than our other choice. You’re the one who refuses to admit that by voting Glibertarian, you helped Voldemort retain the Governorship. You’re the one who won’t use his real name, or agree to bet on what you say won’t happen.


    I have consistently said you should vote for Democrats if you want to move toward legalized weed. I’ve been so consistent about saying that that you start taking wild swings at me with anything can find that’s off topic.

    ” barest shred of integrity”

    I stand up, using my own name, to call for legalization. I stand up and tell people to vote for Democrats because they are, by far, the best hope for legalization.

    You hide behind a fake name and insult people by bringing their kids into arguments you can’t win.

  15. Look at how the little caged animal lashes out… trying desperately to find something to hurt me with–anything, as long as it has nothing to do with the points at hand.

    I made an inaccurate prediction and admitted to it. And yet you lie and say I did not.

    You straight up lied about no democrats supporting A2. You tried to brush it off by saying you were wrong. You weren’t wrong. You said something was true without caring whether it was or not. That makes you a bullshitter.

    And now, rather than fessing up, or stating how much you will bet on whether the administration reschedules, you bring my kids into it.

    Pitiful. Even by your standards.


    “…bullshitters seek to convey a certain impression of themselves without being concerned about whether anything at all is true. They quietly change the rules governing their end of the conversation so that claims about truth and falsity are irrelevant. Frankfurt concludes that although bullshit can take many innocent forms, excessive indulgence in it can eventually undermine the practitioner’s capacity to tell the truth in a way that lying does not. Liars at least acknowledge that it matters what is true. By virtue of this, Frankfurt writes, bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are.”

  16. Obama-Clinton will nullify the religious vote by supporting Marijuana reform and sane sex marriage. This is to get the young vote. Religion’s delusional beliefs and grip on America is at its end. Thank god for intelligence.

  17. I actually believe that he wants to do something about the medical Marijuana and drug issue. Unfortunately hell either never get the votes or chicken out even trying because of political fallout.i actually believe he wants sensible drug policy,But knows he outnumbered by these pig headed senators and members of Congress. Once these older archaic drug prohibitionists finally leave office well get somewhere unless we can get really lucky with a libertarian leaning president.Unfortunately, we may be looking at 10 years or more of this ridiculous drug policy, till we get the old anti drug crowd out of office.

  18. No he won’t do anything he is going to sit the rest off the term out. HE DOES NOT WANT TO CHANGE THINGS. He plans on letting the next PRESIDENT handle Marijuana legalization . BASICALLY he’s being a chicken.

  19. Goodbye, Scott. Have fun shouting at nobody. I’m going to enjoy the rest of my weekend while you sit there wondering why your kids don’t love you.

  20. I’m assuming they took longer to clear moderation, seeing as how I’ve stopped being polite with you. Seriously, Scott — get a life.

  21. You are such a bullshitter. A bet means money. And I most certainly admitted that my prediction about Dumbowski was wrong.

    That is a completely different thing than what you did. You weren’t predicting some future event. You were stating, flat out, that NO Democrats supported A2, when, in fact, they did.

    You are capable of seeing the difference there, and yet you ignore it.

    ” I have integrity”

    Right. wowFAD is your REAL name. Mr. Integrity.

    I stand up for what I believe in. I’m proud of it.

    ” Want to know why you’re here, now, bothering me?”

    I already know. You’re a purity troll who admits to voting glibertarian when he could have voted for much better than what he got.

    “Because those children in your profile picture want nothing to do with you”

    Heh. The girl is 25 now. The boy is 20. And they both love their old man.

  22. See? You have no integrity. You said you would recant your statements, that you would admit to being wrong, not pay me a sum of money. BTW, I admitted to be wrong about FIVE of Florida’s democrats not being as cowardly as the other 117 running for office in 2014. I recanted as that was the honest thing to do. That’s the difference between us — I have integrity, you do not. I also have a life, which is also the difference between us. In fact, the worst thing I can do to an attention whore like yourself is stop paying you the attention you crave so much. Want to know why you’re here, now, bothering me? Because those children in your profile picture want nothing to do with you, and I understand why.

