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Obama Video Showing His Medical Marijuana Hypocrisy


We all know the story – Barack Obama says one thing as a senator and on the campaign trail about medical marijuana, then he goes the opposite direction once in office and targets distributors and growers of medical marijuana. I feel this video that was produced by the Marijuana Policy Project is amazing because it puts all of his quotes into one video. Will 2012 be more of the same from President Obama in regards to medical marijuana enforcement? Or will he finally get sensible and realize there are much bigger issues that he should be focusing his limited resources on?


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Johnny Green


  1. Get over it. Medicinal marijuana is a massive hypocrisy and if you obtain marijuana under these laws and you’re not sick (and you know who you are) you have no room to complain about hypocrites.

    Bleating fucking sheep queueing at your dispensaries whining “But I neeeeeed it for my cataracts”.

    There is no authoritarian stricture nor any humiliating climbdown that the boomer hippie will not willingly undergo to be left alone to enjoy their own private pleasures. Grow a pair. 

  2. because the people we think are in control ARE NOT!? maybe? i think so to be honest, there are greater powers we dont even know about

  3. Well at least I DID NOT vote for him; why; everything about him I did not like!!! Here is another example that dishonesty does start from the top. Maybe Mickey D’s can use another hamburger flipper!!!!!

  4. I voted for this lying turkey in 2008. I already wrote him and explained as a mmj patient I won’t vote for him again unless he revises his cannibis policies.

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