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Obama Throwing Medical Cannabis Patients Into Prison At An Alarming Rate


barack obama medical marijuanaThis Month Will See A Number Of Patients Sentenced, Sent To Prison Despite Compliance With State Medical Marijuana Laws

Washington, DC — Fallout from the Obama Administration’s aggressive federal enforcement in medical marijuana states has reached a fever pitch this month with three people being sentenced, two others due to surrender to federal authorities to serve out sentences of up to five years in prison, and one federal trial in Montana currently scheduled for January 14th. Two of the three people being sentenced in the coming month — Montana cultivator Chris Williams and Los Angeles-area dispensary operator Aaron Sandusky — face five and ten years to life, respectively.

“The number of sick patients being locked up by the Obama Administration is unprecedented and deplorable,” said Kris Hermes, spokesperson for Americans for Safe Access, the country’s leading medical marijuana advocacy organization. “Aggressive enforcement is an unacceptable means of addressing medical marijuana as a public health issue,” continued Hermes. “The Obama Administration is lying to the American people when it says it’s not targeting individual patients and these cases are clear evidence of that.” Montana patient cultivator Richard Flor died in August while serving out a 5-year prison sentence.

Five cultivators claiming to be in compliance with Michigan’s medical marijuana law were sentenced in October. Two of the cultivators — Jaycob Montague and Jeremy Duval — are already serving their prison terms of 18 months and 5 years, respectively, and two others — John Marcinkewciz and Shelley Waldron — are scheduled to surrender to federal authorities on January 8th and 10th, respectively. Waldron will be imprisoned for 18 months and Marcinkewciz for 5 years. The fifth cultivator, Jerry Duval (Jeremy’s father), was sentenced to 10 years, but has not yet been given a surrender date.

More than a dozen people were indicted after federal agents conducted raids on state compliant medical marijuana businesses throughout Montana in March 2011. Only one, Chris Williams, went to trial and, like all other medical marijuana defendants who are tried in federal court, was denied a defense and swiftly convicted. While facing more than 80 years of mandatory minimum sentencing, Williams accepted a rare post-conviction plea deal that reduced his charges and possible sentence to 5 years to life in exchange for his promise not to appeal his conviction. Williams, who is scheduled to be sentenced on February 1st, worked at Montana Cannabis with Chris Lindsey, another indicted cultivator. Lindsey, who testified against Williams at his trial, is expected to be sentenced today. Medical marijuana cultivator Jason Washington has one of the last unresolved federal cases in Montana. Washington is currently scheduled to go to trial on January 14th.

Aaron Sandusky operated G3 Holistic in Upland, California when he was federally indicted in June. Though Sandusky was arrested with several others, he was the only one who took his case to trial. In October, Sandusky was denied a defense in federal court and convicted at trial. He is scheduled to be sentenced on January 7th to a minimum of 10 years to life.

Far surpassing his predecessor George W. Bush, President Obama has conducted more than 200 SWAT-style raids on state-compliant medical marijuana businesses and has indicted more than 80 people since he took office. “How many medical marijuana patients is President Obama going to imprison before he considers other, more humane options,” said Hermes. “The president must answer for why he’s going against his earlier pledges by spending Justice Department funds in this way, especially at a time of fiscal crisis.”

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With over 50,000 active members in all 50 states, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is the largest national member-based organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research. ASA works to overcome political and legal barriers by creating policies that improve access to medical cannabis for patients and researchers through legislation, education, litigation, grassroots actions, advocacy and services for patients and the caregivers.


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  1. Agreed. However, you can’t agrue that Barry hasn’t gone back on his words, time and time again.

    The guy had me fooled.. I voted for him even. Boy am I dumb. At least bush made it obviously he was a jackass.. this guy is a real piece of work.. saw him speak up close (within 10 feet) and got a few eye-to-eye moments.. He is using a technique to control people when he talks, I observed this first hand.

    do not trust obama or the replicats or demokins, they are the same group of rich people.

  2. Your comment is wrong on multiple levels.

    1. He wasn’t “supposedly” elected; he was elected.

    2. you claim that this year was the “lowest voter tun out %”. This is falt out wrong. A 30 second google search will tell you that.