  23. We made no bet. No amount agreed upon that I remember, and you never revealed your real name so we could settle up.

    Betting on a potential outcome is A LOT different than straight up stating that NO Democrats supported A2 when they actually did. I made a bad prediction. You lied.

  24. Deleting your comments now?



    You were accusing me of stalking you. Here’s my reply:

    Actually, I’m just bored. No worry, though, I’ll have something better to do soon.

    Funny part about this last bit is how you boss me around, call me names, lie about what I just said, and, of course, avoid the point.

    I’ll let you know if Predict It starts a market on this. I don’t trust people who use fake names.

  25. We made no bet. No amount agreed on, and I don’t even know who you are. Kinda hard to collect from a fake name.

    Funny part about this last bit is how you boss my around, call me names, and, of course, avoid the point.

    I’ll let you know if Predict It starts a market on this. I don’t trust people who use fake names.

  26. We made no bet. No amount agreed on, and I don’t even know who you are. Kinda hard to collect from a fake name.

    Funny part about this last bit is how you boss my around, call me names, and, of course, avoid the point.

    I’ll let you know if Predict It starts a market on this. I don’t trust people who use fake names.

  27. No, because you’ve demonstrated your inability/unwillingness to abide by your OWN word — we made a bet, before. And you welched. Thus, no respect. You’re less than trash to me.

  28. Clearly, your world *does* revolve around me, seeing as how you are, once again, stalking my replies to other people. It’s pathetic. YOU are pathetic. You’re a sad little partisan hack not worth my time because, as is the usual, you’re not capable of intellectual honesty, consistency, or even the barest shred of integrity.
    Call me a “purity troll” or whatever gets you off, Scott. You are a loser, and no amount of baiting me will change that. In fact, the more you persist, the more you keep coming back, the more certain I am that I’ll be featured heavily in your eventual suicide note.

  29. I don’t recall any bet being formally agreed upon in that case, where I was wrong. You know, like you were when you said no Democrats supported Amendment Two? We’re only human, after all.

    ” the way you’ve been trolling this thread proves you’re just a loser with no life.”

    Says the guy trolling this thread with lies about what I said.

    So, since I use my real name, how do I know who to collect my $50 bucks from when this Administration reschedules?

  30. Your word is worthless, Scott. Let me spell this out for you:

  31. “The jaded political strategist in me believes the DNC is trying to make this into a football they can use for the next ten years”

    Well, that whole Iraq war and Little Bush Depression thing is so early 21st century.

    The jaded political strategist in me knows that they’re watching the polls in the swing states, and when this works for a Presidential candidate, they’ll come out for it. Just like with gay marriage. Looking at the recent Pew numbers tells me one party is going to do much better with this issue at their back than the other.

    As for the rank and file Democrats, well, as I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, they’re right there with the people who elect them. That’s why, in the US House, this is what we see:

    91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

  32. My world doesn’t revolve around you and your standard waiting period for replies. Your impatience is a big ol’ tell, though.

    When this President ran for office, both times, he didn’t say anything about rescheduling being an issue. Since he’s not from the Progressive wing of the party, the fact that he is AT LEAST talking about it is a big step in the right direction. I’m willing to bet that it is, in fact, a signal that this might be in the works. Maybe Biden will let it slip soon.

    The fact that this is not ALL of what you want RIGHT NOW causes you to have a conniption fit so great that you fantasize about strangling the President of the US.

    Add that to your past insistence on voting third party in strategic situations where your vote could actually elect a lesser evil, and you are the very definition of a purity troll.

    The fun part about you, though, is that you’re so damn bossy about it. When you yell in your office, do you have a bunch of lackeys who come running to see what it is you so desperately need right this very second?

