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Ohio Lawmakers Could Kill The ResponsibleOhio Marijuana Legalization Initiative


responsibleohio ohio marijuanaThe ResponsibleOhio marijuana legalization initiative has caused quite a bit of controversy in marijuana politics. At first, the ResponsibleOhio initiative provided for just 10 marijuana cultivation sites. After some outcry by many people in the marijuana reform movement, ResponsibleOhio added a provision for home cultivation. But the rules surrounding home cultivation are unclear. I heard someone from the ResponsibleOhio campaign state that the home cultivation provision was copied from Oregon. But that’s clearly not the case because Oregon will not require a license to cultivate up to four plants. How hard will it be to get a home cultivation license? How much will it cost? What will the rules be?

I’d hate to see marijuana legalization pass in Ohio with a kind-of-sorta home cultivation provision that proves to be unrealistic, and a de facto marijuana monopoly occurs. That possibility is something that worries Ohio lawmakers too. Ohio lawmakers are mulling over introducing a bill that would ban marijuana monopolies. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Ohio legislators don’t want the marijuana business to look like the state’s casino industry if voters legalize cannabis this fall.

In 2009, a group that included Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was granted exclusive rights to build four casinos in the state.

Similarly, a proposal from a group called ResponsibleOhio would green-light medical and recreational marijuana but allow just 10 cultivation operations. Under the plan, major investors in the legalization campaign would control those grow sites.

Lawmakers are mulling a voter referendum that would put an anti-monopoly issue on the ballot this year. If passed, it may effectively kill ResponsibleOhio’s plan.

Every time I post an article about ResponsibleOhio, I am flooded with e-mails from people that oppose or support the campaign. Both sides try to debate with me whether or not there is a home cultivation provision to the initiative. Per the first link in this article, ResponsibleOhio has added a home cultivation provision. I had someone get all bent out of shape out of Ohio because they felt that I was wrong, and that there is no home cultivation provision. I can’t say how good the provision will be, but there appears to be one. So as I stated previously, there are few details as to how someone will get a home cultivation license. It could prove to be easier than some people think, and on the other side of the coin, it could prove to be impossible. Keep that in mind when you are voting.

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  1. friend of Ohio on

    Horse manure, period. I do not work for the state, and am strongly against RO.. more likely, you are a paid shill for the cabal and a boot licker as well.

  2. I’m with you. It has to be right from the begining. We can’t just send it through and hope to make it better later.

  3. Foster Longstaff on

    your premise is faulty.. when its in the state constitution, the cabal will be legal.. just see the results of the casino amendment

  4. Foster Longstaff on

    right, and i have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you…. the 10 facilities owned by the cabal will just expand their production and voila, there will NEVER be a need for expansion of the number of growers. .. if there was ever going to be competition on the supply end, it must be there from the start.. when supply is limited, the market cannot function properly and the price will stay higher than the black market. The Colorado law, with an unlimited number of grow licenses has allowed the market to bring the price down so low, the mexican cartels have moved out of the state, they cannot match the legal price. QED

  5. Foster Longstaff on

    The simple fact of the matter is that those who have spent years growing things cannot get into this business if it becomes law, For example, I cannot get into the supply end of the business, although i have a greenhouse and have grown herbs, vegetables and flowers for years, I cannot go into a business where I am ready, i am qualified and i am able to contribute to the supply side of an economy. I thought this country was founded on competition and a free market. When only one group is allowed to manufacture, do not be surprised when the price is more than the current black market and as such, will not make the current suppliers go away.

    Reponsbile Ohio = Irresponsible

  6. newageblues on

    What makes you think a board appointed by the cannabis hating governor will do anything for us? You didn’t answer my first question, you gonna answer this one?

  7. Everyone that opposes RO obviously is working for the state of Ohio !! Legalize and vote yes to RO!!

  8. Weed should be legalized for recreational use for persons 21 and over because the state could have more funds from taxing marijuana and it is unconstitutional for it to be illegal. This is America. People should have the choice to consume marijuana if they choose. Alcohol kills people and marijuana doesn’t. I say let people have their freedom.

  9. Zimmy Z Zimmerman on

    Let’s just GET IT LEGAL… and worry about breaking up any monopoly later.

  10. A cartel is an organization that sells a product or service and does not allow anyone else or restricts others to do so.

    This is would be a constitutional protected cartel. If I get arrested if I attempt make something in my house that is legal for a small group of people to sell and produce then that would be a cartel.

    4 plants is bullshit. that’s the worst compromise in the history of compromises.

  11. Is it on me stupid ass??? Disqus sends email updates when you get a reply to a post dip shit, if not for that I wouldn’t have known you were alive. I only responded to show you what a moron you were for reply to posts 9 days old.

  12. I want RO to discuss the estimated costs of producing their weed. They are apparently planning on charging $280 an ounce + tax at the beginning. How much is it going to cost them to produce that ounce once they are up and running? Less than $25 an ounce?

  13. Laughs on you, since you are still watching what I’m doing… clearly the debating is still going on, or stinky trolls would lose interest in jumping in with their garbage falsehoods……..

  14. Look at the dates on articles before you reply idiot ….You’re argument is so ignorant I’m not going to respond again….

  15. go away troll… you’re already exposed in the tripe you dumped on the conversation above………

  16. Maybe before you ‘opine’ about the specifics of the bill, maybe you should read it…. “Any person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age may produce, cultivate, possess, transport, distribute, consume, or otherwise engage in the use of cannabis products for personal use and cannabis paraphernalia.”
    Try reading before spouting calculated MISINFORMATION……

  17. Precisely what are you jabbering about… the RO allows 24 plants to grow in your home garden (or whatever), so how is that 1 oz……..
    You sound like a troll…… go back under your rock

  18. There are provisions in the RO for expansion of that number…… kindly read the latest copy.

  19. I’m not a prohibitionist, I just don’t want 10 rich assholes to be able to buy the entire market, I’ll take current prohibition over that any day

  20. Legalizing an ounce does not change other laws regarding above an ounce…it would still be a misdeamenor from an ounce to 3.5 oz on any persona at any time in Ohio.
    I beg to differ as well on the “no money to be made” , possibly more could be made on a retail at an economy of scale because you do not have the expenses of growing, you are the distributor only.

  21. The people of Ohio need to support one bill and push the legislation threw. This is a prohibitionist plot. The know that with two competing bill the people would be divided and legalization would not happen. Greed is going to any efforts to legalize and here is the proof. Unite to pass one bill then work on the fine details of the legislation one the law is enacted. If the majority of Ohio wants legalization Unite. Arizona politicians are using a similar tactic DIVIDE AND CONCOR! WAKEUP OHIO OR LOOSE TO PROHIBITION!

  22. i stand corrected. government can create legal monopolies. EXAMPLES? well the best 1, the federal reserve. then there is the postal system, local roads, water and sewer, public schools, cable services, lan line phone services, law enforcement, railroads, health care system, gas networks, electricity grid etc…

    so vote yes for RO because RO isnt a monopoly or cartel or oilglop???? whatever lol

    10 initial producers is were people get confused. the board that is created to make the important decisions will decide how many producers their will be. no the initial producers. if 10 was limited by the initial producers i could see how they could corner market. but its not. the board decides and likely will raise # of producers as needed. plus if initial producers try to stimulate price board can revoke their licence.


  23. RO is not a monopoly or a cartel or anything like that. monopolies and cartels are already illegal. why must opposition act as if its not. no one can create a legal monopoly or cartel. so why is that the only complaint opposition can come up with. at the beginning ohio attorney general approved RO to move to collecting signatures. the ohio ballot board also approved RO to collect signatures.

    opposition must think ohio attorney general and ohio ballot board dont realise they allowed a cartel or monopoly and needs to cry foul. opposition is here to save ohio citizens. wrong !

    opposition does not want you to be self reliant. they want you to continue needing the government monopoly. opposition wants us stuck in the 40s and 50s. cannabis has been a medication for over 3000 years and only illegal for the past 70 years. opposition wants you to die from cancer auto immunes and nerve degenerates. opposition wants you to use chemotherapy and radiation that help almost no one. opposition wants you to rely on government monopoly. government corners market every chance they can. government is 1 group who stands to line there pockets with every action they address.

