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Obama Tries To Sway Marijuana Voters, Marijuana Voters Toss Him The Finger


Obama’s Campaign Ad Is Seen As A Slap In The Face By Marijuana Supporters

Without question marijuana has been the topic of discussion banging on the doors of the White House for the past few years. With President Obama allowing more raids of medical marijuana dispensaries and patients that George W. Bush did in his eight-year term, marijuana patients, advocates, and all-around freedom fighters are sick and tired of being thrown under the bus.

Outside of topics regarding marijuana, the Obama campaign (in my opinion) has done a pretty good job framing their issues in a way that results in positive feedback from targeted constituents. So it was quite surprising to see Obama come out with a video a few days ago targeting the marijuana crowd in hopes of garnering more votes for his campaign. Not only does the video send the message that everyone who smokes marijuana is a stoner who just sits around watching cartoons all day while eating junk food, it sends the message that Obama has no idea who he is mocking on national TV.

President Obama’s Video:

The intelligent, fast acting, politically savvy individuals that make up Students for Sensible Drug Policy alumni put together a video rebuttal to Obama’s attempt at lassoing marijuana voters.  From the Huffington Post:

President Barack Obama’s new ad featuring stoner duo Harold and Kumar drew accusations of hypocrisy on Tuesday from critics who note that the beloved potheads could easily be arrested under the White House’s current drug policy. Now drug policy reformers are out with a parody ad that depicts what might actually happen if the president spontaneously dialed up a pair of marijuana users to ask for their support.

While the president’s original ad was meant to promote the appearance at the Democratic National Convention of actor Kal Penn, a former White House staffer who plays the character of Kumar in the eponymous film series “Harold and Kumar,” pot advocates saw an opportunity to hammer the president for his marijuana policy.

“Shaleen called me about how irate she was at the Obama campaign video and that she had this idea for a parody,” said Chris Wallis of Side Pocket Images who helped produce the video. “We hope we made the message clear that for a lot of people this isn’t a laughing matter, and I think the internet’s response to the video proves that.”

SSDP video:

The video does an AMAZING job by pointing out all of the petitions that have been crafted by serious drug policy reformers, and signed by REAL voters. Time and time again petitions submitted via Youtube, Reddit, and even Whitehouse.gov have topped the list of topics that the American public wishes Obama would address. Time and time again, President Obama has failed to address any of these questions, and now he thinks making a mockery of marijuana reform is going to easily win him some votes. We are here to say, “NOT TODAY PRESIDENT OBAMA.” We are not dumb, blind, or ignorant to the rhetoric you spew through offensive campaign ads. We will not let down our guard to be persuaded by fictional “stoners” to cast our vote for someone who refuses to end the prohibition of marijuana.

Over 800,000 people are arrested every year under the current administration that continues to wage a failed war on drugs. Is this change? Is this really a step forward?

Are you pissed off yet? We thought you might be, because we certainly are.

TAKE ACTION NOW! If you want the President to earn your vote, tweet this:
@barackobama @kalpenn @johnthecho It takes more than lame jokes to earn votes. It takes action. Change the marijuana laws. #EarnMyVote

Be sure to check out Students for Sensible Drug Policy to get involved and stay informed about how YOU can help these students and alums make a difference in ending the failed war on drugs in America. www.ssdp.org

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Published with special permission from the National Cannabis Coalition


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Sam Chapman has dedicated the last seven years of his life to leadership, activism, progressive legal reform, and social media. He has been a crucial member of the End Prohibition Again Campaign, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, as well as a strategic framer for Occupy Eugene. Beyond drug policy reform, Chapman has served as the Associated Students of the University of Oregon Campaign Manager, College Outreach Coordinator for the Measure 74 Campaign, and currently runs a social justice organization, the Interpretive Framing Group. Chapman’s expertise also includes his ability to develop diverse networks of people through the power of social media. Chapman seeks to challenge outdated status quos and policies through his public speaking, leadership, and social media skills.


