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As Expected Ohio Attorney General Sues Toledo Over Marijuana Decriminalization Law


toledo ohio marijuanaIn September Toledo, Ohio voters approved a marijuana decriminalization measure by a very wide margin. Even before the vote occurred, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine made it very clear that he would sue the City of Toledo if the measure passed. Mr. DeWine made good on that threat last week when he filed the lawsuit. So much for democracy, right? Per Cleveland.Com:

DeWine asked the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas to invalidate several portions of Toledo’s “Sensible Marihuana Ordinance” approved by voters last month because they contradict Ohio law.

The new ordinance, which passed with 70 percent of the vote, kept marijuana use illegal but reduced penalties for cultivating or possessing marijuana to no jail time and no fine.

“This ordinance encourages drug cartels to set up marijuana distribution operations in Toledo with less fear of prison or penalties,” DeWine said in a news release. “Absent legal action, it is not hard to imagine international drug rings making Toledo their regional base of operations.”

So according to Mike DeWine’s logical reasoning, every city and state that has decriminalized marijuana should be overrun with marijuana growing cartels right? My home state, Oregon, was the first to ever decriminalize marijuana. While there is a cartel presence here, it’s not because of marijuana. All of the marijuana I saw prior to legalization was grown by hardworking Oregonians, and in mass quantities. So much so that marijuana is basically too cheap here for cartels to be interested. Is there even one real world example that Mike DeWine can point to, because after all, there are a lot of areas in America where marijuana has been decriminalized.

No one should be arrested for marijuana. No one should have their vote nullified because an Attorney General of a state can’t let go of his reefer-madness-loving past. What happens if Issue 3 passes next month? Does the lawsuit go away? Wouldn’t it have been better to wait and see how the initiative vote winds up? To me this just seems like more of a political stunt than an actual lawsuit aimed at fixing a problem, because after all, no problem exists with Toledo’s marijuana decriminalization measure, proven by the landslide victory during the local election.


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  1. How can anyone vote Republican, let alone how can any woman vote Republican? The populace needs to wake up. Michigan’s attorney general is also a repugnant example of a power hungry b-sturd.

  2. We did not change anything dealing with opiates. The way the language is written, you have to put in any part of the current law that is being changed. The section that DeWine is referring to was already that way when we wrote our language. We did not change it. The only thing our ordinance did anything with was marijuana. We believe he’s using that tactic to make the public believe we’re trying to incorporate harmful drugs into the decriminalization/depenalization.

  3. mr. dewine is a hypocrite, on many levels! personal experience of this! wish he’d take his tight ass views and go some where else, where he can get his ideas f–king some one else other then the Ohio people! take a look at his picture! he’s about as conservative as any one could get!

  4. I think Mike DeWine is a product of the Reefer Madness days! He needs to land in the 21st Century and wake up. Marijuana if legalized in Ohio will help millions of people that have horrible Disease’s! People who have Cancer, chronic pain and many other issues and illnesses who don’t want to take addictive pain killers would now have a choice and might want to use marijuana instead, which has little to no side effects! People who have PTSD and mental issues will also benefit from marijuana, and people who have a drink after work would now have the choice to sit back and smoke a little weed to relax and take it easy. Marijuana’s side effects are not even close to what alcohol and cigarettes do the our bodies. The facts are out and people know how harmless marijuana is, just ask the people who smoked it in the 60’s and 70’s and they will tell you what a joke it is for the people who say that marijuana is a gateway drug, and Ohio will go to hell in a hand basket if marijuana is legal. Finally look how much money Ohio will make when marijuana is legalized. Billions of dollars are to be made when marijuana is legalized and that’s why all of the millionairs put the money up to form Responsible Ohio. The group may have monopoly problems but they have finally put the issue to a vote to legalize marijuana, and I think that’s great. If not for Responsible Ohio who knows how long it would take for Ohio to get this on the ballot?

  5. I think pot should be legal and I have felt that way for the 35 years I have smoked it , I think the people who haven’t ever tried it should not give an opinion on some thing they know nothing about … I am 57 years old and have 14 Grandchildren and we are a very close family … so I guess what I am saying is if you don’t know what your talking about then shut up.

  6. They are little conservative religious dutchman. They need to crawl back into the hole they crawled out from.

  7. DeWine was known for his dirty tricks as county prosecutor.

    He looks like somebody that would perpetually fret that someone somewhere might just be having a good time.

    This is abuse of power.

    At some point enough is enough…

  8. He’s just afraid that the fine folks of Toledo will have more fun getting high on the herb than they would drinking de wine.

  9. stellarvoyager on

    The entire government of the state of Ohio is under the thumb of the corrupt GOP. This is what you get when people stay home during midterm elections, so to those who stayed home in 2010 and 2014, I say I hope you’re happy with your decision.

  10. Should read: “Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R)”

    The former Senator, hippie punching prosecutor, and Lieutenant Governor is giving the people of Ohio exactly what they voted for.

  11. I have no use whatsoever for Mike DeWine, and it is obvious to everyone in Ohio that he will continue doing all he can to thwart cannabis law reform.

    Having said that, however, it should be noted that part of his stated opposition is that the same ordinance also removes penalties for opiates.

    If that were true, then I would have to agree with him, as opiates are simply categorically different than cannabis; one can kill you, the other can’t.

    I read through the actual ordinance, and while it mentions what I presume to be the current limits for amounts of opiates and narcotic substances in a vehicle operator’s bloodstream, I didn’t see anything that immediately struck me as, “wow, this allows folks to have and drive around on heroin.”

    Obviously, based on his statements, DeWine interprets the document differently, and he’s the AG, not me. This layman doesn’t see his concern, but maybe some better educated readers here can look at the ordinance as well and see what the heck he is talking about.

    If the ordinance is really only about further decriminalizing cannabis, then he needs to shut up and go away.
    Wait, he needs to shut up and go away no matter what.

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