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Ohio Ballot Board Unanimously Approves Initiative To Legalize Medical Marijuana And Hemp


ohio rights group medical marijuanaThe Ohio Ballot Board - as well as Ohio’s attorney general – has given final approval to an initiative drive aimed at legalizing medical marijuana, as well as hemp. The initiative is sponsored by the Ohio Rights Group, who collected the 1,000 necessary signatures to get an initiative put before the board. Now that the initiative has been approved, the group will need to collect roughly 385,000 valid signatures in order to qualify for the general election ballot. The group has until July 6th to make this year’s ballot, but can continue collecting aiming for the 2014 ballot if they miss that deadline.

The initiative, if approved by voters, would authorize qualified patients aged 18 and older to possess, use, cultivate and acquire medical marijuana. The Ohio Commission of Cannabis Control would be established to determine regulations.

In addition, the initiative would legalize the cultivation of hemp, with oversight by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

This initiative drives comes as lawmakers in the state discuss recently-filed legislation to legalize marijuana as both a medicine, and as a recreational substance.

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  1. I signed a wile back went to vote today nothing on ballot for this……… I’m sick of the picks i have i can keep taking my pills and destroy my liver and kidneys. and keep dealing with my seizures or be a criminal. but keep my liver and kidneys and put my seizures at bay. I’m moving out of this Phucked up state.
    from what i read about 70% is saying yes only 30 is a NO but yet 1 person after we get all the sigs put a stop to this is totaly BS.

  2. I would like to know where we can sigh this? I live in Youngstown, Ohio and would like to help by signing this partition. If we don’t get the signature’s, it will never make the ballot.

  3. I would like to know how I can help out and help get signatures. Does anyone know?

  4. I’m sick of the Lies and total garbage/misinformation and image it has, I swear they try to make it look as bad as Meth or Heroin…. When it is clearly not… it has multiple medical/health benefits that have been PROVEN, yet they still fucking deny that… yet they would rather see the typical American individual to praise and fucking worship the pharmaceutical industry lol or being damn belligerent drunk and drowning themselves in alcohol. All that is perfectly fine right? lol, well according to them it is lol

  5. It needs to be legalized it has so many uses, This is a stupid ass failing war that they want to continue to see it go even further into hell….They are either really fucking dumb or really fucking hard-headed and afraid of change, did Prohibition of any type ever teach you fucking anything?

  6. firetheliberals on

    The only way to do it as politicians in a majority and a governor are too many obstacles. An initiative is law once passed by the people..this is how we did it washington. It took two tries to get the signatures..you need some money to pay for full signature gatherers..

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