  24. That’s a strong argument you make, that people need medicine and just can’t wait.
    If I was confident another initiative would be on the ballot next year, that would influence my thinking. If another initiative can make a lot of signature gathering progress between now and Nov., and does well in polling, that would make it easier to vote against this.

  25. Marijuana is now decriminilized you can have up to 3.5oz and NOTHING happens, you loose your weed but that’s it, no jail, no court, nothing on your record. If RO has their way that number will be reduced to 1oz

  26. The state taxes alcohol, but it’s sold all over the place. Any adult has the right to produce up to 200 gallons of wine or beer a year without any kind of license. I might see my way clear to vote for RO if it didn’t include the ridiculously low limit on home grown plants plus requiring a license to grow any at all. Running an indoor grow uses a lot of electricity. That makes it expensive. Doing it for a few plants is inefficient and wouldn’t produce enough to make it worthwhile. The only reason for the tight restrictions on home growing is the greed of the RO plutocrats.

  27. Proper grammar is your friend, don’t be afraid to use it. I only made it through the first paragraph before I gave up, I assume you support RO but I’m not sure??

  28. Save them from what?? Ohio already decriminalized weed up to 3.5oz, you clowns want to reduce it to 1oz, what exactly are you saving us from again???? This is typically where the RO people call me a drug dealer for thinking that amounts shouldn’t be reduced…sigh.

  29. There’s the alcohol analogy, you just can’t go two posts without using that can you, you don’t even realize it’s not the same thing. Please keep using it, it makes it much easier to identify you other aliases you use for RO

  30. The only higher powers in charge here are millionaires pushing this crap legislation, being millionaires isn’t good enough they want to be BILLIONAIRES of the backs of every other Ohioan, no thanks.

  31. Now I know this is Yosemite, either that or someone else has copied and pasted their arguments, these are all cut and pastes from the same people who change identities, just another RO shill

  32. what? Read that people, or try to, that’s who supports RO, I think that’s plenty of reason to vote NO

  33. It’s only going to be 10 sites owned by 10 individuals…that’s it, and if we START with this we will be stuck with this forever because it will be in the Constitution and untouchable without a referendum. No thanks

  34. Is that you Ashely?? You right exaclty like Ashely, or “Yosemite” whatever you like to be called on this particluar blog “BUGZ” It won’t take long before BUGZ (ashley) Hugh (octodad) JohnBerling start calling me a drug dealer, a loser who must live in the slums, unappreciative of RO is doing, unamerican, etc. That’s typically what they do when they begin losing arguments, then the disappear to the most current news article until someone finds them there spreading shit.

  35. Bugz didn’t start using the “walter white” analogy until I used it against the RO people once, now they’ve tried twisting it around to help themselves…morons. I don’t know for sure but this is almost a cut in past response given by “Yosemite” “ashley” on other sites, just another RO shill trying to push their agenda….nice try

  36. There it is!! old Hugh is just one of the names this guy shills under for RO, lately he’s been octodad and uses the apples to oranges alcohol analogy everywhere…true idiot but it just shows how underhanded RO is

  37. Octodad shilling again. you just can’t help but “LOL” can you? Where’s the alcohol argument?

  38. Ohio already decriminalized weed so don’t worry about being a criminal, you can get caught now with 3.5oz and nothing happens to you…Nothing. Under the RO initiative that amount will be reduced to 1oz so you’ll have a higher likely hood of being convicted if the RO plan passes.

    As for a business, if they own cultivation THERE IS NO BUSINESS TO OWN!!! If you can’t grow for your own retail location there is NO MONEY TO BE MADE! These Oligarchs are making sure no one else can grow because that’s where the money is at. You will have NO control over your price, strains, availability etc. the only people that win in this scheme are the millionaire pushing it.

  39. You seriously need weed so bad you can’t wait until 2016? You would rather live under the rule of a monopoly that controls price, distribution, cultivation, strains, seeds, home grow. THEY WOULD CONTROL IT ALL. This is seriously the only legislation WORSE than prohibition. Ohio already decriminalized weed up to 3.5oz, these clowns want to make current laws STRICTER and REDUCE that to 1oz. No thanks

  40. Hugh Jewrectin = octodad showing his intelligence once again, keep making RO look good kid

  41. As someone who wants to see legalization as much as anyone, it looks to me like http://www.legalizeohio2016.org/ is going to be the best bet for Ohio in 2016. It will either be that or one of our legislators will “nut up” and introduce something similar to what other states have enacted. Ohio is the only state that’s pushing a Monopoly that is wholly controlled by a group of Millionaires out of Cincinnati. This is worse than prohibition.

  42. Here’s octodad, Nobody in their right mind should vote for or support RO, this is nothing but a constitutional protected drug monopoly being pushed by 10 multimillionaires. The only people in Ohio that would benefit from this crap legislation is the 10 individuals trying to own the entire market. This guy normally posts as octodad and doesn’t understand how the state regulates alcohol. The main point is the RO people are always making false identities to try and make support look bigger than what it is.

    The alcohol analogy and the very last 3 letters you typed gave it away moron

  43. Finally, the Ohio legislators are going to do something, all be it late and very little at least it looks like they’ll be able to stop this Monopoly from being pushed onto Ohioans. This is the only legislation WORSE than prohibition, NO WAY

  44. It was a pipe dream 5 yrs ago. The exponential approval for full legal in the u.s. means it is guaranteed that a better initiative will pass in the near future in ohio.

  45. The amendment isn’t against monopolies. It is against using the ballot initiative to write economic benefits for yourself over and above the other citizens lol. E.g. casinos, ro, and bfo.

  46. The word prescription is federal. Doctors will not be writing marijuana “prescriptions” anytime soon. A doctor reco is the most that can be done until marijuana is classed as a legal drug federally. A plant has never become a prescription so don’t hold your breath.

  47. Cancer treatment will be unaffordable under ro plan plus possession limits are too low for oils. No homemade oil under ro. OTEP specifically considered cancer patient needs in their language allowing for home oil production and 50 gram oil possession for patients which is enough for 1 month of cancer treatment. Worried about cancer patient treatment? Otep has the solution.

  48. Lol ohio doesn’t need prohibitionists to point out ro flawed logic. Ro is bad for ohio and norml members and lifelong activists were the first to point that out.

  49. Ro med supply is insufficient and timeline to delivery is late 2016 at best. Otep enables homegrow in Jan 2017 just 2 months past the election. The timing isn’t that different due to ro complicated language.

  50. Ohio is not a red state. Ohio is one of less than 5 states that is a purple swing state. Ohio has been a swing state for a very long time. Red states don’t give marijuana tickets for up to 3-1/2 oz possession. Red states don’t vote for Barack Obama twice.

  51. “Show me the poor patient that will be helped by buying RO weed at $300-$400 per oz.”

    Poor patients who don’t need much would be helped. If they need a lot they would still be screwed.

  52. matt scinto – move out of your moms basement troll.

    kung-fu jesus – i know cannabis isnt a cure all snake oil. i know its the closest thing to it. i have seen/heard hundreds of testimony statements proving what i speak of which is why i said it. google rick simpson oil. any1 willing to vote against any cannabis legislation should by law forfeit all rights to cannabis in the future. when you or your child gets cancer you should be limited to government protocol. chemotherapy and radiation. when that dont work you cant use cannabis which you should have voted for and used initially harmlessly.

    i will vote for any pro cannabis legislation but RO is clearly gonna make it first. im not willing to idle while citzens ” your looking out for ” die.

    to any1

    if RO didnt get approved, what is you idea to save those people until ohio gets a reasonable legislation through???

  53. if every1 stated what they used cannabis for it would be evident that people using to get high are in opposition to RO. RO is for medical users recreationally and medically. giving axcess to those who need it. NOT THOSE WHO WANT IT. that and the few how never used an fear its the devil. RO isnt for every1 per se but it shouldn’t be took from those in need. if you choose to hold out for something better good luck but dont vote no on RO when this isnt good for u but NEEDED by others. i cant stand how people need something or they will take away from all in a crying fit. when RO makes it we can vote nxt year to fix our weakest link as oppose to no chain to work upon. the folks crying in still wont be legal technically is BS from some stoner not willing to play ball. i dont want more government but i will be ok while cancer auto-immune and nerve degenerative survivors will surely be grateful.

    what is also funny is the double talk about how hard it would be, and would take many years to make changes after RO is approved. they talk now about how this could kill RO before being approved. if it were to happen it clearly shows changes could happen very quickly and easy. but i dont think government will override millions of ohio citizens who already signed in approval.

    if insulin were schedule 1 and we had a chace to get legal axcess but some claim its not right and a monopoly… i bet people wouldn’t think twice about how it doesn’t benfit those who dont NEED it…. how a group could make $ from it because every1 knows every1 NEEDS insulin but some NEED it more. its illegal and cant stand idle waiting for a dream while innocent die.