  33. I really don’t care about credit, but I suspect that’s why nobody is pulling the trigger. The jaded political strategist in me believes the DNC is trying to make this into a football they can use for the next ten years, which is why the current administration keeps doing things like this CNN appearance. The strategy seems to be keep promising “good things…..tomorrow” until they’re certain it is politically convenient/advantageous to move on this issue.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the political spectrum, you have the GOP that doesn’t want to lose the “Silent Majority” vote by indulging us liberal folks, and also enjoys how the current laws make it difficult for black people to vote, given the huge racial disparity in how our laws are enforced. When I was more like Scott, I used to point at those two facts as reasons Eric Holder was going to be the herald of cannabis rescheduling as the first black AG, but that didn’t happen, either. The opposite happened — Holder’s DOJ has issued a lot of memos (more non-binding talk), while their actions have been completely contradictory to what we’re supposed to believe the President supports.

  34. stellarvoyager on

    I completely see where you’re coming from. The eternal optimist in me sees a scenario where bipartisan reform passes congress and is signed by the president, is hailed as “historic”, basically creating an environment where both parties’ nominees have to support reform in some way. Independents are overwhelmingly pro cannabis, and will be even more so once bipartisan reform happens. When that does happen, both parties will want to take credit. But I absolutely share your frustration and agree that if he doesn’t act soon, things could go much worse.

  35. Wow. Scott, get a life. You’re stalking me, again.

    Actually, get a therapist. Or a prostitute. Whatever your personal issues are, stop darkening this blog with your bullshit. We all hate you.

  36. Yes. But I expect you to welch on this one, just like the last one. You said you would recant when Alaska overturned Amy Demboski’s proposed ban, but you decided you’d weasel out of that, proving you have no actual integrity for me to respect. Frankly, the way you’ve been trolling this thread proves you’re just a loser with no life.

  37. So the moderately conservative Democrat — who is going on TV tonight to voice support for medical cannabis — won’t reschedule because moderately conservative Democrats don’t support medical cannabis?

    Do you think these things through, or do you just say whatever pops into your head? So I’ll ask you again: Why won’t the *current* President — who clearly supports medical cannabis — reschedule?

  38. I hope you’re right, too. Honestly, though — I’ve been running on hope for six years and I’m running on fumes. A lot of people have been.

    The CARERS act will hopefully get more attention on the national stage. In fact, my fears about the Tea Party during the 2012 election, really, were only valid then. The Tea Party lost most of their backing when their fervor failed to elect Mitt Romney. Honestly, the President still has “professional” detractors, but their voices are fairly hollow, these days.

    The time to do it, if he’s going to do it, is within the next eight months. Otherwise, there will not be enough time for the DNC to rally support behind the decision. If they don’t support the President, they’ll do what every Democrat in the South did in 2012 and 2014, which is try to distance themselves from Obama by saying they don’t support _______, and I’m worried they’ll fill in the blank with cannabis. Especially with Debbie Shultz as the DNC chair. Her open head-butting with John Morgan in Florida over Amendment 2 is well known.

    I’ve gotten tired of trying to rationalize the Obama administration’s supposed political chess game. If he’s going to do it, he needs to do it. Going on TV, teasing hopeful people who need safe access, acting as if he’s going to do something… It just makes me angry, not hopeful, because I know his hands aren’t as tied as he would have us believe.

  39. “no re-election to be concerned about”

    Well, there’s Hillary’s election to be concerned about.

    ” It’s a double-slap to the face when he says Congress should reschedule, too.”

    That’s what he said about immigration, and we see where that went.

    ” That’s why I could have strangled Obama with my bare hands for suggesting we get this accomplished through Congress!”

    Careful. They might be listening. Good thing you don’t use your real name.

    ” I actually shouted loud enough to be heard in the hall outside my office “You have gotta be kidding me!””

    Oh, the humanity!

    “Despite what Scott says, my opinion about the President in regards to this issue doesn’t make me a purist, it makes me a pragmatist.”

    You have a real problem with bossing people around, and then lying about what they say.

    I think you’re a purity troll for advocating that people vote for third party candidates in situations like the one in Florida where someone who is MUCH better on this issue lost the race for Governor by less than the amount of votes for the Glibertarian.

    See, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I agree with you. Talk is cheap. It’s what people DO that matters.

    Now, I’ve just asked Predict It to start a market on this. We’ll see if they do. If they don’t, how much will you bet that marijuana won’t be rescheduled by the end of Obama’s term?

  40. “I specifically said not to bring up any Republicans”

    Aww.. what’s the matter? Don’t like it when people don’t do what you boss them around to?