    3. I don’t understand how you concluded that that majority of people did not vote for him. More people voted for him than romeny. In no election did over 50% of the total population vote for the same president. So your logic, again, doesn’t make any sense.

    4. voting has no relation to taxes. We don’t vote on how are taxes are spent. Therefore, saying how our votes don’t count because of the way taxes are being spent has no reasoning behind it.

    5. “we all be saying” doesn’t make any sense. you forgot the would.

    6. taxes aren’t being poured into “spoiled politician’s open bank accounts”

    7. people are always going to disagree on how the gov should spend its money. Not everyone disagrees with how taxes are being distributed.

  3. I think Zeal can get over it. Her entire spiel about racism actually seemed like blatant sarcasm. I read it three times before realizing it wasn’t a joke. It was obvious from the very beginning that the author of this article hadn’t a single race-oriented thought on the subject of his post; none of his statements had any racist inclination. I’m gonna call BS where I see it and ask that we not be middle school English teachers drawing elaborate metaphors out of dry stone–or offense out of a silly picture. Seriously, it looks like someone just googled “hands pointing” and cut out the first image they found, hastily superimposing it against a photo of the president and having a lighthearted laugh. Sorry…but I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade either.

  4. Does it once explain as to why they are being Imprisoned? No, so don’t just jump to conclusion that “Obama is a two faced jack ass.” 80 people silence he has taken office that’s about 20 a year, less than 2 a month. How many people got arrested for a marijuana law violation in 2011? 757969 almost 2076.627 per day. People don’t get put in jail without a cause. Do you understand if Romney was elected medical marajuana wouldn’t be showing up in any other states. Ignorance is bliss.

  5. No racist intent at all and by no way did I mean anything by it; in fact, until you pointed it out, I never even noticed. Call it the Stephen Colbert “I don’t see race” syndrome. Sorry for any misunderstanding!

  6. I think it is terribly racist of you to portray Pres. Obama with a pair of white hands in his ears, as if those were his hands. This president is black, and if you can’t portray him with black hands, for fear of giving offense, then you are implying that his race is offensive.You are wrong to portray him other than he is. Are you afraid to call a spade a spade?

  7. This issue has nothing to do with Obama, it has to do with people abusing the rights given to them under the MMP, in the cases you sight for Michigan both had more plants than allowed under the law and wouldn’t have qualified for a Medical Marijuana Defense anyway. I can’t speak for the other cases you posted but the Michigan cases were not compliant with the state law. The greedy people that don’t follow the rules make it harder and more dangerous for those of us who do and I don’t think we should use them as poster children for legalization and reform. There are enough cases of actual patients who had their rights violated, those are the people we should be fighting for, not the people trying to profit from the movement.

  8. Looks like folks need to start supporting Libetarian Candidates instead of Democrats or Republicans……

  9. Yeah he is so full of shit man “we got bigger fish to fry” locking people for no reason some good Bud never hurt anyone, Go after the Damn hard shit like Meth etc quit worrying about weed.

  10. Obama must hate marijuana or love donations from police unions, big pharma, and big booze companies. Just legalize marijuana! It is much better for people than prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco or bad illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, and meth. Great e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA – Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. This book has great recipes for easy marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints, only $2.99.

  11. Well, he DID say it’s time for a change. So he ramped up the terror on them there dopers by golly. He did decide, however, to keep the bankers in charge of the fed and treasury. Yes, the same bastards that brought us financial ruin. He is worse than all put together. They finally got their Muslim president. He will continue to tear this country down. Too bad though.

  12. Obama is a two face jackass… even before he was supposedly elected the first time he flip on a number of issues and the second election, the people did not vote him in. Lowest voter turn out percentage since before 1948 if not opf all time. This means clearly the majority did not vote for him. In fact this is suppose to be a republic not a democracy but its actually an oligarchy. Peoples vote don’t count, otherwise we all be saying how our taxes are to be used rather than trusting spoiled politicians with an open bank account and full benefits.

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