    RO isnt the best but gives fastest axcess to those who NEED it. if you wait and better never comes think about the millions who would die. stoners dont need RO so dont vote no. where has there ever been a shortage since prohibition.

  54. Colorado managed to legalize marijuana without resorting to selling out their constitution to big money interests. Why can’t Ohio do the same?

  55. Scott Dahlstrom on

    It’s 4 plants PLUS 8 oz of usable product. No limit on the size of your plants, just the size of your harvests!

  56. No groups of people have the right to vote away the rights of another group, it is called high treason in doing so

    It appears to me the only way to make the feds behave themselves, is to simply insist that they do their sworn duty, or face a world court, where they will surly be found guilty and hanged, the politicians all swore an oath to protect everyones constitutional rights, and that is to protect everyone’s’ constitutional rights, cannabis users, and non users alike.
    After all, all politicians swore an oath to do that, and since a lot of them are into instead committing perjury against their very oaths to GOD, and instead of protecting us as they swore to GOD to do, the trash wars on us in the cannabis community instead through urinalysis, prison, confiscation, etc, and since the courts of the usa are corrupted too, a world court will determine that not only are the politicians guilty of crimes against humanity, but that they should hang by their necks until they are dead.
    Imagine those warmongers warring on all that happens to use, sell, or grow cannabis, and they therefore it seems will not be able to defend themselves, I mean who could be on the side of such evil people like that? unless people like murderous scum like hitler.
    Hitler, like the united states was into mass genocide too. Hitler was a murderous creep, and i wonder if he kept his murderous ways a secret the way the feds do today, regarding mass genocide of all those who happen to use cannabis, but are forced to be fired from their job where they starve and die??
    Or maybe a person has some physical disability, and finds cannabis helpful, that does not make them a criminal, it makes the feds criminals for partaking in their high treasonous war crimes against the very people they swore an oath to GOD to protect.
    Johnathan Magbie should still be alive today, along with countless others, yet their news stories are swept quietly away, under the rug of the news black out blankets thanks to the prestitutes
    Cannabis use also has spiritual benefits, and I wonder how indiana is going to back peddle their law on religious freedom when people light up july 1st in that cannabis church in indianapolis

  57. Doc Deadhead on

    Home brew beer & wine requires no license yet if your kid gets a hold of it there is a possibility of DEATH.

    30-50 people DIE every year in Ohio….. FROM ALCOHOL OVERDOSE. Alcohol is a KILLER

    No license required to brew a KILLER but don’t even think about growing something harmless.

    They need to take that provision out, no freedom here at all.

    You can guarantee there will be s shit storm of a process to get a license, back ground checks, ANY prior conviction of ANY kind will be denied, homes with children will be denied, the list goes on. I see a set up of more denials then approvals.


  58. Yeah Land of the free home of the brave…Seems like a bunch of cra p to me.
    If Ohio gets to vote on the legality of medical marijuana, only half of our 88 counties get to vote on this !!

  59. throw out the law makers that fact is OHIO should allow complete right to uses and grow and sell marijuana / cannabis for any purpose . This kinda of law making is what is wrong. In eyes of the victims US which becomes only an issue of uncontrolled earning for the state outside the state coffers. no taxation no reward for state the fact cannabis does not harm anyone . is enough to legalize The uses and benefit to the user that is We the public should not be a state issue . the State invade’s the privacy of those in the culture who know the truth , so its time to vote it legal . Using it medically there should be NO tax, no reward to state , its an herbal plant form GOD This should be affixed to cannabis ac-cross the land . The uses of industrial cannabis far out weigh the need of police prohibition and punishment that for sure . nor the state have concerns indirectly to the user or selling of cannabis just make it legal like tomatoes . This is America not a police state!!! , Those police kind have been infected with a diseases call prohibition , misunderstanding of the facts The used issue has gone on for years long enough to evade liberty and misinform by police to the public . the state agents have been supported of there drug war having killed in the name of what ? we citizen and teen age kids all have been killed or jailed in name of there so called safety ? the courts have place thousands in prison taken there land and employment where is cases of driving under pot > there none ? I asked you all to consider ,, where is it that cannabis plant did anything to those who used it ? where is this evidence of that there 90 years here , ? I tell you there none !!! , The police save no one but there own pockets who are enrich with taxpayer money , then wasted mind you on a Mala prohibit crime made up and base in out right lies over 90 years , so end this OHIO get back your liberty free Marijuana / Cannabis and stop the intrusive acts and understanding and start making produces and products with cannabis
    massvocals yell your head off and make them change laws or vote them out of office NOW

  60. I live in Ohio and living here is getting like living under Communist Rule more and more each day . The Government here say they care about the people that live in Ohio but their actions say different !

  61. I’m willing to start with this as of RIGHT NOW. But I’m not currently satisfied with the knowledge I have on all this. So we’ll see. If it becomes too restricted we can vote to change it. Correct people? Anybody? Anybody? haha :)
    I plan on entering the industry as an RMS (retail marijuana store) in the coming years and I am willing to do business with established (from the start of course) producers and distributors. I read RO’s Amendment. They have a variety of different types of facilities planned for those sites.
    Question though. I live near Butler County (one of the sites), so I am assuming that I would start in any city in that county? Or is it limited to a few cities? Does anyone know how that part works with these ten sites?

  62. If you have a valid argument for voters, then why the complete poo fah naming Reponsible Ohioans for Cannabis, the Jack Herer model, as Ian James’ Responsible Ohio gig? Is apparent what this is. A lying money hungry fuck Ohio citizens power grab. Ian James, you dare to state the name of an existing group having nothing in common with you vs. your own name of Responsible Ohio?

  63. Because we would always vote for panty wastes that can’t even work Comfest under their own name of Responsible Ohio but lie and use the name of an opposite Ohio initiative.

  64. In Washington State individuals can’t even get a license to grow, no personal growing allowed. That needs to be fixed but it was still worth voting for, and it helped push the debate forward in a good way. One reason to vote for this very flawed initiative is to shove it to the prohibitionists, who are probably even more unhappy with this than we are. It would set the stage for 2016 campaigns very nicely, a very unexpected and fairly decisive 2015 defeat for prohibition. And the other initiatives can continue to gather signatures for something better.
    If you want something better, volunteer for one of the other initiatives. If they can show they’ll be able to make the ballot in 2016, some people will say one year’s wait is worth it, and vote against RO.

  65. Hugh Jewrection on

    Uh, no different than the State controling alcohol distribution and pricing. Screw that. We have enough government in our faces.

  66. Hugh Jewrection on

    lol opponents to this proposition have the weakest argument. It’s become comical.

  67. Hugh Jewrection on

    State control over alcohol distribution = monopoly

    Obviously opponents wants the the state to tuck people into into bed as well. LOL

  68. Hugh Jewrection on

    btw, the state controlling alcohol distribution is a, wait for it…. Monopoly!

  69. Hugh Jewrection on

    the right way? You mean like letting the State take control like they do alcohol? LOL no thanks.

  70. JESUS IS WEAK on

    dude you are an idiot, that analogy is so far off base it’s not even funny. please do the world a favor and keep your retarded thoughts in your retarded little brain.

  71. Scott Rellim on

    Requiring a license to grow is not “legalization”. Someone growing without a license will surely face criminal penalties. That’s not “legalization”. Being a resident of Ohio, I will shoot this down.