    ” “politics moves slowly” is not an answer, either”

    Well, good thing that wasn’t my answer, liar.

    Here’s what I said:

    “Because he’s a moderately conservative Democrat, not a liberal, and he didn’t run on this issue.”

    See how that’s different from “politics moves slowly”?

    Now, read it carefully again, so you don’t miss the important part:

    “Because he’s a moderately conservative Democrat, not a liberal, and he didn’t run on this issue.”

    Got it now?

  41. A purity troll is someone who lets the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    I honestly wondered if you were new to American politics or not. Lagging public opinion is what most politicians do, and have always done. Very few actually ever lead, unless they’re lying us into a war.

  42. Another disappointment. Couldn’t help yourself. Rand Paul isn’t mentioned once in this article or either of my other two comments. In fact, I specifically said not to bring up any Republicans, but I suppose you can’t read. Also, “politics moves slowly” is not an answer, either. In fact, your BS rationalization is a reason the President should have started the rescheduling process *sooner* not later. So I’ll ask you again: Why won’t the *current* President reschedule?

  43. stellarvoyager on

    That’s all true, but I think he understands that if he were to do any of those things unilaterally, even in a second term, it would make a partisan football out of this issue that would get knee-jerk opposition from the GOP, just because he supports it and their socially conservative base opposes it. So the case could be made that he’s waiting for congress to act, and quietly supporting reform while not getting in the way, so that the reform can be bipartisan, since he knows that having something like the CARERS act passed by a republican congress, and signed by a democratic president, is going to be much more enduring than an executive order that can be reversed by the next president upon taking office, or as soon as the political winds shift. Heaven forbid if someone like Chris Christie or Jeb Bush got in next, they would have a much harder time cracking down if they need an act of congress to overrule a rescheduling of cannabis, and I think Obama understands this. That’s what the pragmatist in me wants to still believe, and I still do believe it, because that is how Obama has been throughout his term: always wanting to compromise and have bipartisan cover, despite what his critics say.

    The time may be right at this moment, because a federal judge recently denied a motion to reschedule, leaving him with the opportunity to sign bipartisan legislation and get his moment in the limelight, a mountain of polling has come out showing a national consensus on cannabis law reform, the CARERS act is moving through congress, and Sanjay Gupta is doing another special about weed. This sort of aligns all of the stars to put Obama in a unique position of enacting “historic” change that the people clearly want. He is as concerned about his legacy as any president, and wants to go down as a “historic figure”, not as one who acted unilaterally, provoked a backlash, and failed to accomplish reform, possibly damaging the movement for another generation.

    I still hold out hope, but I too am losing patience.

  44. “Why won’t President Obama — the current President, with 20 months left in office — reschedule?”

    Because he’s a moderately conservative Democrat, not a liberal, and he didn’t run on this issue.

    ” 20 months left in office”

    I understand how hard it must be for purity trolls to accept this, but politics moves slowly. If you pay close attention, you can see where administrations are moving. They change the way they talk about things. They start to drop hints from people throughout the administration. And this administration is hinting that they just might reschedule. 20 months is a long time, and this is the kind of thing you do at the end of your term, like pardons and clemency. If there was a prediction market for this (and I think I’ll ask Predict It to make one) then I would invite you to come play that market and see if you can take my money betting against this administration rescheduling.

    Now, let’s move on. Of the current crop of potential candidates, Rand Paul is a bullshitter who has no chance of becoming President of the US. And all his “liberal” talk on this subject is about to be backed away from as fast as a Glibertarian can bullshit about not getting Voldemort re-elected Governor of Florida. As fast as Ayn Rand went to her mailbox for her social security checks.

    Hillary, OTOH, has already started to soften on this, suggesting that we should “look into” rescheduling.

    Now, go ask Jeb Bush or Scott Walker about that.

    ” I have to once again tell you how much of a dismal disappointment you are.”

    The feeling is more than mutual.

