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Ohio Legislature To Hold Series Of Bipartisan Hearings On Medical Marijuana


ohio marijuana medical marijuana legalizationOhio was in the marijuana reform spotlight for all of 2015 due to a marijuana legalization initiative that was on the ballot. That initiative failed by a very wide margin. It is looking doubtful that there will be an initiative on the 2016 ballot since there simply isn’t enough time to collect enough signatures before the deadline. But there is still some home for reform in Ohio in 2016. Yesterday media outlets in Ohio reported that the Ohio Legislature is planning a series of bipartisan hearings to discuss legalizing medical marijuana. Per News Net 5:

The Ohio Senate and House of Representatives will announce a series of bipartisan hearings on medical marijuana as early as this week, sources tell newsnet5.com.

The concept of recreational marijuana will not be included in the discussions, according to the source.

It will be very interesting to see how the hearings go. The question is not just if Ohio will legalize medical marijuana, but also what that medical marijuana legalization would look like. Will there be home cultivation allowed? What conditions will be on the list of qualifying conditions? Will there be dispensaries, and if so, how many? What is the barrier to entry to become a grower and/or dispensary owner? I just hope these hearings don’t lead to a CBD-only model with no way to legally access any medicine at all.


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  1. Is anyone else less than enthused that almost 20% of the task force WROTE the amendment we just told “F***you” to a few months ago? Issue 2 only blocked “citizen initiated” monopolies; I wonder how many millions they’re throwing under representatives doors to do the exact same thing through the legislature?

  2. I think it should just be passed for medical reason now today. And work on other issues throughout the yr for November 4th for us all to decide what should and should not happen. We have to many sick ppl that this can help. And ppl not doing their research of what it can do. And it’s time to stop this unnecessary chaos that needs to be fixed now today not tomorrow or next yr. Pass it for medical purposes now and end this part for the ones that will and can benefit from this. I don’t think it should take this long to start it all.off with baby steps. One step at a time. And see how things goes from there and make the next steps as they come. So pass this now today. Too many of us needs this help. I’m allergic to every medicine I have been given to try to help me. So how about ppl like me. Sit wait and hope I don’t die. Not cool at all. Light the match already. Know one will ever know how things will be if u don’t give it a chance to find out. Pass it. Pass it. Now is a great time. I think we had more then enough signatures last yr to at least make this much happen. Call me out if I’m wrong. But this is wrong too playing with to many ppls lives. It’s almost a suicide waiting for something to happen. While the state is killing us as well from denial of medicine that can help us live much longer. Just my opinions that’s all. But pass it already. Please thanks for ur time. And if anyone up stairs does even really look at this. Replies back to everyone that comments would be great. At least we’ll all know we are really being heard and that our comments really do matter.

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