  72. That is a sad prohibitionist argument…hang a carrot, while pulling the carpet. There is nothing else that will be able to get on the ballot this year, and likely next. Stating if you vote now nothing better will come, but if you wait something will, when nothing else is even been approved, is the same as saying the initiative process doesn’t work so why bother. Better to work as a legal business owner or legal advocate than work as a potential criminal for a criminal substance any day. We demand rights and move them forward. It’s not if I can’t speak freely, then I won’t speak at all, or if I have nothing to take, then I don’t care if you search me. We speak and speak and speak and demand and demand and demand or say nothing about anything so can be kept or taken. Legalize! Grow at home! Own a business! You can do that now or wait in silence as a potential criminal with an illegal substance! Ohio will decide this year! Do we want to advocate as legal users of a legal plant with legal businesses, or potential criminals for a criminal substance?

  73. Each individual could always grow their own at home by this amendment. The strategy of all prohibitionist now is to divide those in favor of marijuana with the threat of “Big” Marijuana takeover. It is a good strategy, but fails to consider the fact that we the people can and will move forward now and do not have to stay in the darkness of prohibition to continue to move things forward. The logic of don’t vote for this, because something better is hanging in your future, but if you vote now, nothing better will ever come is a fallacy. It assumes that overcoming prohibition is much easier with something providing even less regulations or looser restrictions, while assuming that the current process of a voter initiative doesn’t really work by stating that nothing better will ever come otherwise. However, if people are willing to vote for a less restrictive proposal they will, or their elected representatives will for them. The problem is the representatives are bought from day one, but forcing the issue on them with at least ten different property locations and a commission that could add more or reallocate those properties with home growing is a much better to start to this than nothing! The Ohio Rights Group (only for medical with 84% approval in Ohio) was for just medical, and was approved in May of 2013 to gather signatures. They are now saying they will try for 2016 and still do not have more than half of “unverified” signatures (many people could have even moved in addition to signatures normally being invalid for other reasons within the same year), so if no other initiative is likely to come around, then wouldn’t it make sense to move this forward as a start to nothing being likely in the next few years????

  74. Hey bugz. A cartel is bad for everyone. Put more thought into it and stop being a tard.

  75. Dude you can’t risk getting a tickets for another year to get the right bill ? Smfh

  76. Scott Dahlstrom on

    No, we end up with people like Bush or Obama because they’re perceived to be the least of the evil options on the ballot. You can vote for or against RO this time. There’s no one else on the ballot. Given the choice between RO and continuing prohibition, well that seems like a no-brainer to me.

  77. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    It will never be okay for a select few people to completely control the supply from the top down.
    That is trading one cartel for another, and it’s wrong for a few rich people to be able to essentially write the rules in their favor from the ground up, completely eliminating any chance for competition.

    A casual study of any industry shows that this historically only creates an environment where quality suffers, innovation stagnates, and prices rise at the whim of the companies controlling the supply because there is no competition for them to worry about. In every example, the consumer suffers, while a handful of rich folks just get richer.

    You keep spouting the same talking points while failing to address why this particular model is better for the average individual in Ohio than the half dozen or so other proposals being put forward.
    So instead of sounding like a broken record, explain what you think is good for the average Ohioan about creating an environment where a few rich folks completely control the entire supply of a commodity and any potential competition is prevented by legislation. You also fail to address how that is in any way fair to anyone else trying to start a similar business… what exactly is democratic, or free market, about a few people getting to buy legislation that installs them as the sole legal providers of a commodity in the entire state?

  78. Bottom line is if it is the only option I would vote for it.

    My number one goal is for me and others to be able to smoke without penalty. The proposed system of distribution is crappy and unjust, but very much a secondary issue. The license system also is stupid, but again a secondary issue. It’s just one state. If it has to be this way in Ohio, I think it’s unpopularity means this model will not be replicated in other states. Once it is legal, that is the time to get the law exactly right.

    First things first. To me, the first thing is to legalize it!

  79. If we can provide over 1100 retail licenses, with more based on population, to be generally available as in this amendment, then we are moving forward even more. If we can as well ensure a medical prescription based system where amounts (and number of plants that can be grown) is to be based on the physician prescription ( as in this amendment) then we are moving even farther. If I can provide in general for dispensaries (without a license fee or any vote being required) to be generally available then even farther. If I can as well provide for manufacturing licenses, even more. And then add to that ensuring the following: RO amendment. Sect. I, paragraph 2. “Regulatory rules shall not prohibit the operation of marijuana establishments or home growing, either expressly or through regulations that make their operation unreasonably impracticable.” Sect. I paragraph 4. “The Commission shall issue annual licenses to marijuana establishments, and register home growing applicants, no later than 90 days after receipt of the completed application unless the Commission finds the applicant is not eligible for a license or registration under applicable laws and regulations.” This is even further ahead. And if I can provide for ten property locations where the medical / recreational cannabis is to be grown at in an agricultural state that could do well with large swathes of hemp from outdoors, then we’ve avoided a lot of conflicts in the future and ensured two different commercial industries. Add to that a Commission with authority to reallocate the property locations and add additional property locations. Then I’d say, that is responsible and a viable industry at all levels of markets sectors with multiple opportunities to enter based on someone’s ability and desires.

  80. Leaving the plant without a viable market and near nothing prices while still providing opportunity to enter at each level of the industry wherever someone may have the means to do so, ensures a future for the plant without the threat of re-prohibition. I think this is more important than ensuring an unlimited number of ‘commercial’ grow licenses are being given to everyone and everywhere to those who want one, regardless of their means. It also fails to address the ‘hemp pollen issue’ in a major agricultural state, where if everyone has a medical / recreation genetic strain commercial grow, what will protect the potential for hemp farmers from generating a large outdoor swathes of hemp to be productive in the state without conflict among medical farmers? We are already seeing this issue elsewhere in other states and Canada affecting their policies. Why leave the plant unprotected and hemp farmers as well when we have a single ballot measure, in which no other initiative is a “sure” bet, that provides for all of this, as well as opportunities at each and every level for citizens to enter into. It sounds as if there is more of sentiment against rich and a demand for a common denominator solution. The disagreement while perhaps a reasonable economic debate is not anywhere close to justifying prohibiting legal access. If I can enable sick people and those using to not be labeled a criminal from one day to the next, then we are moving forward.
    We are still going to have higher powers pulling strings for some time to prevent any legal access; let’s us not be naive here.

  81. you must be confused I support all organizations I’m not out here for RO just like I’m not out here for OCRA you can go tell that to some poor misleaded soul not this one I’m for legalization and I support them all apparently you’re reading comprehension skills need some improvement I’ve been said I’ve been supporting every organization for years this is the one with the most movement now that’s the only reason we’re talking about it
    and again how are you trying to help them by going online and just telling them that they’re idiots or they’re ignorant and their stupid for supporting something and you don’t know nothing about them or why they support it you’ll never get to anyone like that

  82. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    Every day I try to help confused, misled folks such as yourself confront the obvious logical fallacy of supporting one campaign simply because the other doesn’t have enough support.

    That kind of simplistic thinking is why we are stuck picking between the same two parties for politicians, and why nothing ever changes for the better around here. If you and everyone else who claim to support RO simply because it’s the campaign with the most support were to switch to any of the other proposals, there would be just as many names on that better alternative too. Instead you just pick the one with the most support even though it’s the one that will do the most harm to the future of the marijuana industry in Ohio. Get a brain or refrain from voting, please.

  83. I don’t consider a couple comments on the Internet as campaigning like I said I didn’t have the time to help ro out but they didn’t need my help and with all the overwhelming support that they are receiving all over Ohio we’ll just have to see how November turns out
    and I did explain why I’m supporting this proposal I have family members who needs the medical treatment today not a year from now not two years from now they need it today no other organization has got even close to the number of signatures that they need even when they get halfway or so and are able to use them on the next year like couple of organizations last year who was collecting signatures and could still use them to get them on the ballot for this year they are not doing nothing with them and they’re blaming ro for what they were able to accomplish for more than 8 years OCRA: Are signatures for the OCRA still good even though it missed the ballot?

    A:Yes, signatures collected for ballot initiatives are in Ohio “evergreen,” meaning that they never expire. Despite missing the 2014 ballot, the estimated 150,000+ signatures collected so far count toward the now required305,591, placing the OCRA signature drive almost one half of the way toward the goal.
    you didn’t answer my question about what you’re doing to help the movement besides dragging everyone else down did you even read the proposal and completely understand it

  84. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    A legal industry for all?