  45. Every minute another American dies of Cancer. There’s no time to waste. Every American Cancer Patient deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana. So does ever American kid with a seizure disorder. So do American Veterans suffering from PTSD. So does everyone else, everywhere who can benefit from Medical Marijuana. It is IMMORAL to leave Marijuana illegal for even one second longer. Its one of the most important MORAL issues of our time.

  46. I’ve been wrestling with the how/why of the President’s inaction for years. I justified his inaction for the first four years he was in office by saying he did not want to pull a Jimmy Carter. As I recall, my worry was very specific. Had the President rescheduled his first term, the 2012 campaign would have been dominated by “DOPE” posters meant to lampoon the “HOPE” slogan from 2008. Part of me still thinks that’s valid, even if it doesn’t make me happy. Had the 2012 campaign turned cannabis into a Tea Party chew toy, this issue would have been set back by decades.

    But now we’re more than two years into his 2nd term, there is no re-election to be concerned about, only the country and the future. Honestly, I used to be convinced the first black President would do something about the number-one method of suppressing the black vote in America, the drug war. Sure, we got the Fair Sentencing Act, but I credit Durbin and Leahy for writing it. I expected *more* and I don’t feel guilty for wanting more. Nor do I feel the least bit guilty (anymore) for begrudging the President for not delivering.

    He’s done a lot in other areas — which is why I voted for him again — but this area is where he is woefully, tragically, painfully inadequate. It’s a double-slap to the face when he says Congress should reschedule, too. The primary excuse for why it’s hard for the President to accomplish much is inaction/obstruction by Congress, which is why it makes me want to rip my hair out in clumps when he says Congress should reschedule because *we know* he doesn’t need Congress to do it.

    It’s as if he thinks there’s no overlap between cannabis law reform advocates and those of us who pay attention to current events and politics. Any politically savvy person will tell you that Congress has been America’s biggest pain in the ass for the last six years, citing single-digit approval ratings and a government shutdown as exhibits A and B. That’s why I could have strangled Obama with my bare hands for suggesting we get this accomplished through Congress! I actually shouted loud enough to be heard in the hall outside my office “You have gotta be kidding me!”

    Despite what Scott says, my opinion about the President in regards to this issue doesn’t make me a purist, it makes me a pragmatist. One would think the President would enjoy being able to accomplish something real, significant, and historic without Congress getting in his way. Rescheduling cannabis is something that fits that description, and he knows it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be going on television, tonight.

  47. Worked for gay marriage? There are parallels between the two issues, but if you’re trying to conflate the progress same-sex marriage has made with the progress cannabis law reform has made, there are more than a few problems.

    First, the President doesn’t have the legal authority to make gay marriage legal. He does, however, have the legal authority to reschedule cannabis, as previously stated. So while his voiced support was appreciated by the gay community, he can’t grant marriage licenses to gay couples in the states where same-sex marriages are still illegal. That’s why his “voiced support” for medical cannabis is completely worthless, given his inaction, because he can actually change things.

    It’s easy to voice support when you can’t actually do anything to help. It’s disingenuous to voice support and do nothing when you actually *can* help. I trust you’ll conveniently overlook these two sentences, right Scott?

    Seeing as how he doesn’t need Congress to reschedule, because he’s deflected several times saying that rescheduling should happen through Congress, his inaction makes him a coward. We don’t need moral or intellectual support from the President. We need action from the President — action we’re all very aware he’s legally able to take.

    You and I have been here before, and the conversation always ends the same. You can’t justify the President’s inaction. That’s why you’d rather discuss Scott Walker…? Sorry, Scott. This article isn’t about Scott Walker or Jeb Bush. It’s about the Presient — the current one, who still has 20 months left.

    In fact, let’s not talk about any hypothetical Republicans and their hypothetical decisions. They haven’t even started the primaries. Let’s stay on topic discuss why the man who is *currently* in office won’t do a damn thing. And as always, I will not tolerate your thinly veiled deflections (Scott Walker… LOL).

    Why won’t President Obama — the current President, with 20 months left in office — reschedule?

    No deflections. No tangents. And no, “Republicans would be worse” is not a valid answer, either. Why won’t the *current* President reschedule? 20 months left to do it. Six years have passed in which he could have done it. Why won’t the *current* President reschedule?

