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Ohio Attorney General Predicts That Medical Marijuana Will Come To Ohio Soon


ohio marijuana medical marijuana legalizationOne of the benefits that the ResponsibleOhio campaign touted during their 2015 campaign was that legalization in Ohio would help patients. Unless you have been living under a rock, then you know that the 2015 Ohio legalization initiative lost. By a wide margin. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t support for marijuana reform in Ohio, especially medical marijuana reform.

Many recent polls show strong support for medical marijuana in Ohio, and chatter has been picking up about the chances of Ohio legalizing medical marijuana, and when it would happen if the chances are good. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine recently spoke on the topic, per WLWT:

“I think medical marijuana is coming. Most Ohioans, when they look at this issue, you know, have great sympathy for people who might be helped by medical marijuana,” Attorney General Mike DeWine said.

DeWine said clinical studies and trials involving marijuana are going on across the country, including at Children’s Hospital in Columbus. Researchers are trying to determine if a new marijuana-based drug produced in Great Britain is helpful when it comes to treating children who have multiple seizures.

DeWine believes that results from the studies will be back within the next year, and he anticipates that the FDA will take appropriate action when the results are announced.

So when Mike DeWine talks about medical marijuana, is he talking about actual plant material, or is he talking about synthetic marijuana? And is he talking about Ohio legalizing medical marijuana, or is he talking about the FDA approving a new pharmaceutical form of cannabis (similar to marinol), which research has shown is not effective as whole plant based medicines? I would agree with Mr. DeWine in that medical marijuana is coming to Ohio, and soon. But I don’t think that we both agree what form of medical marijuana that will look like.


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  1. Yes, Ohio will have a medical program where only 1 in 1000 people get to have legal weed. But thank God we turned down that monopoly, right!

  2. saynotohypocrisy on

    I’m not giving up on Ohio. They still have the direct democracy of the referendum process, it’s the states without it that are going to be the most dictatorial about it. Support for recreational use is going to keep climbing, but the politicians won’t pay it any mind, they’re just keep stonewalling their fascist heads off.

  3. I agree. I live in Ohio as of right now and am disgusted to even call myself an Ohioan. I have been doing so much research on the politicians of this state, and none of it is good. Medical will not pass for another 5-10years. It will be the strictest anywhere, and will not be given to all the people that need it. I will be leaving this state and hope never to come back. But I will be watching the news as the years pass in no more pain wondering why it took so long to leave.

  4. Kimberly Glanz on

    i am really disappointed that ohio has done this, i am all for recreational but we should have never tried to pass this bill with that attached to it. if the state has this much support for medical, then that is what should have happened. as far as the restrictions, i really hope they don’t do anything along those lines, if they are going to give us the medical, make sure it includes all diseases that it helps, i agree nodecaf, i hope they do that. the funny thing is, most of the time when they talk about the benefits and the diseases it helps, hiv/aids is almost never mentioned. then again, it is hardly mentioned at all anymore. i was diagnosed 11 years ago and i should not have to be on the downlow for something that helps me get through the day. regardless of what i have or you have, we should not have to be treated in this manner. we should be able to access what works

  5. Aren’t prohibitionists grand? Here’s what will happen here in Ohio. In 2-3 years there will be a medical marijuana bill. It will be the most restrictive in the union: 3-4 dispensaries in the state, only a handful of doctors (Who are hardliners paid to tell people, “No”) will be sanctioned. These doctors will make $$$ (There’s your cartel) and only when the cries are loud enough to reach heaven will they add a doctor or two. End stage cancers, epilepsy and possible M.S. will be permitted. My spinal cord injury wont cut it. This mere token will be a platform for politicians to grandstand on and they will do the barest of minimums to be able to say, “Hey look, we care!” even though this has been placed before them numerous times. When this meager bill passes, the public will be satisfied saying, “Good, that’s done” and go back to their football, church services, Matlock, Fifty Shades of Gray etc. etc. PS – The state attorney general just stated he wants pill form only.

    I guess Big Pharma pays better than Responsible Ohio, and popping pills like Limbaugh is so much classier than vaping.

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