    I guess your definition of ‘all’ is ‘the handful of rich people behind RO’, because they’ll be the only ones in charge of the means of production. That’s just plain wrong.

    A truly free market is a market in which the average individual with a great idea on how to make a better product is empowered to do so, and thus innovation flourishes. What RO proposes is the exact opposite, and as a result said innovation will only stagnate… there’s nothing free market about that, or fair.

    What all you RO shills fail to address is why RO is a better choice for Ohio and the average citizen than the other proposals being brought forward concurrently that don’t include such ridiculous restrictions so obviously engineered to destroy the free market competition that would otherwise ensure we all have access to the most innovative choices available at competitive prices.

  85. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    You fail to address why this proposal is better for everyone than the proposals which don’t have ludicrous restrictions on grow sites specifically to destroy free market competition and create an oligarchic domination of the marijuana industry in the state from the top down.

    It’s great that you have the time and energy to campaign for marijuana reform, but you’re wasting your time supporting something that enfranchises the few at the expense of the many, and that’s just plain ignorant.

  86. You mean we all lose and deny ourselves legal access because ten initial property locations, owned by ten different local businesses along with a Commission entirely appointed by the elected governor with the authority to reallocate those locations and add additional locations for ‘commercial’ operations is not enough in your mind. Do you have the means to open a commercial grow facility that can be regulated according to the same standards as a winery would? If you do then there is nothing preventing you from negotiating, contracting, or otherwise leasing land from any on of ten property locations and their respective business owners to operate your own ‘commercial’ grow facility with any of those ten businesses either? That is capitalism. What you propose is that everyone should be able to grow as much and where they would like, and if they can’t, then you would deny patients, business owners (also from the more than 1100 retail licenses, dispensaries, medical patent caregiver licenses, industrial licenses, and home growers the amendment also creates), and those labeled criminals already the legal access they would like to have. That would mean you are in practicality only thinking about yourself.
    In addition, if we did make it as legal as lettuce, what viable market structures would exists for funding to prevent another future prohibition ten or so years from now, when cannabis is still a real competitive threat to current opiates from PHarm companies? How do you propose to then solve the “hemp pollen issue” in a major agricultural state, other than cleaning up the mess afterwards as Oregon and Washington are having to do by cutting /banning people to create agricultural zones. There are a lot of trolls here, and most only are feeding misinformation and selfish desires without any thought other than their weed empire video game that got them thinking each of us equally deserve to be Walter White on a fictional television show. You do not speak for farmers, Ohioans or anyone else other than you, and it is why if the majority listen to your misinformation, Ohio will not have legal access anytime soon, because doing it right, wasn’t good enough. Vote yes in 2015 for ResponsibleOhio’s amendment, the only amendment that will be on the ballot to provide legal access and a legal industry for all!

  87. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    You keep parroting the same nonsense talking points from RO’s website, but you fail to address why an oligopoly of a limited number of grow sites controlled by a few rich investors is the right decision for the PEOPLE OF OHIO, when there are other proposals being put forward that do not put the average citizen at an unfair disadvantage while preserving the advantages of the free market?

  88. you don’t know me I have supported you marijuana legalization for years I have been Signing petition I’ve volunteer to help collect signatures for several organizations (not RO did not have the time) I know it is going to take to get this red state to go green what have you been doing to support the movement besides getting on the Internet

  89. Ben Morrison on

    Many commenters are correct in that it is not a monopoly, but it is a prime example of an oligopoly which is still highly detrimental. It is extraordinarily apparent that competition will be extremely limited by highly restricted infrastructure regarding the growers. This limits competition and the market incentive to further development in the field.

  90. Obviously, RO has spent millions of dollars collecting signatures, millions of dollars competing campaigns didn’t have because they weren’t backed by the oligopoly of millionaires who stand to profit from RO. Don’t set the precedent of the wealthy buying the Ohio constitution for their own benefit. It is inevitable that cannabis will be legalized within the next few years. Let’s do it the right way.

  91. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    Except, if every fool who said stuff like, “WELL THEY HAVE ALL THE INVESTORS SO THEY’RE THE ONLY OPTION DURRRR” would just read up on the other proposals and get their signature on one of them instead, we’d end up with just as much support for a bill that would benefit everyone equally and not completely destroy the free market in Ohio.

  92. If you read what I wrote earlier one of the only reasons I want to do this is because of children who are having seizures in Ohio and parents who don’t have the money or the finances to move out of the state to go get the medical treatment that they need when you see somebody in real life having a seizure 9 10 7 year old it breaks your heart and there are even younger out there having them in they don’t get any better I’m not going to wait around and let this opportunity slip by for the proposal that might happen for 4 to 5years from now it could take more lives I have a mother who for the last two years have been going through getting chemotherapy and treatment for her cancer and is not in the best shape that she could be by any means because of those messed up drugs they have her on so this for me is not about who really has the money to get it legalized it’s about getting the medicine for the ones I love as fast as possible

  93. its not that they have all the money they’re the only organization that has investors with the money that actually wants to support legalization

  94. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    I use it medicinally to treat the effects of injuries I sustained in combat in Iraq.

    My desire to have access to my medicine legally does not interfere with my belief that kowtowing to an oligarchy is not the right answer, especially when there are other measures being proposed which are much more sensible and by, and for, ‘we the people’, not a few nameless rich buddies who are going to use us all to get richer while erasing their competition before it even has a chance to exist.

  95. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    When a few private entities get to write the rules for themselves, we the people will always be the ones to lose.

    RO means you won’t have as many choices when you go to get your green. RO means those choices won’t have to be as potent, fragrant, or appealing in any other way, because RO means you don’t have anywhere else to go with your money. And RO definitely means you’ll have less of that money left over afterwards because RO means those few private entities can charge you whatever they want, knowing that RO has effectively made them the only place you can spend that money on what you’re looking for.

    RO means we lose, and they win.

  96. It’s simple you have states that have good models pick the best fair models and apply duh.

  97. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    The very fact that they are keeping that secret is a sign that they have something to hide from us all. Shady.

  98. Kung-Fu Jesus on


    Beer available in stores is generally produced by a handful of big corporations, and a whole bunch of little ones.
    News flash – most of the beer produced by the big corporations sucks, and it’s great to have a bunch of other places offering other choices for us when we want something cold and refreshing.
    If it was just the handful of big corporations, and nobody else, we’d all be drinking the same crappy beer with no other options, and they would be able to charge whatever hilarious prices they see fit because there’s nowhere else for us to turn.

    I think I’d like the same options with my green.

  99. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    People like you are the reason we end up with people like George Bush or Barack Obama as president…
    “Oh, well sure, our guy sucks… but at least he doesn’t suck as bad as THEIR guy!!! DURRRR”

    Just because a choice doesn’t suck as bad as another choice, doesn’t mean it’s the right choice.

  100. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    There are plenty of other proposals gathering signatures that will NOT strip us of our ability to make our own choices as consumers.

    RO will destroy the benefits we enjoy with a free market, eliminating the competition that typically keeps businesses making the best products and charging competitive prices.
    Guess what, if the products are all coming from the same 10 places owned by the same handful of people, we are going to have the same crappy choices everywhere we go and they will be able to charge whatever they want with no fear of competition.
    Ohio loses with RO.

  101. Chris "The Anarchist" Ryan on

    OTEP is just kinder-gentler “Legalization that is STILL intended to clear teh way for big business to screw the consumers. The only DECENT position is the one from Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis. (Please note that the ROC is different than the RO, and that the folks at RO deliberately choose their name in order to sow confusion amongst the people by stealing the name of a previously existing group.)

  102. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    Here’s an analogy of big box NOT winning out in regards to something similar to marijuana – beer.

    There are a half-dozen ‘big box’ breweries in the US… and most of their beer is utter garbage. Thankfully, there’s no legal restriction on who gets to make beer, or I’d be stuck choosing between the same six crappy beer brands everywhere I go. Luckily, there are literally thousands of independent breweries across the United States which all produce their own take on what great beer should be. Competition between businesses keeps things interesting and keeps them on their toes as far as producing a quality product.