    I keep asking you over and over hoping you’ll actually answer without your usual barrage of excuses and prevarications.

    By the way, putting up with a lot of shit doesn’t make the man a hero. If so, my tolerance of your partisan hackery practically canonizes me. Were he to do something heroic, that would make him a hero. To date, as far as cannabis is concerned, all he does is talk, which is far from sufficient.

    So while it’s your goal to make people scared of candidates a year and a half out from the actual election (my god, you need a life), I have to once again tell you how much of a dismal disappointment you are. So here’s the question, again: Why won’t the *current* President reschedule?

    And again: Why won’t the *current* President reschedule?

    Once more to make sure you can’t ignore it: Why won’t the *current* President reschedule?

  48. He won’t do anything other than pander and promise, and then come through on nothing, as usual.

  49. darthhillbilly on

    Thanks for the support. I have read the reports you mentioned, but my wife has yet to be desperate enough to read the literature. She looks at my “medicating” as a distasteful necessity. I look at it as the medication that got me off 4 highly addictive prescriptions that were ruining my life, my marriage, and my quality of life. I tried to inform my wife that “Big Pharma” doesn’t want people growing any form of cancer medicine at home, due to the insane amount of cash involved. (Maybe the flipping cure!!!) I just pray that we don’t have to go to Colorado from necessity. If my wife said we were moving tomorrow….it would be bad news for my son….make no mistake…WE WOULD MOVE!!!!!

  50. stellarvoyager on

    I get the sense that he actually supports legal cannabis, but doesn’t want it to happen “on his watch.” Lame.

  51. You’re second paragraph seems to be saying the same thing I’m saying.
    Your first paragraph is talking down to me.

    Who’s a troll? Someone you disagree with?

  52. Mlive Spammer on

    We worked our way from a president that said he wanted it decriminalized up to an ounce, to Reagan (who started the war on drugs rolling again, with his “just say no” campaign). Onward to Bush Sr. who cracked down hard on cannabis, to Clinton’s back peddling, about never inhaling, to Bush Jr.’s Operation Pipe dreams, right after 9/11. Now we have another Carter, in the house, who will pass the buck onto the next president, that will start the cycle over again.

    If you guys want real change, you have to start boycotting all the companies, that were instrumental in this happening in the first place. Big oil, Big Pharma, Big Chemical, and anyone that relies on Lumber to make their living. The Mellon Institute, The Rockefellers, Gulf Oil, The Carnegie’s, Dupont Chemical. The Carnegie Mellon institute is still putting out propaganda to this day.

    The biggest weapon the Colonies had was boycotting products sold to them by British rule. Cut back on travel, quit purchasing clothing made with synthetics, stop buying pesticides, and using fertilizers, that are made by the same companies that have made it possible for otherwise, good actors, to be arrested. The country is ruled by corporate money, and if they don’t have money to work with, they can’t harass, good people that are making the best of the world they’ve been given.

  53. Newagedblues is right there have been many scientific papers written about CBD oil (cannibididol) to cut off blood supply to tumors, trick the cancer cells to die off early (apoptotic) among a couple of other things too. Check http://www.pub med.com
    I’m sorry about your son, I have two girls and can’t imagine what you must be going through.

  54. The Federal policy is relevant because people are going to jail. Please understand the difference between federal, state, and local laws. The CARERS act will allow for it to be a state issue IF YOU CONTACT your senator in DC and voice your support. Till then, all it takes is a few publicity stunts and the current tide could change for the worse.

  55. ” it’s a mystery to me why he lags so far behind public opinion.”

    Maybe you’re new to American politics? Not being familiar with the process would explain why something that’s obvious to students of history seems like a mystery to you. If that’s the case, at least you’re not a purity troll. You just honestly don’t understand that on issues like this (welcome to the culture wars), the people lead the politicians. When they can get elected taking a position, they’ll take it.

    Right now, only 39% of Republicans support legalization. This tells me that anyone who wants the GOP nomination has to be against legalization. That’s a real problem for them. They nominate someone who gets the nomination by punching hippies, then they’re going to be stuck with that position in the general election.