  1. It is federal law we must come against and character assination that pot smokers have to unite against. Federal Government holds the patent #6630507 to medical cannabis. It is their hypocrisy we must challenge.

  2. Obama killed 2 American citizens with drone strikes, without trials, much less convictions, acting as judge, jury and executioner all in one. 160 CHILDREN and an unknown number of INNOCENT adults across 6 different countries have also been killed by these drone attacks. Obama is a war mongering hypocrite! I wouldn’t vote for Obama or Romney for money! And Obama has repeatedly that he does NOT support marijuana legalization. He has raided more medical marijuana facilities in three and a half years than the Bushy wonder did in eight. JOHNSON/GRAY 2012! No more lying demopublican hypocrites!

  3. Prop 19 failed in Ca. This pushed the hand of the FED .
    The conversation was started ,Obama wont join the conversation
    Voting for 3 party might not win elections but it certainly makes a statement.
    politicians will see the thousands of people who dont support drug prohibition.
    Lost votes sends a clear message , we are sick and tired of federal drug laws and state ignorance .
    Obama thinks its Ok to have 800,000 US citizens arrested every year because CHANGE is something the federal government is incapable of doing , they make so much money off cannabis users they are financially addicted to prohibitions.
    Why vote for any party that persecutes MJ users ?

  4. Show me where ANY third party candidate has even come close to getting elected. Not going to happen. You absolutely won’t get Romney behind any pro-pot bills (as I said above) but there is a chance of swaying Obama after the election.

  5. Both Obama and Romney support marijuana prohibition! It’s not relative, they both are opposed to legalization. If you support marijuana legalization and your tired of waiting on the demopublicans and republicrats to come around: vote Libertarian. Gary Johnson has more executive experience then Romney and Obama put together and fully supports marijuana legalization. JOHNSON/GRAY 2012!

  6. Obama has raided more medical marijuana facilities in three and a half years than the Bushy wonder did in eight. You have a real choice. Gary Johnson is expected to be on the ballot in all fifty states and unabashedly supports marijuana legalization. Don’t waste your vote. Support those who support you! Gary Johnson has the vision and integrity to lead this country. JOHNSON/GRAY 2012!

  7. Gary Johnson has more executive experience than Obama and Romney put together and unabashedly supports marijuana legalization. It’s high time (pun intended) the marijuana community supported those who support them! Don’t waste your vote on those who would take away your liberty. This election, send a message: JOHNSON/GRAY!

  8. With Obama you have a chance, especially in his final term. Wait till after he’s elected then go after him on it. I see a growing trend for legalizing medical usage. Romney will not even consider ANY legalization (they would have no one to fill their privatized prisons or work their prison labor). He even says to vote Democrat if you want marijuana legalized.

  9. They are all possessed by demons. Which one has the devil residing in him?
    I’m extremely sincere about the answer to this question.

  10. I really can not believe how after all these years, people still believe that regular cannabis smokers are stupid. I feel extremely lucky I live in the UK, America have everything wrong apart from their justice system (against murderers and pedos), I’m not to sure what I saw in those last two videos but I’m assuming it was technically murder, Police raiding and just shooting and then just standing outside the front door shooting in! How unprofessional of law enforcement, Again I’m assuming they didn’t check for innocents before shooting, did they? Americas government you are the biggest joke the world has ever seen! You claim to be safe but just want war, Even in Iraq your country had the highest deaths by thousands…… Doesn’t that tell you you’re doing something wrong! Think before you do! dumbass government

  11. Obama wore a stern black and white suit on his phone call, I notice, I assume to contrast with the morally loose slackers. Who the hell does this guy think he’s a role model for? I voted for an honest man – Ron Paul. Obama doesn’t have this one in the bag. Put the squeeze on him.

  12. i heard obama interviewed about changing the marijuana laws and while he seemed to agree that he wouldn’t be pressing for prosecutions under the current laws, he said that he needs to use his political capital for other things right now. i can only suggest that if you think this guy is bad, just imagine life under Romney – that’s the choice!

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