    Instituting a policy where only a handful of people have the power to produce everything will only hurt the consumer by limiting our choices, and lack of a threat of competition means that handful of businesses can charge whatever they want, knowing that they are our only option.
    And that’s why they want this garbage bill to go through. Not to benefit the average Ohio citizen, but strictly to benefit them at our expense.

  103. Kung-Fu Jesus on

    Marijuana, while possessing medical benefits, is not a miracle cure-all for cancer, autoimmune diseases, or anything else for that matter (except maybe anorexia, lol).

    And there are a dozen other propositions in Ohio right now that provide much better policies for everyone regarding cultivation for businesses and private individuals alike, while not being a handout to a few rich people looking to lock down a monopoly. Why not support one of those instead?

  104. No Federal Act, Legislation, Statute — or whatever it is called — is going to be enforced by the Federal Government as long as Cannabis is classified as Schedule I under the CSA. You’ll find the same issue with Federal Trademark law. Also, look at the current problems with the NLRB and Cannabis Cultivation Employees.

  105. Yes unfortunately…I’d like my Med NOW..not 3,4,5,6+ years from now..I’m 60….take that into consideration PLEASE…I’m voting YES. I can feel the younger crowd idealizing over this…..vote it in..you’ll have plenty of time to improve on it. There’s 2 sides…people that would like to have their Med Pot and those that dream of owning an establishment….kool about that 2ND wish…but it leaves the ones that need out of the equation.

  106. Keep in mind that a bigger business usually offers cheaper prices…it would become no different than any other situation..”Big Box” will win out…eventually… sorry…maybe not…….WAY easier for the State to monitor the latest proposal….remember..The Conservatives’s hair is on fire over this..they don’t want it…..

  107. Exactly…Don’t let this opportunity pass you/us by due to “pipe dreams”.

  108. These are my thoughts as well…Get it while the gettins good…..Will ANOTHER Proposal REALLY see the light of day? Keep in mind..”The Conservatives” see ZERO benefits from this Legislation(besides the money/tax aspect).Let’s say a Republican becomes President…they already want America to go back to the 5os….I believe…and you can call me whatever…they’ll try and rollback ALL Pro Legislation.

  109. the 10 growers actually dont control anything from what ive read. a board will regulate everything down to total # of growers. 10 initial growers are just til board decision on issue. board sets price and everything. can also revoke any of the 10 initial growers for anything. i dont see how anything is confusing unless you never read it and followed blindly someone elses rhetoric who ALSO didnt read it. RO is not a cartel. RO is not a monopoly. this isnt about 10 growers or millions they stand to make. rich people dont ushally use 2 million each to give ohio citizens rich and poor axcess to natures medication. its nature, it should never have been made illegal and now government drags their feet an plays dumb so the states citizens vote to override elected officials not doing their job an the voted in amendment has this unwanted baggage. so what. vote yes to save millions some make millions an stoners thive! or vote no an let millions suffer and die cartels supplying ohios black market make millons and stoners thive ! so its taking $ from black market cartels to legit business and tax $ for ohio and saving our loved 1s

    please read it for yourself.

  110. i dont want a monopoly either, but because fearmongers keep spreading propaganda and a smear campaign against RO, people think a monopoly could happen. RO isnt a monopoly. ohios attorney general and ohio ballot board would never allowed a monopoly…

    RO does have home grow.

    and for any idiots WILLING to hold out for something better is a joke anyways… so 10 groups could get rich so its recreational use is for stoners… so what with all the excuses… its not about that… its about granting it medically to every1 who needs it… 1/3 woman die from breast cancer… 1/3 men die from prostate cancer… cannabis can stop, cure ,and prevent all auto-immunes, cancers, nerve degeneratives… google RICK SIMPSON OIL … when this passes it will save millions of lives…

    are you willing to tell your child chemotherapy and radiation are better and safer then a harmless weed. what about your grandparents. why let them die when all they need is cannabis. think different? google endcannabinoid system deficiencies… i dont think the law about the grow room door required to be locked is needed… worried your kid will accidentally get into your stash and eat it? its non psychoactive until its been decarboxilated. you know… when oxygen molecule is removed… what??? in english please… its non psychoactive until heat is applied. lol … want to test it??? eat all the weed you got. no high lol… you liver doesn’t process cannabinoids lol

  111. Hugh Jewrection on

    haha! That equates to political suicide for any legislator who opposes this historic assembly of voters. Registering 55k voters in this small amount of time is unheard of these days. Obviously the people have spoken.

  112. AntiIgnorant on

    No progress is better than a monopoly. Have the patience to wait for the right legalization that doesn’t exclude the majority of Ohio from being a business owner or home grow enthusiast.

  113. RO language for home grow isn’t workable. 8 oz limit from 4 plants? Seriously? Its legal, but not really unless purchase is from RO pre-sold grows. Show me the poor patient that will be helped by buying RO weed at $300-$400 per oz. Seems an initiative written by people not on a fixed income. No way in hell I’ll vote yes for Responsible Ohio. It is disgusting that any would have the nerve to say give me an oligarchy or it won’t pass because none will donate. Prefer it to remain illegal. Anyone can get now what they need at risk of a marijuana ticket if caught. Ohio isn’t Texas and we don’t live under archaic laws with regards to weed.

  114. Scott Dahlstrom on

    From RO’s amendment:
    It is lawful for persons 21 years of age or older to grow, cultivate, use, possess and share with another person 21 years of age or older homegrown marijuana in an amount not to exceed four flowering marijuana plants and eight ounces of usable homegrown marijuana at a given time; provided, however, that such person must first obtain a non-transferrable license pursuant to Commission-promulgated rules and regulations, which include, at a minimum, registration requirements and rules ensuring that homegrown marijuana is not grown or consumed within public view and that home-growing takes place in an enclosed, locked space inaccessible to persons under the age of 21.

    And this:
    Regulatory rules shall not prohibit the operation of marijuana establishments or home growing, either expressly or through regulations that make their operation unreasonably impracticable.

    There’s no limit on the plants’ weight, but you can’t have more than 1/2 lb of usable marijuana in addition to four flowering plants.

  115. Michael Duzan on

    Regardless if it prevents the monopoly it won’t prevent legalization. Responsibile Ohio will sue the pants off the state if that happens. If Ohio would have gotten rid of frivolous laws such as non driving related license suspensions for marijuana possession then they wouldn’t be looking into the eyes of karma while shitting their pants.

  116. Scott Dahlstrom on

    Sadly, the only option that counts is the one that’s on the ballot. I would greatly prefer to see OTEP’s amendment there, but it ain’t happening anytime soon.

  117. Scott Dahlstrom on

    From MPP: “In 2012, Ohio officers arrested or cited 14,374 people for marijuana-related offenses, 94% of which were for possession only. At the same time, 91.6% of all reported burglaries — including home invasions — and 90% of all motor vehicle thefts went unsolved”

    So what’s one more year (maybe)?


  118. Scott Dahlstrom on

    Define “gaining momentum”. The Ohio Rights Group has been gathering signatures for years and they’re somewhere around the halfway mark, last I heard. OTEP is still trying to get their amendment past the Secretary of State.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would strongly prefer OTEP’s amendment over RO’s, but the sad truth is that it takes a truckload of resources to get an amendment on the ballot. RO is the only group with the necessary resources to do it, especially if we want to move on legalization this year. I for one will accept the fact that some rich people are going to get a hell of a lot richer, and that I can’t legally grow weed for a living, in exchange for a regulated system that, despite it’s objectionable characteristics, allows patients and adults to get access without fear of legal repercussions. Time is of the utmost importance to a child with severe epilepsy, a cancer patient, a PTSD vet on the brink of suicide, and to the thousands of Ohioans who will be needlessly arrested and jailed while we wait for a better amendment’s group to get their sh*t together.

    That’s why I’m voting for RO. Not because it’s the best amendment, but right now it’s the only chance of making the situation better.

  119. Me and many others are strongly against this bill but there are better options! Look into otep’s proposal please, it can still be legal, just in one extra year!

  120. Scott Dahlstrom on

    True, you can’t harvest more than 8 oz at a time without breaking the law. It’s 4 plants AND 8 oz, so as long as the bud is still on the plant it doesn’t count yet. However, 8 oz is still a hell of a lot better than zero.