  56. It is not just the politicians who are acting degenerate about medicinal marijuana. It’s also the judges. If they had any common decency, they would protect you and your child’s inalienable human rights. So many people can’t wait for justice, they need it now. Or needed it yesterday and now it’s forever too late.
    I wish your family the best.
    It’s possible cannabis does more than mitigate the effects of cancer, it may tend to shrink cancers. A lot has been written on this if you want to investigate. Others know much much more than me on that subject.

  57. The Republicans candidates for Prez have some big decisions to make about marijuana, especially about the overwhelming public support for medicinal marijuana, and about the state’s rights issue. Opposition to MMJ is evaporating among the public, and between advocates of legalization and advocates of letting states decide, there’s also overwhelming opposition to cracking down on states that legalize recreational weed. We heard from that dumpling Cristie, we’ll see what the rest of those bad boys have to say.
    Obama, like Clinton, knows how to ‘evolve’ on the issue, but it’s a mystery to me why he lags so far behind public opinion.

  58. The idea that a man who has put up with as much shit as Obama has is a coward is hilarious.

    Fact is that this talk is how we move the ball. Worked for gay marriage, and it will work for weed. If this President doesn’t reschedule, the next one will, and it won’t be a fucking Republican. Despite all your efforts to screw the Democrats, they are the best hope, because the other option is Jeb Bush or Scott Walker.

    Want to see what cowards they are on this subject? Think they would even TALK the right way on this subject?

    All you purity trolls can bitch all you want, but the fact is that we play small ball in American politics, and having a President even SAY the right thing here is a huge step forward.

  59. Johnny is correct about the President’s intentions. What we’ll witness this Sunday is “strong support” rhetoric followed by precisely no action. Sadly, the President has no intention of rescheduling cannabis. All the reasons to reschedule that exist today, existed last year. And the year before. In fact, they’ve existed the entire time Obama has been in office and long before. Those reasons existed while Obama was pulling “interceptions” as a youthful member of the Choom Gang.

    For six years, he’s been dancing around this issue without making a single concrete promise. To be perfectly blunt, he’s been deliberately misleading everyone into believing reform is coming whenever he drops non-binding comments that vaguely suggest he’s in our corner.

    There’s a phrase of latin (one of the few I know), Facta Non Verba: actions not words. Some people interpret that to mean you should take action, not stand around talking about it. Indeed, that may have been the original interpretation. However, the other interpretation I like is that talk is cheap and almost worthless when it comes to knowing who a person truly is. A person’s actions tell you who they are better than all the pretty talk they sputter. What gets you out of bed, what drives you to act — those things show people who you are.

    Obama isn’t an advocate to reform our broken cannabis laws. Certainly not because he’s going on TV to *talk* about his “strong” support for medical cannabis. He’s going on TV to talk about it, sure, ya, fine, but what is he going to *DO* about it? Nothing.

    Section 811 of the CSA grants the executive branch almost unilateral authority to reclassify any substance through the Attorney General or the Secretary of Health and Human Services — both cabinet positions under the President. He doesn’t even have to pick up the phone. He can point across the table and say “do it.” What’s depressing is that he won’t, despite his TALK. And that tells me who Obama is: a coward.

  60. darthhillbilly on

    I have advocated marijuana reform for a long time now. The 1st day of April my wife and I found out my oldest child has cancer. (That was also his birthday…not the gift I would have chosen for his 7 th birthday.) Now I find myself parenting my other two children by myself as my wife sits in the neighbouring state taking care of my eldest as he undergoes chemotherapy. Even though evidence strongly suggests that CBD oil mitigates the effects of chemo, if I were to give it to my child I could be prosecuted. Even better CPS could try to take my child. Our government is “broken”. Parents become refugees just to get medicine for their children. The racial disparity in prosecution is a joke. The so called “War on Drugs” is only a War on American people propagated by Big Pharma, Big Alcohol interests, the “for-profit Prison System”, Law Enforcement, and other government agencies. If I had the means I would have my child’s treatment in Colorado, but the cost is prohibitive. Policy needs to change. America needs to change. My child shouldn’t suffer any more than necessary to get better.

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