  121. Scott Dahlstrom on

    I looked into their amendment, and there is nothing about the 10 “companies” or “investors” – Only the “owners” of the 10 pieces of land listed, so you are correct. There is no easy way to know for sure. I suppose you’d have to research the ownership of the land, which is way beyond the scope of this comment!

    I guess if they do pass the “anti-monopoly” amendment, it’ll be like calling RO’s bluff on their 10 company claim.

  122. How do we know its ten separate companies since they refuse to release the names of the ten entities?

  123. You do realize that it’s possible for one plant to exceed the 8 oz limit which would by default make someone with four plants capable of that amount or more per plant a criminal.

  124. How are they forced to compete on prices when nothing is stopping all 10 companies from colluding to keep the prices no lower than a specific amount? True capitalism would allow the market to dictate the price, not what 10 companies agree upon.

  125. Vote no but then are you getting any kind of legalization? How do you know prohibitionist are not behind the effort to kill this bill?

  126. Aaron Weaver on

    We need to VOTE NO on Responsible Ohio. They are perverting our Constitution and setting a dangerous precedent. Plain and Simple.

    Other measures are gaining momentum, namely OTEP, for the 2016 ballot. Don’t settle for the well-polished thugs known as Responsible Ohio trying to pimp cannabis to you.

    Their home grow was written RELUCTANTLY and is severely limited. READ THE AMENDMENT.

    They control ever aspect, INCLUDING ACTING AS A CLEARING HOUSE FOR RESEARCH. They stand to profit on anything and everything, adding another barrier to research on Cannabis – NOT helping it.

    If you vote yes, you are selling out your fellow Statesmen. That would be a shameful and long-lasting offense.

  127. Brian Anderson on

    Seriously though — you pissed off about the Corporate Monopolies?
    This Bernie’s running for President and has been showing Corporations the door for decades now — and I’m pretty sure he’ll support legalization. At the very least, he’ll bring some rationality to the conversation.

    Just trying to do what I can to drum up support for the 21st century FDR :)

  128. Fuck em just grow anyway. I do. Dont need the ok from government to grow a plant. Just a set of balls and be able to tell tj to fuck off.

  129. Scott Dahlstrom on

    Funny how the legislators had no problem with a “monopoly” when it was regarding casinos. My sense is that it isn’t the proposal, it’s the product.

    Also, I don’t think passing a law against monopolies is going to work. Technically, it’s ten separate companies. Now, go through a list of household products you normally buy, and see if you can come up with 10 or more producers of any type of product. If you consider 10 separate companies to be a monopoly, then by that definition almost everything we buy is controlled by a monopoly.

  130. I would add that the definition of “marijuana’ in the RO amendment includes all parts of the plant whether growing or not, including seed . . . so the state by a majority could always up the limit of “marijuana” (a different definition from “homegrown marijuana”) to enable additional growing or higher amounts. Medical amounts are also entirely based on prescription…so there is not set limit to plants or amounts for medical patients. Just another thing to point out that I don’t think people are getting, but once the campaign phase rolls out hopefully will become clearer. The language is different for personal use with the term marijuana as follows: Secty. D first paragraph: “It is lawful for persons 21 years of age or older to purchase, possess, transport, use and share with another person 21 years of age or older one ounce or less of marijuana or its equivalent in marijuana-infused products.”

  131. The referendum by Auditor Yost is a power grab, it goes beyond the marijuana issue. You make a good point at first. To the last…the amendment does make it a right to grow: The RO amendment. Sect. I, paragraph 2. “Regulatory rules shall not prohibit the operation of marijuana establishments or home growing, either expressly
    or through regulations that make their operation unreasonably impracticable.”
    Sect. I paragraph 4. “The Commission shall issue annual licenses to marijuana establishments, and register home growing applicants, no later than 90 days after receipt of the completed application unless the Commission finds the applicant is not eligible for a license or registration under applicable laws and regulations.”
    Sect. D “It is lawful for persons 21 years of age or older to grow, cultivate, use, possess and share with
    another person 21 years of age or older homegrown
    marijuana in an amount not to exceed four flowering marijuana plants and eight ounces
    of usable homegrown
    marijuana at a given time; provided, however, that such person must first obtain a non-transferrable license pursuant
    to Commission-promulgated rules and regulations, which include, at a minimum,
    registration requirements and rules ensuring that homegrown marijuana
    is not grown or consumed
    within public view and that home-growing takes place in an enclosed,
    locked space inaccessible to persons under the age of
    May not be ideal, but it becomes lawful and implementation is required in the language.

  132. “It may effectively kill ResponsibleOhio’s plan.”

    But it wouldn’t kill the part legalizing medicinal and recreational personal possession, would it? Unless I’m missing something…

    This is RO’s problem, but could be our opportunity, a reason to support RO if it’s most objectionable feature won’t be allowed?
    Very unfortunate though that the right to grow for personal use is not stated clearly.

  133. The language of this proposed amendment by Auditor Dave Yost: “No amendment to this Constitution proposed by initiative petition under section 1(a) of Article II may create, directly or indirectly, an economic interest, benefit, right, license or monopoly to an individual or group of individuals, however organized, that is unavailable to other similarly situated individuals or groups of individuals.”

    What about the Ohio Right’s Group commission, would those be similarly situated to benefit as others in the ORG amendment? Would homosexuals be considered in a “similar situation” as non-homosexuals if we proposed an amendment to allow them to marry? What about racial hate crimes, would they be considered in a “similar situation” as individuals as other groups of individuals? What about re-installing the rights of unions, if the state had voted to take them away –would they be similar situated as other individuals?

    Regardless, of your political affiliation: Why have the state take away a right to vote for an initiative if the majority of people want it, or for anyone to benefit at all by “right”, “license”, “interest” or “benefit” also if some would like to finance or ensure the success of an initiative that others would like to vote for, but can’t be in the same situation? Why be afraid of the people in a democracy?

    Unless of course, you as a politician are afraid that a state ran lottery (as in Ohio), state ran liquor stores (as in Ohio), state ran municipal monopolies or your wealthy lobby interest would be jeopardized by some competition by an amendment initiative by the people, local businesses or are just afraid your politician business interest could be threatened, whatever it may be. If people want it, let em vote for it, and a majority will dictate as in a democracy That is a whole lot better than a government power grab at an opportune moment by career politicians! Business monopolies are already federally and state illegal under antitrust law, so stating that initiatives making a “monopoly” should be banned to justify all the other elements to this amendment is just playing on fears for propaganda. Political deception at it’s best for a further reach of power by those pulling the strings already!

    No legalization initiative will be valid….fine…no career politicians will be brought up for an amendment next year. However, that would only affect a non “similarly situated” group so nope will not happen either if this amendment passes!

  134. “they got all da moneys, so we better vote for’m”

    thats great, that’s brilliant

    please look into our options —-> legalizeohio2016.org Ohiorightsgroup.org

  135. TL;DR

    the ole, “they got all da moneys, so we have to eat their shi*t” arguement is what’s wrong with this country.

    sorry but i wont bow to ResponsibleOhio as my master because of their filthy money.
    Ohio has options on legalization –> legalizeohio2016.org & ohiorightsgroup.org

    both are funded and for the people NOT the corporations

  136. lmao my b homie, we are on the same team.

    sorry for the emotions, but RO got people riled up.

  137. Johnny has nothing to do with it, he is at work right now. Your comments were being held for moderation because they were getting flagged and you were posting comments one after another. This is typical spam behavior. I just woke up so I could approve the comments. Chill buddy!!

  138. no I don’t believe that this is the best proposal that is out there I support it because I live in a red state and the only way to make this red state go green is with money ain’t nobody ever came out in this state and supported anybody for real for real and now everybody support are okay they have the money to grease the pockets I’m just for legalization I’m tired of seeing kids that I know have seizures every day weeks on end and not getting the medical treatment that they need when you see that real life up close in person it changes you make sure you agree to certain policies that you may not agree with fully but in order to get the help to the your loved ones you would do what you have to do this isn’t Colorado this isn’t California it’s all OHIO I’ve been out there collecting signatures I find an signed many petitions and I’m always reading to see when we will have an opportunity to vote I’m not going to pass that up just like if this past it will change the constitution we could get something else to pass that would change the constitution for the better for cannabis

  139. A monopoly (from Greek monos (alone or single) exists when a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity (this contrasts with a monopsony which relates to a single entity’s control of a market to purchase a good or service, and witholigopoly which consists of a few entities dominating an industry).Monopolies are thus characterized by a lack of economiccompetition to produce the good or service, a lack of viable substitute goods, and the existence of a high monopoly price well above the firm’s marginal cost that leads to a highmonopoly profit.The verb “monopolise” refers to the process by which a company gains the ability to raise prices or exclude competitors. In economics, a monopoly is a single seller. In law, a monopoly is a business entity that has significant market power, that is, the power to charge overly high prices.Although monopolies may be big businesses, size is not a characteristic of a monopoly. A small business may still have the power to raise prices in a small industry (or market).
    A monopolist should shut down when price is less than average variable cost for every output level – in other words where the demand curve is entirely below the average variable cost curve. Under these circumstances at the profit maximum level of output (MR = MC) average revenue would be less than average variable costs and the monopolists would be better off shutting down in the short term.
    I understand we live in the real world and everything doesn’t work as good as opposed to on paper but either way it’s against the law and will be handled accordingly

  140. if you think 10 Private Investment Firms should be the ONLY supplier of legal cannabis AND concentrate for the entire farming state of Ohio….

    we’re not going to agree

  141. I read it the whole idea of a monopoly or cartel is non-competition in the minute it literally says they are forced to compete for prices it is 10 companies there are way more than 10 investors the companies compete with each other and if they don’t then they will be handled with accordingly

  142. only spreading the truths about RESPONSIBLEOHIO’s 10 investor monopoly/oligopoly/cartel/ONLY PEOPLE WHO GET TO CULTIVATE FOR PROFIT.

    wait until their plan comes for your state! This isnt some fear tactic, look at MI’s monopoly amendment being proposed, you dont think this was created/influenced by ResponsibeOhio?

  143. johnny and the rest of the weedblog crew kick ass. down with corporate marijuana monopolies

  144. A monopoly (from Greek monos μόνος (alone or single) exists when a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity (this contrasts with a monopsony which relates to a single entity’s control of a market to purchase a good or service, and witholigopoly which consists of a few entities dominating an industry).Monopolies are thus characterized by a lack of economiccompetition to produce the good or service, a lack of viable substitute goods, and the existence of a high monopoly price well above the firm’s marginal cost that leads to a highmonopoly profit.The verb “monopolise” refers to the process by which a company gains the ability to raise prices or exclude competitors. In economics, a monopoly is a single seller. In law, a monopoly is a business entity that has significant market power, that is, the power to charge overly high prices.Although monopolies may be big businesses, size is not a characteristic of a monopoly. A small business may still have the power to raise prices in a small industry (or market).
    A monopolist should shut down when price is less than average variable cost for every output level – in other words where the demand curve is entirely below the average variable cost curve. Under these circumstances at the profit maximum level of output (MR = MC) average revenue would be less than average variable costs and the monopolists would be better off shutting down in the short term.
    I understand we live in the real world and everything doesn’t work as good as opposed to on paper but either way it’s against the law and will be handled accordingly

  145. You’re right, it’s not a monopoly. That would mean only one person gets the profits. The correct term is oligopoly. A group consisting of ten people are the only ones that will be able to grow for profit. Which btw, is the definition of a cartel.

  146. Call it what you want, Monopoly, Oligopoly, etc. THE FACT REMAINS

    Ten Farms owned by Ten Private Investment Firms to supply the ENTIRE state’s medical and retail marijuana AND concentrates

    this is a BOGUS DEAL.

    If you think the corporate monopoly system is good, just what until the template comes for your state. Michigan is already experiencing this FACT

  147. I hate the monopoly talk it is ridiculous and the only thing they can say by they of course mean the reefer madness fanatics it is literally against the law to create a cartel or monopoly anywhere in the United States
    United States antitrust law is a collection of federal and state government laws, which regulates the conduct and organization of business corporations, generally to promote fair competition for the benefit of consumers. The main statutes are the Sherman Act 1890, the Clayton Act 1914 and the Federal Trade Commission Act 1914. These Acts, first, restrict the formation of cartels and prohibit other collusive practices regarded as being inrestraint of trade. Second, they restrict themergers and acquisitions of organizations which could substantially lessen competition. Third, they prohibit the creation of a monopoly and the abuse of monopoly power.
    so why keep calling it something it can never be again stop with the reefer madness

  148. TheLittleGuysAgainstRO on

    The home grow provision of this proposal is a joke. You got kids? You under 25 years old? You six feet tall? Is your roof pointed? They do not explain on what grounds you’ll be denied the licence to grow so you may as well fear the worst. And let’s not forget that you’re gonna have to pay $50 to get the licence, not refundable by the way. Oh, and they get to increase that amount every year by how much they see fit. And they’re screwing people that have never grown the plant before, you can have four plants but they cannot weigh more than 8 ounces total at any time which means you can have four little plants that can’t support our produce 2oz a piece, people keep forgetting that the plant produces leaves. And this is just the tip, the entire amendment is configured so that that the little man well never catch up to their investors.

  149. Weed blog, are u deleting my comments?

    this isnt about Cannabis, this is about Investors HIJACKING the constitution:

    From State Auditor Dave Yost’s FB page:

    “The biggest problem with the marijuana vote this fall isn’t marijuana. It’s using the Constitution to make a tiny number of rich people richer — while closing the door on everybody else.”


  150. AFreedomFighter88 on

    Some of our politicians and lawmakers would rather destroy the lives of citizens than stand up to their corporate masters. Cannabis legalization is just another crystal clear example of how our lawmakers bend over for corporations. Tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical drug companies make 100s of billions in profit every year. Our politicians take their money, do their bidding, and so it goes. Corporations who are scared witless of losing their long term deadly stranglehold on the US public due to cannabis legalization. Massive citizen outcry is required to make this gigantic lie right.
    All the data from the Center for Disease Control clearly supports cannabis legalization. It is absolutely clear that cannabis is safer than the legal serial killer alternatives tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs which kill over 650,000 US citizens annually. Nothing the least bit complicated or hard to understand about these statistics taken directly from the CDC dot gov web site:
    Numbers of deaths per year in the USA
    * Prescription Drugs: 237,485 + 5,000 traffic fatalities
    * Tobacco: 390,323
    * Alcohol: 88,013 + 16,000 traffic fatalities
    * Cocaine: 4,906
    * Heroin: 3,365
    * Aspirin: 466
    * Acetaminophen (Tylenol): 179
    * Marijuana: 0, none, not a single fatal overdose in all medical history and almost no traffic problems
    So, which is safer?
    Stop the lies and Legalize!

  151. That is the one thing people fail to realize is that just because someone puts it in a bill, it does not undo what lawmakers have already passed. Plus when it comes to home cultivation, lawmakers will get to decide the hoops to jump through and all associated costs. Similar to how the Marijuana Stamp Tax is, lawmakers can allow it to be legal by the will of the voters but can refrain from ever issuing a cultivation license the same way Marijuana Stamps are not issued either.

    In the end, the only people to benefit will be the 10 growers in this monopoly initiative.

  152. This IS NOT about Marijuana, This is about greedy investors using Ohio’s constitution as a business plan/monopoly

    From Dave Yost’s person Facebook Page:

    The biggest problem with the marijuana vote this fall isn’t marijuana. It’s using the Constitution to make a tiny number of rich people richer — while closing the door on everybody else.

    There’s a debate to be had about whether to legalize marijuana, and how. I say we watch the experiment in Colorado, then decide. But the self-claimed Responsible Ohio initiative is the worst — and wrong — way to go about it.


  153. This is about more than marijuana, this is about protecting Ohio’s constitution from filthy rich investors.

    From The HudsonHubTimes:

    Yost told the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission recently that the marijuana and casino initiatives effectively limited competition while “maintaining profitability for the privileged few to gain constitutional status.”

    The initiative process, he said, “was designed to protect the many against the powerful few,” but “has been hijacked by the powerful few.” He added, “The constitution shouldn’t be somebody’s paycheck.”

    DeWine echoed Yost’s concerns. “The idea that people can put enough money together so they can get something on the ballot that would directly benefit their pocketbook … is just outrageous. It’s disgusting.”


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